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Manitoba is voting in an election. And then in another one.

In today’s Big Story podcast, on the second-to-last day possible, Manitoba’s government called an election one year early. So in September, the provincial Progressive Conservatives will try to secure another mandate—and then six weeks later their federal counterparts will try to turn the province all blue. Today’s episode is part one of our Lay of […]


Microplastics are everywhere. Even in the air you breathe.

In today’s Big Story podcast, you know all those cool tiny parts that make up the universe? The invisible particles and micro-organisms and molecules that we can’t see, but play that their own crucial parts in keeping the world in harmony? Well, microplastics are just like them. Except they’re plastic, we made them and they […]


After a month of bullets, the Prime Minister came to town…

In today’s Big Story podcast: stop us if you’ve heard this one before: The gun violence epidemic in Toronto is out of control. Yes, it seems like we do this every year, and perhaps that’s because the underlying issues are never given the deep attention and support from government that they deserve. But this week, […]


What’s it like to grow up in a town with only seven kids?

In today’s Big Story podcast, this is a story about the students who attend Basque Memorial, a kindergarten to grade 12 school in a tiny little place called Red Bay, Labrador. All seven of them. They are the only kids in town. There’s not enough of them to field a baseball team. But there’s a […]


What do you do when you see a murder on the internet?

In today’s Big Story podcast, two weeks ago, four people were dead in a Markham, Ontario home. Before the police had seen the bodies, another group of people had. The alleged killer shared a potential confession as well as graphic evidence of the crimes with some acquaintances he’d made while playing an online video game. […]


Should orcas have the same rights as people?

In today’s Big Story podcast, there are now 73 southern native killer whales left in the world. Three more died last week. There are now so few of them, we know them by family, and by name. When a mother carried her dead calf with her as she swam for 17 days last year, the […]


End of a manhunt: What we know. And what we might never know.

In today’s Big Story podcast, this story spanned nearly a month and crossed thousands of kilometres of Canada’s wildest North. It began as a search for two missing young men. It ended with the discovery of the bodies of those same men, who were now wanted for murder. Some facts of the case we know […]


Canada’s best community is…

In today’s Big Story podcast, we’ll reveal what the raw numbers say in this episode. But here’s the important thing: If you crunch all the stats — like, all the stats — you end up with an interesting place from which to start a discussion about what we value about where we live. Is affordability […]


Delta’s top cop discusses ‘Big One’ response following summer earthquakes along west coast

This week on Ask The Chief, we're speaking with Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord about what he expects from his officers when the "Big One" hits.


You’ve been hacked. Yes, you. So what now?

In today’s Big Story podcast, if you spend basically any time online, someone’s stolen your data at some point. Probably many times over. So rather than react with fear to blazing headlines on how many millions of accounts were compromised, how can we better understand and prevent the consequences of data breaches like last week’s […]


The Little Canadian Town That Could (Go Carbon Neutral)

In today’s Big Story podcast, sometime very soon, Eden Mills, Ontario, will become Canada’s first carbon-neutral community. How did it happen? You might be surprised. It wasn’t with millions in carbon taxes. Or through government intervention. It didn’t come from a billionaire’s sweetheart investment. It’s not a PR stunt. One citizen saw communities overseas who […]


Who is cottage country really for?

In today’s Big Story podcast, it’s considered a quintessentially Canadian tradition: Pack up the car with too much food, load up on bug spray, throw a canoe on the roof rack and sit in bumper to bumper traffic until…sigh, you can finally exhale on the dock at the cottage. But look around at those faces […]


What does ‘middle class’ really mean, anyway?

In today’s Big Story podcast, are you a part of the Canadian middle class? At times, that term can feel like it’s just part of a politician’s flashy sloganeering, designed to get more votes. But the fact is, we aren’t super great at talking about class in Canada, so it isn’t any surprise we don’t […]


Will any of the federal party leaders give us something to believe in?

In today’s Big Story podcast, you know how important it is to exercise your right to vote. You want to get out there on election day and pick a leader that will make a real difference. But what if none of the candidates really speak to the issues that matter to you? What if all […]


Country music has a woman problem

In today’s Big Story podcast, when you think of the great women of country music, names like Shania, Loretta, and Dolly probably come to mind. But turn on any country music radio station today, and you’ll no doubt notice men getting way more airtime than women. A new report by Dr. Jada Watson (done in […]


Mosquitoes will kill us all one day. Probably.

In today’s Big Story podcast, does it feel like the mosquitoes are worse this year? Do they bite more frequently? Are they lingering much longer than usual? None of that is good. But it’s not the worse-case scenario. In Canada, at least for now, mosquitoes are a bloody nuisance. Over the scope of human history […]


If we can’t take the heat, how can we adapt to the kitchen?

In today’s Big Story podcast, this isn’t an episode about fixing climate change. It’s a story about how to live with what’s happening. It doesn’t matter if you disagree over why we’re seeing more heat waves, higher average temperatures, and melting permafrost—it matters what we’re going to do about it. So how do humans learn […]


We’ve been to the moon. It was great. What’s next?

In today’s Big Story podcast, the 50th anniversary of the moon landing has rekindled some of our collective wonder at putting actual human bodies on solid footing in space—but will that translate into action once the nostalgia fades? And if it does, what should our goal be? The moon? Mars? Beyond? What’s next? There’s something […]


Inside CAFE: The illegal pot dispensary police can’t shut down

In today’s Big Story podcast, to be fair, they do force it closed. But then it reopens. Sometimes the very same day. So why, nine months after legalization, can police and the City of Toronto not manage to keep CAFE’s dispensary doors shut? And why is it worth the monumental hassle on the part of […]


Would you live in the City of the Future?

In today’s Big Story podcast, how much of your privacy are you prepared to trade for ease and convenience? And before you answer this, take a look at the fine print of all the apps you’ve downloaded recently. But what about in the real world? In your physical space? This is the debate around Toronto’s […]