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Ep#175: JC the video game and sad state news

Evangelists in US @2:01 I am Jesus Christ @6:42 We should lie to our kids about the afterlife. @8:40 Trump: @14:02 Trump to Israeli American Counci @17:39 Two, two articles of impeachment ah ha ha @30:05 National News: Quitters @37:00 From Jeff: Dept of Ed @45:39 Senate confirms Sarah Pitlyk @46:59 State News: TX - update @48:04 Ohio State Rep. Timothy Ginter @48:31 World News: India Muslim ban @49:42 Cloistered woman freed @ 50:41 Pope Francis is ticked off @54:25 Damn it Canada @56:45 2019...


Ep#174: Evangelicals, Trumpers & your perineum

Follow-up: Liberty University is setting up a think tank. @2:10 Trump: White evangelical meeting started it all @4:30 Trump is as Christian as evangelicals @10:14 Trump this week National News: NY gun law fizzles out in SCOTUS @21:26 Fed executions delayed @25:15 Whaaa? @37:36 World War Zero @40:21 State News: justice of the peace in Texas wants to be the next Kim Whatshername @47:44 Ohio, gunning to be the undisputed worst state ever, considers bill...


Ep#173: Nunes, Pat, and co-conspirators

Follow-up: CFI launches “Secular Rescue” website @2:54 Smudging @3:29 Trump: Trump v LGBTQ @5:08 Weaver’s take @6:39 Trump wants pardoned military to rally for him @9:37 Don McGahn must testify @13:35 Comment From Facebook.. “Co-conspirators” @24:30 National News: Time to Bash the Jews @31:12 Pat @38:50 State News: FL - The school board holding prayers, but ended the practice when they realized that the Satanic Temple would demand a spot @47:44 CA - judge blocked trump law @49:35 WI - Grant...


Ep#172: Kanye, Stone, and Copper Nose Wands

Follow-up: Dave Rubin no longer atheist? @6:34 Kanye @9:40 Journalist guilty, hit to journalism?? @15:49 Trump: Heart attack...


Ep#171: Seat fillers, toadies, and hanger-on'ers

Vaccinations: CDC @1:49 Homeopaths @2:35 And now for Maher @3:15 It’s not black/white @8:46 11 Million Brazilians idiots @14:41 LGBTQ News: the oppressive conditions for LGBTQ art in Russia @24:27 Trump proposed rule to allow to discrimination against LGBTQ folks @27:30 Trump: What the fuck just happened today? @28:10 Miller @1:03:12 Final story: Bigfoot watcher chasing chemtrails records a UFO @1:08:42


Ep#170: Impeachment talk and ghost stories

Pope Frank changes name @3:21 Politics: Jay Ambrose: Secularists say there can be no objective morality, so torturing babies for fun is ok. @6:04 Dave Rubin @10:07 Paula White is official @13:42 Pompeo’s GRACE @15:48 Impeachment talk @17:23 Trump taxes @28:37 Local Victim Rights Law on ballot @30:33 Openly calls for Republicans to change facts @38:47 Kushner @41:45 Scaramucci prediction @44:50 Biden @50:17 World News: Quebec Bill @52:37 Supernatural News: Halloween myths @58:57 Ghost...


Ep#169: Jared Superstar Brickhouse Jones

Skeptic v Denial @1:30 Politics: Iowa Atheist @5:55 Warren, Castro, Kay Hagan @10:10 DC Tower cancels Kurd prayer @12:01 Congress storms hearing @15:57 Baghdadi @23:25 Baseball @35:13 Ian story @41:19 Jared’s question @45:47 Snowden update: @49:14 Holotropic breathwork @51:16 Final story: Stocks based on astrology


Ep#168: Mafia Rave, Fraud Guarantee

Follow-up: A recent Pew study @1:16 Atheism good for you? Public Religion Research Institute @3:35 Justin Scott in Iowa @6:12 Trump & Friends Updates: Trump’s lies @10:24 G7 talk @20:24 Subpoenas @25:40 Dems Tulsi gabbard @34:35 Her guru Romney White Horse Prophecy @41:40 State News: TX - Judge rules against ACA @44:35 TN - Commissioner @50:32 Final story: Stay fit, with Pope Rosary @54:38


Ep#167: Grotesquely incompetent and willfully corrupt

Follow-up: Silverman is back @6:59 Dems: Hunter Biden/nepotism talk @19:56 Beto is wrong @28:22 Gabbard @31:44 Saudi Mercs @34:42 Warren Mic Drop, Broke the Internet @36:50 https://www Facebook Ads @42:19 Trump & Friends Updates: Trump calls for polygraphs @44:28 Bolton @48:14 Trump video @50:34 Saturday’s prayer @52:52 Barr on “Moral upheaval” @57:56 Pompeo “Being a Christian Leader” @1:01:34 Pompeo interview @1:03:35 World News: Pope denies Jesus was God @1:08:07 Final story: Jesus shoes...


Ep#166: Carlson, Graham, and Robertson pull out

Follow-up: Flu season @2:19 SCOTUS & LGBTQ @5:46 PSU letter @14:06 Trump & Friends Updates: Todd Starnes fired @22:09 Tucker on Trump @25:21 Graham on Trump @26:31 Syria pullout @30:13 Robertson @30:56 World News: Russian man suing Apple @48:36 Final story: Yang @51:51 Watch out for fake psychics @58:18 And Hydrogen water @59:04


Ep#165: Trump, Whistleblower, and Yambags

Follow-up: Climate change IPCC report @4:33 EPA sites CA for not doing enough…? @8:02 Gretta, just look at a rainbow @10:29 Democrat update @20:02 Trump & Friends Updates: Trump, whistleblower, inspector General @24:56 Ian’s stance, more moderate and slightly more depressed @26:31 Shoot the leg! @40:48 When mother won’t kiss @44:14 World News: Somerset fossil re-buried @53:13 State News: TN Tax dollars to bible museum @54:48 NC - measles vaccines plummet as religious excuse is used @56:25...


Ep#164: The Eyes of Gretta

Follow-up: Area 51 @8:59 * One fatality What did you learn in school? @10:34 Trump & Friends Updates: What happens next? @14:26 Whistle blower Gretta Thunberg @47:12 Meanwhile… From a climate activist: @56:07 The Grim Winnowing National News: Colt stops manufacture of AR-15 @1:01:11 Confederate statues: @1:07:23 Idols to white supremacy State News: IL - Chicago students want to proselytize @1:09:16 Final story: Banana Man @1:11:48


Ep#163: Sir Vice President Pounce

Good without God : What it means to be moral @7:35 Follow-up: I’ve been good, but…. MEASLES! @18:44 Vloggers arrest at area 51 @20:52 Trump & Friends Updates: Trump Iran @21:57 Lewandowski @24:19 Dems are not big believers @31:42 Paula White sanctified the WH, oh, and health care kills black people @38:00 Alt Med News: Herbalife supplements may or may not damage your liver, but they don’t do anything else, so there’s no reason to buy them @50:37 Study shows corellation @52:47 When you stick...


Ep#162: Politics and Hurricanes

Follow-up: Anti-aging blood plasma @5:20 Infowars @8:27 Alt Med news: Don’t eat your Placenta @10:38 Trump & Friends Updates: ‘Bama @15:11 NOAA staff warning AL NOAA conflict Bolton out @24:19 Taliban In @25:46 Jerry F @32:05 Pat R @39:39 Democrats: 7 hour town hall @42:31 The over-secularized left @49:58 World News: Brexit @52:11 In the News: X-ians against x-ian nationalism @56:26 Drew Brees @59:00 State News: KY - in for a dollar, in for a penny @1:06:05 Florida @1:08:05 Final story: The...


Ep#161: Guns, Trump, Borris, and Racism

Follow-up: LDS bans all guns. Whew! Glad that’s taken care of. @4:25 Trump & Friends Updates: EPA: Methane is good! @16:47 But Space command is a thing… @18:06 Infowars is BACK! Oh, it’s gone again… @21:47 In the News: Da pope got stuck @23:48 Rep. John Shimkus will not be returning to Congress. @24:48 Borris @25:21 It’s all based around money @21:20 NASA head says Pluto is a planet … reason? “‘Cause”. @38:43 Trump’s wall @42:43 Dawkins discusses outgrowing god and aliens @46:22 Alexa...


Ep#160: The Chosen One

Follow-up: Kim Davis smackdown @1:56 Epstein @6:04 Trump & Friends Updates: Trumped up numbers @11:01 The Chosen One @14:27 Michael Gerson quote @16:40 Jews show disloyalty @18:48 Trump responsible for Amazon? @27:53 Trump distraction quasi-conspiracy @30:41 With bedbugs @34:08 In the News: DNC disallows climate change debate… ? @47:04 DNC annual meeting, embrace secular voters @52:10 Yang’s space mirrors @55:46 National News: National Geographic publishes and sells a book @1:01:56 World...


Ep#159:'s like we've heard this story before

Follow-up: the subluxation of health policy @7:00 Wily Savage, a band that will play at the Storm Area 51 clusterfudgeapalooza @8:41 Dr. Jen Gunter disembowels Marriane Williamson’s book @9:47 Trump & Friends Updates: A story… @11:58 Trump license to discriminate @21:15 Trump’s economy conspiracy @28:38 Evangelicals in FL, PA, an WI @30:37 Steve king @40:26 In the News: Tlaib @45:50 National News: Methodists going to split? @54:11 State News: New York state’s Child Victims Act goes into...


Ep#158: Conspiracies abound

Follow-up: Epstein @1:27 Likeliest story @8:15 Conspiracies Lyme @20:44 5G @21:10 Climate deniers @24:20 More stochastic results (from Jack) @27:36 Arrests @30:33 Gun free zone @40:57 In the News: Tucker losing advertisers @49:23 Mormon lawsuit @55:05 And they just can’t shake “Mormon” @57:01 World News: India’s Science Academy says one of her priorities is to combat pseudoscience. @1:03:21 Brazil - Poop less @1:04:07


Ep#157: Stochastic Terrorism and Dems on stage

Trump & Friends Updates: The Trump solution @1:30 Trump’s stochastic terrorism @20:18 Tyson @26:10 For Mike Huckabee, every problem is a godless nail and his hammer is MORE YAHWEH @34:49 The religious right seems to be just fine with Trump’s racism @36:38 Follow-up: Debate - Williamson @38:05 Buttigieg’s frequent Christian appeals gins up the religious and depress turnout of the nones. @42:01 State News: A federal judge has temporarily blocked three abortion restrictions in Arkansas. @49:44...


Ep#156: The Apocalypse Episode

Follow-up: Storm Loch Ness @4:06 Gallup reports that 40 percent of Americans are creationists, 33 percent believe in evolution guided by God, and 22 percent accept reality, which is fortunately a new high. @7:57 Jared: “Why is there something instead of nothing?” @10:55 BLINK! 182 @17:55 Climate change: Fungus among us @18:51 How long ago was that? @21:10 Alternative Medicine This Mic article takes acupuncture for pets way too seriously and I’m having trouble dealing with it. @28:34 American...