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BNBO Ep 43 De-Mystifying R3

Mike McKnight and Aimee Russell. Kirsten Black and Samantha Pedder of Council to Advance Hunting and Shooting Sports. In this episode Aimee and I talk about Aimee's ways of coping with not being able to fish by going shooting. Then I discuss my experience taking a UTAH Non Resident CCW Class. Plus new T-Shirts came in. Then Mike talks with Kirsten and Samantha about the nuts and bolts of R3 and how you can get involved in your state. Then I talk about the homeless and how it's getting worse...


BNBO Ep 48 Gettin' Hoge Wild

This week we are joined by Country Music Singer Songwriter and TV Personality Lucas Hoge. Lucas is also an ambassador for Cabela's/Bass Pro Shops as well as Southwest Airlines and GSM Outdoors. We talk about his career. Hunting and fishing growing up. New music and his new Hoge Wild TV show coming later this year. Plus he talks about touring with the troops overseas and how dangerous things are still. Plus we play one of Lucas' new songs.


BNBO Ep 47 Turkeys, Hogs and Babies?

In this episode Mike and Aimee recount Mike's latest run and gun hog hunt. Kevin Vella of NWTF and NWTF California comes in studio to recap the NWTF Convention in Nashville. Plus talk about the latest on NWTF and NWTF California. Plus Kevin reveals he's gonna be a dad right before turkey season! Also a big reveal on next week's guest


BNBO Ep 46 Stripers and Strippers

This episode Aimee Russell got Trophy Striper Guide Billy Driessen from Orland, California talking monster Striped Bass fishing as well as some revealing info about what he did prior to guiding. Plus Aimee and I talk about my latest pheasant trip and things we've forgotten going fishing.


BNBO Ep 45 I Bought A Gun Dog

In this episode I talk about my process in finding a gun dog. Plus Aimee Russell, Female Angler and Prostaffer joins be for her first full episode. We talk talk about the Banana on a Fishing Boat myth. Capt. Chris Smith of Happy Hooker Sportfishing joined us for this as well as talking about his new boat for this spring. Plus Aimie and I talk about poachers, wild turkeys and people doing stupid things with wild animals.


BNBO Ep 44 Shutdowns & the Sportsman

So much going on I had to do two episodes this week. With another government shutdown looming how does that avvect you and me as the sportsman. Maybe more than you realize. Dr. Steve Williams of the Wildlife Management Institute talks about that. Plus big public land vote this week and I have a story to illustrate why we can't just do nothing.


BNBO Ep 43 Sportsmen's Alliance

This week we talk the politics of the outdoors and how we and our way of life are constantly under attack by the "Anti's". Brian Lynn and Bruce Tague from the Sportsmen's Alliance talk hot button issues of hunting and fishing and maybe correct some misinformation of things you may have seen on social media.


BNBO Ep 42 Great Wild Game Eating

In this episode I am joined by the always entertaining Jeremiah Doughty - From Field To Plate. We talk football, common processing mistakes, great recipes for your wild game. Deer and Elk to Ducks and Turkey to Doves and hogs. We cover it all. Plus I talk about what we all hate to think about, losing a motor while fishing. It happened on a recent bass trip.


BNBO Ep 41 A Girl & A Gun

In this episode I talk about female Conceal Carry numbers are on the rise. Plus resources for women wanting to Conceal Carry and SHOT Show Guests: Mark Oliva-National Shooting Sports Foundation, Julianna Crowder-Founder & Robyn Sandoval-Executive Director of A Girl & A Gun, Aimee Russell-Female Angler and Prostaffer


BNBO Ep 40 Getting Schooled

In this episode I talk to a number of professional educators that have managed to incorporate hunting, fishing and the outdoors into the curriculum. Not as an off campus club but as an actual elective class. don't look now but one school actually is talking about guns in school and it's not an active shooter drill. Guests: Joel Foster, Superintendent. North Butler and Clarksville Schools in Iowa. Autumn Funk, Superintendent and Principal as well as Bob Edmunds of Castle Rock Elementary...


BNBO Ep 39 Salmon, Sea Lions & Orcas

Guests: James Stone, Elite Sportsman Guide Service, President of the NGASA. Casey McLean, Executive Director and Veterinary Nurse of SR3 Sealife Response. Dr. Brian Riddell, President and CEO of Pacific Salmon Foundation. Subjects Discussed: James' is now on a Salmon Sub Panel of the PFMC to advocate for inland CA Salmon issues. Casey talks about the recent increase in Sea Lion shootings in Seattle. Dr. Riddell talks about Salmon, Sea Lions and Orcas in the NW Washington and BC areas....


BNBO Ep 38 Ugly Ass Fish

Guests: Ryan Mosely Fisheries Biologist with the Utah DWR. Subjects Discussed: Mike talks about the signing of a marketing company for the show and changes to the show coming in the spring. Also, Mike talks about a rescue he was involved in at the coast which resulted in a surprise. Mike and Ryan talk about Flaming Gorge and the Burbot and the BurbotBash. As well as the overall health of Kokes and Lake Trout in the fishery.


BNBO Ep 37 The Lobster Episode

Guests: Dr. Richard Wahle, Director of the Lobster Institute at the University of Maine Darling Research Center. Dave Rudie Owner and Founder of Catalina Offshore Products in San Diego. Topics Discussed: What else Lobster and more. Mike recounts his latest Lobster trip to Catalina. Dr. Wahle talks Lobster 101 and the American or Maine Lobster and issues affecting them. Dave Rudie gives equal time to the California Spiny Lobster. Both discuss issues with each species as well as the tariff...


BNBO Ep 36 The Horses of Devil's Garden

Mike McKnight talks with Suzanne Roy of the American Wild Horse Campaign. Subjects Discussed: Mike talks about Northern California Fall River Salmon. Ocean vs. River caught. Mike also talks about his history with horses as a kid and teenager and does a summary of wild horses in North America. Then Mike and Suzanne talk about the Devil's Garden Plateau in North Eastern CA and the Federal roundup to reduce the population. Why the population isn't managed better to avoid horses being sold for...


BNBO Ep 35 Dead Deer Walking

Guest: Dr. Tracy Nichols is a molecular biologist in the Management of Ungulate Disease and Damage project formerly at the NWRC. Her research interests include transmission of chronic wasting disease (CWD), prion biology, role of the environment and environmental constituents in CWD spread, and evaluation of ante-mortem testing for CWD. Subjects Discussed; Chronic Wasting Disease in a variety of Deer, Elk and Moose. What the current state of research is telling us regarding the development...


BNBO Ep 34 Yellowstone Cutthroats Return

Guests: Dr. Bob Gresswell emeritus research biologist and affiliate assistant professor in the Department of Ecology at Montana State University. Also a research biologist for the USGS at the Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center Topics Discussed: The near extinction of the Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout. The suppression and removal of invasive Lake Trout. The rebound and future of Cutthroats in Yellowstone and the ecosystem.


BNBO Ep 33 Birds & Diving for Bugs

Guests: Jeremiah Pierce, Jolene Begley, Kevin Vella from NWTF/ Carter Crary from Malibu Divers Topics Discussed: Jeremiah started a new local NWTF chapter right here in Northern CA Central Valley. NWTF Regional Director Jolene Begley talks recruiting and programs. NWTF District Biologist Kevin Vella talks habitat restoration. Carter Crary of Malibu Divers talks about hunting Spiny Lobster on Calatina Island, Channel Islands, San Diego and Malibu.


BNBO Ep 32 Drinking Pee

Guests; Thomas Coyne of Coyne Survival Schools. Mark Wiza former Tahoe fishing guide and high country adventurer Topics Discussed: Basic Survival skills you need to master before a hike or a hunt. Debunking Survival TV Shows. High country packing and fishing.


BNBO Ep 31 The WIIN Act - Poison

Guests: John Masden USDA Weed Research & Information UC Davis, Michael Birch FLW Tournament Angler/Delta Advocate NCGASA Delta Anglers Coalition. Subjects discussed: Herbicides like Glyphosate being used in the CA Delta as well as Sonar. It it killing fish and causing Algal Blooms. Florida Algal Blooms and Red Tides. The WIIN Act is behind it all killing the Delta.


BNBO Ep 30 Let It Burn

Guests: Dr. Alan Taylor, professor of Geography and Associate in the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute at Penn State. Rich Gordon CA Forestry Association. Peter Tira PIO From CA Dept, of Fish & Wildlife, Assemblyman Jim Wood D-Santa Rosa. Subjects Discussed: Mike talks about changes to the podcast coming now that he is out of terrestrial radio. CA Salmon Season. CA and the West are burning to the ground. Suppression of wildfires has us in the position we are in of big intense fires....