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This is the only podcast from the U.K. to tackle country issues, hunting, fishing and wildlife management. This is the place to hear debate on the latest issues. We will introduce you to the very people at the forefront of sculpting the landscape we all enjoy. Topics will be wide ranging, from those close to home to international issues half a world away.

This is the only podcast from the U.K. to tackle country issues, hunting, fishing and wildlife management. This is the place to hear debate on the latest issues. We will introduce you to the very people at the forefront of sculpting the landscape we all enjoy. Topics will be wide ranging, from those close to home to international issues half a world away.
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This is the only podcast from the U.K. to tackle country issues, hunting, fishing and wildlife management. This is the place to hear debate on the latest issues. We will introduce you to the very people at the forefront of sculpting the landscape we all enjoy. Topics will be wide ranging, from those close to home to international issues half a world away.






#87 Jenna Gearing, Traveling South America, Knowing Your Food, Fine Art, Persuing Your Passion, The Passion For Hunting, Life Lessons

We have Jenna Gearing in the hot-seat this week, chatting about her journeys in South America, hunting and how she got into the fine art of sculpting. We even throw in a bit of life advice, drink beer and have a good laugh. One of those interviews which could have gone on for hours, we will be sure to have Jenna on again in the future.


#86 Kuran Ireland, Valuing Wildlife, Wildlife Management Around The Globe, New Zealand Ethics, Ultimate OE, Hunting Gap Year, The Educated Hunter

The last show recorded in New Zealand, Byron joins Kuran Ireland after a couple of days hunting pigs and fallow. One half of the team behind Ultimate OE, Kuran runs training and placement experiences, giving young Kiwi hunters the chance to build their experience up as assistant guides in Canada and ghillies in Scotland. From their courses to a new podcast venture, we also dive into ethics and hunting in New Zealand, and take a view of hunting's future...


#85 Simon Whitehead, Ferreting, Filming Ferrets, Catching Rabbits, History of Rabbits within the UK, The Food Chain, Ahead Of The Game with Scott Rea, UFC Mentality

On this week’s show we have Simon Whitehead one of only two full time rabbit catchers in the UK. We talk about how it all begun, the stresses of becoming your own boss and how Simon has become one of the leading experts on all things ferrets and catching Rabbits. Simon can be found at shows up and down the UK and we learn what brought him into that world as well as becoming very well known in media industry. To end the show we get into his latest book Ahead of the Game with Scott Rea which...


#84 Joseph Peter, Hunting in New Zealand, Ethical Standards, Heli Hunting, Mountain Hunting, Managing Your Pack Weight, Tahr Hunting, What clothes to wear in the Mountains

On this weeks show we are discussing all things New Zealand. The show was recorded in two parts in a mountain hut in the south island. Byron and Joseph cover a huge array of topics including Heli hunting, the ethical standards in New Zealand as well as wildlife management and lack off it there. They debate clothing systems and how to make your pack as light as. Before the end we also have time to cover Byron’s first Tahr hunt and why you should use a guide. Contact...


#83 Charles Post, Honey Bees, Ecologist, Environment, Healthy Ecosystems, Plastics, Sustainable Food, Film Making

This week we have Charles Post on the show. Charles is an ecologist, storyteller and filmmaker drawn to stories anchored to the confluence of society’s relationship with wild and rapidly changing natural environments. After spending nearly a decade studying at U.C. Berkeley, Charles earned a B.S. and Master’s degree in ecology under the mentorship of Dr. Mary Power, which set him on a course to combine science, conservation and storytelling. On this weeks show we cover a huge hosts of...


#82 Kim Hughes GC, Bomb Disposal, Life in Afghanistan, Receiving the George Cross, Following Your Dreams, Joining The Army, Hunting on MOD Land

On this week’s show we have Kim Hughes GC. We begin by talking about his book ‘Painting The Sand’. He was awarded the George Cross in 2009 following a gruelling deployment to Afghanistan during which he defused 119 improvised explosive devices. We discuss early life all the way through to present day and how he got into hunting. We learn about his motivations and what it’s like to be put in situation which can only be described as hell. We highly recommend you listen or read to his book...


#81 DNA Film Festival, The Future of Hunting, Working Together, The Wildlife Comes First, Inspiration from Danish Hunters

On this weeks show we bring you all the speech’s from the DNA Film Festival from Byron Pace, David CP, Devan De Lange, Sam Thompson with the theme being the future of hunting. You also have the chance to win a pair of tickets for the GWCT Scottish game fair.


#80 Tyler Sharp, Modern Huntsman, public lands, black grouse, Scottish land management

Tyler Sharp joins us on a very late night at the end of a super busy week. Editor and chief of Modern Huntsman publication, this is his second appearance on the show. We talk about the success of volume one before looking forward to what the future holds for this publication. We also discuss public lands and how that means something different in different countries. We go from roe buck stalking, to the understanding of grouse moor management, and where the ethics of hunting lies in a...


#79 Mark Newton, lise ailin lorentzen, Rigby Rifles, Hunting in Scotland, Jim Corbetts Rifle, Moose Hunting, Growth of Women Hunting in Norway, Conservation

On this weeks show we speak to Mark Newton, MD of John Rigby and Sons, all about their fantastic adventure to Blair Atholl last year, as well as recounting the journey of Jim Corbett's rifle back to India. In the second part of the show we speak to Lise Ailin Lorentzen (Villrypa). A very good friend, she has been on a number of adventures with us over the last two years. We chat about early life, the rise of women taking up hunting in Norway, as well as her red deer hunt in Scotland. This...


#78 Davey Hughes,Rob Gearing, Spartan Precision Equipment The Beginning, Bear Hunting , Buffalo Hunting, Conservation , Fishing Patagonia , Spartan Bi pods

From the Swazi man to Mr Spartan, we have have two guests for you this week. First up a return from Davey Hughes, the man behind Swazi clothing, talking bear hunting, charging buffalo and generally being entertaining us as we listened. Then we hear from Rob Gearing, the brain power behind Spartan Precision Equipment. We find out the origins of the company and a bit about the kind of hunter he is. There is also a heap of updates on events and recent trips. Oh, and we talk about the weather...


#77 Tomo Svetic, Mike Day, Hunting In Europe, Following Your Dreams, The Island And the Whales, Ibex Hunting, Hunting Guides

Not one but two guests this week, we pick up the show with Tomo Svetic from Artemis Hunting. All around good guy, we have known him for many years. He is a podcast listener, but more importantly is one of the most experienced guides and outfitters in Europe. We talk hunting stories, experiences and ethics, and manage to have a good laugh at the same time. Then we hear from Mike Day, director of The Islands and The Whales documentary, which we recorded podcast #23 with him on. We have a...


#76 Jim Shockey, Uncharted, Vegan Movement, Cultures Around the Globe, Educating The Public

Coming to you from the IWA Outdoor Classic, we catch up with Jim Shockey. Respected the world over for his story telling, experience and ethics, we delve into his on-going film projects and discus the future of hunting. One of the great ambassadors of our time, Jim reflects on how we must portray ourselves as a community of hunters into the future. A thought provoking, fascinating account from a living legend.


#75 Robbie Kroger, Blood origins, Hunting History, BP oil spill

From a snowy Scotland, in this show we bring you the man behind the Blood Origins project. A film series focused on the core of the stories behind what makes us the people we are. Importantly, what has made us hunters. An intelligent and articulate man, with a fascinating background in science, his day to day job sees him head up the recovery project after the BP oil spill. We proudly bring you Robbie Kroger.


#74 Remi Warren, Bear Attacks, Solo Hunter, Early Life, Hunting Gudie, Shed Hunting, Working Hard

We get stuck straight in with the first hand account of a of a bear attack from Remi Warren, known from his appearances in Solo Hunter and Meat Eater with Steve Rinella. A fascinating guy, he has packed in an astonishing amount of experience for a young man. From his early beginnings to the rise of shed hunting, backpack recommendations and the way hunters use brand endorsement, it is a varied discussion from a true hard core hunter.


#73 Big Bags Days, Driven Shooting, Game Meat, Country Food Trust, Shooting Ethics, Hunting Scotland By Train

Never afraid to look at the controversial issues within the hunting community, we tackle the issues of large-bag driven days in the UK, hearing from Charlie Brownlow on his self imposed restrictions. Debating the issues of supply and demand, we mull over what makes a great days hunting. Then we hear from Tim Woodward from The Country Food Trust, who completes the story, looking at the end consumption and what they are doing to help people in need with game meat from the industry. Remember,...


#72 Phil Massaro, Dallas Safari Club Show, Bear Hunting, Conservation, Hunting in Africa, Hunting Regulations, Harry Selby

We talk with a rising star in the world of hunting journalists, as we bring back on our friend Phil Massaro. Giving us the low down on the Dallas Safari Club show, he runs through the highlights and the people he met, before we disappear down the rabbit hole of how hunting fits into the modern world, and why conservation is intrinsically linked. As a cruel twist, you will hear us talk on our wish to meet the great Harry Selby this year in Africa, who sadly passed away a week after this was...


#71 Deer Stalking, Deer Managment, Community Ownership, Natrual Resourses, Forestry Commision

It's the new year, and we have been listening to you fine people. We had many requests for a podcast on deer and their management, and that is what we have done, but in probably the most engaging, colorful and humorous way you will have ever heard. We are joined by Sam Thompson. By all accounts a young stalker, but vastly experienced. We tackle the notion of stalking, ethics, management, public access to hunting, and how we can better use public land for community ownership. A pumping,...


#70 Woodcock Special, Conservation, GWCT, Shooting Woodcock, Understanding Woodcock

Woodcock arouse a stirring emotion, probably more than any other on the game species list in the UK. So what is the reality of the population and what do we know? We as hunters have a responsibility to educate ourselves on the wild species we hunt to ensure an understanding of our impact. To not do so is both ignorant and shows a lack of concern for ethical sustainable hunting. This podcast will enlighten you as to what we know at this point in time. Email the show...


#68 Product Show ,Hunting Gear, Boots, Jackets , Stoves, Drones, GPS , Radios, Knifes, 4x4 Tyres , Rifles, Ammunition

On this weeks show we cover the gifts you want/need for Christmas. After the very popular show we brought out last year it has returned for another year, we cover clothing, camping equipment , boots, tyres, drones, camera lenses, choosing a rifle and ammunition, dog tracking and much more. Email the show


#67 Extreme Hunting In Nepal, Mountain Fitness, Blue Sheep, Tahr, Altitude Sickness, Byron and Darryl are Back Together

Returning from Nepal, we hear from Byron with hunters Simon Barr and Matt Fowler after 3 weeks in the mountains chasing blue sheep and Himalayan tahr. A once in a life time hunt and a truly unique experince, this may just be the only podcast ever recorded in Nepal after such a hunt. Of course there is a new prize give away, this month from Smiths Optics with last shows winner. New product show out in a week.