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CNET News Daily Podcast: Have we heard the last from SCO?

In the final edition of the daily podcast, we run through today's top tech headlines, including what could be the nail in the coffin for SCO's lawsuit against Novell, continued headaches a year after the Conficker kerfuffle, Vietnamese dissidents targeted by botnet attacks, no cloud-based music for iPad launch, and an android patient helps train the future dentists of the world. As mentioned at the end of the podcast, for those looking for more daily tech news, consider subscribing to CNET...


CNET News Daily Podcast: Google searches blocked in China

Today's episode runs the gamut. We talk 3D HDTVs, more rumors about a Verizon-friendly iPhone, and Google searches from China's mainland getting blocked. As mentioned at the end of the podcast, this is our last week of the CNET News Daily Podcast. In fact, our last episode is tomorrow. Beginning Thursday you'll need to subscribe to CNET TV's "Loaded" video podcast to get your daily tech news fix. Below are the links to Loaded in iTunes, as well as RSS in case you want to dump it into your...


CNET News Daily Podcast: iPad heads to Best Buy

The iPad goes on sale on Saturday, April 3. Apple said today that in addition to be being available at its 221 U.S. retail locations on Saturday, the iPad would also be available from most Best Buy stores, select Apple authorized resellers, and campus bookstores. The company will also hold iPad workshops at its retail stores Saturday to help customers learn more about the device. Apple Suppliers now expect to ship 2.5 million iPads in the first three months alone. Reports this weekend had...


CNET News Daily Podcast: iPad news subscriptions will cost how much?!

Here's some bad news for folks who were expecting iPad media subscriptions to be cheaper than the real thing. A report from The Wall Street Journal (on itself), points at a monthly price tag that costs more than it would to actually get the newspaper delivered to your house every day. So much for cheap, digital delivery. We also talk about the alleged Twitter hacker who leaked those Twitter internal documents last year; getting busted by the FBI; as well as GoDaddy no longer selling .cn...


CNET News Daily Podcast: Google helps customers in China, elsewhere

Google adds a few features to help users in China see what services are available there and to help people everywhere tell if their accounts may have been compromised. It may not be popular with regulators and privacy groups, but a new study shows targeted advertising on the Web is working. Cablevision begins rolling out 3D shows on its cable network Wednesday night. And what did CNET editors like best at the DemoSpring start-up showcase? Find out in this edition of the daily news podcast....


CNET News Daily Podcast: Nintendo adds a third dimension

Nintendo says the next Nintendo DS will have 3D screens that won't require any special glasses to use. The Nintendo 3DS will arrive within the year, though few other details have been offered yet. The company promises to share more in June at the E3 Expo. Also in today's podcast: China's response to Google moving its search to Hong Kong; Spring announces the first 4G phone for the U.S.; Mozilla decides against developing Firefox for Windows Mobile; and the Indian military's plan to use the...


CNET News Daily Podcast: Tallying up census-related privacy concerns

CNET reporter Declan McCullagh talks about privacy concerns arising around U.S. Census-taking time, and why those fears might be heightened in 2010. That, and other headlines of the day, including the riskiest U.S. cities for cybercrime. See where your city ranks. Listen Now: Download Today's Podcast Today's stories: Norton ranks riskiest cities for cybercrime Amazon unveils Kindle app for iPad Cheaper electric car rides on battery manufacturing Group formed to sell consumers on smart grid...


CNET News Daily Podcast: Senators push biometric ID cards

Two U.S. senators met with President Obama on Thursday to push for a national ID card with biometric information such as a fingerprint, hand scan, or iris scan that all employers would be required to verify. Also in today's podcast: Google could announce next week it's pulling out of China; the Large Hadron Collider gets back up to speed; Microsoft pulls the Bing iPhone app from overseas iTunes Stores. Listen Now: Download Today's Podcast Today's stories: Senators push Obama for biometric...


CNET News Daily Podcast: New revelations in Google-Viacom battle

Viacom and Google are airing their dirty laundry in court documents unsealed Thursday, revealing some noteworthy behind-the-scenes information in the copyright battle. That, and other news of the day, including a Kindle app for Mac and a safe touchdown for ISS crew members. Listen Now: Download Today's Podcast Today's stories: Viacom, Google air dirty laundry in court docs HTC fires back at Apple patent complaint Apple director Jerry York, 71, dies Amazon releases Kindle app beta for Mac...