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Iain Dale's Political Books Podcast with Iain Watson

After hearing what the Tories did right to secure their stunning victory at the 2015 general election, Iain Dale talks to Iain Watson, BBC political correspondent and author of 5 Million Conversations: How Labour Lost an Election and Rediscovered its Roots, about what Ed Miliband’s Labour Party did wrong. Watson analyses the lack of strategy and central message that defined Labour’s campaign, whilst also highlighting the strengths and faults of its leader. Together they assess the rising...


Iain Dale's Political Books Podcast with Tim Ross

Iain Dale talks to Telegraph journalist and author of Why the Tories Won, Tim Ross. Together they analyse the various tactics and techniques the Tories employed that earned them their overwhelming majority. Ross highlights the efforts of Lynton Crosby in particular as the force behind the Tories’ success, bringing clarity and control to the 2015 campaign that was far from present in 2010; targeting individual voters in key constituencies whilst also relentlessly focusing on key policy points.


Iain Dale's Political Books Podcast with Andrew Marr

Iain Dale talks to renowned broadcaster and journalist Andrew Marr about his latest book Head of State and the reasons behind his move away from non-fiction. He also gives us a little preview into his upcoming release Children of the Master. They discuss Andrew’s reaction to his reviews, both positive and negative, as well as the books he shall be reading over the summer. Andrew goes into detail about his love of painting, and provides brilliant insight into the pressures and realities of...

Iain Dale's Political Books Podcast With James Bartholomew

Iain Dale talks to renowned journalist James Bartholomew about his latest release The Welfare of Nations. Together they discuss the current failings of the British welfare state, and alternative international examples that Bartholomew believes we should adopt. James talks about the need for reform within the NHS, education and housing, whilst also taking time to speak passionately about the three books he would take on holiday.

Iain Dale's Political Books Podcast With Gyles Brandreth

Iain Dale talks to Gyles Brandreth (writer, broadcaster, former MP and government whip) in the first of this podcast series. They talk favourite reads, life ambitions, being shunned and political diaries, as well as discussing Gyles Brandreth’s latest political book, Breaking the Code.