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Black Dog Confessional - Episode 1: We're Back

We are back!!! Today we are talking about the safety of children, politics, and where the new format is going.


The Memo: Episode 9. How to Keep Your Cool this Incoming Holiday Party!

Hosts, Blake & Desire' catch up with Alan during the HR Minute to discuss how to keep your holiday parties fun but professional. Later Blake & Desire' go over some points to keep in mind if you are a new freelancer. Both share party secrets and personal experiences of both topics. Facebook Live participants also get to chime in on how they navigate the murky waters as well!


The Memo: Episode 7. How to Look Your Best in Business

Hosts Blake and Desire Stewart speak with Detra Narrigan, with J HilBurn, about looking your best when down to business! Don't forget to get your HR Minute with Alan Bernstein at the top of the hour. Tune in now for an exciting show! & don’t forget T’Work with us every second Tuesday of every month for a jam-packed day of networking and learning!


The Memo: Episode 8. How to keep Yourself Covered... & Cute!

Guest Blake and Desire' Stewart sit down with Domanique Culpepper as open enrollment officially kicks off today for health insurance. Know what options you have an learn about DC Printz to keep yourself covered in regards to insurance and cute with her beauty tips! At the top of the hour, our favorite Alan Bernstein stops in for an HR Minute!


The Memo: Episode 6. How to Up Your Cyber Security Game

Hosts Blake & Desire' Stewart have special guest Steven Milanese, with Pi2 Technologies. He teaches us about hacking, lurking devices, cookie monsters, and more! Don't miss this exciting and scary talk to make sure that your business is on the cutting edge!


Space Coast Real Estate Show: Hurricane Update and Mayor Hal Rose

John Miceli from Movement Mortgage share the "Mortgage Minute" with us. Mayor Hal Rose of the City of West Melbourne is our featured guest. We have Frank Jr. with Bella Title and Escrow and the "Rapid Fire Questions" segment once again. Also, Aggi K from Hippo Roofing shares an invite to her Hurricane Recovery Summit. Lots of fun and and great information shared.


The Memo: Episode 5. How to Prepare Your Home & Business for Disaster

Blake and Desire' have special guest, Aggi K in the studio. Vana White also makes her debut appearance as we have a first trial run of video in our podcast! After Blake and Desire' caught their breath after being out of the office for a few weeks, the 3 brainstorm how to prepare for unexpected interruptions in business and how to best protect yourself with 3 hurricanes brewing in the Atlantic! Don't get caught with your pants down this hurricane season- listen to the 4th episode of The...


Expert Connection - With Bill and Brian Stillwell

Bill and Brian Stillwell of Hippo Roofing join Aggi in the studio. Have a listen to why the father/son duo decided to make Florida their home. Why they decided to begin a roofing business and how they give back to the community.


The Memo: Episode 4 - How To Pronounce Austin's Last Name

Hosts, Blake & Desire Stewart, find out new information about Member and friend, Austin Roghelia. Austin is with Ideal Impact Media and Spark 11- known for the "Same Day Edit"! Join us to geek out and learn fun information about all things video and co-working.


The Memo: Episode 3 - How We Met Jesse

Join us for our third episode of The Paper Clinic Memo! Blake and Desire' have some exciting news about The Paper Clinic- then they go back in time and explain how they met Producer / Space Coast Podcast Owner / Realtor Extraordinaire, Jesse Hall! If you want the dirt on the ongoing personalities of The Memo, this episode is not one to miss!


Space Coast Real Estate Show - 8.7.18

Guests include Rosa Riordan, with the Salvation Army of Melbourne, who explained some of the great events coming up in August including a lunch with Congressman Posey and then their annual Gala with awesome guests and auctions. Then we talked fun and games and hypothetical scenarios regarding real estate law with Blake Stewart of Stewart Law. And our cameo by Frank Jr. of Bella Title offering some hard hitting "Rapid Fire Questions."


Entrevista a Tito Auger-Cantante de Fiel a La Vega

Liliana y Vivi hablan con el cantante principal de Fiel A La Vega, Tito Auger. Escucha y descubre si alguna vez brincó el charco y qué inspira su música,


Crypto Buzz-8.6.18

What is Bitcoin? What does cryptocurrency mean? Should I be scared of a Blockchain because that sounds frightening? Hey there. Do you find yourself wondering what does all this stuff mean and why should I care? Well then you should definitely tune in and get familiar with all these concepts. Your host Steve Baran will gently explain in detail why you should be at least versed in the topic and if you really like what you hear then Steve will also guide you into the very new and exciting...


Expert Connection - Teaser

Coming soon.


Space Cowboy Justice: Episode 1 - Not like the Star Wars though

Pilot show for our fearless heroes, Paul and Blake and their trusty boy wonder, Ryan. Learn about the the death defying antics our crusaders encounter as they embark on their daily adventures of practicing law. Enjoy the comical and anecdotal dialogue of our hosts as they discuss a myriad of topics from apps, to movies that bombed and even some comic book analyzing. MOON KNIGHT!


The Memo: Episode 2. Fun with Human Resources

Your hosts Blake and Desire Stewart invite Alan from HR to discuss dirty workplace secrets. Then Blake's cousin Ryan, the intern, gets personal about how he identifies with his generation. Shenanigans galore in this episode of "The Paper Clinic Memo"


The Memo: Episode 1. Every show needs a Pilot

PILOT SHOW. There can only be one. Blake and Desire decide to capture their first podcast episode and record it, hence altering space/time continuum forever. Offices will never be the same. Tune and make sure to share to anyone who would like a trip to an alternative universe.


Space Coast Real Estate Show - 7/31/18

Your host Jesse Hall, Realtor speaks with Ron with Shelter Mortgage about a new program for self-employed home buyers. Commissioner Curt Smith joins us to talk about the Indian River Lagoon, a new referendum on the November ballot and some of the great accomplishments completed during his tenure as a commissioner. Plus Frank Jr. with Bella Title does his "Rapid Fire" Questions with our guest Please listen, share and give us a review on iTunes and Google Play.


Space Coast Podcast - Common FAQ's answered

Our good friend Steve sat down with Jesse to get a behind the scenes snapshot of what the Space Coast Podcast is up to. How did they start? What is their intention to help enthusiasts, business owners and professionals? What is a podcast? why choose a podcast? Jesse, the founder of SPC, dutifully answered and gave in depth explanations to answer these inquiries. Have a listen and enjoy. To find out how you may become part of the network please email:


Brinqué pero no me Quité -7.25.18

Únete a Liliana y Vivi mientras comparten sus historias sobre su crecimiento en Puerto Rico, sus razones para irse de la isla y el ahora vivir aquí en los Estados Unidos. El habernos ido, nos hace menos puertorriqueñas?