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Does Stuart Little Hold Up?

Website | Merch | Twitter This week, The VCR Kids dig into our Nostalgia Briefcase and pull out Stuart Little. Did you know this movie was written by M. Night Shamalyan? And it came out the SAME YEAR as The Sixth Sense? Coincidence? We'll see.. Stuart Little stars Michael J. Fox, Hugh Laurie, Gena Davis, Nathan Lane, and way more people you know! It also got a few Oscar nods. Overall, we were pretty surprised by how little we remembered about this movie. Definitely worth the time to check...


Does James and the Giant Peach Hold Up?

Merch | Website | Twitter From the director of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, we watched 1996’s James and the Giant Peach. To say this is an entomologist’s fever dream is an understatement. Robot sharks, giant bugs, and juicy peaches abound. Does this stop motion film still hold up? Listen to The VCR Kids to find out. Every week we watch a movie from our childhood to see if it still holds up. A perfect podcast for millennials, 90s kids, and everyone else in that general area....


Does The Rocketeer Hold Up?

Website | Merch | Twitter This week we rewatched Disney’s The Rocketeer. A movie that holds a special place for those of us who watched it as youngsters, but generally has fallen off of the face of the earth. Why is that? We talk about our recollections of the movie, then we give it a review after rewatching it 28 years later. Let us know your opinions on Twitter or by emailing us at and let us know your address for a free button! Next week we are watching James and...


Aladdin 1992 Vs. 2019 - Which is Better?

Website | Merch | Twitter We watched Aladdin from 1992 and 2019 to let you know if the Disney Live Action Remake is worth watching. Does Will Smith carry the mantle from Robin Williams? We talk about our memories of the original movie. Then we give a review after watching it through adult eyes. Finally, we saw the new Live Action remake of Aladdin to see if it’s worth seeing. Listen to our podcast now to find out! Let us know your thoughts on Twitter!


The Pagemaster

Website | March | Twitter Christopher Lloyd, Patrick Stewart, Whoopie Goldberg and more lend their voices to this half-live action, half-animated Macaulay Culkin vehicle from 1994. What made this movie hold such a strong place in Twitter’s heart? This week we talk our memories of The Pagemaster and then give it a review after seeing it 25 years later. If you like our show, please give us a 5 Star Rating and Review on iTunes, and tell a friend!


Air Bud

Website | Merch | Twitter Have you ever wanted to see a dog play basketball? Well, we never thought we wanted to either. But after watching Air Bud, I really do. We can't speak for all the sequels, but this one was not too bad. It also led us down an interesting rabbit hole of researching the story of the real Buddy... who stars in this movie! If you have thoughts or feedback on this episode, let us know on Twitter or email us at The VCR Kids and Jim the Shoulder Cat...


Godzilla (1998)

Website | Merch | Twitter Godzilla came out in 1998 and it is a RELIC of it's time. A terrible, poorly thought out, just all around dumb relic. Matthew Broderick plays a worm scientist, the French characters cannot stop talking about coffee, and a giant, radiated iguana has a REAL hunger for some fish. Listen to the latest episode of The VCR Kids to hear our memories, and our thoughts on rewatching. This week's promo is for Suck My Fic. Check them out at or on Twitter...


101 Dalmatians (1996)

Shoulder Cats Radio | Get Our Merch | Follow us on Twitter This summer is the season for Live-Action Remakes of Disney Classics. We decided we would get the party started with one of the first: 101 Dalmatians. If you remember anything from this movie, it was probably Glenn Close’s turn at Cruella. It was definitely interesting to revisit. If you have fond memories of this movie, join the conversation with us on Twitter! If you have a friend you think would like The VCR Kids, show them how...


Pokemon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back

More Follow us on Twitter Get VCR Kids TeeShirts We wanted to be the very best, so we watched the movie with the LONGEST TITLE WE HAVE EVER DONE. Pokemon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back (1998) is basically just a long episode of the TV Show. It does give us a chance to talk about this HUGE piece of 90’s pop culture. The gang talks their favorite Pokemon, their experience with the show, video games, and cards. Let us know your thoughts on this movie on Twitter: does this...


Nire's First Episode!

Hey, VCR Family! We have another special episode for you! If you like Jay and Erin, check out their new show, NIRE. This is episode one (which just premiered today) for your listening pleasure. If you like it, please check out the show! You can search for "NIRE" on your favorite podcast app, or go to our website ( for more info and links to subscribe! Future episodes of Nire will NOT show up on The VCR Kids feed, so make sure you subscribe to Nire if you like it!


Galaxy Quest

Visit Our Website Get Our Merch! Listen to Nire We kept it in the 1999's Space vibes this week and watched Galaxy Quest. More Tim Allen? Yes... but also Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and more! We had a fun time revisiting this movie, and we think you will too! Please give us a 5-star rating and review, and tell your friends about our show! We really appreciate all our listeners and want to hear what you think, so hit us up on Twitter!


Muppets From Space

Check out our Website! VCR Kids Merch Follow us on Twitter This week we revisit The Muppets for 1999's Muppets From Space! This is a cameo-ridden, huge cast, kind of all over the place movie. Please tell your friends about us on Twitter for a chance to win a FREE VCR Kids T-Shirt! Just tweet your favorite episode with the hashtag #VCRKids and we'll select one lucky winner to receive our Couch Shirt absolutely free!



More Erin picked a movie, you guys. We watched Matilda, a Danny DeVito film and discuss attitudes towards adults, nudity in films and TV, and whether or not the movie holds up. Listen now and tell your friends!


The Day After Tomorrow

APRIL FOOLS! We teamed up with podcasters AROUND THE WORLD... wide web to hijack each others feeds on this national holiday of embarrassment, so I hope you guys enjoy this episode by Guess What You're Going to Hate! Find them online at and on all social media @HatePodcast Enjoy this special episode, and we'll see you tomorrow for your regularly scheduled VCR Kids!


The Mask

More SMOKIN’! We watched The Mask and talk all about the 1994 film that BROKE popular culture. Why do we remember the Saturday morning cartoon more than the movie who spawned it? Maybe a rewatch will answer those questions. Guess what, Erin fell asleep!


Rookie of the Year

Check out our new merch!!! You asked and we delivered! Check out our memories and review of Rookie of the Year? Love this movie? Hate it? Let us know your thoughts! Hit us up on Twitter and Facebook @TheVCRKids or at our website.


The Rescuers Down Under

The Rescuers Down Under was one of those rare movies in which the sequel was actually way better! We enjoyed revisiting this classic film from our childhoods and hope you enjoy hearing us talk about it!


051 The Neverending Story II

To bring in our second 50 movies, we’re going back to where it all began! You may or may not have seen this sequel to the classic kids movie, but Jay definitely did! Erin, predictably, is not a fan. And Richard rides the line of enjoyment and criticism. Check out our latest episode to revisit Fantasia, Atreyu, Falcor and Bastian!


050 Shrek

We know, we know, this movie is a bit out of our normal timeline. But hey, it had a big impact on us as (older) kids and on movies to come, so we figured it was time to dig into Shrek and see if it still holds up! Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @TheVCRKids or on Facebook by searching for The VCR Family!


049 Babe

We watched the Oscar-Nominated film Babe in honor of the Year of the Pig. What a surprise this was! For a film that has fallen into almost complete obscurity, this definitely makes it onto our “revisit” list.