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Ep 25 - The Blue Wave

We did it? The blue wave happened? We’re not sure. No one’s sure. But we did learn a lot. Check out our final episode as we dig into the midterm results and the lessons we learned from our year trying to catch the blue wave.


Ep 24 - 'Twas the night before midterms

'Twas the night before midterms And all through the House The Republicans were stirring, Because they ran on racist policies and are about to lose. OK, so it doesn’t rhyme, but after all the heated language and constant debates, the midterms are finally here. As we head into the end of this elections, lets talk about what to look for in the next few days. There are a few stories that stand out, and if these Democrats win, like Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum, Richard Cordray, etc., they...


Ep 23 - Trump is winning

Your favorite Negative Nancys are back and this time we are predicting a whole new type of doom and gloom - Trump winning in 2020. As it looks right now, Trump is winning and owning the libs. He has two Supreme Court appointments, he has his tax bill, he has his NAFTA re-write, and every single one of his abnormalities has seemed to have become the new normal. We only have one month until the midterms and there is no second chance. Ranting and protesting isn't enough. We have to get...


Ep 22 - Immigration and religion in Tennessee

A candidate with strong religious ties running on a platform of faith and community. Why can't that be a Democrat? For decades, we've heard about the "religious right" and their devotion to the Republican party, but are things changing? The Republican standard bearer can hardly be said to possess Christian values with stories of porn stars and policies going very much against the Bible's teachings, particularly on immigration. Maybe it's time for Democrats to talk more about...


Ep 21 - On the campaign trail

Time to catch up with some of our favorite candidates on the campaign trail. Ken Harbaugh was the very first guest we had on the podcast and he is now one of the best fundraisers and campaigners in the state of Ohio. Tim Piatt is a personal friend that is running for the Ohio State House in a district that should be Democratic, but has had a locally-well-known Republican as their representative for years. Ground games, fundraising, best talking points, and lots of discussion about the...


Ep 20 - Where the hell have ya been?

We're back! But where the hell have we been? Peru and Maine. And a little bit of Canada. Plus one of us has a new job as an elected official. It's been a busy "month off" from the show, but we're excited to catch up on everything we missed and jump right back into making sure that this Blue Wave becomes a reality in November!


Ep 19 - Learning from a loss

It is never easy to lose, but we can learn quite a bit from those races and candidates who just don't make it this time. Is there really a split in the Democratic party? What messages are working? Is this Blue Wave really going to happen? In this episode, we asked these questions to two campaigns that worked hard, but fell short of their respective nominations. First we talked to Rachel Coyle, who was the communications director for Sen. Joe Schiavoni's run for Ohio Governor, and then we...


Ep 18 - Where are all the Ohio Democrats? Part 2

In our last episode, we depressed ourselves and many of you with our reading of the Ohio primary numbers. To cheer us up and tell us why there are still many great signs that the Blue Wave is still coming, we called David Pepper, Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party. David takes us through his reading of the numbers and explains how Democrats have narrowed the gap on Republicans while facing a machine that has controlled the state for years. While we all agree there's more to do, David...


Ep 17 - Where are all the Ohio Democrats?

Trump's approval rating is on the rise, Republicans voters are showing up in droves, and Democrats are mostly missing in action in Ohio. In the 2018 primary, the statewide turnout numbers show that Republicans beat Democrats by over ten points. But how can that be? This is supposed to be the year of the Blue Wave! Democrats are supposed to be more energized that ever before! But in many states, including Ohio, the Republican turnout machine is in good order while Democrats can't even beat...


Ep 16 - First time, long time

Before we started this podcast, we didn't know what to do. The 2016 election happened and everyone said "get involved" - whatever that meant. All we could think of was to go to meeting after meeting to try and figure it out. At one of those meetings in early 2017, we met Tim Piatt - a labor attorney from Uniontown, Ohio. Like us, he was searching for a way to "get involved." Do you work on a campaign? Do you start a podcast? (Great idea, by the way). Or do you take on the mantle of...


Ep 15 - It's time to fight dirty

One thing you have to say about Republicans - they know how to work the system to win. Whether it's taking a solidly obstructionist stance against President Obama's legislative priorities or blocking liberal appointments to the Supreme Court even when it seems wholly unfair, the right has never been afraid to do what it takes to promote their ideals. What if Democrats learned how to fight like that? Forget working under the rules set up by Republicans. And don't worry about going through...


Ep 14 - Run with Pride

There are seven current members of Congress who openly identify as part of the LGBTQ community. Since the 2016 election, Run with Pride has been helping to increase those numbers by supporting LGBTQ candidates across the country in red and blue districts. While some may think that LGBTQ issues were effectively solved with the legalization of same-sex marriage, those in the community know that the fight for equal rights continues on a state and federal level. From statutory to everyday...


Ep 13 - Dennis the Menace

Dennis Kucinich is considered a political outsider, but this unabashed progressive has been involved at almost every level of government for 50 years. With strong ties to Ohio, he has served as City Councilman, Clerk of the Municipal Court, Mayor, State Senator and U.S. Representative. In 2004 and 2008, he ran for the Democratic nomination for President and pushed his strong brand of liberalism on the national stage. He has shown throughout his career that he's willing to stand up for his...


Ep 12 - Let me tell you a story

Good storytellers win elections. Since 2013, Organizing for Action has been using that very idea across the United States to encourage citizens to become educated in political issues, share their personal stories with others and lead their communities. Before 2013, OFA worked to elect President Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. Now, the organization is taking on a much more non-partisan role to seize the newly found energy in red and blue districts and help community organizers find ways to...


Ep 11 - March for Our Lives - 3/24/2018

Join Eric on his personal march from the very spot that Martin Luther King gave his "I have a dream" speech to the front of the Capitol building where a stage full of gun violence survivors was set up for one of the largest protests in American history.


Ep 10 - A bus full of teachers

A group of teachers from Ohio chartered a bus, loaded up, and headed to Washington D.C. for the March for Our Lives on March 24, 2018. School security, mental health, poverty, and more come up as the teachers talk to our host and each other about why they are marching and what they would like to see done next.


Ep 9 - A newer generation of leadership

Since Parkland, there's been quite a bit said about young Americans and their voice in the national conversation, particularly when it comes to gun control and school safety. But we wanted to dive a bit deeper and hear not only about their views on the Second Amendment, but also the challenges young Democrats face in organizing. In this episode, we talk to Larkin Cleland, Clara Vorndran, and Dylan Cox, three seniors at Highland High School who are members of the Highland Young Democrats, a...


Ep 8 - A new generation of leadership

If elected as Ohio's Governor, Senator Joe Schiavoni will be the youngest governor in the country. This former Gold Glove boxer and Senate Minority Leader is now in one the biggest Democratic primaries in the country. In this episode, we speak to Senator Schiavoni about the importance of a new generation of leadership and get a rare look inside how running a statewide campaign can affect family life and how Senator Schiavoni balances it all. You can find out more about Sen. Joe Schiavoni on...


Ep 7 - You run. No, you run. Let's all run!

Facebook is a double-edged sword. It has been Russia’s main source for spreading misinformation in the US, but it also became the place where shell-shocked progressives went to find communal support after the political earthquake that was 2016. Lorraine Wilburn was one of those that felt lost, but after founding a Facebook group focused on her community's needs and gaining almost 1,000 members, she is now setting off to run for Ohio House District 48. Find out more about Lorraine Wilburn...


Ep 6 - Flippin' pancakes and flippin' districts

For Rick Neal, it is all about running towards the problem, not away from it. This former Peace Corp member who has worked in public health in Morocco, Cambodia, Congo and Afghanistan, is now running for Congress in Ohio to try and take out the GOP's head fundraiser for the house.