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Episode 281 - The Apostles Creed

We’re joined by Idaho Atheists President Gary Mitchell and talk about Christian creeds, Trump, a new conspiracy theory about Hillary, nuns stealing $5000,000 to go gambling, and more! Dustin’ off the Degree – Christian Creeds NEWS Trump criticized for not reading Apostles’ Creed at Bush funeral Jesse Lee Peterson: The Apostle’s Creed ‘Is Not a Christian Thing to be...


Episode 280 - Missionaries behaving badly

On this week's episode Erin Riley is back and we talk about a lost of missionaries behaving badly, satanic stuff, and the anti-vax movement's successes in driving up disease rates. Survey - NEWS Neil De Grasse Tyosn me too’d Gideons distribute Bibles at Idaho school, draw complaints Oregon man fired for refusing to attend Bible study sessions Slain US Man Had Been Training...


Episode 279 - Murder in the Arctic with Lawrence Millman

We're joined by Lawrence Millman to talk about his book At the End of the World: A True Story of Murder in the Arctic which is about the murderous cult you never heard of that rose up in the midst of a recently contacted and converted Inuit community in 1941. We talk about other black marks missionaries have left on the Tundra and a bit about his feelings about the digital revolution. This episode is brought to you by: You can find us online at, follow us on...


Episode 278 - Don’t ignore secular voters

Gary Mitchell is back and we talk about Trump's attacks on the press, impressive voter numbers, Mississippi senator's public hanging joke, Ohio's heartbeat bill, a public school teacher making her students memorize Bible verses, an atheist winning lawsuit over being thrown out of a city council meeting, and more! NEWS Judge orders White House to return Jim Acosta's press pass Turkey says any US attempt to 'barter' cleric Gulen to hush the Khashoggi...


Episode 277 - A mixed bag of politics

Jason Ward is back and we talk about Jeff Sessions, Kim Davis, Greece firing priests, Satanic Temple v. Netflix, and more. NEWS Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns at Trump's request Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker Once Said Jews, Muslims and Atheists Should Not Be Federal Judges Trump administration weakens Obamacare birth control coverage mandate Colorado elects nation's first...


Episode 276 - God’s Wife

This week’s we talk talk with Mikey Pullman about God’s wife, some of the responses to the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, cover a few regional stories, and the latest on blasphemy around the world. Dustin’ off the Degree - God’s Wife NEWS Kellyanne Conway: “Anti-Religiosity,” Not Anti-Semitism, Fueled Synagogue Killer ‘Rabbi’ At Mike Pence Rally Thinks Jews Who Deny Christ Go To...


Episode 275 - Black Women v Religion with Valerie Wade and Deanna Adams

This week we are joined by Valerie Wade and Deanna Adams who wrote essays, parts one and two, on “Black Women & Christianity in the United States: A Historical Perspective” for the book WOMEN v. RELIGION: The Case Against Faith... and for Freedom. The book is available in paperback or on Kindle and can be purchased through this Amazon affiliate link: This episode is brought to you by: You can find us online at, follow us on Twitter...


Episode 274 - Unity through Division

We're joined by Erin Riley and talk about the Adventist Church vs itself, evangelicals vs Civil Rights Act, US Attorney vs Catholic Church, Oklahoma vs abortion, pharmacist vs miscarriage drugs, exorcist vs witches. Dustin’ off the Degree - Who holds the power in the Adventist Church NEWS Unity through Division Texas evangelical groups are suing for the right to discriminate against LGBTQ...


Episode 273 - Scapegoating with the Devil

This week Merry is back and we talk about Quebec's hypocritical plan to remove religious symbols from government, the Pope blaming the devil, Mormon's blaming the LGBTQ community on Satan, the SDA church's unity through division and more. INTRO Named one of 10 top atheist podcasts by Feedspot Atheist Nomads app to be retired if you are using it for the show, please move on to a general podcast app such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts,...


Episode 272 - All hail Queen Saga!

Jason Ward is back for his second time and we talk about Kavanaugh's confirmation, the Oath of Citizenship, atheist's being blocked, Saga, and more! Remember, if you want to save the app, you need to act fast. CONTEST Give away - two signed copies of “The Trouble with God” by Chris Matheson 1. One goes to the person who donates the most for our equipment upgrades. Deadline is Thanksgiving. 2. One will go to a patron or donor selected at random. NEWS Kavanaugh...


Episode 271 - Raising little heathens

We are joined by Josh Hansen. In the news we have Kavanaugh, a church responding to anti-gay vandalism, a faith healing documentary, crazy NM cult, US Senate resolution to repeal blasphemy laws, the Hayabusa 2 rover, and Iceland's proposed ban on circumcision. We also discuss raising children without religion. NEWS 'Thanks to the Lord and Donald Trump' Paula White and Terri Pearson use Kenneth Copeland church to tally support for Trump Paula White is a...


Episode 270 - Humanist Chaplaincy in Australia with Justin Murray

Justin Murray is an atheist who has applied to be a chaplain with the Australian armed forces. Since only Christians and Jews are allowed to be chaplains, his application was rejected as was his application for an exemption to that requirement. He has since filed a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission and will have a hearing soon. Supporters Upgrading patron - SoJo New patron - Adam G Donation - Fred M Fred's donation has inspired a fundraising campaign to upgrade mics...


Episode 269 - The real reason for hurricanes

It's just Dustin and Lauren and we talk about what blowhards had to say about the Hurricane, Patreon weirdness, PayPal giving in to 8chan, YouTube radicalization, bad things happening to school curricula, and more. NEWS Hurricane Florence Pat Robertson claims the hurricane's path was a miracle That wasn’t what Robertson prayed for Rick Joyner knows the real reason for...


Episode 268 - Mostly good news

News Seven states launch investigations in wake of Pennsylvania clergy sex abuse report Appeals court rules Pensacola Bayview Park cross must come down New documents show Kavanaugh's hostility toward church-state separation LAPD removed Scientology display from Hollywood station Church of England in crisis as only 2% of English young adults identify as...


Episode 267 - Space Duck Tape

This week we are joined by Gary Mitchel and talk about a court ruling against Boise's homeless policy, Pence's defense to being called a Christian Supremacist, conspiracies, and space duck tape. NEWS Boise can’t ban homeless sleeping in public, court rules Mike Pence responds to being called a "Christian supremacist" How God Confirmed The Legitimacy Of QAnon Via A Prophetic Dream Mormon bishop facing...


Episode 266 - Christian Privilege

This week we're joined by Erin Riley and Jason Ward and we talk about Christian privilege, dead kids, Russia, and other news. Trust me, it's not all depressing and I will try lightening it up next time. Dustin’ off the Degree - Catching up on some vaccine news 37 dead as measles cases spike in Europe Doctors are furious at Italy's populist government for approving a dangerous anti-vax law Turkey mulls bill on jailing...


Episode 265 - Come on Catholics

This week we are joined by Justin and talk about the Pittsburgh grand jury report on the Catholic Sex Abuse scandal, what we can do to fight the "In God We Trust" in schools laws, Mormon's not wanting to be called Mormons any more, and more. Interview with Robert Ray NEWS Outcry in Malaysia over two women sentenced to caning for lesbian sex Christian Baker: Making a birthday cake for a trans woman violates my...


Episode 264 - Don’t Indulge your Privilege

Dustin’ off the Degree - Indulgences NEWS Catholic school puts counselor on leave over same-sex marriage 'In God We Trust' now must be displayed in all Florida schools, school buildings MRFF files complaint against US Air Force General Saudi Arabia Orders 16,000 Students to Leave Canada Amid Escalating Clash Saudi Arabia crucified man in Mecca...


Episode 263 - News is the new Asceticism

Dustin’ off the Degree - Asceticism NEWS Boys removed from gay conversion camp in Texas Creation Festival Co-Founder Sentenced to 18 Years for Child Sex Abuse: I Deserve to Be Cast Into Sea Police Report: Ex-GOP Official Calls Himself Second Christ, Sacrifices Dog Jim Bakker: 'They're Going To Begin To Kill The Christian Leaders In This Country' YouTube, Facebook,...


Episode 262 - Mystical Conspiracies

Mikey Pullman is back and we talk about mysticism, conspiracies, and Christian nationalism. Stepping Stones is raising money for back to school backpacks for impoverished kids. Dustin’ off the Degree - Mysticism NEWS ‘Atheist PM’ to blame for deadly fires, says Greek bishop 9th Circuit Court panel rejects prayer at Chino Valley school board meetings 'In God We Trust' motto...