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Ep#187: Trump far worse than "Chinese Virus"

Follow-up: CoronaVirus @1:26 The coronavirus did not escape from a lab @2:11 Said not only a “Chinese virus” but specifically referring to the pandemic as an “attack” by the Chinese. @4:36 It didn’t come from space @12:37 Black people are not immune @13:23 : Vitamin C supplements will not help you fight the coronavirus. Also not useful: gargling warm water, drinking gallons of water, and blasting hot air at your face @15:32 Phoenix-area man has died and his wife was in critical condition...


Ep#186: Day of Prayer fails. Weird.

Follow-up: Alex Jones was arrested for DWI in Texas @3:57 CoronaVirus @5:29 Kevin Kruse is calling our current moment in history “Disaster Voltron.” @13:12 2 doctors in critical condition @17:34 Meet Iran’s Abbas Tabrizian, described by followers as “the father of Islamic medicine” @22:14 A faith-healing church doesn’t have enough faith, cancelling trips and telling people who feel sick to stay home @25:34 Rep. Devin Nunes is, of course, also not helping @26:08 Jerry Falwell the Lesser wants...


Ep#185: National Socialist Pope

Follow-up: Hey here’s a good idea: Tell your Member of Congress to join the Congressional Freethought Caucus. @4:40 Good night Seti @6:07 CoronaVirus Numbers explained @8:11 Trump clearly doesn’t understand much @11:27 Don’t worry. Trump has a “hunch” that the fatality rate is “a fraction of 1 percent.” CPAC My hero @19:37 Misinformation the ruling Hindu nationalists are advising people to fight the coronavirus with cow poo @23:01 Jared: (The most idiotic conversation) @25:45 Also in India...


Ep#184: Loud dum dums 2020

Follow-up: Quackwatch @2:35 CoronaVirus @3:34 Steven Salzberg has a commonsense warning about alleged treatments The President of the United States thought that the flu vaccine could maybe stop the coronavirus and had to be corrected on live TV. GOP not helping @12:27 South Korean cult @13:10 Trump’s Donation @16:18 Trump: Vice President Mike Pence doesn’t believe in evolution. He doesn’t believe smoking causes cancer. He addressed an HIV epidemic in Indiana by praying it away. Trump has...


Ep#183: Welcome to the Dictatorship

Follow-up: E-mail from The Right Reverend JimBob, High Pope, Church of What’s Happenin’ Now @2:29 2020: A look at Gallup’s electability of socialists, seeking to dispel the idea that a “socialist” candidate would be doomed @3:58 More Bryant talk @9:33 More Follow-up: Oil-secreting Bible in Dalton, Georgia has dried up @16:05 Weinstein @18:44 CoronaVirus @20:35 Daredevil dies because too stupid @29:21 Trump: Lost in the sauce @32:10 What happens when Trump loses? @34:23 Moscow Mitch’s ploy...


Ep#182: Horrible Things

Follow-up: Corona Virus update @1:25 China also promoting natural remedies Tip: Don’t joke about the coronavirus while on a plane Are the numbers true? How to argue with a racist @10:45 2020: Relevant Gallop data @15:38 Trump: one Republican did vote to convict, Mitt Romney, and here’s why @28:32 Trump’s SotU speech, has something that is really quite troubling @35:06 US sliding into authoritarian rule @37:15 He is interfering in the Stone sentencing, and people are pissed National News:...


Ep#181: Double digit IQs, bibles, and deep-fried snacks

Follow-up: Numbers on Coronavirus @3:46 India, you are not helping And super not helping is QAnon. Zero Hedge was banned from Twitter Jamie Lynn Crofts has a run-down of the stakes in the Supreme Court Espinoza case @14:42 2020: Iowa @19:06 Trump: Impeachment @39:46 ME - What happened to Susan Collins? @40:35 State News: VA - Jerry Falwell Jr. is excited about “Vexit,” @50:36 TX - Attourney General will not defend state agency @52:03 Do you HATE anybody? @54:15 KS - “In God We Trust” in all...


Ep#180: McConnell can't find the votes!

Kobe talk @0:01 The Right’s response to Kobe @3:15 Intro @4:45 Follow-up: How cancer cure works @5:55 Truthout on Project Blitz @6:30 Dooooom-sday clock @7:05 Corona! @10:00 2020: Democrats trying to woo evangelicals @14:31 Warren’s council @14:59 Trump: Satanic wombs @18:26 How to stay outraged @21:02 Trump ups price of hotels to make money off your taxes Impeachment talk @25:11 No good end @35:37 Coworker, and the Bolton/Soleimani coincidence @40:50 NPR and Pompeo @44:14 Space Farce @48:13...


Ep#179: Let the Impeachment begin

Follow-up: GMO info @2:00 Gaetz @2:40 Brazil film @5:46 Goop cruise @8:04 Space Force Bible @13:56 Trump: DE GOP removed after saying Jews are to blame @20:38 Keep_track of Trump @23:02 Impeachment info: State News: OR cake … again @48:30 NJ legislature gave into anti-vaxxer pressure @50:05 NE Prayer to end abortion @50:41 TN @51:18 MO - State Rep. wants to put librarians in jail @51:38 FL - Holy Land for sale @53:04 National News: Microsoft to become carbon negative @54:55 World News: Pope...


Ep#178: The most punchable face

Follow-up: United Methodist follow-up? @3:02 88 percent of Americans say the MMR vaccine is a good idea. @5:56 Facebook is still running anti-vaxxer ads. @12:02 Williamson is OUT! So is Booker. @19:10 Who is for you? @29:46 Trump: All the latest @36:19 Trump says he killed Soleimani to solidify impeachment votes @21:35 Ian’s quiz results @58:20 State News: How does your state score? @1:00:004 National News: LDS sued for doing the right thing @1:02:01 World News: Pope slap? @1:06:19 Final...


Ep#177: New Year, End of the World

First: A nonprofit Christian cost-sharing ministry @2:20 United Methodist Church is going to break into two different churches @5:04 Follow-up: Alex Jones @10:58 Trump: What has he done: 10 things from 2019 @12:39 Trump’s holiday costs @14:54 Judges @16:31 Iran: Trump’s decision @23:10 Diplomat barred entry for UN @32:18 Who better? @33:32 Ian’s aside story @39:09 35 killed at funeral @41:07 This tweet @43:12 Dunstin’s Discord comments about Iranian targets @46:31 Americans in Israel warned...


Ep#176: Eat my old wrinkly dick

Follow-up: CDC (Ian wins) @1:58 Ohio’s State Rep. John Becker, it can’t actually be done @3:21 Hallmark @5:15 Trump: Gates gets 45 days, on and off @16:19 Letter to Nancy @19:20 Dem turns Rep @30:18 National News: Gretta @37:52 Mormon war chest @42:18 State News: MI - 15-week abortion ban is unconstitutional @51:00 Woman denied morning after pill @51:35 World News: India’s proposed Muslim Super-Ban sparks massive protests, @59:22 Passed , almost sure to be law Better to be an atheist...


Ep#175: JC the video game and sad state news

Evangelists in US @2:01 I am Jesus Christ @6:42 We should lie to our kids about the afterlife. @8:40 Trump: @14:02 Trump to Israeli American Counci @17:39 Two, two articles of impeachment ah ha ha @30:05 National News: Quitters @37:00 From Jeff: Dept of Ed @45:39 Senate confirms Sarah Pitlyk @46:59 State News: TX - update @48:04 Ohio State Rep. Timothy Ginter @48:31 World News: India Muslim ban @49:42 Cloistered woman freed @ 50:41 Pope Francis is ticked off @54:25 Damn it Canada @56:45 2019...


Ep#174: Evangelicals, Trumpers & your perineum

Follow-up: Liberty University is setting up a think tank. @2:10 Trump: White evangelical meeting started it all @4:30 Trump is as Christian as evangelicals @10:14 Trump this week National News: NY gun law fizzles out in SCOTUS @21:26 Fed executions delayed @25:15 Whaaa? @37:36 World War Zero @40:21 State News: justice of the peace in Texas wants to be the next Kim Whatshername @47:44 Ohio, gunning to be the undisputed worst state ever, considers bill...


Ep#173: Nunes, Pat, and co-conspirators

Follow-up: CFI launches “Secular Rescue” website @2:54 Smudging @3:29 Trump: Trump v LGBTQ @5:08 Weaver’s take @6:39 Trump wants pardoned military to rally for him @9:37 Don McGahn must testify @13:35 Comment From Facebook.. “Co-conspirators” @24:30 National News: Time to Bash the Jews @31:12 Pat @38:50 State News: FL - The school board holding prayers, but ended the practice when they realized that the Satanic Temple would demand a spot @47:44 CA - judge blocked trump law @49:35 WI - Grant...


Ep#172: Kanye, Stone, and Copper Nose Wands

Follow-up: Dave Rubin no longer atheist? @6:34 Kanye @9:40 Journalist guilty, hit to journalism?? @15:49 Trump: Heart attack...


Ep#171: Seat fillers, toadies, and hanger-on'ers

Vaccinations: CDC @1:49 Homeopaths @2:35 And now for Maher @3:15 It’s not black/white @8:46 11 Million Brazilians idiots @14:41 LGBTQ News: the oppressive conditions for LGBTQ art in Russia @24:27 Trump proposed rule to allow to discrimination against LGBTQ folks @27:30 Trump: What the fuck just happened today? @28:10 Miller @1:03:12 Final story: Bigfoot watcher chasing chemtrails records a UFO @1:08:42


Ep#170: Impeachment talk and ghost stories

Pope Frank changes name @3:21 Politics: Jay Ambrose: Secularists say there can be no objective morality, so torturing babies for fun is ok. @6:04 Dave Rubin @10:07 Paula White is official @13:42 Pompeo’s GRACE @15:48 Impeachment talk @17:23 Trump taxes @28:37 Local Victim Rights Law on ballot @30:33 Openly calls for Republicans to change facts @38:47 Kushner @41:45 Scaramucci prediction @44:50 Biden @50:17 World News: Quebec Bill @52:37 Supernatural News: Halloween myths @58:57 Ghost...


Ep#169: Jared Superstar Brickhouse Jones

Skeptic v Denial @1:30 Politics: Iowa Atheist @5:55 Warren, Castro, Kay Hagan @10:10 DC Tower cancels Kurd prayer @12:01 Congress storms hearing @15:57 Baghdadi @23:25 Baseball @35:13 Ian story @41:19 Jared’s question @45:47 Snowden update: @49:14 Holotropic breathwork @51:16 Final story: Stocks based on astrology


Ep#168: Mafia Rave, Fraud Guarantee

Follow-up: A recent Pew study @1:16 Atheism good for you? Public Religion Research Institute @3:35 Justin Scott in Iowa @6:12 Trump & Friends Updates: Trump’s lies @10:24 G7 talk @20:24 Subpoenas @25:40 Dems Tulsi gabbard @34:35 Her guru Romney White Horse Prophecy @41:40 State News: TX - Judge rules against ACA @44:35 TN - Commissioner @50:32 Final story: Stay fit, with Pope Rosary @54:38