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This is the first podcast from the U.K. to tackle country issues, hunting, fishing and wildlife management. This is the place to hear debate on the latest issues. We will introduce you to the very people at the forefront of sculpting the landscape we all enjoy. Topics will be wide ranging, from those close to home to international issues half a world away. Available on Itunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Youtube, TuneIN

This is the first podcast from the U.K. to tackle country issues, hunting, fishing and wildlife management. This is the place to hear debate on the latest issues. We will introduce you to the very people at the forefront of sculpting the landscape we all enjoy. Topics will be wide ranging, from those close to home to international issues half a world away. Available on Itunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Youtube, TuneIN
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This is the first podcast from the U.K. to tackle country issues, hunting, fishing and wildlife management. This is the place to hear debate on the latest issues. We will introduce you to the very people at the forefront of sculpting the landscape we all enjoy. Topics will be wide ranging, from those close to home to international issues half a world away. Available on Itunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Youtube, TuneIN






#99 Jim Shockey, Franz-Albrecht on Wildboar Fever & Brother Film on Red Bull & Film Making

We have a double whammy on this show. First up Jim Shockey and Franz-Albrecht talk on cultural exchange, the importance of film and the MOTV platform for hunters. Then we dive in with the guys at Brother Film to hear about the inception of their production company and their passion for film making. Forging a fresh path in the U.K. they have worked for Red Bull and more recently National Geographic as well as Barbour. As well as making innovative films, we like them because they also love...


#98 Tyler Sharp, Modern Huntsman VOL 2, Editing a Large Publication, Photography, Public Lands, Visiting Scotland, Gamekeepers & Estates

Tyler Sharp, the man behind Modern Huntsman, is back on the show, recounting his time in Scotland, as well as giving a full run down on volume 2. Taking the publication to the next step, issue 2 focuses on Public Land, pulling from a large number of contributors to tell the story. We discus the challenges of producing a publication, the importance of quality content, and how he feels about the new wave of publications following on from the new bar they...


#97 Mark Ripley, Long Range Shooting, Vermin Control, Shooting Journalism, Thermal Vision, Night Vision, Hunting Gear, Black Friday Deals

For Black Friday deals from Scott Country Int head to It’s all about kit and long range hunting in this extra show. We chat with journalist Mark Ripley about the things to think about when taking longer shots, including ethics and quarry limitations. From rifle to the latest in thermal and night vision, it’s an enlightening discussion about how to use technology today.


#96 Corin Smith, Salmon Farming, Economics, Ethical Treatment of Fish, Industry Practices, RSPCA Assured

On this weeks show we talk about all things salmon farming with Corin Smith. Corin has been a professional fishing guide across the globe since 2007, working in such places as the Seychelles, Angola, South Africa and of course Scotland. In the last 5-6 years Corin has taken an interest in the salmon farming industry within Scotland, and has been a driving force for greater transparency and change within the industry.


#95 Ed Stafford, Adventures For A Lifetime, Walking The Amazon, Mental Toughness, Naked And Marooned, Into The Unknown

It’s all about adventure this week, as we are honoured to have explorer and previous Adventurer of the Year Ed Stafford on the show. We talk about his new book, Adventures for a Lifetime, as well as his journey from leaving the military to the world’s first successful navigation of the Amazon River on foot. A truly inspirational character, he is a great example of what can be achieved through grit and determination.


#94 Atlantic Salmon, River Biodiversity, Tracking Fish, Population Decline, Salmon Farming, River Bio Security, Getting Into Fishing

Delving under the surface this week, we welcome Mark Bilsby, CEO of the Atlantic Salmon Trust, and Will Peake, a ghillie on the river Dee on onto the show. Most of our conversations centre around Atlantic Salmon and the issues surrounding the marked decline in populations in the last hundred years. From the historical context to the latest technological advances, we chat about the importance of Salmon as a species, what is being done to understand the decline, and identify the missing pieces...


#93 Shooting Ban In Wales, GWCT, Government Decisions, Looking At the Facts

Worldwide we see government decisions impacting on wildlife and habitat management in negative way, often driven by personal agendas and moral exceptions. We saw this with Tahr in New Zealand, and British Columbia with Grizzly Bears, both topics we have covered in in previous shows. Now we see it in Wales, with shooting leases being taken back on public land, effectively ceasing all shooting/hunting activity. We hear here from Sue Evans, Director of the GWCT in Wales, to understand the...


#92 Norwegian Moose Hunting, Community Food and Hunting, Clothes In The Mountains, Thunderbirds, Will Conor Mcgregor win?

On this weeks show we chat about Darryls week long adventure in Norway following the opening of the moose hunt. We explore how community hunting works as well as what clothing is required for a trip like this. We also announce the winner of the CZ door mat as well as telling you what exciting guests we have coming on in the coming weeks. Email


#91 New Zealand Tahr, Tahrmageddon, Wildlife Management, NZ Hunter Magazine

Our most time sensitive episode yet, you need to listen to this. We interview Greg Duley, editor of NZ Hunter Magazine, and a man who has been at the forefront of the fight to halt the mass cull of Tahr by the NZ government. Given only 12 days’ notice for what is a mass eradication, the New Zealand people have reacted. This is the history and the story so far.


#90 Ulrik Ørskov, Veterinary Studies, Game Capture Zambia, DNA Film Festival, Elk Calling, Tahr New Zealand, Bow Hunting

Joining us for the second time on the show, veterinary student and avid hunter Ulrik Orskov brings us stories from Africa and North America, as he jams hunting into every spare moment. We hear about his research being completed for his dissertation on the food intake of roe deer, as well as his recent adventure to Zambia, where he hunted and worked on game capture teams. We get a hair raising account of what its like to hunt Elk in North America, and for a brief period the tables are turned,...


#89 Ben O’Brien, Nepal Mountains, Working at Altitude, Culture, Monuments, Public Lands, Yeti

From the mountains of Nepal to the hustle of Boismen in Montana, today we cover a huge range of topics with Ben O’Brien. Host of the Hunting Collective podcast, thinker, journalist and all round good guy, we discuss his battle with altitude last year, and dig into the shifting narrative in the hunting space. Ben explains the monuments conflict in the States, and we chat about his time at YETi and as an editor. Entertaining and insightful, it’s going to be one of our best....


#88 News Update, Pangolin Extinction, Plastics & Micro Fibres, Saving Africa’s Lions, Online Abuse In The Countryside, Fake Photography

We wrap up the news from the last few months, with a few stories and adventures for good measure. From technologies to clean up the environment, to the re-introduction of lions in Mozambique, this show is an eclectic mix of the things we find interesting at Pace Brothers HQ. Salmon killing dolphins, fake photography, pangolin poaching, contact lenses and micro-fibers is just dipping your toe in.


#87 Jenna Gearing, Traveling South America, Knowing Your Food, Fine Art, Persuing Your Passion, The Passion For Hunting, Life Lessons

We have Jenna Gearing in the hot-seat this week, chatting about her journeys in South America, hunting and how she got into the fine art of sculpting. We even throw in a bit of life advice, drink beer and have a good laugh. One of those interviews which could have gone on for hours, we will be sure to have Jenna on again in the future.


#86 Kuran Ireland, Valuing Wildlife, Wildlife Management Around The Globe, New Zealand Ethics, Ultimate OE, Hunting Gap Year, The Educated Hunter

The last show recorded in New Zealand, Byron joins Kuran Ireland after a couple of days hunting pigs and fallow. One half of the team behind Ultimate OE, Kuran runs training and placement experiences, giving young Kiwi hunters the chance to build their experience up as assistant guides in Canada and ghillies in Scotland. From their courses to a new podcast venture, we also dive into ethics and hunting in New Zealand, and take a view of hunting's future...


#85 Simon Whitehead, Ferreting, Filming Ferrets, Catching Rabbits, History of Rabbits within the UK, The Food Chain, Ahead Of The Game with Scott Rea, UFC Mentality

On this week’s show we have Simon Whitehead one of only two full time rabbit catchers in the UK. We talk about how it all begun, the stresses of becoming your own boss and how Simon has become one of the leading experts on all things ferrets and catching Rabbits. Simon can be found at shows up and down the UK and we learn what brought him into that world as well as becoming very well known in media industry. To end the show we get into his latest book Ahead of the Game with Scott Rea which...


#84 Joseph Peter, Hunting in New Zealand, Ethical Standards, Heli Hunting, Mountain Hunting, Managing Your Pack Weight, Tahr Hunting, What clothes to wear in the Mountains

On this weeks show we are discussing all things New Zealand. The show was recorded in two parts in a mountain hut in the south island. Byron and Joseph cover a huge array of topics including Heli hunting, the ethical standards in New Zealand as well as wildlife management and lack off it there. They debate clothing systems and how to make your pack as light as. Before the end we also have time to cover Byron’s first Tahr hunt and why you should use a guide. Contact...


#83 Charles Post, Honey Bees, Ecologist, Environment, Healthy Ecosystems, Plastics, Sustainable Food, Film Making

This week we have Charles Post on the show. Charles is an ecologist, storyteller and filmmaker drawn to stories anchored to the confluence of society’s relationship with wild and rapidly changing natural environments. After spending nearly a decade studying at U.C. Berkeley, Charles earned a B.S. and Master’s degree in ecology under the mentorship of Dr. Mary Power, which set him on a course to combine science, conservation and storytelling. On this weeks show we cover a huge hosts of topics...


#82 Kim Hughes GC, Bomb Disposal, Life in Afghanistan, Receiving the George Cross, Following Your Dreams, Joining The Army, Hunting on MOD Land

On this week’s show we have Kim Hughes GC. We begin by talking about his book ‘Painting The Sand’. He was awarded the George Cross in 2009 following a gruelling deployment to Afghanistan during which he defused 119 improvised explosive devices. We discuss early life all the way through to present day and how he got into hunting. We learn about his motivations and what it’s like to be put in situation which can only be described as hell. We highly recommend you listen or read to his book...


#81 DNA Film Festival, The Future of Hunting, Working Together, The Wildlife Comes First, Inspiration from Danish Hunters

On this weeks show we bring you all the speech’s from the DNA Film Festival from Byron Pace, David CP, Devan De Lange, Sam Thompson with the theme being the future of hunting. You also have the chance to win a pair of tickets for the GWCT Scottish game fair.


#80 Tyler Sharp, Modern Huntsman, Public lands, Black grouse, Scottish Land Management, Northern Shooting Show

Tyler Sharp joins us on a very late night at the end of a super busy week. Editor and chief of Modern Huntsman publication, this is his second appearance on the show. We talk about the success of volume one before looking forward to what the future holds for this publication. We also discuss public lands and how that means something different in different countries. We go from roe buck stalking, to the understanding of grouse moor management, and where the ethics of hunting lies in a greater...