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Ep 048 WEIRD & WILD with Kevin Guillen

Conquering Covid Craziness, Keeping yourself motivated, creating a routine and building up others. These are just a few of the key things discussed in this podcast episode. I’m Tim Burnett and THIS is the SOLO HNTR Podcast This episode is brought to you by The discount code SOLO will give YOU 10% off on regular orders, and an additional 10% off plus FREE SHIPPING if YOU decide to sign up for the Wilderness Athlete Loyalty Program. Use promo code SOLO at checkout. This...


Ep 047 ROAD KILL RULES with Chef Randy King

ROAD KILL RULES with Chef Randy King. Finding meat, scavenging road kill, foraging foods and surviving the stay at home lockdown… Download Episode 047


Ep 046 WILD YUKON with Greg McHale

Hunting for sheep is much cheaper if you move to the Yukon, What does adventure racing have to do with mountain hunting? And Promoting authenticity in the hunting and social media space? I’m Tim Burnett and THIS is the SOLO HNTR Podcast This interview is brought to you by my partners at… PRIME Archery and G5 Outdoors I’ve teamed up with Prime to bring you all a saweet deal on a new hunting bow. We’ve got a limited number of overstock Primes that are brand new and still in the box. These are...


Ep 045 MOUNTAIN GOAT HUNTING with Dennis Zadra of Lonesome Dove

Today I'm gathering more information on my upcoming Mountain Goat hunt with Dennis Zadra of Lonesome Dove Outfitting in Cordova Alaska. Dennis is an interesting cat and tells the story of how he carved out his living in Alaska as well as outlines what to expect on a hunt with his team. Download Episode 045


EP 044 CHEF IN THE WILD with Chef Randy King

Today I'm announcing a new collaboration with Chef In The Wild Author Randy King. Randy is a great personality and talent and we are excited to have him as a content creator and provider for SOLO HNTR. Look for more with Randy in the weeks to come. Topics of discussion include: All things preparing and putting delicious wild game into our bellies. Download Episode 044



This week I sit down with J.Alain Smith of Rugged Expeditions TV and Justin Walker of Global Rescue in the Global Rescue Booth at SCI 2020. Topics of discussion include: International hunting and adventure. Conservation and wildlife management. Recruiting young hunters. Download Episode 043


EP 042 HUNTING ARGENTINA with Santiago Rossi and Sebastian Cassaro

This week I sit down with Santiago Rossi and Sebastian Cassaro in the Global Rescue Booth at Wild Sheep Show. Topics of discussion include: All things hunting and fishing in Patagonia Argentina. Download Episode 042


EP 041 Conservation, Topics of Controversy & Big Hunts with Jason Matzinger

This week I sit down with Jason Matzinger of Into High Country in the Global Rescue Booth at Wild Sheep Show. Topics of discussion include: Getting our kids into hunting; becoming our dads; wildlife conservation projects; topics of controversy; photo contests; sheep hunting; film making and much more. Download Episode 041


Ep 040 Biggest Stories Never Told with Brian Solan and Joe Boyer

This week we are at the Wild Sheep Foundation annual banquet and I'm in the Global Rescue Booth with two good friends from the very early days of SOLO HNTR. You might remember the names Joe Boyer and Brian Solan from the show. I'm excited to sit down and catch up. Topics of discussion include: Brians giant Bighorn; Joes even bigger Bighorn; Mountain Goat Hunting; The early days of SOLO HNTR; rules NEVER to break; Lifetime bonds and much more. Download Episode 040


Ep 039 DAY 6 GEAR – Big Bucks & Blazing Arrows

I'm back home from my Whitetail Deer hunt in Oklahoma with Bryan Broderick of Day 6 Gear. Due to an equipment malfunction we are recording this episode over the phone from our offices. Topics of discussion include: We just kind of shoot the bull. We discuss arrow builds, common issues, frequently asked questions, business and of course hunting. Download Episode 039


Ep 038 THE BIG DAY 6 – Bows, Arrows & Bucks

This week I am in Oklahoma hunting Whitetail Deer with Bryan Broderick of Day 6 Gear. Topics of discussion include: Built for speed; 300 pound deer; building arrows; killing big bucks; good hand shakes; hunting public vs private; what classifies a big deer and a ton of other things. Download Episode 038


Ep 037 ALASKA AIR – Life on Kodiak with Taj Shoemaker of Island Air

This is the third and final episode of my hunting trip on Kodiak Island. We're back at the hotel and hanging out with Taj Shoemaker of Island Air. Taj is a pilot and guide and has a great story to tell about life in the bush. Topics of discussion include: Growing up bush; Alaskan pets; guiding Alaska; Bear behaviors; Kodiak Closure and a ton of other things. Download Episode 037


Ep 036 SITKA BLACKTAIL – Kodiak Island on the Hunt with Tim Burnett & Austin Manelick

On this episode I am on Kodiak Island with my good friend Austin Manelick. We've just spent our first day hunting and are filling our bellies with a fresh load of Blacktail Deer meat. This is a mid hunt recap. Topics of discussion include: The first days success; what to expect for the next few days; going after caribou; staying safe; among other things. Download Episode 036


Ep 035 KODIAK BOUND – Preparing for a hunt on Kodiak with Austin Manelick and Tim Burnett

On this episode I am in Kodiak Alaska at the Kodiak Inn with my good friend Austin Manelick, getting ready for our flight out to a remote part of the island. Austin and I will be hunting Blacktail Deer and Feral Reindeer otherwise classified as Caribou. Topics of discussion include: Preparing for bears; finding meat; filming the hunt; blacktail & caribou tactics; lots of other random stuff. Download Episode 035


Ep 034 STRAIGHT ARCHERY – Hunting and Shop Talk with Josiah Richards of ROSS OUTDOORS

On this episode I'm down in Phoenix Arizona and I'm in the Ross Outdoors Archery shop and store. My guest today is Josiah Richards, co-owner of the shop. I had never met Josiah before today but I had a great time getting to know more about him, his shop and his hunting background. Topics of discussion include: how to get started hunting; picking up a new bow; building trust with a shop and its staff; what its like to work in a pro shop; hunting in opportunities in Arizona; traveling to hunt;...


Ep 033 BE HUNGRY / BE STRONG – Hunting & Health insights with Chris Denham & Kevin Guillen

On this episode I'm down in the Phoenix area and sitting down with Chris Denham of Western Hunter Magazine and TV show, and Kevin Guillen of Wilderness Athlete. Topics of discussion include: the hunter athlete lifestyle; Grand Canyon rim to rim to rim hike; the art of listening to your body and understanding the language; 3 main keys to foundational health; the benefits to a seasonal diet; "The omnivore's dilemma"; the importance of learning how to prepare and cook wild game; how Chris and...


Ep 032 PURE HUNTING – Stacking Walls and Filling Freezers with Joe Frater & Chris Stone

On this episode I'm sitting down with a couple of guys that I've been following on Instagram for a while now and really appreciate their level of hunting success as well as their apparent hunting philosophy. Chris Stone and Joe Frater have an impressive hunting resume and it all stems from lifestyle, passion and hard work. Topics of discussion: always doing something towards the end goal of success; stacking the freezer; skill kills deer not gear; buy tags not gadgets; nothing compensates...


Ep 031 REMI WARREN – Cutting the Distance Podcast

Today Remi and I are in the SOLO office catching up on stories, work and making final preparations for filming and hunts in the fall. With our busy schedules and continued growth, this is a rare time for us to casually discuss all that we have going on. Topics of discussion: Remi's new "Cutting the Distance" Podcast; why you need an iron gut to eat Remi's cheese; SAKO films; upcoming hunts; Story telling to create a better hunter; quartering and de-boning techniques; goals for creating a...


Ep 030 PURABURA – So Excited I Puked

Today I am in Park City Utah at the Total Archery Challenge and RMEF convention. I've been shooting the 3D courses with the Prime Archery Pro Staff and Crew. This conversation is with a trio of fellas I met this week and have had an absolute blast shooting with. EJ Varos, Josh Pasco and Ricky Garcia. Topics of discussion: Building a bond through archery and hunting; getting so excited you puke; what turns you on with hunting; family first; high fence vs free range; feeders and free range;...


Ep 029 Huddys Hog – Story Telling and Hunt Philosophy with Hudson Burnett, Mark Grupe & Charles Whitwam

On this weeks episode I am at the Ranch of new friend Mark Grupe of The Community Show Youtube Channel and the Mark Grupe Outdoors Podcast and we are in Mariposa County California. Mark invited Hudson and I to come down a few months ago to hunt Hogs and Turkeys with him and friend Charles Whitwam where Hudson jump shot his first Turkey. Now we are back and we're hoping to for Hudson to take down his first Hog. Topics of discussion: ear holing hogs with a 243; bow hunting opportunities all...