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The best and worst in politics and media from Boston to the Beltway.

The best and worst in politics and media from Boston to the Beltway.


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The best and worst in politics and media from Boston to the Beltway.






The Scrum Goes For A Ride

Reporter Adam Reilly sat down with Pete Stidman, the outgoing leader of the Boston Cyclists Union, to talk about the politics of getting around on two wheels in the city.


Scrumming The GOP Debate

Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly sit down over doughnuts to debrief last night's GOP debate. Which candidate should get to graduate from the children's table? Which one revealed himself to have the intellectual heft of an empty pair of underpants?


#NachoScrum: The Olympics Postmortem

Boston's bid for Olympic glory is officially dead (R.I.P.) So WGBH State House News reporter Mike Deehan gathered a mountain of nachos and a crack panel at the Banshee Pub in Dorchester to ask: where did it all go wrong? Kelley Gossett of No Boston Olympics, Shirley Leung of the Boston Globe, and Lauren Dezenski of the Dorchester Reporter break it down, with The Scrum's own Adam Reilly moderating.


The Scrum Goes Into Labor

The Scrum sits down with Massachusetts AFL-CIO president Steve Tolman to talk about the Pacheco Law and the MBTA, the Olympics, and how to meet the love of your life on the commuter rail.


Welcome To The Olympics-Free Zone

This week, The Scrum has Olympics fatigue. So host Peter Kadzis turns his eye to the national scene, and asks David Bernstein and WGBH contributor Mara Dolan: how on Earth are Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump doing so well in the polls in New Hampshire right now?


Scrum, Interrupted

The Scrum gets booted from the Boston Public Library when Adam Reilly, Peter Kadzis, and The Boston Globe's Joan Vennochi try to discuss the dysfunction plaguing the institution in the Central Branch's courtyard.


#Mapoli Plays Nice, For Once

The Scrum marvels at the remarkable civility in the State House over the proposed MBTA fiscal control board, and chats with Congressman Seth Moulton about his first few months on the job.


PEOPLE v. TSARNAEV: The Exit Interview

How does a kid from Cambridge who went to good schools and had friends and teachers who loved him go on to commit the Boston Marathon bombings? Now that the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is over, reporter Adam Reilly sat down once again with WBZ's Jim Armstrong and's Hilary Sargent to talk about their reflections on the case and the questions that remain unanswered.


(Still) Ready for Warren?

Right now, the parameters of the 2016 presidential race seem pretty clear. Hillary Clinton will run the safest possible campaign en route to the Democratic nomination. Meanwhile, every Republican hopeful will argue that only he--or she--has what it takes to stop her. But not everyone sees 2016 in such stark, Hillary-centric terms. Erica Sagrans and her compatriots at Ready for Warren still think there's a chance they'll convince Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to challenge...


Covering The Tsarnaev Trial

Three questions this week: How does a reporter's personal life shape his or her coverage? What's the best way to engage Tsarnaev conspiracy theorists? Was this trial necessary for bombing survivors-- and Boston as a whole? WBZ-TV reporter Jim Armstrong and senior columnist Hilary Sargent joined The Scrum's Adam Reilly at the Lincoln Pub this week.


The Dulcet Tones Of Ted Cruz

Are the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries too rural, too white, too unrepresentative? The Scrum's Peter Kadzis checked in with two reporters with boots on the ground in the primary states- Des Moines Register politics reporter Jennifer Jacobs and the Boston Globe's James Pindell.


Bostonians In Exile

This week we finally took our tag- "from Beacon Hill to the Beltway"- literally. David S. Bernstein gathered up a few of our favorite "Bostonians in exile"-- Boston Globe Washington correspondent Matt Viser; and USA Today reporter Donovan Slack-- and talked Elizabeth Warren, Ted Cruz's campaign roll out got right; and which "bozos" are messing up John Kerry's legacy. Plus, what it's like to be a Bostonian in Washington, and Matt and Donovan's time in a "small concrete box inside a large...

"Sing And Shut Up"



The Boston Nolympics

How do you fight a fight that seems... unwinnable? The Scrum headed to City Hall this week to talk with two fighting the Boston 2024 power: Chris Dempsey and Kelley Gossett of No Boston Olympics.

Charlie Baker's Brain: A User's Guide

You could argue that Charlie Baker is Governor of Massachusetts today is because many people thought he would be a better manager for the state than Martha Coakley. Management skills have long been Baker's calling card and it's one of his percieved strengths, but what specifically does it mean to manage the way Charlie Baker does? Now that he's got a few months under his belt, The Scrum sat down with Gov. Baker at his new digs in the State House to find out.

The Politics of Snowstorms

This week, The Scrum podcast took a closer look at Governor Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's governing during one of the biggest snow weeks in Massachusetts history. Plus, how long will "Dear Leader" (aka House Speaker Robert DeLeo) stay on as Speaker? And are DeLeo and Baker simpatico when it comes to end goals?

Mrs. & Mr. 'New Boston'

Media, politics & the ties that bind Bill and Linda Dorcena Forry. Each week on The Scrum we talk about media and politics, and this week we're talking with a Boston couple who have their feet in both worlds.


Dasvidaniya, Deval

On the day Deval Patrick takes the "lone walk" out of the State House, The Scrum podcast gives Patrick his final report card and reflects on new Governor Charlie Baker's taste in music.

This Is The Remix

We turned The Scrum over to the musically-inclined reporter/producer/composer Edgar B Herwick III this week for a Scrum remix we call 'Scrum-Pa-Pum-Pum'. Happy holidays!

Every Party Has A Pooper

Will the Mass. Democrats who backed Republican Charlie Baker in the recent governor's race pay a price? Also in this episode: Charlie Baker's resolutions for 2015; David Bernstein surfaces; Democratic analyst Mara Dolan joins us.