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Episode 233 - Geez, The GOP Sure Is Getting Rapey

The shit-show rolls on. How many rapes make you ineligible to serve on the Supreme Court according to Republicans? Will Trump soon actually be able to get away with murder? Laugh now UN, but remember he has the nuke codes.


Episode 232 - Judgement Day Is Upon Us

We have a good mix of nonsense and politics for you this week. Michael discusses his trip to Chicago for the All In wrestling extravaganza, and then his date with the penal system. Eric breaks out a horrendous ordeal he had to go through. We then talk a little Trump White House fun, and think of all the rights Justice Kavanaugh will take from us. Enjoy!


Episode 231 - The Deep State Cometh

What's up peeps? This week we discuss a couple movies we've recently seen. We check in on Alex Jones and the Deep State, and before we talk a little about Trump's legal issues, Eric drops some quantum mechanics on yo ass. #JoeFeet


Episode 230 - God Squad, Brought To You By The Letter "C"

This is a packed episode filled with conspiracy talk, genderless kids, and what the fuck is going on in Philly! We save our limited Trump talk to the last few minutes, you're welcome. Next week Eric exposes the Deep State. Watch your ass, QAnon!


Episode 229 - Cohen Leaks All Over Trump

We catch up on a few Trump items. You know, threatening war, bailing out farmers, and paying to cover up affairs... the usual stuff. Michael finally goes through the tax cut projections and who is truly getting the biggest piece of that sweet pie. We finish by paying a late tribute to the great Vinne Paul. "Theybies"...


Episode 228 - Trump Culturally Appropriates Hitler

As our fearless leader goes full blown traitor on a world stage, we step back and discuss cultural appropriation and the whiny left. Let's join up to fight the real enemy for fuck's sake. Yes, we do finish with the shit-show that was Trump's overseas trip.


Episode 227 - The Purge Has Officially Begun

This week's show is all over the map. Literally, we hit 50 things, it's a mess... just listen. In the end, we briefly hit on the SCOTUS selection, since we only learned who it was at the end of recording the show. The sound quality is not great but deal with it.


Episode 226 - SCOTUS Can Lick My ANUS!

Look... we wanted to have a fun show and make jokes, but the Supreme Court and Justice Kennedy threw a fucking monkeywrench into that plan. We basically go through the court's rulings and discuss how Kennedy's retirement will adversely affect the country. We finish with a list of the most wonderful places in America. AND GO LISTEN TO PODBLOCKED!


Episode 225 - Trump's Fun-time Camp For Kids

I hope you enjoy movie and music reviews because that's half the show. We discuss sex cults, Space Force, and then finish with a little immigration banter. I think we may have solved the world's problems in just over an hour. Listen, and you decide.


Episode 224 - We're The Intellectual Saviors, Bitch!

It's been a while but we're back... for how long? Who the hell knows! This is not the usual show at all, as we play a little catch up on the last few months. We barely discuss Trump (I know you can't get enough Trump). Consider this a relaunch of sorts, and get ready for more random nonsense and less anger. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @IntelSaviorsPod


Episode 223 - Trump Gives America The Clap

We decided to get off our asses and do a show about Trump's first State of the Union speech. We break it down in a mature and thoughtful way, of course. Then we talk Super Bowl and concert going. It's a well-rounded show for your ear-holes.


Episode 222 - 2017: A Shitty Year In Review

Almost two weeks into 2018 and we're finally doing our 2017 wrap-up show. It's been that kind of year. We hit on a few present days news items, but mainly we focus on the past year's events and deaths. Michael tells you who will die in 2018. We make a few generic predictions, and then crown the 2017 DICK OF THE YEAR!


Episode 221 - You Still Suck Alabama!

We won in Alabama... by 1% over a fucking child molester. This country is still doomed. We breakdown this ridiculous race, give credit to the black community for saving Alabama from itself. Michael tells you where to find that next wife, and where to move to if you want to live forever. Then Eric bitches about game designers turning kids into gambling addicts. Fun times!


Episode 220 - Roy Moore Is A Fucking Kid Toucher

So what did we miss over the past couple weeks? Trump is opening up new possibilities for wars. The GOP is working hard on fucking poor people, and the remaining middle class. More dicks were shown to unsuspecting women, and Roy Moore is a fucking piece of shit that will most likely be a US Senator. America, you're killing it!


Episode 219 - God Has No Statute of Limitations

Listen as we take you on a magical journey filled with sexual assaults, mass murders, and finally ending with pure unconditional love. To all you bleeding heart liberals out there fighting the good fight, just remember as things seem to get worse with no chance for salvation, our thoughts and prayers are always with you. Also, god was a rapist!


Episode 218 - Hey Comrade, Indict This!

Did Ted Cruz's father kill JFK? We go through some of the released files to find out. Also, it appears some of Trump's guys have been very naughty, and may be spending a vacation at Club Fed. Thanks a lot Hillary! Who wants to go skin-diving?


Episode 217 - Jumping Cats And Pink Pistols

In this glorious episode we discuss liberals with guns, judges that love hating the gays, and all types of ill shit. Don't expect us to console you if this show sucks. You know what you're signing up for. Also, listen to the end to hear the song "Moments" from Brad Wiley, off his new album Phoenix. Go find it on iTunes!


Episode 216 - Hurricane Harvey Hits Hollywood Hard!

This week Eric reviews Blade Runner, tells you why pop music is complete shit, and proves what Equifax did to him was way worse than what Harvey Weinstein did to those women. We break down the sexual assault scandal and discuss what worse could be happening in Hollywood.


Episode 215 - We're Back, Baby!

After 5 year of excellence in podcasting we decided to take a break, but we're back! We catch up on current events, discuss some upcoming tweaks to the show, and see if we have it in us to do this thing for another 215 episodes... or more.


Episode 214 - Who's A Good Lil' Nazi Sympathizer?

We're back, and with shitty audio. Get ready for delays and echoes. Michael tells tales of hospital fun with his new addition. We catch up on the events of the past couple of weeks, and finish off with some Game of Thrones talk. Enjoy MOFOs!