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Ep#154: Make America Hate Again

Follow-up: Anti-vaxxers sue NY because … religion?? @3:40 Measles: 1,123 cases @5:43 Aliens: Storm Area 51 @6:09 MS - monument @8:54 Trump Updates: The tweets @15:56 You no block! @20:48 Republicans @23:38 Census question and redistricting vs. apportionment @41:40 Why show this detention center? @47:10 THE summit @52:13 Gorka Story @55:25 State News: NJ - Oral sex @56:54 World News: China is the worst @59:17 Final story: Archbishop performs confirmed miracle @1:01:54


Ep#153: WHO'S....THAT.....PEDO!!!???!

22 for a brief moment @3:37 Williamson crazy @4:58 Hey look what’s available for pre-order: Richard Dawkins’ latest book Outgrowing God: A Beginner’s Guide, aimed at a younger audience SCOTUS The Supreme Court denies review, but Clarence Thomas says: @13:23 Trump Updates: Highest approval rating @22:07 In the News: Jeffery Epstein @30:49 Jared declares Ian’s new Nemesis @55:19 State News: FL - school needs a new principal @1:00:32 FL - satanists adopt a park @1:03:29 The sign at...


Ep#152: Trump's ignorance, Dem Debates, and Symbolism

Follow-up: Short history of Satanism @1:26 Ham on libraries @2:46 SCOTUS Supreme Court vacates ruling on the Pensacola Bayview Park cross @4:53 They want to hear Montana public scholarship money goes to religious schools. Trump Updates: Trump’s ignorance @6:04 Busing explained Ivanka Video @8:52 Oh, the 4th, what could go wrong? @17:23 National News: Democratic Debates Buttigeig on religion @22:15 Harris moves up @29:17 Kaepernick in news again @42:26 U.S. makes more electricity from...


Ep#151: Faith Militant, SCOTUS, and Alt Meds

Follow-up: AL - you heard right, He’s baack! @3:49 AL - Church police @10:47 Williamson backs off...a bit @16:18 Evolution - from Terry @25:17 FUCT @33:46 Sandy Hook Law suit @34:36 AJones @36:40 Trump Updates: E Jean Carroll @39:28 SCOTUS Bladensburg cross @47:18 National News: Kids growing horns @48:53 It's Bunk Alternative Medicine: MI bil @58:17 Young Blood @59:29 Dorsey’s tent @1:02:11 Halotherapy @1:07:59 State News: OR - senators walk out @1:11:29 Final story: PA Pastor brings Harry...


Ep#150: SCOTUS, Pompeo, and religious paraphernalia

Follow-up: Anti-Vax: Waldorf @1:19 Jessica Biel Science on Trans @5:40 Pro-gun Parkland survivor out of Harvard @7:19 Gorka defense @13:41 We may be Mutating after all @18:51 Trump Updates: Stephanopoulos interview @23:02 Invitation to impeachment @23:31 SCOTUS VA - SCOTUS will not overrule on racial gerrymandering @30:57 More….cake cake cake cake cake @35:06 National News: Pompeo turning up the volume @40:55 State News: ME - DOJ supporting religious tuition @48:38 World News: Quebec -...


Ep#149: Trump's Hat

Follow-up: Anti-Vax: 2:18 Currently: 1022 cases Hey, congratulations to all the anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists and science deniers out there, because yesterday the U.S. passed the 1000-measles-cases milestone for 2019. And it’s only June! Couldn’t have done it without you awful people. Satanic Temple @4:06 Trump Updates: President Trump hailed his new deal with Mexico to avoid tariffs. But the terms were actually agreed on months ago during secret negotiations, officials in both...


Ep#148: Steve Bannon and other stupid people

Follow-up: Vaccinations: @3:02 Up and Up: 940+ cases Don’t forget chicken pox @3:33 ME - Bill to limit exemptions heading to Gov @5:15 the U.S. is about to lose its status Saif ul Malook, the lawyer representing Asia Bibi in her blasphemy trials in Pakistan, is awarded Secularist of the Year by the UK’s National Secular Society. @8:01 Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter is suing insurance companies to pay for rain damage. @8:34 Apparently there’s a new Goop podcast…for guys! It’s called Goopfellas...


Ep#147: Musliminess and gay rats

Follow-up: Measles: @3:11 Current numbers Andrew Wakefield holds anti-vax rally in…..Rockland County NY! Twitter change: @5:04 Perceived Muslimness @5:45 Trump Updates: $45 coin, emblazoned with Donald Trump and the biblical King Cyrus @15:43 Ian’s tale @18:23 Trump/Russia behind the scenes @26:01 National News: CFI sues Walmart @36:17 Gay marriage….Rats! @39:31 Alabama Public Television refused to air the episode of the cartoon Arthur Equality act passes House @44:45 Birthright citizenship,...


Ep#146: Abortion, Falwell, and who beats Trump?

Follow-up: Asia Bibi @1:15 ME - bill scaled back @4:14 CBD Oil discussion @5:30 Trump Updates: Falwell’s avoided downfall @7:52 Trump and tariffs @16:56 Tlaib @21:00 National News: Info on a presidential hopeful @24:30 Booker @32:15 SCOTUS upheaval @38:16 State News: GA - abortion @39:28 MPAA @43:45 TN - Racist Judge @47:38 MO - god given right to discriminate @50:24 In the News: Max Boot WP article @1:03:09 Gallup poll @1:05:17 Vatican law @1:06:09 Final story: Plague’s in camp @1:07:45


EP#145: Measles, Trump defiance, and PA Rep Sims

Follow-up: Measles - tired of it yet? Current number @1:20 NY still allowing religious exemptions @1:57 ME - senate backs expemtions @2:15 Some facts @2:24 LA - senator spreads falsehoods @3:15 A cruise ship full of Scientologists has been quarantined in the Caribbean because of measles. @3:58 How to respond @7:01 Democrat fails @7:46 Vampire facials - more bad news @9:40 Brunei - from FB @11:17 In the News: CNN on the Blitz @12:56 Philly Islamic center “didn’t vet” their songs @13:42 Pope...


Ep#144: Trump and the sperm worm

Follow-up: Measles up to 695 @6:54 Anti-vaxxers: I don’t have to vaccinate my kids because religion. Religious leaders: What are you talking about? @7:14 Stopped-clock alert: Trump tells folks to get vaccinated. @7:50 In Pitt @10:03 NY - archdiocese releases names @11:45 Netflix documentary @13:20 In the News: Benjamin Sendrow, went on Fox News to blame the shooting on the decline in religiosity, but it’s cool, he says not all atheists are killers @15:31 Trump Updates: Muller’s letter to...


Ep#143: Mueller Report, Democrats, and Dead Pig Brains

Game of Thrones Argument @1:39 - @8:58 Follow-up: Gallop data - 70% to 50% since 1999 @10:45 Measles update: Current number: 626 @11:53 WA state senate passes bill @13:17 New measles rule in NY @13:32 We start with Sri Lanka @14:10 Trump Updates: Full report annotated by WP @18:22 McGahn alone should be cause for impeachment @21:23 Trump sues @21:33 Barr lies @25:49 Sanders lied @29:25 Dems divided @34:18 National News: Dems on Climate Change @51:47 SCOTUS to rule on FUCT clothes line @52:45...


Ep#142: Black Hole and Our Lady in Paris

Follow-up: The number of measles cases in the U.S. jumped by 90 in the second week of April, bringing our current total to 555. Guess who may be back… Trump Updates: Omar statement Trump response Herman Cain National News: Thomas on atheists Black hole image, and internet Trolls Too happy for disability? State News: TN - ban abortions because it promotes religious belief MO - no anonymous atheists A Kentucky weird you’d swear it had to take place in Florida World News: Fire at Notre...


Ep#141: McConnell hate and dick pics

Follow-up: Vaccination update: @4:37 NY - judge rules with Anti-vaxxers Mandatory vaccines; But in KY; Measles update Mormons: Still not ok @10:23 TX - bans all chaplains @12:33 Blame Ken Starr @15:37 Trump Updates: Barr to Congress: @19:08 Barr summary incorrect @34:55 National News: Trump’s 2nd Veto? @42:11 How McConnel changed Senate procedure @43:16 AOC gets SLAMMED for accent; aka Hillary 2.0 @44:09 State News: PA - Gun law @52:23 BY teacher fired over selfie @59:45 And all you ever...


Ep#140: From Biden to Buttigieg to the Edge of the World

Jussie @9:10 Prosecutor says he thinks Smollett is guilty "Prosecutor’s job is not to seek the most serious conviction or severe penalty" PA - Respect all religions @12:15 PA - Judge vacates charges @13:50 Movie news @15:34 Handsy Biden @25:46 Trump Updates: Trump’s plan for Judge Amy @41:02 25 security clearances pushed through @46:12 National News: House committee held equality hearing @47:17 3 Mexican countries @49:17 HHS grants $5.1M @49:58 Alex Jones psychosis @51:26 State News: NY -...


Ep#139: Collusion Illusion

Follow-up: Jussie @1:54 Trump Updates: Mueller @7:02 What it did: @14:44 Trying to release report @27:40 Trump’s reaction @28:04 State News: IA - Invocations continue @43:47 PA - JESUS @44:29 Anti-Vax update: Maine has mumps, and so does Temple University. Thanks, anti-vaxxers! @53:30 KY - Student sues health dept, because of the aborted fetuses in vaccines @54:44 Anti-vax comes from fear, but maybe not fear of autism alone @56:33 Mercury in vaccines @58:00 Conspiracies from Jeff: @59:37 FL...


Ep#138: The Full Cucker

This week, we get fooled by actual Fake News (satire). Can you guess which story? We let you know near the end of the show. Follow-up: Transgender reassignment surgeries @13:53 SCOTUS not to rule on NJ fund case @15:37 Trump Updates: @18:01 Keep_Track Killer’s Manifesto mentions not just Trump @24:18 MO - you want to ban guns? How about…. @30:45 Pirro removed from Fox news? @43:53 Cucker @47:05 Trump says he has the Military, police, and a biker group,...


Ep#137: Bladensburg, Cohen, Bolton, and Anti-Vaxxers

Bladensburg @1:22 More than 100 priests in Buffalo link to sex allegations @6:22 State News: TN Bakery @8:05 Bill to ignore same-sex unions @8:24 Trump Updates: Cohen @14:05 Bolton @20:29 Trump’s Grades @22:26 Transgender Ban hearing @28:15 Senate to vote by 15th on Trump emergency @41:37 21 states to file suit against family planning ‘gag rule’ @44:30 Congress Updates: Do No Harm amendment @45:30 In the News: Study on vaccinations @49:05 Teen testified before congress @49:46 2nd HIV patient...


Ep#136: SCOTUS, Pell, Pope, Cucker, and Happer

Bladensburg peace cross - SCOTUS/Kagan @4:31 SCOTUS on Seizure of property @7:26 Justice Thomas plans? @9:21 Pell conviction @13:09 Pope’s uselessly decries tools of satan @18:34 Cardinal says church destroyed documents @23:25 State News (aka Blitz update): CA - bill to force Catholic priests to be mandatory reporters @26:04 AR - trigger law @34:25 IN - Creationism bill amended to exclude creationism @42:00 In the News: YT demonetized anti-vax channels @45:35 Cucker interview doesn’t go as...


Ep#135: Anti-Vaxxers, Trump's Emergency, and McCabe

Follow-up: WA - Bans religious exemptions @5:22 Ken Ham says it’s unconstitutional to NOT take public classes to the Ark Encounter @11:04 Faith healer sentenced @12:44 Trump Updates: Emergency fact check @14:25 McCabe @34:49 How dangerous is this? @45:34 Nuclear tech to Saudi @47:57 Roger Stone Instagram @49:57 In the News: CNN’s new political editor @52:09 Yeshiva - set on fire @54:14 State News (aka Blitz update): OH - reintroduces heartbeat bill @58:39 TN - trying to re-ban gay marriage...