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Ep#102: Suicide, Cake Fallout, and Priestly Pedophiles

Congrats to Rep Jared Huffman @7:08 We discuss suicide Anthony Bourdain @8:47 Aid in Dying @20:03 AMA - no progress yet @27:10 Follow-up: Wedding cake ruling: @29:28 TN store owner, “No Gays Allowed” @30:10 SD Rep Michael Clark @34:13 Is SCOTUS complicite? @37:40 AR court backfire for conservatives. @39:44 State News: NC Schools @46:43 “It’s not promoting religion” @52:37 PA Schools @54:26 PA - Catholic Church report @56:21 National News: Judge says Pruitt must provide proof for statements...


Ep#101: Eagles, Cake, and Manafort

Eagles and Trump @1:09 Follow-up: Patterson @13:14 LA - IGWT @15:03 State News: PA - American Bible Society @16:37 SC - Catholic school denies child entry because parents are gay @20:08 Virginia 10th @28:05 World News: Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the Philippines @33:49 Ireland may end discrimination based on baptism. @36:47 Poland - Presidential hopeful @38:19 National News: New HHS appointment to oversee Office of Population Affairs @40:40 Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake @44:58...


Ep#100: Turns out it's a religious blitz

Listener comment @1:15 Follow-up: Congrats to Ireland’s 2-1 vote @3:56 Rev Moon Posthumously married to another woman, because Sean Moon didn't like his mother. @5:19 State News: ID - Coroner @11:48 PA Congressman @16:31 Correction: Marc Friedenberg is the Democrat running against Tom Marino. Correction: The son sent the original e-mail and his mother forwarded. Paige Patterson @23:18 $54M for his 4th jet @28:46 National News: Federal court ruling for LGBTQ @36:22 Another LGBTQ ruling...


Ep#99: Trying to find good in Trump

Karen’s close encounter with Jehovah Witnesses @3:06 From listeners Non religious Americans NOT veering to the alt-right Ref:Episode #96 @6:18 Vice - 7 types of atheist @7:03 Labor laws ruling @13:08 Follow-up: Jeffrees and Hagee @18:49 State News: MI - Cross @22:53 World News: Mauritania death penalty @24:57 Ireland’s eighth - this Friday @26:47 National News: Pence Lying @29:03 Top 10 things Trump has done @32:53 First 100 Days Link Right to try


Ep#98: News, Israel, and Exclusivity

From listeners Cocaine Mitch has a sense of humor @3:45 Follow-up: Freethought information: @6:27 Pensacola cross still up @7:07 Yeshivas @9:01 Roberts’ long game @10:49 State News: NM city flag @13:19 MS - plates @18:54 OK - stand your ground @20:30 Brent Jones @26:13 World News: Israel @32:21 National News: Boy Scouts and Mormons @49:24


Ep#97: Social correctness, Iran, and Trump's money

Follow-up: MI - Prom to issue shoulder condoms Update: @1:27 About the caucus & the Right’s reaction @4:22 Steve Deace article Hobby Lobby artifacts @6:58 State News: IA - abortion law @9:03 IA - Planned Parenthood blocked from sex ed grants @9:50 KA & OK - faith’s legal protection @11:44 Il - LGBT history to be taught @15:29 World News: We are fucked @19:00 Bering Sea Ice vanished in 8 days @21:54 National News: House Chaplain @22:58 Support of gay marriage growing @27:53 Joy Ann Reid -...


Ep#96: the Alt-Right, Pell, and Trump's hair gets him in trouble

Atheism and the Alt-right @1:15 Smallville actress involved with cult @28:09 Follow-up: Missed the rapture….again…. @36 :46 State News: MI - Prom to issue shoulder condoms @38:22 CA - another nazi to vote against @40:15 TN - Almighty God in the constitution @44:41 OK - 10 Commandments bill passes senate @45:23 LA - Senate passes permission slip prayer bill @45:46 Religious Crazies Running for Governor: AL @46:42 GA @47:42 ID @49:20 GA @50:20 International News: Bavaria - mandatory crosses...


Ep#95: Focus on the Family Church

Show informational links: Follow-up Worst Bill @0:40 Pediatrition denies healthcare to 6-day old baby @3:16 CPCs teaching in schools @5:49 Ken Ham - reducing hiring requirements @10:34 Another religious symbol that’s not religious @14:47 State News: AZ - abortion questionnaire @17:06 OR - I’m not paying taxes because I’m christian @20:30 International News: FotF grant @23:37 National News: Focus on the Family is a church now @26:10 Trump pushing abstinence only @29:42 CIA Director Mike...


Ep#94: YESHiva or yeSHIva

Link between Gender Dysphoria and Autism? @0:20 Atheist leaning alt-right? @2:24 From listeners Our military discussion @19:34 Follow-up: John Oliver on CPCs @29:49 State News: NJ - limiting religious exemptions for vaccinations @32:27 ID - Punishing women would reduce abortions, that’s my goal @36:30 NY - Yeshivas being looked at closer @39:24 HI - medically assisted suicide legal @44:27 International News: NHS to be lead by Humanist @45:48 National News: Bible study effects @46:57 Flat...


Ep#93: 7-2 in favor of Jesus

Follow-up: PA - State College mentioned in CPC article @0:25 Jared’s therapist story @7:24 Ingraham @12:32 State News: TN/PA @18:41 LA - IGWT @24:46 KY - abortion @26:55 MI - cross staying down @28:42 WA - conversion therapy @31:29 International News: Germany - Muslim refugees converting to stay @32:45 Iraq - hunting down atheists @37:05 Census question @39:30 Ireland @43:34 WI - Supreme court election @45:09 National News: Sinclair @48:06 Why are white evangelicals still with Trump?...


Ep#90: Rich, white, and dumb as a bag of hammers

Who had Tillerson in the next-out-pool? @0:49 LAMB v Saccone “My opponents hate god, trump and U.S.” @3:33 & Quote @7:33 TN - atheist running for Senate @4:08 From listeners Scientology TV Network @8:28 Follow-up: MS - abortion law passes Senate @13:23 Kim Davis’....BOOK! @14:59 LBGT news: Detroit funeral home worker @17:36 UT Senator’s bill @20:13 Trump’s administration is compeltely against LGBTQ @21:47 Ivanka will stand up for LGBT….or not so much @24:20 State News: GA - Catholic Church...


Ep#86: The G.O.Nazi.P. and is Mike Pence religious?

Lions eats man @0:51 Follow-up: LGBT bathroom rights @5:23 PA redistricting @7:01 State News: IL - Nazi in Office @11:55 UT - Mormon leaks @17:21 UT - Female mayor causes employees to resign @19:05 Jared’s Mormon porn story @21:17 CA - baker @24:14 National News: Wheeler one step closer to EPA deputy @30:22 From @PittsburghAtheist, more on Saccone @35:39 Another slip towards a religious state @39:24 Trump staff lacking in TS clearance. @41:36 Will Russian interference work in 2018? @48:46...


Ep#85: Treasonous Comments and Military Parades

Superbowl discussion @1:00 ¼ Americans believe God controls sporting event outcomes @4:11 PETA commercial @6:13 Local News: @9:13 More important local news: @10:19 Follow-up: MS - 10 commandments @14:32 International News: Ontario - Dying rights @15:40 State News: GA - Bill allowing HS coaches to Pray with Students @20:03 IA - Skyler’s at it again @22:42 FL - In God We Trust @24:28 IGWT origins @24:41 National News: Fossil Fuels ended slavery ?? @25:29 House to withdraw nominee @26:01 Well...


Ep#81: Fire and Fury

State News: Iowa - Waverly @0:55 NC prayer @3:31 National News: FEMA can rebuild churches @4:16 Why is that bad? @6:41 Brownback renominated @12:12 Trumps prosperity gospel spiritual advisor @16:06 Sheriff Joe @31:01 Fire and Fury @39:50 Bannon leaves Breitbart @43:16 Dossier not cause for FBI investigation @58:05 Exodus @1:01:26 Oprah? @1:02:42


Ep#80: We could use a little global warming

Jared has a X-mas story @1:12 Happy New Year @10:31 Follow-up: Alabama election @13:23 CDC non-banned words @16:31 State News: OR - bakers @17:51 TX Gubernatorial race @19:23 KY family court judge @22:00 International News: So much for seeing the pyramids. @27:18 Bangladeshi blogger jailed @28:12 Guatemala moves embassy @29:25 National News: Trump tweets @30:26 Corker & Tax bill @36:14 Bachman @43:07 Mnuchin poop @48:49


Crockett and Tubbs...I mean Trump

Moore is a LOSER! @1:34 Quite possibly the best thing I’ve seen while looking at news for the show @2:26 Talley and Mateer @10:42 ** In this section we confuse Brett Talley with Matthew Petersen. Petersen embarrassed himself at his hearing which can be seen here. Brett Talley made the KKK comments and was not approved by the Senate. Johnson Amdmt safe...for now @17:59 State News: PA - abortion baan vetoed @26:57 AR - monument @28:05 International News: Turkey Beards @29:01 Egypt - prison...


Ep#78: Alabama and Sen. Grassley on nominees

Jared, health care? @1:30 Follow-up: Fake News @3:54 State News: ‘Bama @12:58 Church with political sign @16:09 FL - constitution change? @22:53 KY - Kim Davis’ opponent @25:33 IA Atheist @26:52 International News: International Freedom of Thought Report @28:58 France Awards grants to scientists @31:15 National News: Grassley says stop (from Ep# 73 and 75) @33:51 School Vouchers @38:22 Johnson Amendment - why it’s important @49:01


Ep#77: Moore, Flynn, and Trump's slow fall

More info on O’Reilly: @1:33 Masterson @4:40 Scientologist support of Masteron @7:07 Cakes? @11:34 State News: KY - 10 year old atheist @16:14 International News: Australia: @21:07 From our listeners: Jared’s star story @23:04 Slobodan Praljak @27:09 Trump to relocate Israeli embassy @ 32:25 National News: Another woman has physical evidence, likes Moore, but says he’s a liar @38:40 Moore @40:32 Tax bill late change @50:13 Family benefits ** @53:07 Koch strategy @57:21 Fake news @1:00:19...


Ep#76: Sedition, Treason and a bible museum

Follow-up: Princes in Saudi Arabia @1:36 International News: Australians support same-sex marriage @4:33 Malaysia official declares atheist acts Sedition @7:34 Clarification of Sedition v Treason @9:30 State News: ‘Bama Moore trying to make it go away? @10:34 Why are Evangelicals still supporting Moore? @16:43 Every other terrible thing about Moore @23:3 Current polls CA - Supreme court to rule on CA law @43:54 TX - court strike down anti-abortion law @50:38 VA - COEXIST sign turned off...


Roy Moore, and the Alt-Right in Warsaw

From our listeners: Johnstown @0:23 Follow-up: Lehigh @11:18 Fucking Moore @14:02 37% say they are MORE likely to vote Moore @21:08 International News: Saudi Arabia @22:48 60,000 marched @26:19 State News: MA @31:23 CA @35:57 National News: R v L @39:09 Why doesn’t making things illegal work as a deterant? @46:23 Spiritual v Religious @51:34 This week’s Trump Judge @58:34 Johnson amdmnt cost @1:01:51 Hartnet White @1:05:30 Reps v climate change knowledge @1:08:05 Pruitt quote bible as he...