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ydk 132 : ear dumber

This podcast I talk about losing my hearing in my right ear, july 4th earthquake and the crazy world we live in meow! ok bay bay! Permalink

ydk 131 : moving on somehow

on this episode I talk about moving 3 times in 2 months with in L.A.( ep. 132 will be ready in a few hours) with very little money, in the middle of putting out and album and how crappy it all was. watch the video on youtbe coming within days and go to strangeillustrated.com for some music and merch and crazy stories, I am in the process of of creating new content so if you find old content there dont worry, we getting it tight! Youtube strangeillustrated and superpositionmedia...

ydk 130 : jakovaltrads

This podcast I talk about my album coming out Vince Stephen errors out right now today go get it I also talk about my all most poisonous spider run in, I talked about Halloween a little bit talk about sports we get into some news a little bit and then I'll probably ramble on about something happy Halloween! Subscribe! Visit the strangeillustrated.com podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno strangeillustrated@gmail.com Permalink


ydk 129 : the whitest black guy you know

This podcast I go in a little bit so be warned it's not safe for public play. I talked about music new my album 'errors' comes out October 31st get more free music on my website strangeillustrated.com. I talk about being black and annunciating and the fact that it drives some people fucking crazy.Culture. Also talk about sports a lot a little bit of MMA a little bit NBA a little bit in the NFL and much much much more love it! Permalink

ydk 128 :errors

This podcast I talk about #musi, my music 'errors' out on oct 31, go to strangeillustrated.com for free music and singles. Also #news :manafort snitchin, hurricane florence, #strangenews : baby ak 47, #musicnews cardi b v nicki minaj em v mgk This podcast is a opinion,news,variety, entertainment podcast. I think I broke some grammatical law there, anyway, from L.A. with smoochies, listen to the podcast and play with your dog! Permalink

ydk 127: ydk 129

podcast was suppose to be out on Tuesday 09/11/2018 but I got sick and could not do shhheeeiittt.


ydk 126 : i dont write hooks

This podcast i talk about music as always, Taking a small break be back sept 11 for ydk 127, #battleme app is good mental exercise, tv shows i talk athletes, football and knees and stuff, black people getting shot by the cops, hysteria, and go hard super hard! Subscribe! Visit the strangeillustrated.com podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno strangeillustrated@gmail.com Permalink


ydk 125 : nice cold accident

This podcast I talk about music of course, someone put their cold drink on my arm at the store and I didnt say shit, pushing some idiot down the stairs, and some other stuff, im working on something so just listen!!!Subscribe! Visit the strangeillustrated.com podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno strangeillustrated@gmail.com Permalink


ydk 124 : hammers

this podcast i talk about my loooong weekend, making music, my new song, currency of thoughts, movie pass, only god can judge me oh and everyone else can judge me, crazy florida, stand your ground news stories: ginger ale dont got ginger in it, and guys gets caught by cops with 'cops' ringtone Visit the strangeillustrated.com podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno strangeillustrated@gmail.com Subscribe! Permalink


ydk 123 : stars play scars

this podcast I talk about working on the podcast and music, my diet or my conditioning, then a rant on absolution and morals. people that use movie qoutes to retort an answer to a basic question. who are you? Mini distribution centers, no job is safe, says the robots, social climate: stars playing people with disabilities and minorities, News stories: steal your dates car to go on a another date and man robs same place twice and peaceout!Subscribe! Visit the strangeillustrated.com podcast...


ydk 122 : the lookbacks

This podcast I talk about my dizay! World cup finals! Dude can wear your cologne? Big crowds! The look backs. Then I talk making music, ladies! Keep dune you boo boos! My stomach hurts. News story : pull over! Subscribe! Visit the strangeillustrated.com podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno strangeillustrated@gmail.com Permalink


ydk 121 : LA Temp last weekend in degrees? all of 'em

Why can't I talk about accomplishments making music and how much fun it is this year for me, let's talk about the crazy Los Angeles Heat last weekend, then I go all old man and start talking about weather, bureaucracy is lazy, I talk about the Act of the Entourage which is when people walk in a straight line down the street, tit suits, the origin of Wonder Woman, I talked about getting bad meat then I talk about news then I read a news story about a guy who shoots himself in the head to...

ydk 120 : Frequency

This podcast I talk about music , my music and this good year of music so far, social climate review, immigration issue/reform, drug war, the devil is in the lack of detail, lovehate relationship with food, westworld, my theory of the soul (frequency, bare with me!), compartmentalizing art/professional life, and more !Subscribe! Visit the strangeillustrated.com podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno strangeillustrated@gmail.com Permalink


ydk 119 : New California

In this podcast I talk about some folks in California putting up the battle initiative and getting it passed or potentially California to split into 3 States, getting out of the drug game ( in '99) I also talk about my music. The dance like Beyonce challenge Immigration reform obviously bet experience shouting out all the recent website visit family friends plus we got news stories Netflix employees puts a new spin on the 5 second rule drunk guy makes sandwich for him and his dog in the...

ydk 118 : im a f**king adult!

5 second rule Me not fighting bloody dude in front of Starbucks The story of that stupid fucking kid and his dad in 2011 Talk about how fractured the world is 23 foot python eats woman whole, and of cousre I talk about music and how good the june releases are and the recent deaths in Hip Hop and much more....Subscribe! Visit the strangeillustrated.com podcast network. Follow on instatwittesnap @vincestepheno strangeillustrated@gmail.com


ydk 117 : 10 minutes of extra life

In this podcast we get down and dirties, I stop a guy from dropping the duece in a lady yard, killed a big ass roach, it screamed! Music journey and my allergies, No reservations. Depression 8 minute commercials and snay coil brand coils the only coils you need. Damn ever. Much more, plus new stories: girl plays through the p.......ee, ajit "the apple" pai says were better off without net neutrality, and pet monkey goes looking for his hoe of an owner, gets in altercation, okay? Okay....

ydk 116 : forty pairs of panties

this podcast I talked about Jackson Michigan prison escape room the climate in our culture now and everybody's outraged in the outrage culture Plus porn making people mass Shoot? Ambien turning us into racist? I also talked about music in this podcast, Kim Kardashian and prison and Criminal Justice Reform, Donald Trump, I also talk about social branding, labels and how we're so affected by them in the mission to analyze my own bias and be myself and I talked about the sketchy guy at the weed...


ydk 115: morning holidays

This podcast I talk about memorial day and holidays in the summertime, also getting hit on with no chill, something about trump more than likely, then I talk about music, mine and others, getting a fucking cold sore for the first time as an adult, J Cole lil Pump interview, cockroach milk?!?! current climate: spoiler : meh...news stories; pizza man does not die in clown attack, but someone does, what are you going to do? shoot me? Le Spiderman is Not from France( but he is still a badass)....


ydk 114: summa cum laude, summa dont

This podcast I get into things like, fireworks at 2 am on sat morning, confronting a drunk man who broke into a womans apartment, the royals, download my music, no angry cat this ep. my old friend insomnia is back, Current climate: Volcano with equally menacing name eating the big isle, Conversion about gun control, Kendrick Lamar, sometimes thoughts are wrong, news stories: kids learn about the birds and motherfucking bees, Graduates porn cake is a no go at Publix and more! Subscribe! Visit...


ydk 113: vegan tigers (YEAR TWO!!!!)

This episode, is late and I apologize for that, I erased the first ydk 113 by accident! Anyway I talk about making music and releasing new music and songs in the near future. TWO YEAR ANNY of the podcast! Final Kanye thought part 2, current events: a man of the outdoors save the day, cant be bald with big jeans, do bears, you know, know? The russia probe and the political high entropy shit hurricane we are in the eye of. News stories: Goat golf caddies or future goat attack lawsuit, I love...