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53 - Jim Crowley - All Canada Show

ON THE ROAD: We took the podcast to the ALL CANADA SHOW and sat down with Hook and Hunt TV host Jim Crowley and had great conversation about the all Canada show, booking a hunting and fishing trip to Canada and all other topics. It was great to have Jim join us before the show kicked off. Go check him out at


52 - Spartan Cameras - Dave Skinner

We finally got to sit down and chat with Dave Skinner of Spartan Cameras and talk everything about cell cams , and the products Spartan has to offer. Dave has been in the industry for a long time and had has a great background in the whitetail world. This was jam packed with tons of info including what's new for 2019.


51 - Drakes Gun Dogs

We had Drakes Gun Dogs Of Georgia Come up to Wisconsin for the Last Weekend of Pheasant Hunting and well We had a blast. We watched Si the asshole(GSP) work like a fine tuned machine in the field and had great conversation and learned a lot from it. I Hope you guys enjoy this IN STUDIO Podcast. Its a day I will Never forget. Thank you from all of us to Drakes Gun Dogs !


50th EPISODE - Tons of Laughs

On this episode we celebrated a minor achievement of hitting 50 episodes on the podcast and you get a in depth look at Mike, since he is always working. We Thank you all for your support and the continued following. Our website is now live and Hats are now available for sale! Get them while they last!


49 - Antler Restiction Petition

Well its a little bit of disagreement between us and friends and that's okay because having thoughts and passion only can push to make our hunting community stronger and better. The hot topic of late is the Antler Restriction brought up here in Wisconsin and what it could and could not do to improve our hunting experience. One again we thank you and our Sponsors for everything without you guys we wouldn't be here. As We grow, we want you to grow with us. We almost to 50 Episodes! Stay tuned...



This podcast is detrailed and completely off of content of what we normarly do but had a fine Gentleman on that shares a passion for Hunting and Busch Lattes. His Brand he has created has blown up on Social Media with his videos and apparel. We had a lot of fun and laughs talking with YOU BETCHA! check him out here



Wasn't in the cards to have Dean and David back on but when your friends drop Legends, You have no choice. Both Brothers from another mother dropped LEGENDS and by that I mean Big Deer that you or I dream about in well less than a full 2 days. They work hard and Hunt harder than anyone I Know in this Industry and Keep Rocking Their YouTube Video Blogs and Crazy Facebook Giveaways. I thank these guys like you wouldn't believe for believing in me and the Podcast. Without Them and several...


Deer Camp Recap

First of all thank you to our sponsors Wild Carrot Deer Attractant, Better the Hunt Bow Mitts, and Dirtnap broadheads. So we recap this 9 day gun hunt. Someone Drops a Mega Buck and fills a freezer while others choose to sleep in and be lazy. But this podcast really shows how the 9 day gun hunt goes. We all had fun and all seen deer. Just one of us got LUCKY! enjoy we love you and thank you as always for supporting the best hunting podcast on the market.


COLT -45 - DEER CAMP 2018

This is all about deer camp and traditions and fun! Enjoy this podcast on your way to deer camp. We are you and you guys as listeners are apart of us and helping us grow and bring you content that we love to give to you guys each and every week! Good Luck orange army! stay safe and we love ya all!


44- Project Upland

We had the opportunity to sit and chat with the man behind project upland and other things in this industry that you will be blown out of your mind by! AJ has been a inspiration to me as a future upland hunter and big picture person for the better in the hunting industry, I can say enough of what we cover in this podcast but its a cant miss. Go check out Project Upland!


43 = Better The Hunt

So excited to have Randy on from Better The Hunt. Not only Are we now working with Better The Hunt we wanted to deliver the information about his amazing product! We hope you enjoy this one! He happens to share a lot in common with us and personally one of my Dream hunts that he went on! We thank Better the Hunt for everything they have done for us along with our other partners. ENJOY! Wild Carrot Deer Attractant Dirt Nap Broadheads


Tag N Brag - No Dak

I had to get David Back on to talk about No-Dak , 2 trips down and a giant Velvet whitetail buck on ground. Plus up coming hunts, As you listened in the past its always good to get these guys back on. They deliver the best! Thanks for tuning in with us! We thank Dirtnap Broadheads, Wild Carrot Deer Attractant and Better The Hunt Bow Mitts!


Gun Dog Talk

Sorry Whitetail hunters you will have to wait until next week. This was bird dog week! So we had our brother from the south The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast, Talking training with gun dogs, Zach Joined me as Justin is in Florida helping his family with the hurricane. Take a listen to this and EDUCATE YOURSELF! as I got put into place with my training with Copper. Thanks guys!


New Breed Archery

We had a awesome opportunity to speak with the man behind New Breed Archery. If you have or have not heard of New Breed this Podcast is pretty informational on what New Breed Has to offer you with your next bow set up. There is no company out there that can do what they do! Save yourself the money on custom set up because they already took care of that for you with customize bow set up!


Blair Goins - Moon Phase Education

We are completely mind blown with this podcast! It was really great to talk to Blair again on the podcast. Everyone has heard of Moon Phases, But do you really understand it? We didn't until tonight! Just listen in take notes and become a better educated hunter! ENJOY and thank you for your support!



We get back at it and into the details of the NEW Release Hunting Podcast and Relaunch, dive a bit into the 2018 Bow Season and New DNR Rules. Thanks for Tuning in and your support! Its gonna be a fun Ride!


37 - BS SESSION 9.0

Its been good its been fun its been AWHILE! but Zach and I sit down chat and get ready for hunting season. We talk everything! just listen.


36 - Durrell Smith - The Gun Dog Notebook

I spoke with Durrell Smith, another hunting podcast host from Atlanta, Georgia. Durrell is the host of The Gun Dog Notebook Podcast. Hes a Gun Dog Trainer, High-School Teacher, Husband, and avid Hunter in the South. I started listening to his podcasts as I'm training my Gun Dog, and got sucked right into his content and knew I had to have him on. I know you guys are going to get a kick out of his personality and enjoy this podcast even if your not into gun dogs or bird hunting. I know i came...


35 - Blair Goins - The Rival

This one was fun! I had the opportunity to talk with Blair Goins on his transition with his team from Drury Outdoors and Dreamseason. Blair is a avid Whitetail Southern Boy in Alabama. We cover so much in this podcast! He was very helpful and informational on topics such as the "Moon Guide" which I have been intrigued in for years!


34 - Getting Itchy!

As we have been away trying to prep for season. Zach and I Ran through whats new, what we have been planning, Food Plot Set Ups, Bow Shooting, Dog Training, and Life its self. Along with a few drops of whats coming up next in the future of the Podcast. We All Love and thank you for you support! Thank you all for the reviews and ratings so far! You guys all rock! Enjoy this conversation and as always ! Thank you!