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Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 016

This time out we continue our gun rescue series with stories of the rescue of the H&R 925 metalwork and the ambitious plans of Bwana's new grip making process. I'm sure after this you will be looking forward to what he comes up with just as much as I do! The Lakefield is going brilliantly thus far and is excellent in all respects as I knew it would be. Join us!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 015

Gun Rescue 1 - We begin our Gun Rescue series with a couple of gun show finds that caught our eye. We cover what qualifies and why we like to embark on a firearm rescue in the first place then go into how to select something that might work. Join us for the first of this small series.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 014

This week Bwana and Sean talk about their favourite guns and why they carry a special place in our hearts. Some we paid to much to attain them and others we out and out stole to get a hold of them. It's a sordid tale of greed here on this weeks episode of Hawkseye Guns Podcast!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 013

After our break in August Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast is back with the cast we've put off for a while now - Should I modify my pistol? We (and by we I mean mostly Bwana because of the two of us he's the pistol guy) tackle all things pistols and what folks do to them. Join us!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 012

It's super hot in Dallas here in the summer time but we still got a chance to shoot some and get reacquainted with a staple of our childhood in the form of airguns. From the old rigs we all had as kids to the newest break barrels they have today.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 011

This week on the show we talk mainly about .22 rifles. Market trends, our recent experiences, Bwana's sticker shock at pricing modern .22 rifles and options when making a purchase. We also answer our first listener email on the show! Join us!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 010

This week we end the Shotgun series with - How To Shoot A Shotgun. We could have also named this one what not to do while trying to shoot a shotgun from guys who've done all of these things. I'll be kind here and let you know that we speak from experience here and leave it there, you know - for Bwana's sake. He's very sensitive and old, I try to startle him or make loud noises. Also, we took a trip to the Fort Worth Gun show and sold a gun. Join us!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 009

This week in the final round of our shotgun series we cover part 2 of buying a used shotgun and how to buy a shotgun for someone else - and other related topics. Basically, we just got back from a gun show and were in a great mood and starting talking about all kinds of unrelated gun topics. Join for a bit of a wandering good time!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 008

In our continuing Shotgun Series, we cover Buying a Used Shotgun in this cast. Bwana and Sean share stories of guns they've purchased used, some of which weren't very good ideas and some of which turned out to be great. We cover what to look for and how to go about getting a used shotgun. Join us!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 007

This week on Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast we cover the first episode of our Shotgun Series - Buying a New Shotgun. What you should look for and decisions you need to be aware of. There's a lot that goes into this process but it's extremely rewarding. Join us and let's talk scatterguns.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 006

This week on the show we talk about some real things that happen out where we live - snakes. While we don't object to the idea of snakes we do have a few issues with certain types of them in close proximity to us. Luckily there is a very effective way to deal with that very situation.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 005

We talk about Sean's favorite type of gun this week - shotguns. This week Bwana and Sean talk what the 4 basic types of shooting we do: skeet, trap, sporting clays & freestyle plus how we have fun the guns we use and more. Join us for an hour of shotgun fun!


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 004

A favorite of ours here at Hawk's Eye Guns is to go to gun shows. There's a lot of static and noise about them in the media right now but we go over how they work, what to expect and what kinds of deals and people you might come across at a show. Believe us, if you've never been its a good time. If you have been, you know what we're talking about here.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 003

One of the most fun things you can do with a gun other than go shooting - buying your first gun! We love buying guns in general but there is something special about the first one you call your own. Join us as Sean and Bwana talk about what to look for and how to go about getting that first firearm.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 002

In this episode of Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast, we cover something exciting, amazing, it's what you've all come here for - Gun Safety! Okay, Okay, it kinda sux and is completely boring. However, everyone has got to go through the basics before we get to the fun stuff.


Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast - 001

Welcome to the first Hawk's Eye Guns Podcast Sean and Bwana talk about why they are doing this cast, why they're into guns and why Sean calls Bwana, well Bwana. Join us!