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The News Ep. 42 – 7-16-12

This week in The News with Jessica: Philidelpha man pulls out cross bow during road rage incident. NBA Knicks star Jason Kidd busted for DWI. Sylvester Stallone devastated over Sage Stallone's death. Concert going Mom sues Justin Beiber. Man finds car on eBay stolen in 1962. Two men try to break record for clustered balloon […]


The News with Jessica Ep. 41 – 5-17-12

This week in The News with Jessica: A high school teacher is charged with pocketing prom funds from students. A man is arrested after strapping his 4 kids to a moving vehicle. A Michigan teen finds a finger in his Arby's sandwich. A 67 year old man dies at a strip club. An all you […]


The News with Jessica Ep. 40 – 4-26-12

This week in The News with Jessica: Hulk Hogan goes ballistic over pictures of an alleged sex tape being leaked. TLC announces they will embark on a new tour. Octomom's hair stylist outs the living conditions at her home. A woman accidentally buys 2 lottery tickets with the same numbers, and wins. A man sells […]


The News with Jessica Ep. 39 – 4-12-12

This week in The News with Jessica: Can you guess the top two most popular places are where people commit suicide? North Korea launches test of new rocket. A firefighter robs bank, and leaves tip. Nearly 900 students are accidentally told they were accepted to UCLA. A 6 year old is accidentally killed in a […]


The News with Jessica Ep. 38 – 3-29-12

This week in The News with Jessica: A new Lifetime show will try to see if couples in bad marriages can make it work by having sex every day. A Turkish ad for men's shampoo has been pulled for using clip of Hilter. An Oregon toddler dies after jumping into a washing machine. Did Dick […]


The News with Jessica Ep. 37 – 3-22-12

This week in The News with Jessica: Invisible Children and Kony 2012 campaign co-creater Jason Russell goes insane. Feeding the homeless is now banned in most major cities. George Clooney tells authorities he is Brad Pitt after getting arrested at a protest. A funeral home employee is arrested for molesting a corpse. Tim Tebow has […]


The News with Jessica Ep. 36 – 3-15-12

A marketing firm is set to introduce using the homeless as wireless hot spots. A rash of Tide detergent thefts leave Police puzzled. Children are said to spend 353 hours a year using gadgets according to a new report. Passengers on a flight call 911 to report a flight attending acting crazy. A texting prank […]


The News with Jessica Ep. 35 – 3-8-12

This week in The News with Jessica: Olivia Munn denies hacked photos of her naked are of her. Hulk Hogan is reported to be in a newly discovered sex tape. Photographers mistake Debbie Harry for Lindsay Lohan. Rush Limbaugh loses several advertisers after making comment about Sandra Fluke. A woman is forced to use a […]


The News with Jessica Ep. 33 – 2-23-12

This week in The News with Jessica: New York plans to sell items on eBay. Court orders man to apologize to his estranged wife on Facebook. An Illinois family gets shocked by $100,000 electric bill. A liquor store in Jersey City bans Snooki and JWoww. Zac Efron accidentally drops a condom at the Lorax movie […]


The News with Jessica Ep. 32 – 2-16-12

This week in The News with Jessica: Fugitive calls sheriff after running out of gas. A man fakes being car jacked to get free ride from police. Couple lands in jail for their Valentine's day bondage role playing. An electric cigarette explodes in a man's mouth. Gold coins fall out of rafters during a renovation […]


The News with Jessica Ep. 31 – 2-9-12

This week in The News with Jessica: A North Korea super sized hotel is set to open, 23 years behind schedule. The new iPad 3 is reportedly set to debut in March. Man commits suicide in foreclosed home, found 4 years later. 2012 Super Bowl becomes most watched Super Bowl in history. A wooly mammoth […]