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Ep#166: Carlson, Graham, and Robertson pull out

Follow-up: Flu season @2:19 SCOTUS & LGBTQ @5:46 PSU letter @14:06 Trump & Friends Updates: Todd Starnes fired @22:09 Tucker on Trump @25:21 Graham on Trump @26:31 Syria pullout @30:13 Robertson @30:56 World News: Russian man suing Apple @48:36 Final story: Yang @51:51 Watch out for fake psychics @58:18 And Hydrogen water @59:04


Ep#165: Trump, Whistleblower, and Yambags

Follow-up: Climate change IPCC report @4:33 EPA sites CA for not doing enough…? @8:02 Gretta, just look at a rainbow @10:29 Democrat update @20:02 Trump & Friends Updates: Trump, whistleblower, inspector General @24:56 Ian’s stance, more moderate and slightly more depressed @26:31 Shoot the leg! @40:48 When mother won’t kiss @44:14 World News: Somerset fossil re-buried @53:13 State News: TN Tax dollars to bible museum @54:48 NC - measles vaccines plummet as religious excuse is used @56:25...


Ep#164: The Eyes of Gretta

Follow-up: Area 51 @8:59 * One fatality What did you learn in school? @10:34 Trump & Friends Updates: What happens next? @14:26 Whistle blower Gretta Thunberg @47:12 Meanwhile… From a climate activist: @56:07 The Grim Winnowing National News: Colt stops manufacture of AR-15 @1:01:11 Confederate statues: @1:07:23 Idols to white supremacy State News: IL - Chicago students want to proselytize @1:09:16 Final story: Banana Man @1:11:48


Ep#163: Sir Vice President Pounce

Good without God : What it means to be moral @7:35 Follow-up: I’ve been good, but…. MEASLES! @18:44 Vloggers arrest at area 51 @20:52 Trump & Friends Updates: Trump Iran @21:57 Lewandowski @24:19 Dems are not big believers @31:42 Paula White sanctified the WH, oh, and health care kills black people @38:00 Alt Med News: Herbalife supplements may or may not damage your liver, but they don’t do anything else, so there’s no reason to buy them @50:37 Study shows corellation @52:47 When you stick...


Ep#162: Politics and Hurricanes

Follow-up: Anti-aging blood plasma @5:20 Infowars @8:27 Alt Med news: Don’t eat your Placenta @10:38 Trump & Friends Updates: ‘Bama @15:11 NOAA staff warning AL NOAA conflict Bolton out @24:19 Taliban In @25:46 Jerry F @32:05 Pat R @39:39 Democrats: 7 hour town hall @42:31 The over-secularized left @49:58 World News: Brexit @52:11 In the News: X-ians against x-ian nationalism @56:26 Drew Brees @59:00 State News: KY - in for a dollar, in for a penny @1:06:05 Florida @1:08:05 Final story: The...


Ep#161: Guns, Trump, Borris, and Racism

Follow-up: LDS bans all guns. Whew! Glad that’s taken care of. @4:25 Trump & Friends Updates: EPA: Methane is good! @16:47 But Space command is a thing… @18:06 Infowars is BACK! Oh, it’s gone again… @21:47 In the News: Da pope got stuck @23:48 Rep. John Shimkus will not be returning to Congress. @24:48 Borris @25:21 It’s all based around money @21:20 NASA head says Pluto is a planet … reason? “‘Cause”. @38:43 Trump’s wall @42:43 Dawkins discusses outgrowing god and aliens @46:22 Alexa...


Ep#160: The Chosen One

Follow-up: Kim Davis smackdown @1:56 Epstein @6:04 Trump & Friends Updates: Trumped up numbers @11:01 The Chosen One @14:27 Michael Gerson quote @16:40 Jews show disloyalty @18:48 Trump responsible for Amazon? @27:53 Trump distraction quasi-conspiracy @30:41 With bedbugs @34:08 In the News: DNC disallows climate change debate… ? @47:04 DNC annual meeting, embrace secular voters @52:10 Yang’s space mirrors @55:46 National News: National Geographic publishes and sells a book @1:01:56 World...


Ep#159:'s like we've heard this story before

Follow-up: the subluxation of health policy @7:00 Wily Savage, a band that will play at the Storm Area 51 clusterfudgeapalooza @8:41 Dr. Jen Gunter disembowels Marriane Williamson’s book @9:47 Trump & Friends Updates: A story… @11:58 Trump license to discriminate @21:15 Trump’s economy conspiracy @28:38 Evangelicals in FL, PA, an WI @30:37 Steve king @40:26 In the News: Tlaib @45:50 National News: Methodists going to split? @54:11 State News: New York state’s Child Victims Act goes into...


Ep#158: Conspiracies abound

Follow-up: Epstein @1:27 Likeliest story @8:15 Conspiracies Lyme @20:44 5G @21:10 Climate deniers @24:20 More stochastic results (from Jack) @27:36 Arrests @30:33 Gun free zone @40:57 In the News: Tucker losing advertisers @49:23 Mormon lawsuit @55:05 And they just can’t shake “Mormon” @57:01 World News: India’s Science Academy says one of her priorities is to combat pseudoscience. @1:03:21 Brazil - Poop less @1:04:07


Ep#157: Stochastic Terrorism and Dems on stage

Trump & Friends Updates: The Trump solution @1:30 Trump’s stochastic terrorism @20:18 Tyson @26:10 For Mike Huckabee, every problem is a godless nail and his hammer is MORE YAHWEH @34:49 The religious right seems to be just fine with Trump’s racism @36:38 Follow-up: Debate - Williamson @38:05 Buttigieg’s frequent Christian appeals gins up the religious and depress turnout of the nones. @42:01 State News: A federal judge has temporarily blocked three abortion restrictions in Arkansas. @49:44...


Ep#156: The Apocalypse Episode

Follow-up: Storm Loch Ness @4:06 Gallup reports that 40 percent of Americans are creationists, 33 percent believe in evolution guided by God, and 22 percent accept reality, which is fortunately a new high. @7:57 Jared: “Why is there something instead of nothing?” @10:55 BLINK! 182 @17:55 Climate change: Fungus among us @18:51 How long ago was that? @21:10 Alternative Medicine This Mic article takes acupuncture for pets way too seriously and I’m having trouble dealing with it. @28:34 American...


Ep#155: One anecdotal microcosm of hope

Follow-up: Alien Follow-up @13:22 UFO in Australia? @15:35 No, move on Chris Pratt @16:32 From FB: Scott Walker is back! @22:36 Alternative Medicine: the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists @29:42 Death threats issued @32:58 Jared can’t smoke weed @34:50 Check your midwife @38:26 Medicare to pay for acupuncture @49:25 House debate @50:46 Trump Updates: Love it or leave it @52:15 Trump retweets @55:26 He went too far! @1:04:19 One anecdotal microcosm of hope @1:07:05 Trump is a...


Ep#154: Make America Hate Again

Follow-up: Anti-vaxxers sue NY because … religion?? @3:40 Measles: 1,123 cases @5:43 Aliens: Storm Area 51 @6:09 MS - monument @8:54 Trump Updates: The tweets @15:56 You no block! @20:48 Republicans @23:38 Census question and redistricting vs. apportionment @41:40 Why show this detention center? @47:10 THE summit @52:13 Gorka Story @55:25 State News: NJ - Oral sex @56:54 World News: China is the worst @59:17 Final story: Archbishop performs confirmed miracle @1:01:54


Ep#153: WHO'S....THAT.....PEDO!!!???!

22 for a brief moment @3:37 Williamson crazy @4:58 Hey look what’s available for pre-order: Richard Dawkins’ latest book Outgrowing God: A Beginner’s Guide, aimed at a younger audience SCOTUS The Supreme Court denies review, but Clarence Thomas says: @13:23 Trump Updates: Highest approval rating @22:07 In the News: Jeffery Epstein @30:49 Jared declares Ian’s new Nemesis @55:19 State News: FL - school needs a new principal @1:00:32 FL - satanists adopt a park @1:03:29 The sign at...


Ep#152: Trump's ignorance, Dem Debates, and Symbolism

Follow-up: Short history of Satanism @1:26 Ham on libraries @2:46 SCOTUS Supreme Court vacates ruling on the Pensacola Bayview Park cross @4:53 They want to hear Montana public scholarship money goes to religious schools. Trump Updates: Trump’s ignorance @6:04 Busing explained Ivanka Video @8:52 Oh, the 4th, what could go wrong? @17:23 National News: Democratic Debates Buttigeig on religion @22:15 Harris moves up @29:17 Kaepernick in news again @42:26 U.S. makes more electricity from...


Ep#151: Faith Militant, SCOTUS, and Alt Meds

Follow-up: AL - you heard right, He’s baack! @3:49 AL - Church police @10:47 Williamson backs off...a bit @16:18 Evolution - from Terry @25:17 FUCT @33:46 Sandy Hook Law suit @34:36 AJones @36:40 Trump Updates: E Jean Carroll @39:28 SCOTUS Bladensburg cross @47:18 National News: Kids growing horns @48:53 It's Bunk Alternative Medicine: MI bil @58:17 Young Blood @59:29 Dorsey’s tent @1:02:11 Halotherapy @1:07:59 State News: OR - senators walk out @1:11:29 Final story: PA Pastor brings Harry...


Ep#150: SCOTUS, Pompeo, and religious paraphernalia

Follow-up: Anti-Vax: Waldorf @1:19 Jessica Biel Science on Trans @5:40 Pro-gun Parkland survivor out of Harvard @7:19 Gorka defense @13:41 We may be Mutating after all @18:51 Trump Updates: Stephanopoulos interview @23:02 Invitation to impeachment @23:31 SCOTUS VA - SCOTUS will not overrule on racial gerrymandering @30:57 More….cake cake cake cake cake @35:06 National News: Pompeo turning up the volume @40:55 State News: ME - DOJ supporting religious tuition @48:38 World News: Quebec -...


Ep#149: Trump's Hat

Follow-up: Anti-Vax: 2:18 Currently: 1022 cases Hey, congratulations to all the anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists and science deniers out there, because yesterday the U.S. passed the 1000-measles-cases milestone for 2019. And it’s only June! Couldn’t have done it without you awful people. Satanic Temple @4:06 Trump Updates: President Trump hailed his new deal with Mexico to avoid tariffs. But the terms were actually agreed on months ago during secret negotiations, officials in both...


Ep#148: Steve Bannon and other stupid people

Follow-up: Vaccinations: @3:02 Up and Up: 940+ cases Don’t forget chicken pox @3:33 ME - Bill to limit exemptions heading to Gov @5:15 the U.S. is about to lose its status Saif ul Malook, the lawyer representing Asia Bibi in her blasphemy trials in Pakistan, is awarded Secularist of the Year by the UK’s National Secular Society. @8:01 Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter is suing insurance companies to pay for rain damage. @8:34 Apparently there’s a new Goop podcast…for guys! It’s called Goopfellas...


Ep#147: Musliminess and gay rats

Follow-up: Measles: @3:11 Current numbers Andrew Wakefield holds anti-vax rally in…..Rockland County NY! Twitter change: @5:04 Perceived Muslimness @5:45 Trump Updates: $45 coin, emblazoned with Donald Trump and the biblical King Cyrus @15:43 Ian’s tale @18:23 Trump/Russia behind the scenes @26:01 National News: CFI sues Walmart @36:17 Gay marriage….Rats! @39:31 Alabama Public Television refused to air the episode of the cartoon Arthur Equality act passes House @44:45 Birthright citizenship,...