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Join Cap Times political reporter Jessie Opoien as she catches up with power players in Wisconsin politics about everything from their favorite beers to their policy ideals.

Join Cap Times political reporter Jessie Opoien as she catches up with power players in Wisconsin politics about everything from their favorite beers to their policy ideals.


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Join Cap Times political reporter Jessie Opoien as she catches up with power players in Wisconsin politics about everything from their favorite beers to their policy ideals.








Virtual Cap Times Talk: What do Wisconsin’s election results mean?

Wisconsin's Spring Election was three weeks ago, but the debates about its lessons are still raging — here and throughout the country. What does it mean for the November election? Washington Post political reporter David Weigel and UW-Madison political science professor and pollster Barry Burden joined Jessie live, via Zoom, for a virtual chat. Support the show.


Stacey Abrams on voting rights, Wisconsin and the vice presidency

Stacey Abrams says she’s not campaigning to be Joe Biden’s vice president — but, if you ask her if she’d take the job, she won’t shy away from sharing her qualifications. The former Georgia House Minority Leader and and 2018 gubernatorial candidate joins host Jessie Opoien this week, along with Cap Times politics reporter Briana Reilly, to discuss her voting rights group, Fair Fight, and what she thinks the rest of the country can learn from Wisconsin’s spring election. Abrams also discussed...


Holy balls! It's Wausau Mayor-elect Katie Rosenberg.

April 7 was a big night for Katie Rosenberg. Not only was she elected mayor of Wausau, she also went viral on Twitter with her response to the news: "HOLY BALLS." At 36, Rosenberg is the second woman and the youngest woman ever to serve as mayor of the town where she grew up. Rosenberg joined Wedge Issues host and Cap Times opinion editor Jessie Opoien to discuss her campaign, her plans for the city, what she loves about Wausau and, of course, the tweet. Support the show.


Sarah Kendzior on 'Hiding in Plain Sight'

Sarah Kendzior doesn’t hold back in her assessment of the Trump administration: "We do not have a government; we have a transnational crime syndicate masquerading as a government." In her new book, "Hiding in Plain Sight: The Invention of Donald Trump and the Erosion of America," she details Trump’s rise to power dating back to the 1980s. She was supposed to come to Madison to promote her book this month, but no one’s doing much traveling these days — so we chatted about the book with each...


Bonus Episode: Staying fit and positive while social distancing

In this bonus episode, we forget about politics for a bit and talk to Lisa Feran, a personal trainer and small business owner who has gotten creative, using Facebook to connect with her clients, about how to stay healthy and positive while social distancing. Support the show.


How is Wisconsin responding to the coronavirus outbreak?

Cap Times state government reporter Briana Reilly and opinion editor Jessie Opoien have been keeping an eye on the state's response to the coronavirus outbreak. They talk this week (from separate locations) about what's known so far, and what they're watching for in the days to come. Support the show.


David Plouffe and A Citizen's Guide to Beating Donald Trump

What will it will take for Democrats to defeat Donald Trump in November? It’s up to individual Democrats, argues former Barack Obama campaign manager David Plouffe. Plouffe joins Jessie this week to discuss "A Citizen’s Guide to Beating Donald Trump,” which he’ll talk more about at the Madison Central Library at 7 p.m. on March 11. Support the show.


Who's leading the Dem field in Wisconsin?

In the last week, the UW Elections Research Center with Wisconsin State Journal and the Marquette University Law School released polls with insights on the state of the presidential race in Wisconsin. Wisconsin State Journal political reporter Riley Vetterkind joins Jessie to break down the results. Support the show.


How did Wisconsin get so polarized, and what does journalism have to do with it?

University of Wisconsin journalism professor Mike Wagner joins Jessie this week to talk about his work with the Center for Communication and Civic Renewal — an effort to understand what's made Wisconsin so polarized and how some of those fractures might be repaired. Support the show.


Can we stay out 'til dawn at the DNC?

Cap Times political reporter Briana Reilly joins Wedge Issues host and Cap Times opinion editor Jessie Opoien to catch up on what's happening in state government this week — from agricultural initiatives to the state Supreme Court primary to regulating what times bars must close during the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee this summer. Support the show.


Wine, cookbooks and women's suffrage: A Wedge Issues/Corner Table Crossover

On this Very Special Wedge Issues/Corner Table Crossover Episode, Cap Times opinion editor Jessie Opoien and Cap Times food editor and arts writer Lindsay Christian welcome special guest Andrea Hillsey, owner of Square Wine Company. They talk about the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in the U.S. while sampling wines made by women and snacking on a dessert from the Original Suffrage Cook Book. Find the Original Suffrage Cook Book here:...


The year in Wisconsin politics

Cap Times political reporter Briana Reilly joins Jessie this week to recap the year in Wisconsin politics and talk about which stories to keep an eye on in 2020. Support the show.


The latest on the investigation into sexual misconduct in Wisconsin National Guard

Cap Times investigative reporter catches up with Jessie to share the latest on her reporting on sexual misconduct allegations and investigations in the Wisconsin National Guard. Support the show.


Sara Meaney

Wisconsin Tourism Secretary-designee Sara Meaney chats with Jessie about marketing Wisconsin to visitors and shares some of her own favorite vacation memories. Support the show.


Wisconsin Technology Council President Tom Still

Wisconsin Technology Council President Tom Still joins Jessie to talk about the council's role advising Wisconsin's elected officials on science and tech policy, along with the ups and downs of issues like Foxconn, F-35s and renewable energy. Support the show.


Wisconsin politics in 2020 (Live from Ideafest!)

It's time for another Idea Fest special! On this episode, Jessie talks with a panel of journalists, pollsters, and political operatives about the state's electoral landscape as it heads into an election year. Support the show.


Farhad Manjoo on vegans, pronouns and empathy

New York Times opinion columnist Farhad Manjoo joined Jessie after their appearance at Cap Times Idea Fest to talk about opinion writing, news consumption and why we should stop mocking vegans. Support the show.


Live from Idea Fest with Tom Perez

Live from Idea Fest with Tom Perez by The Cap Times Support the show.


Lizz Winstead on abortion, satire and Plaza burgers

This week, Jessie hops on the phone with the famous satirist and Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead about the activism and art at the crux of her organization, the Abortion Access Front. Support the show.


The Legislature passed a budget — now what?

Cap Times political reporter Briana Reilly joins Jessie to break down the state budget process, what's in the Legislature's spending plan and what Gov. Tony Evers might do next. Support the show.