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FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 24 - Late Boys

Well...the name of the episode says it all. So do yourself a favor and check out the newest episode of the FiendCast. We got bantz we got the rants and you can rest assured that you're gonna get your weekly dose of high-quality Fiendish trash talk.


FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 23 - The Key

You know...I don't really have too much to say. I'm going to blame that on the ridiculous amount of food I ate last night (honestly I should be ashamed of myself..but I'm not!!!). So let's get right to the point! We had another full house this week and the show got very lively, to say the least. Topics we discussed in this episode of the FiendCast include, Donald Trump Backing the newest prison reform bill, Stormy Daniels lawyer getting arrested for domestic violence (the sloppiness...


FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 22 - Henny Roasted Nuts

Listen we aren't THAT late putting this episode out this time but hey, the bantz always make it worth the wait! On last weeks episode of the FiendCast Daddy Clarence, Jay, DeeJay, and Brad all came through to join your favorite fiends in our weekly roasting session of the most bantworthy news stories of the week. So you know what that means, the bantz and rants were of the utmost quality. On this episode of the FiendCast we talk about Florida's midterm elections and those loaded amendments...


FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 21 - Speed Bumps

~ Well look at that we're back on track with releasing things on time...for now. Halloween was last week so you know your favorite Fiends had to get extra spooky for this episode and to make things that much better we had a full house for this recording. And let me just say the end results were nothing short of quality. On this episode of the FiendCast we rant about Trump and the migrant caravan, a Florida politician exchanging sexual favors for speed bumps (gotta love Florida), Deejay gets...


FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 20 Bonus Episode - CloneCast

~ Sometimes we get wild on the FiendCast, and as a result, we end up with a recording that can easily be split into two episodes. Well, last weeks episode was just that, a wild one that ended up going into an hour long discussion about cloning. So for your listening pleasure and to give you an extra bantz and rants injection for this week we give you CloneCast with Alex.


FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 20 - Pissing Bricks

Did you know you could turn pee into bricks? Groundbreaking times we live in. Anyway, we got a brand new episode of the FiendCast so your dirty ears can get their weekly dose of unfiltered bantz and rants. Oh! I almost forgot to mention we had our boy Alex on the show last week to talk about cloning conspiracies and let's just say things took a turn for the're not ready, BIG FACTS!!! So what are you waiting for? Get in here and enjoy these piss free organic bantz.


FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 19 - The Worlds Smallest Sexual Predator

Here it goes!!! The new episode of your favorite podcast the FiendCast is now live for your listening pleasure. Aj and the fiends are back for another week of bantz and discussions of rant-worthy news stories. What did we rant about this week? Well, I'll tell ya you damn degenerates. We went in on the old lady who called the cops on a 9-year-old kid because she thought he touched her butt (WILD TIMES!!!), Poland deciding that their supreme court judges should retire in their 60's, npc's...


FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 18 - The Kanye Kwestion

We are back with a brand spanking new episode of the FiendCast for you degenerate listening pleasure! A.J's back in the hosts chair for this episode so you know what that means?...Just to clarify things it means civility and common sense just went out the window. On this epsidoe we delved deep into Kanye's trip to the white house, Elon Musk venturing into the tequila business, Boston Dynamics robot doing parkour, and Chris has a interesting take on the human anatomy. So what you waiting for?...


FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 17 - Fish Bones

Kept you waiting again huh? Sorry about that in all honesty...not really, but hey gotta at least act like you have some shame. On this episode of the FiendCast we took a different route, we still brought the bantz and the rants but this time we did it with an all-female panel. That's right the ladies of FiendFix held down the house while the rest of us did something way less productive. So do yourself a favor and get this boneless episode, shove it into your ear holes and let the sweet...


FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 16 - Don't Choke On It

Hey sooooo this week we're not boneless just slightly deboned but don't fear spaceboi dandy is here! Obvi that means ya girl Zav is hosting this very episode and we gots some guest and we gots shit to talk about y'all! No one ever asks for my opinion but here it is so don't choke on it


FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 15 - Shots for Thots

Did we keep you waiting? If we did you need to find better hobbies then waiting for podcasts to be released...We still love you thoooo! In this week's episode of the FiendCast, we had to make the best out of a slow news week so you know what that means? The majority of this episode is boneless!!! (that means little to no topic structure for those who aren't hip with the terminology just yet). Some of the topics that we decided to roast and dissect last week were Brett Kavanaugh sexual...


FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 14 - Storm Pissin

Here it is folks!!! Episode 14 of the FiendCast is now live!!! Last week was a slow week news-wise so we didn't have as much stuff to trash...BUT!!! We still got that quality bantz and rants that you love and need in your life (you're probably thinking you don't need it...but yes you do). In last weeks episode we talked about the EU's meme ban (Sad!), the aftermath of hurricane Florence, Pluto still not getting any respect, Trump saying Puerto Rico's death toll is wrong, and Olivia Munn...


FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 13 - Old Musky

Well, look what we have here. It's a brand new episode of the FiendCast for your listening pleasure! Sorry for the delay in uploading the episode (someone been slacking off but I'm not gonna say any names...lul) but hey it's here now so come on and get these bantz! On this episode of the FiendCast we had a lively discussion about topics ranging from Nike's Kaepernick ad, Elon Musk smoking big doinks on Joe Rogan's podcast, Alex Jones getting another permaban and almost getting in a fight...


FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 12 - Stankboi Supreme

Hope you enjoyed your labor day weekend cause you best believe your favorite fiends had one hell of a time. After shaking off the last of the weekend's hangover we're back with a brand new episode of the FiendCast to scratch that need for quality trash talk. In this episode, we talked about Bill Clinton's thirsty face at Aretha Franklin's funeral, the shooting in Jacksonville (when game rage goes incredibly wrong), The governor race here in Florida, and a slew of other news and pop culture...


FiendCast: Season 2 Episode 11 - Snake Eyes

Last week's episode of the FiendCast was something special. What do I mean by this? Well it's 2 things 1) it was our first time skyping a guest in and it didn't end in disaster (shouts out to Terrence) and 2) our longtime friend and local artist/filmmaker S H E L L graced us with his presence. Plus this episode is chocked full of the bantz and rants you've come to know and love. We had some vivid trash talk about one of the front people of the #MeToo movement getting caught up in paying hush...


Season 2 Episode 10 - SkyKing

Bet you thought we forgot to upload last weeks episode of the FiendCast didn't you? Well, you're wrong cause here it is in all of its trashing talking glory. Last week we had a lively discussion about the guy who decided to take an airplane for a joy ride (rest peacefully skyking you kind soul), talked about Zav's birthday trip to ride an airboat, Alex Jones getting banned from his social media accounts, and Azealia Banks continuing to further put her career into the trash to name just a few...


Season 2 Episode 0 - Copilot

So while A.J. edits up episode 10, we figure we would carry on the tradition of releasing our test recording for this season. Now you should be warned when we don't have any references to go off of and the liquor has been flowing things get even more off the charts. Also as a fair warning, we recorded this episode before we completely got a feel for our new recording equipment. With all that being said THOOOOOO, I'm sure yall got the skin to make it through this amazing exercise in...


Season 2 Episode 9 - The Trifecta

So Zav and Kutre decided to leave to the swamp for Zav's birthday, but that didn't stop A.J., Chris and Brohamington from keeping the bantz coming your way. As the liquor flowed, we discussed the recent deplatforming of Alex Jones, the death of Luigi, and much more. So perk your ears for your weekly helping of degeneracy, you know you want it. Song: swell - Im Sorry (feat. Shiloh)


Season 2 Episode 8 - Sweater Puppies

Sorry for the wait, BUT!!!! we're back with a brand new episode of the FiendCast filled to the brim with bantz and social commentary. This week we decided to give you guys a boneless episode, in other words, we went off the top of the dome with our topics for discussion and talked about anything that we happened to stumble across during the week. The end results were somewhere between a beautiful disaster and a methodical chaos. So do yourself a favor and get in here and get this brand new...


Season 2 Episode 7 - The Cohen Tapes

The new episode of the FiendCast is here for your listening pleasure!!! Last weeks episode we discussed the private recordings of Trump and his Cohen (Lots Ohs! Big Ohs!), James Gunn getting removed as director of the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Dan Harmon's highly questionable baby video, The Zucc ruining tech stocks, and of course all the fire bantz and rants you've come to know and love! So do yourself a favor and check out the new episode of the FiendCast! Song Credit: GANZ -...