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Our CBS News team in Washington wraps up the news of the week and goes deep into the major stories with CBS News correspondents. It's the end-of-week news magazine show you can take with you wherever you go. (046510)

Our CBS News team in Washington wraps up the news of the week and goes deep into the major stories with CBS News correspondents. It's the end-of-week news magazine show you can take with you wherever you go. (046510)


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CBS News


Our CBS News team in Washington wraps up the news of the week and goes deep into the major stories with CBS News correspondents. It's the end-of-week news magazine show you can take with you wherever you go. (046510)




Weekend Roundup 2/26

On this week's CBS News "Weekend Roundup," we begin with the latest on the coronavirus pandemic. CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky warned states not to relax regulations because of an uptick in confirmed Covid-19 cases in recent days, despite weeks of declining cases and hospitalizations. We hear from CBS's Meg Oliver on the new variants popping up around the nation and CBS's Madeleine Rivera on the FDA's plan to approve Johnson & Johnson's vaccine. Meanwhile, the U-S has taken its first...


Weekend Roundup 2/19

On the CBS News "Weekend Roundup," millions of Texans lost power for days after a winter storm overwhelmed its electrical grid. President Biden has approved states of emergency there and also in Louisiana and Oklahoma. Dozens have died trying to keep warm. CBS's Omar Villafranca reports from the Lone Star state. Meanwhile, Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz is being vilified over a badly timed trip to Cancun this week. CBS's Naomi Ruchim reports. It was a busy Friday for the president; for...


Weekend Roundup 2/12

We begin this week's CBS News "Weekend Roundup" with the coronavirus pandemic. President Joe Biden says the nation's death toll is likely to hit 500-thousand by next month, adding that the country is on track to vaccinate 300 million Americans by July. CBS's Carter Evans reports. CBS's Meg Oliver has the latest on the coronavirus and the nation's schools. Meanwhile, CBS's Vicki Barker reports on the Covid-19 variant found in Southeast England. The second impeachment trial of former president...


Weekend Roundup 2/5

On Friday, President Biden intensified his push for Congress to pass his nearly 2 trillion-dollar coronavirus relief package. CBS' Allison Keyes gets the latest from CBS News Chief White Correspondent Nancy Cordes. Meanwhile, millions of Americans have received their Covid-19 vaccines, but as CBS's David Begnaud reports, people in rural areas have not. The Democratic-controlled House voted to strip Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments, over...


Weekend Roundup: 01/29

On this episode of the "CBS News Weekend Roundup," the world passes another grim milestone, as coronavirus cases rise in nearly 40 nations. CBS News Correspondent Allison Keyes speaks with CBS News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook about why it is so hard to get vaccines as the new head of the CDC says shots should be available to everyone in the nation by the end of the summer. In this week's Unifying America edition of the Kaleidoscope, we take a look at four racial equity...


Weekend Roundup 1/22

On this episode of the "CBS News Weekend Roundup," we'll have highlights from the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Allison speaks with CBS News senior White House and political correspondent Ed O'Keefe about details of the ceremony -- which was like no other -- and the Biden Administration's agenda. We will also hear from Ken Rudin, host of "Ken Rudin's Political Junkie" podcast. CBS's Weijia Jiang has the details on President Biden's plan to fight...


Weekend Roundup 1/15

Less than a week before President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, law enforcement officials issue a warning, saying the nation faces an unprecedented threat of extremist violence. This as the Department of Justice says it has no direct evidence that some involved in the January 6th storming of the Capitol intended to capture and assassinate elected officials. Allison Keyes talks to CBS's Jeff Pegues. Meanwhile, there are concerns on whether those who stormed the Capitol had help from someone...


Weekend Roundup 1/8

On this edition of the "Weekend Roundup," Chaos at the Capitol. Five people, including a US Capitol Police Officer, are dead after supporters of President Trump stormed the Capitol in an effort to stop the counting of Electoral College ballots. CBS News Correspondent Allison Keyes speaks with CBS's Grace Segers who was inside the Senate gallery when the siege happened. Meanwhile, Twitter has permanently banned President Trump's account, citing "risk of further incitement of violence." CBS...


Weekend Roundup 12/30

In this second half of the "Weekend Roundup" year-end report CBS's Steve Kathan looks back on the COVID-19 pandemic. Correspondent Allison Keyes hears from CBS's Manuel Bojorquez about how the virus spread in Latin America and CBS's Charlie D'Agata on the coronavirus vaccine in Europe. Allison speaks with CBS News Chief Congressional Correspondent Nancy Cordes about the year on Capitol Hill, including President Trump's impeachment trial and CBS News White House Correspondent Steven Portnoy...


Weekend Roundup 12/23

In this week's "CBS News Weekend Roundup," CBS News Correspondent Allison Keyes looks back on the news that made headlines throughout 2020. Globally, more than 1.7 million people died from the coronavirus, but there's new hope with vaccines on the horizon. CBS News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook talks to Allison about taking the Pfizer vaccine this week. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump lost his re-election battle to President-Elect Joe Biden. We hear from CBS's Steven Portnoy...


Weekend Roundup 12/18

The first round of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered across the country. Meanwhile, negotiations continue over a coronavirus stimulus bill. We hear from the correspondents covering President-elect Joe Biden's cabinet nominees. We'll report on a dentist accused of breaking the teeth of his patients to bill their insurance, and take a look at the most popular Christmas movies. Correspondent Steve Dorsey will have these stories and more on the CBS News Weekend Roundup.


Weekend Roundup 12/11

The FDA gives final approval to the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine as health officials warn people not to travel over the Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year's holiday season as cases spike. Some could begin getting the shots as soon as Monday. Allison gets the latest from CBS News Medical Contributor Dr. David Agus and speaks with CBS News Transportation Correspondent Kris Van Cleave about the distribution process and its complications. Allison speaks with psychiatrist Dr. Marketa Wills about how...


Weekend Roundup 12/4

Americans appear to have largely ignored the pleas of health experts to stay home for Thanksgiving amid the coronavirus pandemic, as more than 217-thousand new Covid-19 cases were reported on Thursday, and daily deaths are on the rise as well. CBS's Adriana Diaz reports. Britain has become the first nation to approve Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine. CBS's Elaine Cobbe has the latest. President-elect Joe Biden is expressing strong confidence in the nation's top infectious disease expert Dr....


Weekend Roundup 11/25

The Trump Administration this week finally gave the green light for the formal transfer of power to President-elect Joe Biden to begin, and Mr. Biden introduced part of his cabinet. Allison gets the latest from CBS's Nikole Killion and CBS News Foreign Affairs Analyst Pamela Falk. This as tens of millions are traveling for Thanksgiving despite a CDC recommendation against it. Allison speaks with CBS News Transportation Correspondent Kris Van Cleave about the crowds, and perspective. This...


Weekend Roundup 11/20

The CDC recommends that families do not travel this Thanksgiving, as coronavirus cases continue to rise across the country. Correspondent Allison Keyes gets more from CBS News Medical Contributor Dr. David Agus. Allison speaks with both CBS's Nikole Killion and CBS's Ed O'Keefe about the contentious transition between outgoing President Trump and President-elect Joe Biden as Mister Trump continues his battle to overturn the November 3rd election. Tens of thousands of residents of the...


Weekend Roundup 11/13

We begin with the Covid-19 pandemic as the daily number of new coronavirus cases passes the 150-thousand mark for the first time. CBS's David Begnaud with more. CBS News Medical Contributor Dr. David Agus joins Allison to speak about exciting Covid-19 medical advances this week, including a new vaccine from Pfizer the company says is 90 percent effective. The nation and the world are watching the chaotic transition between outgoing President Trump and incoming President-elect Joe Biden....


Weekend Roundup 11/6

CBS News projects that Democrat Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States. Allison speaks with CBS's Steve Dorsey about how that came about. CBS's Nikole Killion tells us how Vice-President elect Kamala Harris is feeling. CBS's Norah O'Donnell about what President Trump is thinking. CBS's Vicki Barker on reaction from overseas. CBS's Cara Corte on the president's claims about voter fraud. In this week's Kaleidoscope segment, We take a look at CBS News exit polling of Black...


Weekend Roundup 10/30

President Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden are criss-crossing the nation in a last minute push to galvanize voters before the election next Tuesday. CBS's Nikole Killion joins CBS News Correspondent Allison Keyes with the latest. CBS's Chris Martinez reports on the non-traditional locations where people are casting ballots this year. Allison speaks with CBS's Kate Smith as the Supreme Court says it will conference on a Mississippi case that would give justices the chance to review...


Weekend Roundup 10/23

We are less than two weeks away from Election Day. CBS News Correspondent Allison Keyes and CBS White House Correspondent Steven Portnoy look at the issues discussed during the final debate between President Donald Trump and his democratic rival, Joe Biden. CBS This Morning's Tony Dokoupil joins Allison to talk about his special election series, "At America's Crossroads," where he interviews undecided voters. Allison also speaks with prolific actor Larenz Tate about his latest movie,...


Weekend Roundup 10/16

19-Million Americans have already voted and election day is just over two weeks away. CBS News Correspondent Debra Alfarone has the latest. Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus cases is rising in Europe, we hear from CBS News Correspondents Elaine Cobbe in France and Sabina Castelfranco in London. And in this week's Kaleidoscope, Allison Keyes looks at Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a mental illness that affects as many as three-million Americans.