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Episode 51: Realistic Hunting Videos & Deer Nutrition: 613 Outdoors

51: Chad Siever from 613 Outdoors makes hunting videos that reflect real world hunting - the way most of us actually do it. He also has a nutritional supplement for deer called Mineral Frenzy. 613 Outdoors Home Mason Dixon Exp Hunting Show Real World Redneck Podcast Home


Episode 50: Backyard Chickens with Chris

50: How to get started with backyard chickens. What to buy, materials that you will need, pitfalls to avoid, and what to expect when starting a flock of back yard chickens. Sponsored by List of Endangered Chicken Breeds Past Real World Redneck Episodes


Episode 49: Wildlife Women in KY with Melissa Blair

49: Melissa Blair is vice president of Wildlife Women in Kentucky. This is another organization that helps new hunters. Through community events, mentors, and other promotional activities, this group helps women get started hunting and fishing. Wildlife Women Website Wildlife Women Fb Group HuntingAXS Website Real World Redneck Website


Episode 48: Draggin Deer Outdoors with Matt Thielking

48: Draggin Deer Outdoors is an organization that helps new hunters get started in the outdoors. They help find mentors, equipment, and hunting land for people new to the outdoors. Matt and I also talk about several other great hunting organizations, including the Go Wild App, YUDU, Outdoor Access, and Team MDE. Hunt Draggin Deer Outdoors Website real world redneck website


Episode 47: The Feeding Flock Turkey Decoy

047: A new kind of turkey decoy from Sentinel Decoys. Using a feeding flock of hens that won't look at a gobbler plus a jake that won't stop looking at him! Getting ready for turkey season. Buy Your Feeding Flock Here! See the Decoys in Action Real World Redneck Podcast Home Hunt Perfect Trail Cam Software


Episode 46: Team MDE Hunting and Fishing TV Show

46: A chat with Eric and Britton from Team MDE, an outdoor tv show. We cover CVA muzzleloaders, the Outdoor Access platform, and a great way to watch hunting and fishing shows online through Gen7 using Roku. Order Sentinel Turkey Decoys Team MDE Website Team MDE Facebook Page Real World Redneck Podcast Website


Episode 45: Outdoor Access with Buck Robinson

045: When I was a kid, finding somewhere to hunt or fish was easy. Besides our own farmland, we could literally drive down the road and pull into nearly every 40 acre field or woods and begin our adventure.We live in different times now. Land has become scarce, and No Trespassing signs along with chains, gates, and cables now greet us at every turn in. If one goes the route of leasing or buying land to hunt on, they are looking at a huge investment. Is public land a person's only...


Episode 44: I Got Worms

044: Worms- How to grow your own in raised garden beds for gardening, fishing, organic fertilizer, and more. Brought to you by Advansite knives Connect with Keith on Twitter Subscribe For Free to RW Redneck Podcast


Episode 43: The Go Wild App with Brad Lutrell

Ep 043: Social media has become ingrained in our lives. Although people complain about it, make fun of it, and generally act like they don't care, the fact is...they do. Most of us engage in one way or another, choosing to put up with a considerable amount of negativity, drama, and nonsense to experience the positive side of the interaction - approval. We all seek it. We love the hearts, thumbs up, and comments. It makes us feel validated. Recently, I discovered an app for outdoor lovers...


Episode 42: Maple Syrup Basics

042: Maple Syrup Making There's just something special about shopping at God's grocery store. When you gather something from the land and prepare it without additives, preservatives or chemicals, a feeling of satisfaction is sure to follow. There is literally something available every month of the year if we look for it. In February, this item is often maple syrup, or more specifically, maple sap. The syrup comes after some cooking. As is often the case with our outdoor pursuits,...


Episode 41: Ice Fishing Basics with The Bearded Fisherman

041: Ice Fishing Basics: Cabin fever is real. Every year after the excitement of Christmas begins to wane, I find myself craving adventure. The outdoors always draws me back to it regardless of the weather conditions or my circumstances. This year has been no exception. Although we have had a healthy dose of winter this time, with temperatures flirting with the zero degree mark, I have been unable and unwilling to stay cooped up in the house. Since deer season was over and there were few...


Episode 40: Taking Your Trail Cameras to the Next Level with Maverick and Spencer from Hunt Perfect

040: Hunt Perfect is a software that captures weather details from your trail cameras. Maverick and Spencer explain how the product works, and how we can take our cameras to the next level. Sign up for Hunt Perfect Visit for past shows, products, blog, more! Get your daily updates


Episode 039: The World's Strongest Redneck with Steve McGranahan

039: A chat with comedian Steve McGranahan. Often referred to as the World’s Strongest Redneck, Steve proudly proves his nickname is honestly earned. This beefy strongman is not just tough, not just backwoods-proud, he is also an exceptionally funny man. His feats of strength and physical abilities are genuine. At six-feet tall, he weighs in at an impressive 343 lbs. He is capable of dead lifting 585 lbs for 8 reps. Additionally he has run a 50-mile marathon as well as many other...


Ep 038: Managing Property for Whitetails with Jerry Roberts

038: Jerry Roberts from Bucks Gobblers Gills chats about property management, food plots, creating sanctuaries, and more. We also talk about the difference in weather and habitat between his state and mine. Bucks Gobblers Gills Outdoor Blog email signup real world redneck website


Episode 037: How to Do Your Own Deer Skull Mount with Lindsay Persico

Episode 036: Let's face it. Although we talk about wall hangers often, the trips to the taxidermist are actually few and far between. A case can be made that every buck harvested is a trophy. However, I think you will agree that not every buck taken will be displayed as a shoulder mount. It is not practical or financially feasible to do this. So what should we do with the antlers? Personally, after a successful hunt, I am usually worn out. It is a pleasant kind of exhaustion, but I am...


Episode 036: How to Recover from Hunt Exhaustion

036: When the thing that you love becomes a source of frustration and stress. Tips and tricks for a successful hunt after burnout, frustration, and exhaustion has set in. Brought to you by Listen To Real World Redneck Podcast


035: All About Crossbows

035: Finding the right crossbow to fit your needs. My interview with Barry James, Pro Staffer for 10 Point Crossbows. How to get started crossbow hunting. Brought to you by Find a crossbow at 10 Point Crossbows Listen to Real World Redneck Podcast


Episode 34: Carrie Zylka from Hunt Fish Travel Podcast

Carrie Zylka is the hostess of Hunt Fish Travel, Metal Chick, and A Creative Mind Fiction Podcast. We talk about the podcast industry, hunting, and more. Brought to you by Black Friday 2017 Hunting Sales Click Here to connect with Carrie Zylka


Episode 32: Why I Like Fishing in Coveralls Better Than Shorts

The advantages of cool water fishing are many. 1. The fish tastes better 2. Fish storage is easier 3. Late fall/winter months are big fish months 4. The ability to dress more comfortably 5. Less competition Todays episode brought to you by and Past episodes, hacks, products, and more at


Episode 31: The Mason Dixon Experiment Hunting Show

Hunting shows are a dime a dozen. Shows that actually reflect the real world that you and I hunt in are rarer than hen's teeth. Mason Dixon Experiment is one of those shows! This is my interview with Britton and Eric about the ups and downs of filming your hunts and producing a tv show. Brought to you by Click to watch Mason Dixon Exp Show! Visit to hear past podcast episodes!


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