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23 How Bianca known as herhumblehunt makes it Happen

In this episode we had the pleasure of talking to Bianca Jane known as herhumblehunt. Bianca is a driven and dedicated woman who wants to give back to her community and share her love for the outdoors. Bianca's foundation is proof of her desire to help and give back by showing women how fulfilling the outdoors can be. Bianca is an exciting energy packed woman who will go hunting at the drop of a hat. Her bear hunt in the spring of 2018 was a hunt of a lifetime...


22 How Chad Hermansen Makes It Happen

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a professional baseball player? Of course you have, we all did as young children! We are lucky enough to have a close friend who has lived the pro ball player life and is still very much involved in the sport. Chad Hermansen was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule to sit down with us one evening and give us an inside look at how the MLB works. Chad is an outstanding example and role model for the sport of baseball and we...


21 How Brittany and Richard Kichton Make It Happen

Here comes another episode you don't want to miss! We were so fortunate to spend some time talking with Brittany and Richard Kichton. These are two incredible people who have a great story to tell and we are sure you are going to enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed talking with them. For those of you who don't know, Brittany is Miss North Carolina 2011 and is a hunter to the core. Brittany and Richard met in Alberta, Canada while she was on a wolf hunt up there and the rest is...


20 How Jessica Byers followherarrow and Rihana Cary Make it Happen

Prepare yourselves for an exciting episode! We were extremely fortunate to catch Jessica Byers @followherarrow and Rihana Cary @rihanacary together at the same time during and extremely busy weekend for them at the Total Archery Challenge held at the Snowbird Ski Resort in SLC, UT. They are fresh off their trip to Australia and New Zealand and it was so great to hear their stories of the hunts they did and feel the emotion as they relived their success and challenges of hunting in...


19 How Charlie Lansche Makes It Happen

This episode is one we will never forget. We traveled 4 1/2 hours north to Island Park Idaho to spend a day with Charlie Lansche and his son JC. We sat on Charlie's deck with the Henry's Fork of the Snake River 30 feet behind us. Checkout our Instagram @makeithappenoutdoors for the pictures. It's hard to put into words how beautiful it was. Charlie welcomed us in like family and we left feeling that way. Charlie has led a life of making it happen outdoors and is currently an accomplished...


18 How Christen Makes it Happen

In this episode we had the opportunity to sit down with a good friend of ours who has taken her hobby of running to a whole new level. Christen known as christen26.2 on instagram has a running resume that's easy to be envious of. She's an accomplished road and trail runner with multiple marathons, half marathons, ultras, Ragnars etc. Not to mention running the Rim2Rim2Rim run in the Grand Canyon this past spring. #rim2rim2rim. Christen is a perfect example of How To Make It Happen in the...


17 How Yana and Cody Are Making It Happen

If you have ever thought about going off grid then you definitely do not want to miss this episode. We had a great time talking with Yana Robertson and Cody about their lives now, how they met and what they plan on doing in the future. These two have chosen to make a life thriving off grid and are definitely making it happen. You'd be hard pressed to find two people who are more energetic and fun loving than these two. If you want to know more about going off grid or are thinking about...


16 How Wayne Carlton Makes It Happen

This episode is one Brandon and I will never forget. We were honored to get the opportunity to spend a day with a modern day legend in the world of hunting. Wayne Carlton is one of a kind and is one of the most genuine and truly great people we have had the chance to meet. Wayne's knowledge of the animals he hunts and his ability to have a conversation with them is second to none. We apologize for seeming a bit starstruck, but honestly we were. Wayne's video's taught us how to call and...


15 How Dave and Bryson Scott Make it Happen

In this episode we had the opportunity to sit down with two great guests Dave Scott and his son Bryson Scott. Dave has close to a half century of experience as an expert hunter, avid outdoorsman, professional taxidermist, guide and experienced runner. It's likely that Dave has spent more more time in the outdoors than he has indoors. Dave was the third recipient of the Utah Anasazi award. Listen in as Dave explains exactly what that entails. It's not an accomplishment many of us could ever...


14 How Stephanie huntress texas Makes It Happen

In this episode Brandon was solo and had a great time talking with Stephanie (known as huntress_texas) on Instagram). She is a very capable outdoors woman who has no problem going out on her own and making it happen in the outdoors. She has a supreme knowledge of the wildlife she pursues and it's very obvious how much respect she has for them. We will be waiting impatiently for September to see how she does in Colorado on her elk hunt! GOOD LUCK STEPHANIE!! Stephanie is a special soul...


13 How Amanda Marvin Makes It Happen

This weeks episode is one you don't want to miss! We had the pleasure of talking with Amanda Marvin who captivated us with her stories about how Rubin "The Hurricane" Carter motivated her to become a criminal defense lawyer, how she got involved in the sport of motocross, how she became associated with Makeup2Mud and a few of the other crazy things she's done! She is without a doubt an adrenaline junkie who's a motivated, talented, competitive and amazing woman who's making it happen in...


12 Special Episode with Gino Ferrare

In this weeks episode we have a special guest Gino Ferrare. Gino is a co-founder of PetClub247 and we're sure you will be as excited as we were to hear what he has to offer the pet owners community. We love our pets here at Make It Happen Outdoors and want what's best for them as we're sure you do. As always please email us at or direct message us on Instagram @makeithappenoutdoors with any questions thoughts or suggestions. Please visit or...


11 How Robin Makes It Happen

In this weeks episode we had the pleasure of having a conversation with Robin. She saw a need to get more women involved in the outdoors and decided to do something about it. With her experience and talent she took it upon herself to help make that happen. She's started successful Instagram pages wyomingladyanglers and white_mountain_woman as well as the websites and Robin can surely hold her own on the water and is a great source of...


10 How Dave Allenbach Makes It Happen

In this weeks episode we sit down with Dave Allenbach. Dave is a well rounded outdoorsman who has a ton of knowledge about fishing, backpacking and permaculture living. Dave is a student of the earth who gets his fix being outdoors. He is a humble man with the right attitude and is passionate about making it happen in the outdoors. If you run into him on one of your adventures be sure to ask him if he has caught his own "Old Jake" yet. As always thanks for listening.


09 How Matt Jorgensen Makes It Happen

There's gold in them thar hills!! In this weeks episode we had the opportunity to sit down with Matt Jorgensen and hear how he spends his time making it happen in the outdoors. Matt is a modern day prospector who is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to finding treasure. Matt tells us tales of treasure, gold, gems and history that will make you want to get out and go find some stuff of your own! As always thank you for listening and good luck in your adventures.


08 How Miriam Makes It Happen

This week we had a blast sitting down with Miriam and hearing her story. She's a modern day adventurer who was brave enough to strike out on her own at 19 years old and make her way across the country! Listen in as she tells us about her hikes, her road trips and her adventures. If she puts her mind to something, she's going to do it! Miriam lives everyday making it happen in the outdoors. Check out her Instagram page @miriamonthemoon


07 How Weston Beckstead Makes It Happen

Join us this week as we sit down with family and friends and listen to the story of how Weston Beckstead shot the bull elk of a lifetime. We laugh, we cry and get pretty personal as the story unfolds. It's a story that took many many years to come together. Weston sure knows how to Make It Happen in the Outdoors.


06 How Sidney Smith Makes It Happen

In this weeks episode we had the extreme pleasure of talking with Sidney Smith. We are very grateful to Sidney for this opportunity. Sidney is a double amputee who doesn't know the meaning of "limited". Sidney's a dedicated family man, amazing athlete, avid outdoorsman and much much more. Prepare to be inspired with this episode! Listen along as we find out how Sidney Makes It Happen Outdoors.


05 How Joel Pilcher Makes It Happen

This week we had the pleasure of sitting down with Joel Pilcher. What an amazing guy. We talked about how Joel made it happen in the past, how he's making it happen now and how he plans to continue making it happen in the future. We learned about how he's gone from a starving artist to now realizing his lifelong dream. He's an incredible artist, entrepreneur and just a completely genuine person. You don't want to miss this episode. Thanks for listening and enjoy the episode. Remember to...


04 How Darren Peterson Makes It Happen

This week we sat down with Darren Peterson to hear how he makes it happen in the outdoors. If you have ever thought about hunting mountain lions, you definitely need to listen to this episode. Darren's advice is to "for sure try the meat. it's really good". We also get into the conversation about whether or not Brandon is an elk magnet and have some fun recalling some past hunts. Please rate us and leave comments. We'd love to hear from you. Instagram @makeithappenoutdoors email...