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The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




First defendant in Trump Georgia case pleads guilty

Guests: Harry Litman, Catherine Christian, Ben LaBolt, Rep. Barbara Lee Tonight: the first domino falls in Fulton County as Donald Trump's first co-defendant takes a plea deal. What does it mean for the trial that's starting in 3 weeks—and for the ex-president himself? Then, the absolute absurdity of a Trump, MAGA shutdown that's just hours away. And the Congress and California say goodbye to an iconic American senator.


GOP flails during impeachment stunt as shutdown looms

Guests: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Claire McCaskill, Tim Miller The MAGA House loses Fox News and befuddles Steve Bannon. Tonight: Congressman Jamie Raskin on what was really going on in that hearing room today. And Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on just catching Republicans making things up. Then, as the President calls out the Trump threat to democracy. Plus, why the candidates vying to defeat Trump keep failing miserably.


‘Denied’: Trump loses bid to remove judge in federal coup trial

Guests: Paul Rieckhoff, General Barry McCaffrey, Shan Wu, David Cay Johnston, Susan Del Percio, Symone Sanders Townsend The MAGA offensive against the people who wouldn't help Trump end democracy. Then, the big decision from the judge in the Trump coup trial as the truth comes out in a New York court. And as we get more good polling for the Biden campaign, the latest stunt from the Republican frontrunner to avoid the debate stage.


‘Fantasy world’: Scathing ruling finds Trump, adult sons committed fraud

Guests: Ruth Ben-Ghiat, George Conway, Charles Coleman, Lisa Rubin, Steve Greenhouse, Ron Klain The Republican frontrunner found liable for fraud as he continues to escalate threats. Tonight: the enduring threat to our democracy from Donald Trump—and what looks like a financial death penalty for his Trump Organization in New York. Then: President Biden makes history by joining striking union workers on a picket line.


The corrosive effect of corruption on public trust

Tonight, on All In: A Supreme Court Justice and a United States Senator – corruption in the system as American’s confidence in it declines. Tonight, the stunning details from the indictment of Senator Robert Menendez. And the ProPublica reporting on Clarence Thomas & a new group of right-wing billionaires. Plus, President Biden's bold move to support the striking autoworkers, in person – and one day before Trump's own debate-dodge stunt. And the sad decline of Ron DeSantis, as Republicans say “no thanks” to “diet Trump.” Guests: Jonathan Dienst, Nick Akerman, Michelle Goldberg, Justin Elliot, Rep. Katie Porter, Tara Setmayer, Jennifer Horn


Trump to GOP: End criminal prosecutions or shut down the government

Guests: Jen Psaki, David Jolly, Charles Coleman, Lisa Rubin, Ben Jacobs, Sen. Tammy Baldwin An indicted ex-president scared of an orange jumpsuit urges his foot soldiers to end his criminal prosecution—or end a functioning government. Tonight: the explicit reason the MAGA caucus is holding the government hostage. Then, weeks away from the first televised coup trial, a proposed witness list that includes the RNC Chairwoman. Plus, incredible new reporting on the Democratic surge at the polls that may be fueled by Republican Never Trumpers. And you will not believe the new right wing attack on "woke" electric cars.


Cassidy Hutchinson says Rudy Giuliani groped her on Jan. 6

Guests: Robert Gibbs, Michelle Goldberg, Rep. Dan Goldman, Harry Litman, Anna Bower, Sen. Tammy Duckworth Special election after special election, Republicans keep waiting for that red wave. Tonight: what we can all learn from the only polls that matter. Then, brand new allegations from Cassidy Hutchinson that include Rudy Giuliani groping her on January 6th. Plus, Congressman Dan Goldman on the wild disfunction in the House of Kev. And Senator Tammy Duckworth on today's move by Democrats to end the Tuberville blockade.


'Victim of Fox': Feds charge man at center of Jan. 6 conspiracy theories

Guests: Brian Stelter, Catherine Christian, Kristy Greenberg, Sahil Kapur, David Plouffe, Alencia Johnson A conspiracy theory—masquerading as a Trump alibi—goes poof. Tonight: the DOJ announces charges against Ray Epps. Then, the MAGA caucus plans a shutdown to protest of the prosecution of Donald Trump. And how the Republican candidates running to defeat Donald Trump are making the same mistakes as in 2016.


Fetterman jeers Republicans 'losing their mind' over new Senate dress code

Guests: Jamelle Bouie, Josh Marshall, Lisa Rubin, Danya Perry, Sen. John Fetterman, Dr. Peter Hotez The indicted Republican frontrunner's makes his case to remove his judge. Tonight: the ever-expanding era of the con man and how Donald Trump ushered it in. Plus, what we learned in Jeffrey Clark's hearing to move his case out of Fulton County. And the party that is less interested in keeping the government open than John Fetterman's hoodies. Senator John Fetterman, and his hoodie, join to talk about it all.


House GOP in ‘Godfather II stage’ of internal turmoil, says Republican lawmaker

Guests: Michelle Goldberg, Marcus Childress, Rep. Ilhan Omar, Sen. Gary Peters, Naomi Klein Tonight: the House Republicans reach the “Godfather II stage" of internal turmoil. Can Speaker Kevin McCarthy hold onto his job, let alone get anything done? Then, Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert gets tossed from a musical for bad behavior. Then, its 2023 and antivaxxers are still running the Republican Party—what the right-wing embrace of conspiracy theories means for the health and safety of our society.


Top GOP senator voted to acquit Trump over safety fears, book says

Guests: Stuart Stevens, Lisa Rubin, Charles Coleman, Rep. Katherine Clark, Sen. Bernie Sanders A retiring Senator exposes deep authoritarian rot in the Capitol. Tonight: the single most explosive allegation from Mitt Romney about America's enduring threat. Then, the big decision in Fulton County and what it means for the RICO trial in October. Plus, the two-tiered justice system that led to an indictment for Hunter Biden. And the latest descent into madness for the MAGA House.


Sen. Mitt Romney says he will not run for re-election

Guests: Rep. Joe Neguse, Philip Bump, Temidayo Aganga-Williams, Kristy Greenberg, Sen. Cory Booker, Tim Miller The gaping holes in the Trump-ordered impeachment of Joe Biden. Tonight: how we all knew an unfounded, political impeachment was always coming. Then, the Trump judge in Florida who is quietly helping the ex-president escape justice. And a real who-dunnit on the totally foreseeable jump in childhood poverty.


White House: McCarthy taking orders from MTG over impeachement

Guests: Catherine Christian, Andrew Weissmann, Cyrus Vance Jr., Claire McCaskill, Sen. Mark Kelly The indicted ex-president orders an impeachment. Tonight: Two trump offensives to help finish the coup: the political attack in the house and the wild attack on the judge overseeing his coup trial. Plus, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly on the Tuberville blockade and more.


GOP infighting escalates over Biden impeachment push

Guests: Rep. Jamie Raskin, Ankush Khardori, A. Scott Bolden, Heidi Przybyla, Mona Charen, Carlos Curbelo The House returns with plans for an unfounded impeachment. Tonight: Congressman Jamie Raskin on the MAGA push to impeach—and the Republicans who agree it's a terrible idea. Then, really behind Trump's desperate attempt to replace his coup trial judge dismiss his charges in Georgia. Plus, his Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United released an avalanche dark money into American politics. Now we have explosive new reporting on how Clarence Thomas' wife Ginni has made the ruling work for her.


Lindsey Graham recommended for charges by Georgia special grand jury

Guests: Andrew Weissmann, Lisa Rubin, William Saletan, Irin Carmon, Joaquin Sapien The Fulton County special grand jury report is out. Tonight: from Michael Flynn to Boris Epshteyn to Kelly Loeffler to David Perdue. The ones that got away—at least for now. Plus, the big implications for Trump and his co-defendants as the Mark Meadows request to move to federal court is rejected.


'Dumpster cult': Michael Cohen rips Navarro's 'stupidity' for Trump legal mess

Guests: Temidayo Aganga-Williams, Rebecca Roiphe, Michael Cohen, Mehdi Hasan, Josie Duffy Rice The first big, televised hearing in Fulton County as two Trump co-defendants fight to get away from each other. Then, the defense rests in another Trumpworld trial. Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen joins on the lesson Peter Navarro is quickly learning. And new reporting on explicit warnings from Trump lawyers about an FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.


New signs Trump co-defendants may be ready to flip

Guests: Tom Jackman, Danya Perry, A. Scott Bolden, Anna Bower, Amy Lee Copeland, Jarvis Johnson, Janai Nelson A dramatic reckoning for a top Trump foot soldier as a federal judge throws the book at Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio. And another Proud Boy makes a pardon plea from prison. Then, all the Georgia co-defendants enter "not guilty" pleas as the defense strategy chaos erupts in Fulton County. Plus, echoes of Trump in Texas where the impeachment trial begins for the state's rogue attorney general. And why today's major victory in federal courts for Alabama redistricting could have huge implications for the control of Congress.


Republicans threaten to impeach Wisconsin justice before she has ruled on any case

Chris Hayes hosts a special 2-hour edition of All In.


'Political theater:' Gov. Kemp shuts down GOP calls to oust Fani Willis

Guests: Greg Bluestein, Tanya Miller, Quinta Jurecic, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Pressly Millen The indicted ex-president fans the flames of fascism and the state's Republican governor pushes back. Tonight: new developments in Georgia where Trump has now entered a plea. Then, a dramatic sentencing day for two Trump foot soldiers convicted of seditious conspiracy. Plus, Jamie Raskin on his renewed push to investigate the grifting Trump family. And why new financial disclosures from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas won't make the controversy over his billionaire patrons go away.


Hayes blasts ‘deranged’ GOP climate plan: ‘Hurl ourselves into the fire’

Guests: John Langford, Rep. Jared Moskowitz, Kristy Greenberg, Temidayo Aganga-Williams A difficult week for the Trump gang gets worse. Tonight: Rudy Giuliani found legally liable for defaming Georgia election workers. The attorney for Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss joins live. Then, as Hurricane Idalia continues on its destructive path, the Republican campaign to undermine climate progress at all cost. And why New York's attorney general is asking for an immediate verdict in the Trump fraud case.