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EP:12 measles on the rise in Europe, Transsexual Wrestler Wins Gold and women stand up.

This week we are looking at the measles that are on the rise in Europe. The transsexual wrestler who has won gold competing against women for the second time running, How the women of Iran are starting up for there basic human rights all before we get onto weird news from around the web.


EP:11 Teachers with guns, Drugs really work, Net Neutrality kill date.

This week we are going to be looking at some controversial comments about arming teachers with guns and Florida's answer to the gun crisis. Do anti depressant really work? and we finally have the date for the death of net neutrality, all before diving into some of the weirder news from around the web including funeral stripper, KFC out of chicken, plane lands due to farting man and a bloody cruise


EP:10 Florida Shooting, Police who didn't shoot and teacher fired for getting married

This week we are taking a deep diving into the horrible school shooting that took place in Florida this week. We are going to be talking about a police office who has won his case for unlawful dismissal after choosing not to shoot a suspect and a gay teacher that has been fired for getting married. All this before diving into the weirdness news from the web this week


EP9: SpaceX Launch, The Flu, Emotional Support Hamster,Twiiter,The Toy Tiger

We have a massive show for you this week. We will be talking about The recent SpaceX launch, The flu that has been sweeping the US, How a emotional support hamster was kicked off a plane. A crayfish that can clone itself, Twitter finally making some coin after 12 years and the story of a toy tiger cause a 45 min standoff in Scotland


EP8: 12yr shooter, Russian Dopers, Irish abortion reforms and Facebook Ban Bitcoin

This week we are talking about the 12 year old girl who is currently in custody for another school shooting in the US. The banned Russian dopers who have had their bans lifted. We are talking about Ireland's plans to repel a endearment that will make obtaining an abortion easier and Facebook ban on advertising Bitcoin on its platform.,


EP: 7 The Government Shutdown, Kentucky School Shooting and Burger King Add

This week we take a look at the US government shut down, The Kentucky school shooting that claimed the lifes of two people. Burger Kings response video to net neutrality that has been sweeping the web along with some of the weirder news from the around the world. Including the name the rape 2 goats to death, A Chinese battery bitter and the Miss Camel competition


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