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#15 | Why Are We Even In Niger? Plus: Neutron Stars, Psychological Effects of Disasters & More!

Follow us on Twitter: @mikeskinnner & @PatrickFO In this week's episode, we explain why we are even in Niger in the first place. We also give you some updates on Middle East politics after Isis has been demolished and new groups are rising to power. Also, we explain the discovery of the collision of neutron stars and why this matters. In our Beyond The Lede, Mike explains the psychological affects of disasters and tragedies and Patrick talks about a recent talk he attended about Russia....


#14 | Iran: Deal or No Deal? Also, Why Free Speech Matters, Educational Media, & More!

Follow us on Twitter: @mikeskinnner @PatrickFO In this episode of Beyond the Lede, in “the Lede,” we discuss President Trump’s disavowal of the JCPOA, the nuclear agreement between Iran and the West. We discuss the political implications; the possible paths forward from here on out; and we detail a bit of the confusion regarding the details of theagreement, including its “sunset clauses.” Then, we cover Trump’s tweets regarding wanting to revoke the licenses of the networks, such as NBC....