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We are four ordinary Americans who happen to be atheists. In this podcast we discuss topics that are relevant to non-believers.

We are four ordinary Americans who happen to be atheists. In this podcast we discuss topics that are relevant to non-believers.


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We are four ordinary Americans who happen to be atheists. In this podcast we discuss topics that are relevant to non-believers.






Ep#230: Buh Bye Donnie Little-Hands

Follow-up: Huffington Shit-Post @3:27 News: Still no Superman @5:36 Politics: Mystery unsolved @9:01 Jack Jenkins on the role of Christianity @13:01 Trump is God’s chosen candidate “QAnon … is just the Satanic Panic all over again…” How to live among those who see life as a cosmic war Republican senator Ben Sasse in The Atlantic, “QAnon Is Destroying the GOP From Within.” @22:55 accepts “QANON” as a promo code. @26:43 Dems move to reprimand Reps @29:02 Christian nationalist...


Ep#229: the Sedition Caucus

News: Sheldon Adelson is dead @1:51 Politics: Georgia: Dems win, holy shit! @4:59 Another call @6:23 Attempted Coup: Insurrectionists storm congress @10:25 Giuliani may be disbarred @11:57 One of the insurrectionists was former Pennsylvania State Rep. Rick Saccone One of the guys breaching the Capitol was West Virginia State Delegate Derrick Evans Police Chief says unable to call in Guard Capitol police Chief denied aid by Sgt at arms of both houses And now they have all resigned The...


Ep#228: The night before....

Follow-up: Mubarak Bala was supposed to have been released from prison @3:41 Coronavirus: Luke Letlow, announced right after recording last week @4:59 a COVID outbreak in Martha’s Vineyard 8:01 CA funeral homes out of space @9:07 At the current pace, “it would take almost 10 years to get the pandemic under control.” @10:20 A pharmacist in Wisconsin sabotaged more than 500 doses @12:01 Mandate Vaccines? @20:34 Politics: One pardon we didn’t discuss @24:03 PA Senate today @27:35 Devin Nunes...


Ep#227: Little kids throwing unlimited piles of money

News: Nashville @1:18 Want to Blow up Trump Plaza? @5:03 Politics: Another Powell witness @8:01 Loeffler keeps posing with white supremacists @14:20 Trump “Save America” slush fund has spent nothing on runoff @18:58 Authoritarian Party suing Pence @20:01 No legal way for Pence Trump overturning election results? Unlikely. Another 26 pardons (Stone, Kushner, Manafort) @43:25 Vetoes defense bill @49:39 Trump signs order allowing states to use anti-poverty funds for religious schools. @51:05...


Ep#226: Pardons, Q, and lack of grieving

News: Court in Nigeria has ruled that Mubarak Bala must be released after eight months of detention without charge. @2:42 Airmen, Sailors, Soldiers, Marines, and….Guardians!?! 3:33 Fact check: Kamala Harris has not called for Christmas having its status as a federal holiday revoked @5:30 Politics: Barr out @6:44 Trump pardons a bunch of people @9:59 And a Florida man @ GOP anti-abortion celeb anti-vaxxer now @30:07 DeVos wants Department of Education staff to “be the resistance” to Biden...


Ep#225: GOP Insanity

Follow-up: Arizona Court says courts can’t determine whether Mormons are Christians @1:49 Politics: Presidential fit Another Giuliani witness is Jesse Richard Morgan…GHOST HUNTER. @8:50 Powell’s Intelligent witness @13:32 Christians hold “Jericho marches” to undo the election @17:41 Graham says Abrams tricked GOP into helping Biden win @21:04 More Trump grifting @23:15 Loeffler poses with KKK leader @25:24 Lin Wood’s insanity @27:49 McConnell roasted on Parler @34:27 Trump’s loss is akin to...


Ep#224: Injustice for All

News: Service animals in flight @1:17 Holiday Suicide myth @4:27 1-800-273-8255 Nine more Catholic priests. There were 16 already discovered. @7:05 Supreme Court declined to take up a case against transgender kids @9:36 Crystal Mason @12:45 Brandon Bernard @14:28 Politics: Jewish group tries to stop Trump arms sale @23:56 Trump making Yemen worse “Save America” PAC is a bait and switch scam Sidney Powell says to boycott runoff election @31:19 “The most petulant 46 minutes in American...


Ep#223: DiaperDon Grifting the World

Follow-up: Ten Commandments monument guy found guilty of felony criminal mischief. @1:51 News: Mysterious metal monolith found in the Utah desert has vanished. @6:31 After the Utah monolith disappeared, another one showed up in Romania! YouTube suspends One America News @11:31 TN - “tens of people” came to COVID-denial protest @12:14 Jewish traditions @16:02 NJ - Appellate court ruled that policy “by only disciplining women won't fly @19:37 AK - Army Corps says “no” to proposed gold mine...


Ep#222: Touching your penis is great!

Topic for discussion. What are you thankful for? 2020: There are more atheists in state and federal offices than ever before. @7:19 And now they have one more to add to their ranks: Rep. Don Beyer Emily Murphy, administrator of the General Services Administration @11:47 Biden announced “climate czar” John Kerry, the next president’s Climate Envoy. @12:37 Biden losing Catholic support? “an appalling failure to exercise ethical judgment.” @14:43 Ryan Burge: Biden won because of the nones...


Ep#221: On their knees "monkey-brain" worshipping him

Trump & Cronies: All the presidential lawsuits @1:58 Trump retreats in PA @3:47 LadyG asks Georgia to throw out votes @12:52 Fox cutting away He’s fueled by “name it and claim it” prosperity theology. @20:01 Kayleigh McEnany Breaks White House Record With Crowd Tally, only off by about 980,000. @24:00 Jared’s Chimp theory @26:33 Atlas idiot @29:09 Alito clearly doesn’t think much of “experts” or “rights.” @34:35 There’s going to be a lot of fighting in the courts to undo Drumpf’s undoing....


Ep#220: One part dictator, two parts dipshit

Open discussion on SNL @0:00 Topic for discussion. Steve Bannon vs Kathy Griffin @4:51 2020 Election Follow-up: Cucker Tarlson “There’s not enough fraud” to make Trump win. @11:51 For those who voted in person, did you notice the aroma of Christ? @12:50 Paula White promising angels are being dispatched to save Trump’s electoral prospects. @14:02 Ken Copeland laughing @15:05 The President of the United States has claimed that he has already won the election @24:13 Pilger resigns position...


Ep#219: Pack your bags, Bitches!

Follow-up: Sober Ian reads Jewish bedtime story @4:20 Election check-in @7:17 First Senate call @9:47 Keith Raniere, head of the NXIVM cult, is sentenced to 120 years in prison @11:27 Tensions are boiling between France and some Muslim-majority nations over free expression and “blasphemy.” @23:55 President Macron on Saturday: “I understand that one can be shocked by cartoons, but I will never accept that one can justify violence. Our freedoms, our rights, I consider it our vocation to...


Ep#218: flU.S.A, flU.S.A, flU.S.A!

Follow-up: At once elfin and Mephistophelian, the Amazing Randi @3:01 Paty was posthumously awarded the Légion d’honneur by President Macron @8:49 Reuters reports on the chilling effect this kind of terror has in France Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan accuses French President Emmanuel Macron of “attacking Islam,” Trump & Cronies: Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed @20:10 Barrett’s adherence to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church’s Magisterium @22:47 If you’re feeling terrified and...


Ep#217: Trump vs. the World

The Comey Rule miniseries discussion @0:00 Show starts @4:20 Local news: Exec order to be ignored @5:31 ACE opposes order 2020: Comments from the GOP @8:22 GOP will not remove ballot boxes Trump & Cronies: Trump calls Dr. Fauci and other medical experts “idiots” and “attacks” Joe Biden with the claim that Biden will “listen to the scientists.” @17:03 Those women and their dishwashers @21:35 GA - Dem Trump supporter crowd surfs @23:04 TRUMP'S WEIRDEST WAR ON CHRISTMAS @25:56 Giulliani against...


Ep#216: Total Cuck Talk

Follow-up: humanist weddings can now have 15 attendees @7:44 Facebook bans QAnon @10:13 2020: there was the part where Pence said @12:15 The New England Journal of Medicine doesn’t endorse Biden, but very much un-dorses the president. @18:48 GOP told to remove fake ballot boxes @22:57 Trump & Cronies: One of Trump’s COVID treatments—which he called “miracles coming down from God”—was developed with a cell line derived from abortion tissue @32:25 Trump says he’s now “immune” to COVID-19,...


Ep#215: COVID Wrecks White House

Follow-up: Kim Davis is back! And in the Supreme Court @3:33 Racehorse theory @9:36 Trump & Cronies: Trumps have tested positive for COVID-19 @12:48 The official updates coming from Trump’s doctor Gold Star event Trump signing blank pieces of paper And then there was the drive-by “Conspiracy theorists on the extreme fringe @35:14 Coronavirus: “PSAs with C-list celebrities.” @38:34 Membership in anti-mask Facebook groups has grown 1800% @45:11 “The President: the single largest driver of...


Ep#214: Debate Debacle

Announcement: Atheists United is running a fundraiser to help with the California wildfire crisis @1:33 YouTube super-algorithm is taking down videos that debunk conspiracy theories @1:55 2020: Fact check on debate followed by DEBATE TALK @5:24 Trump campaign discussing how to cheat @12:20 Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court is indeed Amy Coney Barrett @16:45 Trump & Cronies: Tax info @18:43 Additional Taxes The Attorney General of the United States at the National Catholic Prayer...


Ep#213: Amy v Allison

This week: Zombie Hurricanes @2:00 News: Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday night. @3:38 Quick question: How do you overturn a Supreme Court decision? Pastor’s prayer responsible? @5:30 Intercessors for America tells supporters the timing of Ginsburg’s death shows this is what God wanted @6:46 Let’s meet Judge Amy Coney Barrett @11:46 Or Allison Jones Rushing? Why does it have to be a woman? Pelosi’s full quiver @19:36 2020: Trump says if Biden wins, “There will be no God.” @29:00 Charlie...


Ep#212: Trump's America

Religious Nonsense: This is what it was for some folks to work for Ken Ham’s Creation Museum. @2:45 Jim Bakker’s buckets of food @5:41 Sunk Cost Fallacy @9:37 Coronavirus: Dashboard CFI: Coronavirus Resource Center FDA is keeping a running list of phoney COVID-19 products “Army ants will sometimes walk in circles until they die.” @15:16 AstraZeneca puts the brakes on a COVID-19 vaccine Trial restarts @18:37 Russian vaccine: “It’s clear that something is wrong with the data.” @18:37 Political...


Ep#211: Trump makes waves with Losers and Suckers

Follow-up: @1:30 Sweden’s COVID death rate per capita is *slightly* higher than US Obesity is 38-39%, overweight is 71% @2:06 Sturgis @2:42 Coronavirus: John MacArthur of Grace Community Church: “There is no pandemic.” @7:53 Why people believe false conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 death toll What is known about the CDC’s claim that states need to get ready for a vaccine @12:22 The timing, of course, feels suspicious Big Pharma has concluded that Trump’s vaccine promises are not good...