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32 How Valentine Thomas Makes It Happen

The name Valentine Thomas is one we're sure you will be hearing a lot in the future. This courageous independent woman is a force to be reckoned with. She left her professional life as a financier and lawyer to pursue a life traveling the world spearfishing. Valentine's energy and passion for life is infectious. Listen along as she tells us the story of her journey towards happiness as a spearfisherwoman. Be watching for her adventure cookbook coming out spring 2019 and check out her...


31 How Kreg Mcgee Makes It Happen

Kreg McGee was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005, but he hasn't let it slow him down. Join us for this episode as we sit down with Kreg and hear his story from the diagnosis to the many hunts he has been involved with. We were fortunate enough to talk with Kreg a week after he harvested an amazing 6pt bull elk with Chairbound Sportsman. We also heard about his Corsican Sheep and pheasant hunts he's been a part of. A special thanks to Kreg for letting us come to his home and be...


30 How Leslye and Jeremy Leslie Make It Happen

In this episode we had so much fun sitting down with Leslye and Jeremy Leslie. These two relocated from Georgia to Utah 4 years ago and have immersed themselves in the western outdoors arena full tilt. They are dedicated to the outdoors, committed to ethical hunting, active conservationists and two of the hardest working hunters we know. The story of how Leslye and Jeremy started hunting together and how their move to Utah has changed their lives is close to fairy tale status. After you...


29 How Liz Donaldson Makes It Happen

In this episode we sat down and had a chat with Liz Donaldson known as on Instagram. What a great story and message she has. Her husband Ian and her are fortunate enough to be stationed in Great Falls Montana and they take full advantage of the opportunities that area has to offer. Taking up hunting to spend more time with her husband was the beginning of an outdoor journey that will never cease to provide an enriched life for them. It was so refreshing listening to her...


28 How Kristy Titus Makes It Happen

We couldn't be more excited to bring you this episode!! We were very fortunate that Kristy Titus had a lull in her very busy schedule and was able to talk with us for awhile. We were captivated by her passion for life and her dedication to the numerous organizations that she supports. Kristy's list of accomplishments is mind blowing. We talked about her recent appointment to the board of the NRA, her dedication to the RMEF, her passion and support for WWO (Wounded Warriors Outdoors) as...


27 How Danielle Torpey Makes It Happen

Every once in a great while you get chance to meet someone who has the ability to enjoy life to the fullest every single day. We got that chance when we spent some time talking with Danielle Torpey. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her love of life and especially life outdoors is undeniable. Danielle is fiercely dedicated to the kids she teaches in the classroom and in the outdoors. The Wind River Mountains are her playground and Wyoming is her home.


26 How Jessica Taylor Byers @followherarrow Makes it Happen

Alright folks. We're back from another crazy hunting season. We've had an action packed couple of months and it's time to talk to the folks that were out there making it happen while we were off doing our thing. We are super excited and fortunate to bring you our first return guest. We promised to talk with Jessica after her backcountry elk archery hunt and thanks to her making time for us we did just that. Jessica has just recently returned from one of the biggest hunts of her life so...


25 How Paul Grant and Corey Made It Happen on the Dempster Highway

Have you ever been traveling down the highway and seen a person riding a motorcycle that is loaded down with gear, probably covered with mud to some degree and maybe even has some of the external accessories tied on temporarily? If you have, you were seeing an adventurous soul who seeks the freedom of open spaces and amazing scenery as can only be seen from the seat of a motorcycle. In this episode we sat down with three guys who know what it’s like to ride over 7,000 miles in one trip...


24 How Heather Hodson Makes It Happen

Wow! What an awesome episode this is! If you fly fish or have thought about fly fishing (or even if you don't) you are going to want to listen to this episode. We had so much fun! We were very fortunate that Heather Hodson known as northwestflygirl on Instagram was able to take time out of her extremely busy schedule to talk with us and not only entertain us with some fishing stories, but teach us some stuff along the way. Heather is one of the West's leading fly fishing personalities and...


23 How Bianca known as herhumblehunt makes it Happen

In this episode we had the pleasure of talking to Bianca Jane known as herhumblehunt. Bianca is a driven and dedicated woman who wants to give back to her community and share her love for the outdoors. Bianca's foundation is proof of her desire to help and give back by showing women how fulfilling the outdoors can be. Bianca is an exciting energy packed woman who will go hunting at the drop of a hat. Her bear hunt in the spring of 2018 was a hunt of a lifetime...


22 How Chad Hermansen Makes It Happen

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a professional baseball player? Of course you have, we all did as young children! We are lucky enough to have a close friend who has lived the pro ball player life and is still very much involved in the sport. Chad Hermansen was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us one evening and give us an inside look at how the MLB works. Chad is an outstanding example and role model for the sport of baseball and we...


21 How Brittany and Richard Kichton Make It Happen

Here comes another episode you don't want to miss! We were so fortunate to spend some time talking with Brittany and Richard Kichton. These are two incredible people who have a great story to tell and we are sure you are going to enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed talking with them. For those of you who don't know, Brittany is Miss North Carolina 2011 and is a hunter to the core. Brittany and Richard met in Alberta, Canada while she was on a wolf hunt up there and the rest is...


20 How Jessica Byers followherarrow and Rihana Cary Make it Happen

Prepare yourselves for an exciting episode! We were extremely fortunate to catch Jessica Byers @followherarrow and Rihana Cary @rihanacary together at the same time during and extremely busy weekend for them at the Total Archery Challenge held at the Snowbird Ski Resort in SLC, UT. They are fresh off their trip to Australia and New Zealand and it was so great to hear their stories of the hunts they did and feel the emotion as they relived their success and challenges of hunting in...


19 How Charlie Lansche Makes It Happen

This episode is one we will never forget. We traveled 4 1/2 hours north to Island Park Idaho to spend a day with Charlie Lansche and his son JC. We sat on Charlie's deck with the Henry's Fork of the Snake River 30 feet behind us. Checkout our Instagram @makeithappenoutdoors for the pictures. It's hard to put into words how beautiful it was. Charlie welcomed us in like family and we left feeling that way. Charlie has led a life of making it happen outdoors and is currently an accomplished...


18 How Christen Makes it Happen

In this episode we had the opportunity to sit down with a good friend of ours who has taken her hobby of running to a whole new level. Christen known as christen26.2 on instagram has a running resume that's easy to be envious of. She's an accomplished road and trail runner with multiple marathons, half marathons, ultras, Ragnars etc. Not to mention running the Rim2Rim2Rim run in the Grand Canyon this past spring. #rim2rim2rim. Christen is a perfect example of How To Make It Happen in the...


17 How Yana and Cody Are Making It Happen

If you have ever thought about going off grid then you definitely do not want to miss this episode. We had a great time talking with Yana Robertson and Cody about their lives now, how they met and what they plan on doing in the future. These two have chosen to make a life thriving off grid and are definitely making it happen. You'd be hard pressed to find two people who are more energetic and fun loving than these two. If you want to know more about going off grid or are thinking about...


16 How Wayne Carlton Makes It Happen

This episode is one Brandon and I will never forget. We were honored to get the opportunity to spend a day with a modern day legend in the world of hunting. Wayne Carlton is one of a kind and is one of the most genuine and truly great people we have had the chance to meet. Wayne's knowledge of the animals he hunts and his ability to have a conversation with them is second to none. We apologize for seeming a bit starstruck, but honestly we were. Wayne's video's taught us how to call and hunt...


15 How Dave and Bryson Scott Make it Happen

In this episode we had the opportunity to sit down with two great guests Dave Scott and his son Bryson Scott. Dave has close to a half century of experience as an expert hunter, avid outdoorsman, professional taxidermist, guide and experienced runner. It's likely that Dave has spent more more time in the outdoors than he has indoors. Dave was the third recipient of the Utah Anasazi award. Listen in as Dave explains exactly what that entails. It's not an accomplishment many of us could ever...


14 How Stephanie huntress texas Makes It Happen

In this episode Brandon was solo and had a great time talking with Stephanie (known as huntress_texas) on Instagram). She is a very capable outdoors woman who has no problem going out on her own and making it happen in the outdoors. She has a supreme knowledge of the wildlife she pursues and it's very obvious how much respect she has for them. We will be waiting impatiently for September to see how she does in Colorado on her elk hunt! GOOD LUCK STEPHANIE!! Stephanie is a special soul...


13 How Amanda Marvin Makes It Happen

This weeks episode is one you don't want to miss! We had the pleasure of talking with Amanda Marvin who captivated us with her stories about how Rubin "The Hurricane" Carter motivated her to become a criminal defense lawyer, how she got involved in the sport of motocross, how she became associated with Makeup2Mud and a few of the other crazy things she's done! She is without a doubt an adrenaline junkie who's a motivated, talented, competitive and amazing woman who's making it happen in...