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Tim Montgomerie and a selection of leading Times writers and columnists give their perspective on major national and international stories. If you like what you hear, then read more at

Tim Montgomerie and a selection of leading Times writers and columnists give their perspective on major national and international stories. If you like what you hear, then read more at
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Tim Montgomerie and a selection of leading Times writers and columnists give their perspective on major national and international stories. If you like what you hear, then read more at




"Frank discussions": Amber Rudd on Andrea Leadsom

Amber Rudd, the pro-Remain energy secretary, on her relationship with junior energy minister Andrea Leadsom, who back Brexit. Recorded during the Red Box podcast on May 31. Listen to the full episode:


Westminster Special: Ask The Experts

In a Westminster special, Matt Chorley is joined by Stuart McDonald MP, former Labour Party advisor Ayesha Hazarika and political sketch-writer and diarist for The Times, Patrick Kidd. The panel answer questions from the public about working and living in Westminster. Plus additional contributions from Deputy Politics Editor Sam Coates and Business writer Callum Jones.


London mayoral race is a soup of consensus

Matt Chorley is joined by Times Deputy Editor Emma Tucker, Chief Leader writer Giles Whittell and columnist Phil Collins.


EU Special: to leave or remain?

Debating the UK's position in the EU: Matt Chorley is joined by Brussels Correspondent Bruno Waterfield, Columnist Melanie Phillips and the Times' Chief Political Correspondent Michael Savage.


Will the Trident debate dictate Jeremy Corbyn's future?

The Opinion podcast is now the Red Box Podcast from The Times. Columnist Robert Crampton, Media Editor Elizabeth Rigby and Deputy Political Editor Sam Coates joins host Matt Chorley. Robert Crampton: The Labour Party cannot achieve a coherent position on Trident while Jeremy Corbyn is leader. The moment he said he would never use the nuclear deterrent as a future PM was the moment Labour lost the next election. Party pragmatists should focus on toppling Corbyn, not cobbling together a...


Is Marco Rubio the only Republican hope?

Host Matt Chorley is joined by Chief Leader writer Giles Whittell and columnists Jenni Russell and Phil Collins. Giles Whittell: Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president of the United States. Of course a lot of people are going to spend a lot of time analysing this [Tuesday] morning's Iowa caucus results, but the facts are these: Trump and Cruz are unelectable in a national race. Only one mainstream Republican has a chance of squeezing past them. That is Marco Rubio. He has...


Are pension relief cuts another Treasury tax grab?

Matt Chorley is joined by Assistant Editor Anne Ashworth and columnists Giles Coren and David Aaronovitch. Anne Ashworth: Pension tax reliefs for the higher-paid have already been reduced and more cuts are coming. The justification for this reform is fairness: the higher-paid have had it too good. But if you make company pension scheme membership less attractive to executives, this make it less likely that they will support these schemes - which will hurt the less well-off. This is just...


Are the Tories sleepwalking into disaster?

The Opinion podcast is back with a brand new host. Red Box editor Matt Chorley is joined by panelists Hugo Rifkind, Oliver Kamm and Lucy Fisher. Hugo Rifkind: The Tories are sleepwalking into disaster on the EU. For David Cameron, with ministers freely campaigning on both sides, if he loses, he loses, and if he wins, he still loses. Cameron has asked his government to remain civil on Europe, which is a thing no Conservative ever has been before. And what happens after the vote, to those on...


Special: 2015 Review

Host Philip Webster is joined by Ann Treneman, Stewart Wood and Daniel Finkelstein in this end-of-year special as each panelists picks a topic to debate from the past year. Ann Treneman: It's been a terrible year for getting it wrong. The Westminster Bubble called the election wrong, the Labour leadership wrong and it still can't quite believe what's happened in Scotland. But, just say, that Jeremy Corbyn is right and that he will increase Labour's vote, as happened in Oldham. Is Britain...


Will David Cameron fail his greatest test?

Host Philip Webster is joined by Rachel Sylvester, Libby Purves and Hugo Rifkind. Rachel Sylvester: David Cameron once said his Party had to stop banging on about Europe but now the rest of premiership is going to be defined by a referendum on Britain's relationship with the EU. The polls are narrowing and ministers who wants to stay in are increasingly worried that people will vote to leave. The essay crisis prime minister got the grades he needed in the referendums on AV and Scotland,...


Is the UK doing the minimum in Syria?

Opinion podcast with David Aaronovitch, Lucy Fisher and Phil Collins. -- Phil Collins: The anonymous man who said, to the attacker at Leytonstone tube station, “you ain’t no Muslim, bruv” has been hailed as speaking for moderate people of all faiths and none. Quite right too. Yet the statement is, alas, not quite true. We cannot attribute murder to faith but we cannot pretend faith is entirely irrelevant either. David Aaronovitch: Oh what a great brouhaha that Syria vote was. 'Momentous'...


Is Jeremy Corbyn finally facing reality?

Philip Webster is joined by Fay Schlesinger, Giles Whittell and Anne Ashworth. Fay Schlesinger: After Jeremy Corbyn was elected, he promised a “kinder politics”. Fast forward two months and his allies are vowing revenge on shadow cabinet ministers at odds with him over Syrian airstrikes. Even the most attractive of Corbyn’s traits are turning sour. He must drop the Mr Nice Guy act or compromise over his ideals. He can't keep up the charade of both. Giles Whittell: There is an air of...


Should the EU referendum be postponed?

Philip Webster is joined by Stewart Wood and Daniel Finkelstein. Stewart Wood: The Syrian crisis looks set to dominate British politics for the foreseeable future. Issues around the response to terrorism in Europe, dealing with unprecedented migration flows & UK involvement in bringing the Syrian conflict to an end should be the overwhelming priorities for our Government. Given the seriousness and complexity of these issues, David Cameron should seek all-party support for postponing the EU...


How will the 'Facebook generation' respond?

Philip Webster is joined by Alice Thomson, Roger Boyes and John McTernan. Alice Thomson: Looking at the rows of victims in Paris, they all have glossy hair, white smiles and youth. It used to be the police, establishment, businesses and commuters who were the most vulnerable to terrorism. This is the first time the Facebook generation has been targeted, on a Friday night when they're relaxing at cafes, concerts and matches, how will they respond? Roger Boyes: Our efforts to " contain and...


Did Sir Nicholas Houghton overstep the mark?

Philip Webster is joined by Oliver Kamm, Lucy Fisher and Michael Savage. Oliver Kamm: Jeremy Corbyn has accused the chief of defence staff, Sir Nicholas Houghton, of political bias for intervening on the question of Britain's nuclear deterrent. The claim is absurd - a measure of the frivolity of Corbyn's own stance rather than any extra-constitutional manoeuvring by the armed forces. Every postwar government has supported Britain's nuclear deterrent and our participation in Nato. That is...


Does George Osborne lack emotional intelligence?

Philip Webster is joined by Rachel Sylvester, Emma Tucker and Philip Collins. Rachel Sylvester: George Osborne is the most intriguing politician of our age. He’s morphed from a short termist partisan tactician to a political strategist with a long term plan. But, as the tax credit fiasco shows, his biggest flaw is that he still lacks empathy - the ability to win people over by persuading them he understands how they feel. If he wants to become Conservative leader and Prime Minister he's got...


Where did George Osborne go wrong?

Philip Webster is joined by Sam Coates, Hugo Rifkind and Patrick Kidd. Sam Coates: George Osborne got the strategy wrong, the tactics wrong, the politics wrong, the communications wrong and the people-handling wrong - all the things the Chancellor is meant to be good at. MPs think his reputation has taken a hit. After riding high over the summer, the Chancellor's reputation was probably due a correction to the mean, but Boris would be unwise to think things have swung that much in his...


Does Britain need more pragmatism in its outlook?

In his final Opinion podcast, host Tim Montgomerie is joined by Rachel Sylvester, Mathew Parris and Ann Treneman. Rachel Sylvester: There was just one line in Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech that got under Conservative ministers’ skin – the Labour leader’s call for David Cameron to terminate a deal between the Ministry of Justice and the Saudi prison service. This controversial bid has been the subject of a furious Whitehall row in recent months. Michael Gove tried to scrap the deal,...


Special: Conservative conference

Tim Montgomerie presents the Opinion podcast direct from Manchester at The Conservative Party conference: - Daniel Finkelstein and Jenni Russell: The Times - Paul Goodman:


Special: Labour conference

Tim Montgomerie presents the Opinion podcast direct from Brighton at The Labour Party conference: - Andy Burnham: Shadow Home Secretary - Matthew Parris, Lucy Fisher and Marcus Roberts