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Two friends and the occasional guest look back on the films of our youth to see if they hold up or emotionally devastate us

Two friends and the occasional guest look back on the films of our youth to see if they hold up or emotionally devastate us
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Two friends and the occasional guest look back on the films of our youth to see if they hold up or emotionally devastate us






Liz Got Fired. Again. Ep 28

Is this episode about a movie? Nope. But it does tell the tale of one woman's 3 week journey into just how much abuse someone will put up with when their job is in a convenient location. Plus! Liz tells the story of Tammy From Accounting in the last 20 minutes and I promise you that it's not to be missed.


Never Been Kissed - Ep 27

This is the final film in our Teen Dramadies segment and we are going out with a bang. All we're gonna say is, Drew Berrymore deserved an oscar for her incredible portrayal of "Josie Grossie" and the fact that she wasn't even nominated is highway robbery. Also there's some super problematic stuff with a teacher falling in love with his student but he's hot so it's no biggie.


Drive Me Crazy - Episode 27

What do you do when the guy you don't even really like that much but wanted to ask you to prom falls on a cheerleader and ruins your plans? You get your super hot neighbor and old friend to pretend to like you! Or something. Honestly, Clarissa had a hard time explaining all of her motivations in this one... Teen Dramadies month continues! (pssst - hot tip! hang out til the end to jam out)


10 Thing I Hate About You - Episode 25

We are still in the thick of our revisit to classic teen films this month, and next up is 10 Things I Hate About You! Heath Ledger's first American Film that begs the question, why is Julia Stiles so angry and what's up with her face? Shout out to friend of the pod Marci for being a true fan of classic cinema!


She's All That - Episode 24

WE. ARE. BACK! After a much needed hiatus, Matt & Liz are back to talk about the beloved classics from our youth. This month we are focused on Teen Dramedies, starting with the 1999 classic, She's All That! Thank god someone took the glasses off that dog and made her a swan, AMIRITE?! Also, Paul Walker is hotter than FPJr. YEAH I SAID IT.


My Best Friend's Wedding - Episode 22

This movie taught us the meaning of Best Friendship! and Feminism! and how to treat our gay friends! lol jk. Shout out to our #1 Fan, Charlee G! You're never gonna be jello... (p.s. we apologize for dogging on your favorite movie)


Look Who's Talking Now - Episode 21

Some movies give you tears, some movies give you lols, and some movies give you the greatest gif to ever grace the internet. Look Who's Talking Now is mostly just the latter. Plus there's just that raw sexual magnetism between Travolta and Alley.


D2: The Mighty Ducks - Episode 19

January is sequels month here on DRMC! For our first episode of the year, Matt & Liz take a look back at the second Mighty Ducks film to discuss the staggering star power of Kenan Thompson, as well as ask hard hitting questions like, how the hell did Gordon Bombay get this job in the first place and how were any of the ducks even qualified to be on TeamUSA?


Home Alone & Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York - Ep 18

This is our last December holiday episode and we are ending with the best of the best. Home Alone & Home Alone 2- Lost in New York are basically perfection but that doesn't mean there aren't a few plot holes here or there (WHY DOES NO ONE CALL THE POLICE?!) Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal


National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - Episode

GUYS GET READY. Matt & Liz break down this holiday classic and they do not see eye to eye. Liz apologizes in advance for possibly ruining your childhood.


A Miracle on 34th street - Episode 17

In an effort to get this episode out on time, Liz did literally zero editing. So... yall have fun with that. Also, Liz and Matt are supremely divided on how good this movie is. Spoiler Alert: Liz is right. as per usual


A Christmas Story - Ep. 15

What's there to rip apart about an iconic holiday classic? Literally nothing. Plus, Liz is in a shit mood so we go on a few tangents. The good new is, this week is a double feature and there's TONS to talk about in Ep. 16: The Santa Clause


Clueless - Episode 14

A film that begs the question, "Would you fuck your step brother if he were hot like 1995's Paul Rudd?" A podcast that reluctantly answers, "Yeah, probs. But it's still weird."


Matt & Liz get Real Messy- Ep. 13.5

Look. Im gonna be square with you guys. I am writing this description while im shitfaced and waiting for the audio file to load. Which is appropriate, because matt and i were hammered when we recorded the bonus ep. ANYHOW things we cover: 1. Mambo #5 is a good song 2. #TeamMiranda 3. Men need to keep their dicks to themselves. But like for real tho HAPPY THANKSGIVING Also? Shout out to Faye! Hey girl hey!


The Waterboy - Episode 13

Okay so here's the deal. This movie his hilarious if you don't think about it. So drink a lot, lean back, and enjoy the show. FYI- Matt & Liz take many tangental detours and end up having to split the episode up! Check out our bonus ep. for Turkey Day funsies! also FYI- Liz is hammered while typing this. shhhhhhh dont tell anyone


Dunston Checks In - Episode 12

This week, Liz & Matt take a drunken look back on Dunston Checks In. To be honest, we have no idea why. Which is why there are lots and lots of personal off topic stories and tangents.


Angels in the Outfield - Episode 11

Stop what you're doing right now and watch this movie. It COMPLETELY holds up. And then head back over to us and listen to this week's episode where Matt and Liz wax poetic about baseball movies and the anti smoking campaigns of 90s pop culture!


Hocus Pocus - Episode 10

It's only fitting that the last episode of our October Spooktacular would be the quintessential Halloween kids movie. If you don't love Hocus Pocus, you might be a bad person. And that includes the 30 asshole critics who gave this movie a bad review. Liz rants about that. But to be honest, this movie is perfection. So the gang (including call-in friend Lindsay Marie of Facebook cyber bullying fame) takes a few conversational detours. Highlights include: Carrie Bradshaw SUCKS and boy oh boy...


Bedknobs and Broomsticks - Episode 9

So... as it turns out... this Disney musical from the 1970s isn't a scary movie at all; despite having witches and Nazis! WHO COULD HAVE POSSIBLY KNOWN. Oh well. This week, Matt & Liz take a look back at Bedknobs and mostly discuss what a QUEEN Angela Lansbury is.


BeetleJuice - Episode 8

In our third Spooky-ooky October installment, Matt & Liz take a drunken look back at Tim Burton's 1988 classic Beetlejuice. How does Beetlejuice's sexual assaulty vibes hold up in this current climate? Is this the hottest version of Alec Baldwin? Was Lydia the original emo kid? What do you do when you find out your partner is keeping a black widow as a pet? The pals discuss all this and more!