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University Communication’s own Dave Blanks wanders the earth over in search of answers to all of life’s questions... great and small. Okay, so he mainly stays on Appalachian State University’s campus... he still wanders though... and he definitely wonders as he wanders. Listen for silly asides and revolutionary revelations. Priceless.


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University Communication’s own Dave Blanks wanders the earth over in search of answers to all of life’s questions... great and small. Okay, so he mainly stays on Appalachian State University’s campus... he still wanders though... and he definitely wonders as he wanders. Listen for silly asides and revolutionary revelations. Priceless.






048 What I Wish I’d Known: College Applications

Dave and App State's social media manager Ginny Scheer roam about Sanford Mall interviewing App State students to find out what they wish they had known way back when they were applying to college. Maybe don't procrastinate but chill out and follow your heart while not stressing...something along those lines anyway. Transcript: Dave Hey folks! I'm Dave Blanks from University Communications back with Dave by the Bell. It's October. It's chilly. I'm out here with Ginny. She is the manager of our social media. We're interviewing App State students. We're talking to them about advice during the application process. What do you know now that you wish you knew then? Ginny Scheer Mmhmm Dave So we’re out here on Sanford Mall. All right. Well, let's find somebody to talk to. Sarely Zavala-Duran I'm Sarely Zavala-Duran I'm from Indian Trail, North Carolina. Dave Saley? Sarely Zavala-Duran Sara Lee like the bread company. Dave Sara Lee! Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee! All right. Sara Lee, are you a freshman here at App? Sarely Zavala-Duran Yes. Dave You are. Okay. Well, when you were trying to choose a college, would there be a piece of advice that you might give to yourself, Sarely? Sarely Zavala-Duran Yeah. It’s not that deep, honestly. You make a choice, choose what school you think is right, and if it doesn't work out, just change it. I know people that have dropped out from schools already that didn't like it. Just choose a school and go with it. Don't force yourself, but also just try to enjoy the time that you have here. Dave Nice. But we got you, right? I mean, like, you're officially a Mountaineer and you’re gonna stay? Sarely Zavala-Duran Yeah I am! Right here on Sanford! Group Roll Neers! Dave Roll Neers! Absolutely. All right. So I guess next, we'll ask you. Hey, what is your name? Maya Tongue Maya Tongue. Dave Maya Tongue! Hey, nice to meet you. Where are you from? Maya Tongue Canton, Georgia. Dave You heard my question to Saraley. Maya Tongue Just know that it like not getting into a college doesn't mean you're stupid. I didn't get into UGA, and, like, that was really hard. But I love it here and I love the people I've met and it just makes me... Dave Look at em! They’re awesome! Maya Tongue It’s the right thing. It's meant to be here so... Dave What about this person looking at their phone? Maybe I could talk to them. Sam Crabtree My name is Sam Crabtree. I was clueless. All of middle school, all of high school. And it wasn't until senior year when the pandemic hit, when I was like, okay, this is where I want to be. Dave Okay, so if you could talk to yourself back then your senior year. Sam Crabtree Don't overthink it and ask for help. There's always people around to offer some advice. I think I was like really scared about jumping into it, but it was a really simple process and as long as I had my parents and I know I could reach out to like admissions people and knew that they would offer some advice. Dave So this is Kaitlyn Witte. Kaitlyn, it's nice to meet you. Where are you from? Kaitlyn Witte I'm from Charlotte. Dave Okay, cool. How long have you been here at App? Kaitlyn Witte I'm in my freshman year, so only like two months. Dave So if you, Kaitlyn, could go back and give yourself a piece of advice, what would it be? Kaitlyn Witte I say just follow what I wanted to do versus what my friends want me to do and where they wanted me to go and just doing it for myself versus my friends. Dave Alleah, Hello. Alleah Trunzo Hi. Dave How's it going? Alleah Trunzo Good! How are you? Dave I'm good. Dave You got some Chick fil A? Alleah Trunzo Sustenance. Dave Need your sustenance. Dave So if you, Alleah, could go back and give yourself some words of wisdom. Alleah Trunzo I knew I wanted to go to an NC public university and I think I really did choose the best one for me because I really do love living here. I think even beyond being a student and just living here as an adult would...


047 What’s Next Graduate?

Dave fumbles about campus somehow managing to find a bunch of seniors who are about to graduate. Dave grills them on their plans for the future! It's every new graduate's dream come true! Transcript: Dave Blanks: Hey friends, on this Dave by the Bell, I'm going to talk to seniors who are graduating and ask them what the heck they got planned next. Stick around, won't you? Jenna Michalski: I'm Jenna Michalski. Dave Blanks: You're graduating, correct? Jenna Michalski: Yes. Dave Blanks: Congratulations. Jenna Michalski: Thank you. Dave Blanks: What have you been studying here at Appalachian State? Jenna Michalski: Commercial Photography Minor in English. Dave Blanks: Cool. So what do you plan to do with that? Be very creative, I would assume. Jenna Michalski: I'm trying to get paired with a video production company. Dave Blanks: Cool. Jenna Michalski: Either start off as an editor or some sort of an assistant. Dave Blanks: What are you doing on campus? Jenna Michalski: I have a final in about 30 minutes. Dave Blanks: Oh, snap. Are you ready for it? Jenna Michalski: Yeah, it's my last one so it's getting real. Dave Blanks: Is it sad? Jenna Michalski: A little bit. Dave Blanks: Yeah, you liked App? Jenna Michalski: Yeah, I did. Dave Blanks: You could still be here. You could study more. Jenna Michalski: I'm good on that. Dave Blanks: All right. Well, you can at least come back and visit? Jenna Michalski: Yes, absolutely. Dave Blanks: Okay, please do that. All right. What about girl with a dog? Do you think she's a senior? Hey, excuse me. Are you a senior graduating? Girl with a dog: No. Dave Blanks: Do you have a dog? Hello, dog. Oh, my gosh. What a nice puppy you have. Well, have a good day. Girl with a dog: Thank you. Dave Blanks: All right, bye. That was a friendly dog. Anyway, still heading down toward the sign Founders Plaza. I see some people. There are people getting pictures over here. I knew it. You look like you're graduating. Val Moscoso: I am. Dave Blanks: All right, cool. What's your name? Val Moscoso: Well, I'm Val Moscoso. I'm graduating with Exercise Science and a minor in Psychology. I'm taking a gap year, but I will go into occupational therapy school. Dave Blanks: So what are you doing with your gap year? Val Moscoso: I think the goal is definitely to explore a little bit. Dave Blanks: Cool. Are we talking worldwide or are we talking US? Val Moscoso: Definitely worldwide. But I mean, I'll definitely start out slow with the US something. Dave Blanks: Sure. Val Moscoso: But yeah, I definitely want to go backpacking in Europe or something like that. Dave Blanks: Nice. I was going to say, what's one place that you've never been, that you're sure you'll go specifically. Val Moscoso: I definitely want to go to Italy at some point. Dave Blanks: Okay, all right. Val Moscoso: For sure though. Dave Blanks: I love it. All right. Well, Val, the sky's the limit and congratulations. Val Moscoso: Thank you so much. Aru Hopper: I'm Arou Hopper. I want to go to PA school, and I have to get a bunch of clinical hours for that. So I have a job lined up for me as a CNA, and I'll be working either in Charlotte or in Boone. I'm trying to figure out which one. Dave Blanks: Thank you for your time and congratulations. And you have a friend here as well. So what is your name? Morgan Smith: Morgan Smith. Dave Blanks: So Morgan, you're also graduating? Morgan Smith: I am. Dave Blanks: All right. Excellent. What are you graduating with a degree in? Morgan Smith: Exercise Science. Dave Blanks: All right. Same as this. Cool. Are you all headed like to ... Morgan Smith: We're heading to the same exam actually. Dave Blanks: Oh, no, wait. All right. Okay. When do you have to be there? How much time do you have? Morgan Smith: 20 minutes. Dave Blanks: Okay. All right. You're good. All right. All right. So Morgan, what's next for...


046 The Most Romantic Place on Campus

In this Valentine’s Day edition of Dave by the Bell, Dave and University Communications intern Madi chat it up with friendly passersby to get at the heart of this question — “What is the most romantic place on campus?” Dave Blanks: Hello, friends. I'm Dave Blanks from University Communications, and I was going to talk today about Valentine's Day. What we're going to do is ask students what the most romantic place in all of campus is. I was going to go see if Madi , our intern, wanted to come along. So, let's go do that. Hello. Madi: So, jacket? Dave Blanks: I'm not wearing a jacket, based on what you said. You said you got hot. Madi: Fine. We won't wear jackets. Dave Blanks: Madi , no jackets for this one. There are romantic places on campus. We're walking right now by the- Madi: By the hand statue. Dave Blanks: ...church hand statue thing with the wheelbarrow. I don't think that's a place. Eliza: My name's Eliza. Dave Blanks: So Eliza, Valentine's is coming up. Did you know? Eliza: Yes, it is. Dave Blanks: Yeah, it is. Is that an exciting thing for you? A positive thing? Eliza: It is exciting. Dave Blanks: Yeah? Eliza: We're going to go up here. Dave Blanks: Okay, let's go up here. Eliza: I got my first boyfriend a couple months ago, so this will be... We're going to go this way? Dave Blanks: Yeah, let's go this way. Eliza: This will be my first Valentine's Day with someone. Dave Blanks: Very sweet. Eliza: So it'll be fun. Dave Blanks: Cool. Yeah, yeah. Are you a freshman at App? Eliza: Yes, I am. Dave Blanks: All right. Excellent. You're doing the whole college experience thing. Eliza: Yes, I am. Dave Blanks: Yeah. Good for you. Okay, so if you had to spend it on campus somewhere, where's the most romantic place? Eliza: I really like the duck pond. Dave Blanks: Yeah. Eliza: That little shelter. Dave Blanks: Oh, yeah. Eliza: I think that's fun. Dave Blanks: All right. Eliza: Get bagels or something. Dave: Dude…the duck pond! Savannah: Savannah. Dave Blanks: If you had to pick one? Savannah: The duck pond. Dave Blanks: The duck pond? Savannah: I think it's cute. Dave Blanks: You think the duck pond? Savannah: Could be kind of cute. Yeah, you could do a little picnic or something. Dave Blanks: Oh, okay. That's good. That was a good answer. Jacob: I'm Jacob. The solarium, maybe. Dave Blanks: You think the solarium? Jacob: Yeah. Dave Blanks: All right. Why the solarium? Jacob: There are a lot of plants and sunlight, I guess. Dave Blanks: Right? Jacob: Yeah. Dave Blanks: What about outside? Jacob: It's cold. Derek Carter: I'm Derek Carter. A romantic place on campus? Dave Blanks: Right. Derek Carter: I'd probably just take her to my job, the cafe. Cascades. Dave Blanks: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Cool. Right on. Derek Carter: They have a Valentine's Day drink, so I'll probably give that. Dave Blanks: What's the Valentine's Day drink? Derek Carter: It's like chocolate and strawberry. Dave Blanks: That sounds good. Is it expensive? Derek Carter: It's like $6. Dave Blanks: College student can swing that for Valentine's Day, right? Derek Carter: Yeah. Dave Blanks: All right. All right. Excellent. Evan Rice: I am Evan Rice. Okay. This is a curve-ball. Me and my girlfriend just broke up a week ago. Dave Blanks: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. Evan Rice: I'll probably just go for a picnic. I'd start here. Dave Blanks: We're on Sanford right now. Evan Rice: Yeah. Dave Blanks: Okay. Evan Rice: Maybe a walk on the trail back there. End up at the baseball field. Dave Blanks: Yeah. Yeah. Evan Rice: What have other people said? Dave Blanks: Duck pond. How do you feel about duck pond? Evan Rice: That’s gross. Like you just get like wafts of smell. Does...


045 Location! Location! Location!

In this only just barely adjacent to homecoming edition of Dave by the Bell, Dave and University Communications intern Madi chat it up with almost always friendly passersby and pose the question, "If you could live anywhere on campus that was not a residence hall, where would you live?" Transcript: Dave Blanks: Madi, you're our intern. Madi: I am. Dave Blanks: And we're going to do a Dave by the Bell. Madi: We are. Dave Blanks: What are we talking about? Madi: Well, did we decide what we're talking about? Dave Blanks: Yeah, yeah. I think we finally landed on an idea. Madi: Did we land on the roommate idea? Dave Blanks: No, we're not doing the roommate idea. Madi: Oh. Dave Blanks: But we will do that one in the future. Madi: Okay. Dave Blanks: No, no, no. We're not going to do the roommate. We're going to do- Madi: If you could live anywhere on campus. Dave Blanks: Yes. Madi: That's not your residence hall/dorm room... Dave Blanks: Right. Madi: ...where would you live and why? Dave Blanks: Yeah, that was it. Good job. Perfect. So, yeah. Do you want to go to Sanford Mall? Madi: I sure do. Dave Blanks: Okay, let's do that. I usually just find a person and go, "Hey, excuse me." Like this guy. Madi: Hey, you want to be in our podcast? Anonymous Solarium Lover: No, that's okay. Dave Blanks: Oh, come on man. Do you want to hear the question and then say yes or no. Anonymous Solarium Lover: Okay. Dave Blanks: All right. All right. So the question is, if you could live somewhere on campus, where would it be and why? So is there a little spot that's your spot? That's your go-to? Anonymous Solarium Lover: Oh, God. The Solarium. Dave Blanks: Yeah. Okay. Anonymous Solarium Lover: I love that. Dave Blanks: Why would you live in the Solarium? Anonymous Solarium Lover: It's very peaceful. Dave Blanks: Right? Anonymous Solarium Lover: I really like it. Dave Blanks: Right. Anonymous Solarium Lover: It's very calming. Dave Blanks: It's like the opposite of this moment. Anonymous Solarium Lover: Yes, exactly. Quin Hernandez: I'm Quinn Hernandez. There's a little lookout up by Greenwood. Dave Blanks: Okay. Quin Hernandez: I like looking over it, specifically in the wintertime, because the snow makes it really bright and you can ... The stadium lights up everything. Dave Blanks: Okay. All right. You would live up there? Quin Hernandez: Yeah. Dave Blanks: Because it's beautiful. Quin Hernandez: Yeah, it's really pretty up there. Madi: What a lovely answer. Dave Blanks: I know. That was so good. Madi: She was ready. Andrea Martinez: I'm Andrea Martinez. Ooh. I would probably live at Walmart. Dave Blanks: Wait, wait, wait. That's not on campus. Andrea. Andrea Martinez: Technically it's not, but it is Dave Blanks: It's on the Appalcart stop. Andrea Martinez: Yes. Dave Blanks: So in that respect, I mean, it is definitely a part of your student life, right? Andrea Martinez: Yeah, definitely. Dave Blanks: Okay. But with all the options, explain to me why you would live at Walmart. Andrea Martinez: Well, I mean, it's just a place I frequent a lot. Dave Blanks: Okay. Andrea Martinez: But it's also got everything. Dave Blanks: Okay. Andrea Martinez: You've got a TV. Dave Blanks: Yes. Andrea Martinez: You've got blankets, you've got food. It's the perfect place. Dave Blanks: I knew you were thinking like that. It's very practical of you. All right. Well, thank you for your answer and have a great day. Are you headed ... Where you headed? Andrea Martinez: I'm heading to the bus stop, actually. Dave Blanks: Are you going to Walmart? Andrea Martinez: I am going to Walmart. Dave Blanks: No way. Oh, my. That's funny. Phillip Lavey: I'm Phillip Leavy. Chapel Wilson, second floor, I guess....


044 Move in Vibes 2022

Dave and photographer Kyla strike out to interview first year students and their helpful parents as they move in to Thunder Hill Hall on the beautiful campus of Appalachian State University. Transcript: Dave Blanks: Hey folks, how's it going? I'm Dave Blanks from University Communications. Today on Dave by the Bell, I'm going to be talking to people who are moving into Thunder Hill, trying to figure out what the moment's like for them. Maybe talk to parents, maybe talk to students. Also, get an idea of what their aspirations and hopes are for the coming year. That's the plan. Let's do it. All right. There's a lot of folks in here. We're actually going in one of the residence halls. This is Thunder Hill, I do believe. Yeah, that's correct. We have a lot of folks. You've been taking pictures of move in day, Kyla, and those will probably be some of which will end up on our Facebook page. Kyla: Facebook and Instagram. Dave Blanks: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I don't like it in here. Kyla: It is chaotic. Speaker 3: Excuse me. Kyla: Yeah, no problem. Yeah, let's go upstairs. Dave Blanks: Let's go upstairs. Tia Proctor: I'm Tia Proctor. It is so exciting. I'm just ready to get everything in and get everything sorted and stuff. And then just go explore the campus and just go to King Street- Dave Blanks: Yeah. Tia Proctor: ... and just have fun. Dave Blanks: When you look forward to the coming year, what is something that you're anticipating? Tia Proctor: I'm excited for game days. Dave Blanks: Yeah. Awesome. Tia Proctor: And learning about business and going through the business college and stuff. Dave Blanks: Cool. Tia, thank you so much for your answers. I really appreciate you. You passed with flying colors. Good job. Yeah. Tia Proctor: Thank you. Dave Blanks: Yeah. Tia Proctor: Yeah. Good one. Dave Blanks: Okay. And who is this? Your roommate? Tia Proctor: Yes. Dave Blanks: Hello? What is your name? Maddie Henry: Maddie Henry. Dave Blanks: Hey Maddie, how's it going? Maddie Henry: It's good. How are you? Dave Blanks: I'm good. How's your room? It looks pretty cool to me. Maddie Henry: It is amazing. Dave Blanks: Yeah. Maddie Henry: I was expecting so much less actually. Dave Blanks: Right. Maddie Henry: And I'm so excited that we got our own bathroom. Dave Blanks: Okay. Maddie, what's the moment like for you right now? What's the feeling? Maddie Henry: Nervous, excited, everything. I just want to get everything unpacked and be settled in, have everything go smoothly. Dave Blanks: Yeah. Well, has it been so, so far so good? Maddie Henry: So far so good except for the rain. Dave Blanks: I know, but at least you're inside right now. Right? Did you get everything in before it started really coming down? Maddie Henry: My parents are actually out there. Dave Blanks: Oh no. Your poor parents. All right. Well, shout out to Maddie's parents. Maddie Henry: Yeah. Dave Blanks: Be strong. Maddie Henry: I'm from Pennsylvania, so I'm very excited to just meet new people. Get a fresh start and make a lot of friends. Dave Blanks: Tia and Maddie, good luck. We're happy to have you as new Mountaineers. Maddie Henry: Thank you. Dave Blanks: All right. Bye y'all. Silas Dickerson: I am Silas Dickerson. I got here about 15 minutes ago. It feels great. Yeah, I'm ready to be here. I'm just ready to be more independent. Jennifer Leaver: Hi, I'm Jennifer Leaver. Dave Blanks: Who are you helping move in here today? Jennifer Leaver: My daughter, Lauren. Dave Blanks: Is this your first kid to come to college? Jennifer Leaver: No, I have a son in Boulder, in Colorado. Dave Blanks: All right. Jennifer Leaver: It's been nice to have her close by. Dave Blanks: When you look forward to Lauren's first year, what is it that you're excited about for her? Jennifer Leaver: Just meeting new people, finding her tribe of friends, and big football games, because she...


Special Video Edition: Spring 2021 Commencement

In-person commencement ceremonies are back at Appalachian, and so is Dave! Witness the sights and sounds of Spring 2021 Commencement as Dave asks parents what they're experiencing as their graduates walk across the stage, and stick around for some celebration as the graduates fill in the blank of "My time at Appalachian was _______."


Special Video Edition: App State's Community Vaccine Clinic

Dave's back, and he's ready to talk to you! This episode, Dave visits with Appalachian State students after they receive their vaccine, as well as the volunteers and staff who help the clinic run smoothly.


Special Video Edition: Where's My Bell? | Founders Day Edition

In this video edition of Dave By The Bell, Dave goes in search of the bell that used to sit in front of Anne Belk Hall. Learn about App State's Special Collections Research Center from university archivist Kim Sims, and catch a glimpse of interesting historical items from Appalachian's past! Listen to other Dave by the Bell episodes here: dave.podcasts.appstate.edu


043 In like a lion...

On this March-centric Dave by the Bell, University Communications' Dave Blanks asks Appalachian students to finish the old adage, "In like a lion out like a..." He also discovers what they are planning for spring break. Transcript Dave Blanks: Hey, folks, I'm Dave Blanks from University Communications back once again with a Dave by the Bell, and on this edition it's March, the month of March. In like a lion, out like a... Right? Out like a lamb is the saying. On this podcast we're going to talk to Appalachian State students and ask them to finish the sentence, "In like a lion, out like a..." and then hopefully they'll come up with something silly. I don't know. We'll see what happens. Dave Blanks: Well, so for today to be like a lion day, it's really nice outside. Whoop, I said that and then I got outside and it's a little chilly, but it's really pretty. A lot of people with short sleeves. Surely we'll find some people to talk to. Robert Armstrong: I'm Robert Armstrong. I'd say I'm a lamb. Dave Blanks: You think a lamb? And why do you believe you're a lamb? Robert Armstrong: A little meek, honestly. Dave Blanks: All right. Okay, cool. So also, what are you doing for spring break? Robert Armstrong: I'm going to Chicago and watching a hockey game. Dave Blanks: Sweet. Are you from Chicago? Robert Armstrong: No. A lot of my family is though. Dave Blanks: Oh, cool. Well, enjoy yourself. Robert Armstrong: Thank you. Dave Blanks: Hockey in Chicago for spring break. Emily Stasiak: I'm Emily Stasiak. Dave Blanks: In like a lion, out like a... Emily Stasiak: ... tiger. Dave Blanks: That's two tigers in a row. Yeah. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Maybe that's why. No, it's in like a lion, out like a lamb. Emily Stasiak: Oh. I would say I'm more of a lamb. More innocent and I don't feel like I'm big enough to be a lion. Dave Blanks: Do you think you'll grow into being a lion? Emily Stasiak: Maybe eventually, but not right now. Dave Blanks: Well, I hope you maintain your lambness for as long as you can. And where are you going for spring break? Emily Stasiak: I'm going home. I'm just going to work. Bryan Gertz: Yeah, I'm Brian Gertz. Dave Blanks: So Brian, it is March and there's an old saying that goes along with March, and I want you to try to finish the saying. You may be familiar. In like a lion, out like a... Bryan Gertz: ...lamb. Dave Blanks: Good job. The first one to get it so far. All right, a check mark for Brian. So would you say, Brian, that you are more of a lion or more of a lamb and why? Bryan Gertz: I'm a lion because I'm a go-getter. I'm always working. I'm always hustling, never really lay down for anything. Dave Blanks: What are you doing for spring break? Bryan Gertz: Oh, spring break I'm heading over to Wrightsville Beach. Heading down the mountain. Dave Blanks: Cool. What are your plans there, what? Bryan Gertz: I'm going to hang out on the beach, dip my toes in the sand. All the good stuff. Dave Blanks: Nice. You got to take a break from the hustling sometimes. Thanks, Brian. Bryan Gertz: Yeah, take it easy. Nikki Parker: I'm Nikki Parker. I don't know. A cat? I don't know. Dave Blanks: Out like a cat? Nikki Parker: I don't know. Dave Blanks: Okay. Well, okay. So, in like a lion, out like a lamb. Do you think that you are more of a lion or a lamb? Nikki Parker: I don't know. Probably a lion because a lot of people just say I'm intimidating with my personality, so I just feel like that's probably it. Dave Blanks: What are you doing for spring break? Nikki Parker: I'm just going home to spend time with my family. Tayah Hichue: I'm Tayah Hichue. I don't know. I'd say lamb. I'd like to think I'm more gentle. Dave Blanks: Yeah. All right, cool. And the last part, what's spring break look like for you? Tayah Hichue: I think I'm going to go cave camping. Dave Blanks: What? Where? Tayah Hichue: Worleys Cave. Dave Blanks: Where's that? Tayah Hichue: It's in...


042 Valentine’s Dave 2020

On this Valentine's Day special, Dave interviews App State students to discover what they truly love.


041 Turkey Day Embarrassment

Appalachian State University students share surprising and embarrassing moments from their recent Fall Break. Dave Blanks: Hey folks, what's up? My name's Dave Blanks from University Communications and I'm back again with a Dave By The Bell. On this edition of Dave By The Bell, the students are smack dab in the middle of final examinations. They're walking around being stressed out, potentially. Maybe they're super prepared, possibly they are not super prepared. They're in final exams now, but they also just came from the holiday break, Thanksgiving. Many of them celebrated, so that means that they were in close proximity to their family and sometimes when you hang out with your family, maybe something embarrassing could occur, something surprising might occur. So we're looking for surprises or potentially embarrassing things that happened, because those are fun stories. Katie Hines: I'm Katie Hines, so my brother is a really big stickler on everything and he saw my grandma pour a glass of wine and he said, "How many is that?" Dave Blanks: Oh my gosh. Katie Hines: He's only nine. Dave Blanks: What? Katie Hines: He's a major rule follower. Dave Blanks: Yeah, a real rule follower. What do you think he's going to do when he grows up? Katie Hines: He wants to be a lawyer, it makes a lot of sense. Dave Blanks: What's his name? Can you say his name? Katie Hines: His name is Henry. Dave Blanks: Okay, how long has Henry been such a rule follower? Katie Hines: Always. He's always been like that. We're used to it, but we can break the smallest rule and it will not get by him. Dave Blanks: He's going to be like a hall monitor. Katie Hines: Oh yeah, he is at his school. Dave Blanks: Wow. Katie Hines: Yeah, he's on the safety patrol. Dave Blanks: I kind of respect that. He knows what he wants and he's doing it. Katie Hines: He does know what he wants. He's very set on everything. Dave Blanks: How did your grandma handle it? Katie Hines: We just laugh because we're used to it by now, it's like- Dave Blanks: Oh, Henry. Katie Hines: It's, whatever at this point. Avery Pope: I'm Avery Pope. Yeah, my cousin was kind of being weird and rude to everyone. Dave Blanks: Okay, rude cousin? Avery Pope: So we cut it short. Dave Blanks: So that was unexpected. Avery Pope: Yes, that was unexpected. Dave Blanks: All right, maybe he was having an off day. Avery Pope: Yeah, he just got a dog, the dog is really cute. Dave Blanks: Well then the dog should improve his mood. Avery Pope: Yeah, it didn't. Dave Blanks: It's a big responsibility too. Maybe it's keeping him up at night. Is it a puppy? Avery Pope: It is. Dave Blanks: Yeah, maybe that's it, he's cracking under the pressure. Puppy pressure. Avery Pope: Oh yeah. Dave Blanks: Thanks Avery. Avery Pope: Of course. Alex Lipovan: I'm Alex Lipovan. I choked. Dave Blanks: What? Alex Lipovan: I choked on my food. Dave Blanks: You did? Alex Lipovan: Yeah. Dave Blanks: What was it you were eating? Alex Lipovan: It was mashed potatoes. Dave Blanks: How did you do that? Alex Lipovan: I know, I think I was talking and then eating at the same time and just- Dave Blanks: How bad was it? Alex Lipovan: I was tearing up. Dave Blanks: Oh man, that's pretty bad. Alex Lipovan: Yeah. Dave Blanks: Did anybody try to help you? Alex Lipovan: No. Dave Blanks: What did they do? Alex Lipovan: They just kind of sat there and watched. Dave Blanks: At least they didn't laugh. Alex Lipovan: I got lucky it was mashed potatoes. Dave Blanks: Yeah, for real. I've never choked on mashed potatoes. Alex Lipovan: Yeah, I don't know how it happened. Dave Blanks: I figured you would say it's some kind of bone, or something like that. Alex Lipovan: No. Dave Blanks: Turkey bone. Alex Lipovan: No. Dave Blanks: No, taters. Alex Lipovan: Yeah, taters. Seth Douglas: My name is Seth Douglas. Well, most of my family's from Maryland, so we had a crab bake instead of a turkey...


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In this video edition of Dave By The Bell, Dave talks to the Class of 2019 at Appalachian State's Fall Commencement and asks them, "What's the biggest change you've seen in yourself from your very first day on campus?" We are treated to heartfelt answers, reflective memories, and, of course...Dave being Dave. Listen to other Dave by the Bell episodes here: dave.podcasts.appstate.edu


040 Dave by the Bell: Is App State right for me?

University Communications' Dave Blanks asks current Appalachian students what they would share about App State with a friend who is considering attending the university. Spoiler alert: Everyone loves Appalachian State University.


Special Video Edition: Did You Listen to Your Parents?

In this video edition of Dave by the Bell, Dave talks to parents and students during Family Weekend at Appalachian to ask them, "What is some advice you gave your Mountaineer before they came to college...AND...are they following that advice?" Check out other Dave by the Bell episodes here: http://dave.podcasts.appstate.edu All Dave by the Bell podcasts can be enjoyed at http://podcasts.appstate.edu or by searching for "Dave by the Bell" on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts! Appalachian State University | https://www.appstate.edu


Special Video Edition: The Strangest Thing

In this video edition of Dave by the Bell, Dave Blanks of Appalachian's University Communications interviews first-year students and their parents during Move-in Day 2019 to discover the strange and unusual things they've brought with them to the residence halls. Other Dave by the Bell podcasts can be found at https://dave.podcasts.appstate.edu or by searching for "Dave by the Bell" on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts! Appalachian State University | https://www.appstate.edu


039 Dave by the Bell: The Strangest Thing

Dave Blanks of Appalachian's University Communications interviews first-year students and their parents during Move-in Day 2019 to discover the strange and unusual things they've brought with them to the residence halls.


038 Dave by the Bell: Why Choose App State?

University Communications' resident goofy goober, Dave Blanks, and UComm intern Alyssa "The Juggernaut" Rodriguez interview students on Sanford Mall to find out why they chose to attend Appalachian State University.


037 Dave by the Bell: Can I Retake That Class?

Dave Blanks, University Communications' most likely to interrupt, and UComm intern Alyssa "So Extra" Rodriguez wander around Sanford Mall interviewing Appalachian students to find out what class they would retake and why.


036 Dave by the Bell: What’s Your Happy Song?

University Communications' favorite interruption, Dave Blanks and UComm intern Alyssa Rodriguez, interview unsuspecting Appalachian students to discover their go-to "happy song."


035 Dave by the Bell: Tales from the AppalCart pt. 2

It's the second installment of our super spooky Halloween DBTB. Dave interviews unsuspecting Appalachian State students as they wait to board the AppalCart and uncovers even more bone-chilling AppalCart tales of terror.