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Two friends and the occasional guest look back on the films of our youth to see if they hold up or emotionally devastate us

Two friends and the occasional guest look back on the films of our youth to see if they hold up or emotionally devastate us
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Two friends and the occasional guest look back on the films of our youth to see if they hold up or emotionally devastate us






This is a crisis - ep 40

Guys? We are in the midst of a crisis. Pretty Little Mamas has vanished. MTV is ghosting us and no one knows what to do. Matt and Liz discuss this tragedy and the rumors we've heard on this week's ep. #Justice4PLM!!!


Pretty Little Mamas s1e2 - Ep 39

More you guys. As if the reveal that the girls had a friend who was brutally murdered wasn't dark enough in ep. 1, things go pitch black in ep. 2. This is without question the best show on television right now but we do find ourselves wondering, is MTV criminally negligent for allowing Aaron to be on camera? WHERE IS DR. DREW WHEN YOU REALLY NEED HIM?!


Pretty Little Mamas s01e01 - Ep 38

New Month, New Show, New Us! Now that the disappointing slog of Very Cavallari is behind us, we have been given a gift from the Reality TV gods in the form of MTV's Pretty Little Mamas. For a network that capitalizes on young mothers, this may be their darkest show yet. Stick with us because we are here to recap all the Pretty Little Mama Drama every week!


Very Cavallari Finale!! - Episode 37

Well folks, we made it. We are here at the VC finale episode and it was.....moderately underwhelming. But apparently the E! gods have shined upon KCav and will be giving us a season 2! I hope they step their game up and listen to our "how to make this great" suggestions.


Very Cavallari s1e7- Episode 36

We here at Don't Ruin My Reality feel personally insulted and distraught with the penultimate episode that we were provided for Season 1 of Very Cavallari. No one cares about the Canadian. By a freakin car, Gurney. Where the hell was Reagan? What a shit show.


Very Cavallari s1e6- Episode 35

This week the Uncommon James gang heads off to Destin, FL where KCav finally lets her hair down, Wirth tells us his biggest insecurity (groan), and Shannon tries desperately to conceal Taylor's big secret by getting as drunk as is humanly possible.


#Justice4Shannon - Very Cavallari s1e5

It feels like we may be on the cusp of some reality tv greatness here! buuuuuuut we're not there quite yet. On the plus side, lots of Jay this week!


Very Cavallari s1e4- Episode 33

This week's ep was woefully lacking in Jay scenes. Lurking in a hallway? That's all we get? Kristin impressed us with her ability to say no to Taylor. And then embarrassed us with her inability to not shit talk another employee during Taylor's interview. Also, Kelly and The Canadian happened. Can we be done with that now please? Plus! Reagan's mom shoots to the top of our Fantasy Reality TV Dinner Party list!


Very Cavallari s1e3- Episode 32

Shenanigoats! We apologize for the delay on this recap ep. Matt was partying it up in Vegas at a Coroners convention for his birthday (yep, you read that correctly) and we weren't able to record until much later. Will Shannon be the black sheep of the Uncommon James fam forever? Will the gang ever get their hands on a label maker? We ask these questions and more on this week's ep!


Very Cavallari - Episode 30

Sometimes a cultural phenomenon occurs and you have to deviate from your original course and focus on the matters at hand. Because it's just that important. And, okay, sure...that's not really what happened here, but as long time KCav stans, Matt and Liz couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk about Kristin Cavallari's new show. And by that we mean, Jay Cutler's new show. TBH this is kind of our whole world now so buckle up, kids.


Camp Nowhere - episode 29

So here's the rub. This movie was bad. It was upsettingly bad. So yeah, we talk about it for a bit, but we also delve into much more interesting topics such as Kid Nation, Baby Foot, Nashville, Very Cavallari, Being unemployed. Also, Liz got married.


Liz Got Fired. Again. Ep 28

Is this episode about a movie? Nope. But it does tell the tale of one woman's 3 week journey into just how much abuse someone will put up with when their job is in a convenient location. Plus! Liz tells the story of Tammy From Accounting in the last 20 minutes and I promise you that it's not to be missed.


Never Been Kissed - Ep 27

This is the final film in our Teen Dramadies segment and we are going out with a bang. All we're gonna say is, Drew Berrymore deserved an oscar for her incredible portrayal of "Josie Grossie" and the fact that she wasn't even nominated is highway robbery. Also there's some super problematic stuff with a teacher falling in love with his student but he's hot so it's no biggie.


Drive Me Crazy - Episode 26

What do you do when the guy you don't even really like that much but wanted to ask you to prom falls on a cheerleader and ruins your plans? You get your super hot neighbor and old friend to pretend to like you! Or something. Honestly, Clarissa had a hard time explaining all of her motivations in this one... Teen Dramadies month continues! (pssst - hot tip! hang out til the end to jam out)


10 Thing I Hate About You - Episode 25

We are still in the thick of our revisit to classic teen films this month, and next up is 10 Things I Hate About You! Heath Ledger's first American Film that begs the question, why is Julia Stiles so angry and what's up with her face? Shout out to friend of the pod Marci for being a true fan of classic cinema!


She's All That - Episode 24

WE. ARE. BACK! After a much needed hiatus, Matt & Liz are back to talk about the beloved classics from our youth. This month we are focused on Teen Dramedies, starting with the 1999 classic, She's All That! Thank god someone took the glasses off that dog and made her a swan, AMIRITE?! Also, Paul Walker is hotter than FPJr. YEAH I SAID IT.


You've Got Mail - Episode 23

Sorry for the delay (Liz has yet again come down with the plague) but here's our Valentines episode! This week we look back at Matt's all time favorite RomCom to see if he can put aside his rosy colored glasses to stare down some hard truths. Kathleen Kelly shops at Starbucks? ESCANDELO!


My Best Friend's Wedding - Episode 22

This movie taught us the meaning of Best Friendship! and Feminism! and how to treat our gay friends! lol jk. Shout out to our #1 Fan, Charlee G! You're never gonna be jello... (p.s. we apologize for dogging on your favorite movie)


Look Who's Talking Now - Episode 21

Some movies give you tears, some movies give you lols, and some movies give you the greatest gif to ever grace the internet. Look Who's Talking Now is mostly just the latter. Plus there's just that raw sexual magnetism between Travolta and Alley.


The Lost World - Jurassic Park - Episode 20

It's still Sequels Month! Despite our week or so absence. Moral of the story is: The Jurassic Park Franchise is fantastic and you're a terrible person if you believe otherwise. Willing to die on this hill.