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Join Rob Breakenridge weekday afternoons from 12:30pm - 3:00pm.
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Join Rob Breakenridge weekday afternoons from 12:30pm - 3:00pm.




Life of a chuckwagon driver

Chance Bensmiller, chuckwagon driver


Paid plasma donations, retail freedom, tragic outcome for rehabilitated bear cub, the world of competitive eating

Why it's a mistake for Canada to ban paid plasma donations Guest: Peter Jaworski - Assistant Teaching Professor (Ethics) - Georgetown University and co-founder - A fight for retail freedom in Manitoba Guest: Ramsey Zeid, manager of Winnipeg grocery store Food Fare A rehabilitated black bear was shot and killed less than a two weeks after being release Guest: Clio Smeeton, president of the Cochrane Ecological institute Another big day for hot dog eating legend...


Why it's a mistake for Canada to ban paid plasma donations

We spoke with Peter Jaworski - Assistant Teaching Professor (Ethics) - Georgetown University and co-founder -


The fight for retail freedom

We spoke with Ramsey Zeid, manager of Winnipeg grocery store Food Fare - they're fighting a provincial law which mandates that certain retailers must remain closed on holidays


Foreign election meddling, LNG & emissions, e-scooter sharing, Boeing's $100-million payout

Growing concern about foreign meddling in Canada’s upcoming election Guest: Stephanie Carvin, Assistant Professor of International Relations - Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (Carleton University) A pragmatic environmentalist’s case for LNG Guest: Blair King - BC-based Environmental Scientist with an interest in energy policy As Calgary prepares to roll out an e-scooter sharing program, other cities are having second thoughts Guest: Jeremy Elrod, Nashville city...


"Why Young Men" author Jamil Jivani, Competition Bureau smacks down Ticketmaster, more reaction and fallout from the Lethbridge/police/deer story

“Why Young Men” – what leads young men down a dangerous and violent path and how to stop it Guest: Jamil Jivani, author - "Why Young Men: Rage, Race and the Crisis of Identity" Visiting professor - Toronto’s Osgoode Hall Law School Founder - Citizen Empowerment Project Ticketmaster faces $4.5-million in penalties after Competition Bureau investigation Guest: Josephine Palumbo - Deputy Commissioner for the Competition Bureau’s Deceptive Marketing Practices Directorate


Canada vs. China, Neo-Nazi groups added to banned terror list, no charges for police officer who ran over a deer, the case for diet soda

China has banned all Canadian meat imports. Should Canada be fighting back? Guest: Matt Gurney – National Post columnist List of banned terrorist organizations now includes two neo-Nazi groups Guest: Leah West - former counsel with the Dept. of Justice, National Security Litigation & Advisory Group; soon-to-be part of the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University faculty as a lecturer of National Security and Intelligence No charges to be laid against...


The IOC shows us that nothing has really changes, the Canadian Forces does a reversal on an Afghan War memorial, the problem with “taxing the rich”

IOC decision on 2026 Winter Olympics shows that it’s business-as-usual Guest: Christopher Dempsey - Founder and former co-chair - No Boston Olympics / Co-Author - "No Boston Olympics: How and Why Smart Cities Are Passing on the Torch" Following controversy, Canadian military plans to rededicate Afghan War memorial Guest: David Pugliese - Ottawa Citizen reporter, covering the Canadian military Why “taxing the rich” rarely works out the way it’s supposed to Guest: Finn Poschmann -...


Senate passes C-69 & C-48, Elections Canada backtracks, Concern over e-cigarettes, Is technology ruining sport?

Senate passes C-69 and C-48 – Alberta Senator Paula Simons on why she voted as she did Guest: Paula Simons – Independent Senator, Alberta Elections Canada NOT paying influencers…anymore Guest: Amanda Connolly – Global News politics reporter E-cigarettes: balancing the harm reduction benefits with the concern about underage use Guest: David Sweanor – Adjunct professor, faculty of law – University of Ottawa; Advisory Board Chair – Centre for Health Law, Policy & Ethics (U of O) Is...


Calgary releases previously secret Olympic documents

Guest: Moshe Lander – Economist, Concordia University


Guilty on all counts for NXIVM leader, "One Giant Leap" - reflecting on 50 years since the moon landing, the search for ET - why is it so quiet out there?

Guilty on all counts for NXIVM leader Keith Raniere Guest: Rick Ross - Cult Expert; Executive Director of Cult Education Institute; author, “Cults Inside Out: How People Get In and Can Get Out” “One Giant Leap” – 50 years after the moon landing, a reflecting on the legacy of Apollo 11 Guest, Charles Fishman – author of “One Giant Leap: The Impossible Mission that Flew us to the Moon” Finding Aliens (and their planets) – Is there life out there? Guest: Dr. Seth Shostak – Senior...


The environmentalist’s case for TMX, “350 Days” – new pro wrestling documentary, cannabis tax revenues, cannabis border issues

The environmentalist’s case for TMX Guest: Ed Whittingham - environmental policy expert, former Pembina Institute executive director “350 Days” – A revealing look at the realities of the professional wrestling business Guest: Fulvio Cecere, producer/director – “350 Days” Cannabis tax revenues – are Canadian governments collecting as much as they expected? Guest: Michael Armstrong, associate professor – Goodman School of Business, Brock University Cannabis border issues – why an...


How Canadians feel about MMIWG report using the word “genocide,” Quebec’s controversial Bill 21, How to break the pipeline logjam, Final tally of Calgary’s Olympic spending, The Hong Kong protests, New study on sexting risks

New poll on whether Canadians agree with the MMIWG inquiry report on whether Canada guilty of “genocide” / Quebec’s Bill 21 and the implications for religious freedom Guest: Jack Jedwab – president and CEO, Association for Canadian Studies How to Break the Pipeline Logjam Guest: Joseph Quesnel – Program Manager, MacDonald-Laurier Institute We now know how much Calgary spent in exploring an Olympic bid Guest: Erin Waite – NoCalgaryOlympics Communications lead Hong Kong Protests –...


Unlimited data plans, veteran homelessness, "stalkerware", THC & crash risk

Unlimited data plans now available… but are there strings attached? Guest: Shruti Shekar, reporter – House of Commons kills, and then resurrects and accepts, a motion on ending veteran homelessness Guest: Abigail Bimman, Global National – Ottawa correspondent Guest: Ray McInnis, Royal Canadian Legion The dangers of “stalkerware” Guest: Christopher Parsons, senior research associate – Citizen Lab (University of Toronto) New study finds low levels of THC are not...


Bill C-69, child marriage in Canada, banning single-use plastics, cyberattacks as an offensive weapon of war, Rich Dodson of the Stampeders

Trudeau government to reject most of the Senate’s proposed C-69 amendments Guest: Martha Hall Finlay, president & CEO – Canada West Foundation Child marriage in Canada – still very much a reality Guest: Alissa Koski, Assistant Professor - Department of Epidemiology, McGill University Ottawa wants to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021 – but how will that work? Guest: Mark von Schellwitz, Vice President, Western Canada - Restaurants Canada The risks and unintended...


Calgary's property tax mess; banning straws (and other single-use plastic products); "A Stranded Nation"; Pharmacare; dogs, owners, and stress

Calgary business owners rally as city council tackles the property tax mess Guest: Kelly Doody, founder & owners – The Social School The Liberals want to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021 Guest: Tristin Hopper, Edmonton-based National Post contributor “A Stranded Nation” – a new documentary on the Canadian oil and gas sector Guest: Heidi McKillop, Director and Producer of A Stranded Nation C.D. Howe Institute on the cost and feasibility of universal pharmacare Guest:...


The latest Senate votes on C-48 & C-69; Calgary small businesses make their voices heard; making cannabis retail more consumer-friendly; marking three years since the legalization of medical assistance in dying

Two key Senate decisions regarding Bills C-48 and C-69 Guest: Alberta Senator Paula Simons Calgary small business making their voices heard (Rally outside city hall at 7:30 a.m. Monday) Guest: Jill Belland, co-founder Barre Belle Studios Has cannabis legalization succumbed to “corporate greed and monopolization”? Guest: Patrick Parsons, Media Director of the Calgary Cannabis Club Three years since the legalization of medical assistance in dying –an event in Calgary to mark the...


Marking 75 years since D-Day; Is Canada's political system in need of a "Teardown"?; Designing safer roads; The stars of "Personal Growth"

Marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day – and the role that Canadian troops played Guest: Ted Barris - author, journalist, broadcaster, historian ‘Teardown: Rebuilding Democracy from the Ground Up’ Guest: Dave Meslin, author – “Teardown” The connection between road design and road safety Guest: Greg Hart, Co-Founder – Vision Zero YYC Loose Moose Theatre – “PERSONAL GROWTH” Guests: Lindsay Mullan, Renee Amber, Alexa MacKell - Stars of “Personal Growth”


Charging Canadian ISIS fighters with war crimes, harm reduction and the opioid crisis, 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, how Canadian feel about confederation

The RCMP apparently looking into whether war crimes laws can be used to prosecute Canadians who have fought for ISIS Guest: Phil Gurski, President and CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting How supervised consumption sites have an important role to play in combating the opioid crisis Guest: Dr. Hakique Virani, Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Alberta Department of Medicine; Medical Director, Metro City Medical Clinic 30th anniversary of the massacre of protesters in...


Calgary's property tax debate, MMIWG report fallout, and how Napster changed the music industry

Calgary’s property tax debate Guests: Jeromy Farkas, Ward 11 city councilor Bev Dahlby, Distinguished Fellow and Research Director - School of Public Policy (U of C) MMIWG fallout Guest: Chris Selley, Columnist - National Post Twenty years ago this month, Napster changed the music industry forever Guest: Alan Cross, Broadcaster / Music writer & historian