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Live Sunday 9am PT. Call-in: 888-775-3773. Watch live on YouTube, Facebook,, Periscope

Live Sunday 9am PT. Call-in: 888-775-3773. Watch live on YouTube, Facebook,, Periscope
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Live Sunday 9am PT. Call-in: 888-775-3773. Watch live on YouTube, Facebook,, Periscope






Don't Hate the Haters Hating Hate and Love (Mon. 11/11/19)

Mon. 11/11/19, JLP Hour 4, The Hake Report: Happy Veterans Day (not to the empty liberal braggers who don’t actually love America though). RWW hates Jesse, so they hate love. GLAAD wants 20% of series characters to be LGBTQ, what a mess. James wants to start a real anti-defamation group. BLOG POST: Great calls, including about the black teachers who attacked “white” students this year and last...


Only Believe What's True (Sun 11/10/19

James talks appearing on the Killstream, Dick Masterson's New Project 2, Stefan Molyneux suspended by PayPal, a little about Holocaust "deniers" versus "pushers," RINO Dan Crenshaw crying "racism" and "anti-semitism," and black teachers who beat up white students (probably disrespectful but this is ridiculous). BLOG POST: Call in! 888-775-3773, live Sunday 9 AM PT (11CT/12ET). (I'm also on Jesse Lee Peterson's...


Shapiro on Jesus, Fuentes on Ovens, Kirk on Gays, Crenshaw on Trump, Fri 11/8/19

Fri 11/08/19, JLP Hour 4, The Hake Report: Ben Shapiro on Jesus, Nick Fuentes on the Holocaust… Charlie Kirk people-pleases with Dave Rubin and the gays! — says he’s ok with homosexuals adopting children! WHAT THE…! Dan Crenshaw is nice and RINO and weak on Trump. He also won’t take questions critical of Israel, oddly. BLOG POST: Great calls: Earl from Michigan thinks...


Matt Walsh Is an Intellectual (Wed 11/06/19)

The Hake Report, Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - live at 9 AM PT Matt Walsh Is an Intellectual Clip 11 (Twitter) Matt Walsh refuses too answer the hard questions on anti-white bias… Clip 12 (Twitter) America Firster asks about conservatism being hijacked to be pro-immigration, pro-Israel, pro-war, etc., with a bland answer...1.17 Clip 13 (Twitter) Vincent James of the...


DEBATE: Racism, Trump, and Dumb Babies w/ Andy Ruther (Tue 11/05/19)

Tues. 11/05/19, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream, The Hake Report: GUEST: Andy Ruther, comedian, writer, host of the Dirty Sports podcast and the Dent Report. He worked with James’s de facto producer Dielawn on Lance Bass’s Dirty Pop show. They argue about generalizing and categorizing about race, blacks, whites, racism, lack of white babies, police, and Trump. He calls Trump selfish! Ruther praises NWA and LeBron James. BLOG POST:...


Falling for the Alter Call, Drag Lightfoot Boy, Media Hate the Wall (Mon 11/4/19)

Irreverent was the word I was looking for! Mon. 11/04/19, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream, The Hake Report: James touches on Kanye West, alter calls, Lori Lightfoot dress, disrespect for police, illegals coming in, and the media being anti-America and anti-Trump. BLOG POST: Jesse’s original stream: The Hake Report airs live Sunday...


Forgive the Boomer. (Sun 11/03/19)

James talks about Jesse Lee Peterson vs the so-called gay conservatives, Nick Fuentes fans vs TPUSA guys, and the phony boomer brainwashing about slavery, the holocaust, etc. BLOG POST: ORIGINAL STREAM OF THIS EPISODE: The Hake Report, live Sunday through Friday 9 AM PT (M-F on Jesse Lee Peterson's channels, Sunday on Hake's channels). Call-in: 888-775-3773. http:/


White Positivity vs Starbucks-type Anti-White Discrimination (Fri 11/01/19)

Fri 11/1/19, Hour 4 of JLP’s stream, The Hake Report: IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE fallout 2019. James also touches on the stupid Starbucks anti-white discrimination after two blacks were arrested at a location in Philly April 2018. Catch James’s episodes from those times. BLOG POST: Great calls including Earl from Michigan who keeps calling James “boy” and “egg head.” Charles from...


IT'S OK TO DRESS UP BLACK (Thur 10/31/19)

Thur. 10/31/19, The Hake Report, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s Stream: IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE. Bernie-Omar hate-rally attracts many in Minneapolis for Sun, Nov 3. ALSO: Expert opinion casts more doubt about Jeffrey Epstein’s supposed suicide — looks like a homicide to renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden. Great calls, especially about blackface, free speech, etc.! BLOG POST: Callers: Marlene from NY...


TPUSA's Charlie Kirk, Rob Smith Gave Bad Answers to Good Questions -Wed 10/30/19

Wednesday, October 30, 2019, at 9 AM PT, HOUR 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream, The Hake Report: Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher still dealing with court crap. Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk and black homosexual Rob Smith gave bad questions to good answers. BLOG POST: Great calls, including Russell from VA on Alexander Vindman, a so-called key witness for impeachment. Bobby...


Trump vs. Failed Black Chicago 'Leaders' and DC Haters (Tue 10/29/19)

Tuesday, October 29, 2019, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream, The Hake Report: Trump vs failed black police superintendent in Chicago, Eddie Johnson. Later, James talks about Brexit getting delayed to January 31st, when it was supposed to be done by Halloween! John Conyers died at 90, he was evil. James also tells the story of a white alleged arsonist from Missouri, Freddie Graham, who flew to San Jose for a 50-year high school reunion, and set fires along the road where he and his late...


On Kayla Mueller, American 'Raped' and Killed by ISIS (Mon 10/28/19)

Monday, October 28, 2019, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream, The Hake Report: James talks about seeing Washington Post fail when they gave three different headlines for the obituary of ISIS guy Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, calling him "austere.” Then James talks about the American woman Kayla Mueller who was reportedly kidnapped, raped, tortured, and killed by al-Baghdadi and ISIS. BLOG POST:...


Got Him. (Sun 10/27/19)

Sunday, October 27, 2019: James Hake plays 8-minutes of Trump speaking this morning about American forces taking out Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the so-called leader of ISIS responsible for mass murders, torture, violent unjust executions, and war crimes. BLOG POST: VIDEO FROM THIS EPISODE: Hake is live Sunday through Friday 9 AM PT, Sunday on Hake's channels, and Monday-Friday on Jesse Lee Peterson's...


James's Take on a Hong Kong Protestor + Calls re: Corrupt People (Fri 10/25/19)

Friday, October 25, 2019, 9 AM PT, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream, The Hake Report: James tells about wind, fires, and blackouts in California. He goes into some detail about an interview between Hong Kong protestor Jimmy Lai and Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institution. At the end, James touches on Jeff Bezos’s company Amazon selling clothes made in supposedly unsafe factories. BLOG POST:...


Save James Younger, Age 7... | Anyone Judge Based on Skin Color? (Thu 10/24/19)

Thursday, October 27, 2019, The Hake Report, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream... Operation: save James Younger! 7-year-old boy turning transgender thanks to dumb experts and liberal judge — against the father’s wishes. SMH. News: Judge Judy endorses Michael Bloomberg for president, but what she really wants is Trump. BLOG POST: Great callers, thank you! Kyle from California...


We Helped Terrorists + BUTTIGIEG: How Far Gone Are the Blacks? (Wed 10/23/19)

Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 9 AM PT, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream, The Hake Report: In a clip, Michael Doran of the Hudson Institute explains that the U.S. allied with PKK terrorists (The Kurdistan Workers’ Party) in order to fight ISIS, and now Turkey is fighting the PKK who want to partition Turkey into Kurdistan and Turkey. Blacks don’t accept all of Pete Buttigieg’s crap, especially black men, but black old ladies fall for his phony “faith.” Chinese torture: True or false? BLOG...


Feminists and LGBT Radicals Push Only Lies and Hate (e.g. Trudeau) Tue 10/22/19

Tuesday, October 22, 2019, The Hake Report, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson’s stream: We play a 2017 clip of PM Trudeau celebrating International Women’s Day, saying, “Sophie and I are proud feminists,” and making POC and “trans women” out to be victims of disproportionate violence (not the whole story!). A so-called transgender cyclist complained about “the people who oppose my existence.” Meanwhile, communists like Bernie and Cortez seek to dehumanize and take away the fundamental rights of...


Who's the Fake: Scheer or Bernier? (Serious Question) Mon 10/21/19

9 AM PT, Monday, October 21, 2019, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson's stream, The Hake Report: James talks about the riots, calls Romney a RINO, and takes great calls from Canadians about the election (Who's the fake: Andrew Scheer or Maxime Bernier? ...Both?). Other great callers included a 15-year-old 7th Day Adventist, a black caller complaining about Jesse, and a GM employee who picketed for the corrupt UAW union! ALSO: The evil people are going after Trump ally Giuliani. Syria troops are...


Are you a choker? Trump doesn’t like chokers. (Sun 10/20/19)

Sunday, October 20, 2019, James talks about Trump not liking chokers such as Mitt Romney and John McCain. Can you overcome being a choker? Or a headcase? Example of someone who wasn't a choker: The black guy up in Oregon who disarmed a disturbed 18-year-old Hispanic guy who brought a shotgun to school, perhaps to kill himself. Great calls, thank you! James also touches on Elizabeth Warren's life. VIDEO FROM THIS EPISODE: BLOG POST:...


Mulvaney Pointed to Media-involved Corruption Exposed by #DNCLeak (Fri 10/18/19)

Friday, October 18, 2019, live at 9 M PT, Hour 4 of Jesse Lee Peterson's stream, The Hake Report: James confirms once again that Kathy Griffin lied about the #TrumpVideo. DNC Leaks: See no evil? Great calls from Earl from Michigan, Samuel from Sweden, Russ from Virginia, Scott from Chicago, IL, Daniel from Phoenix, AZ, Maze from Dayton, OH, and that caller who had a brain tumor. James also talks about evil partisan hack Elijah Cummings who died, and Trump vs. Nancy Pelosi on Syria. Erdogan...