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Ep 018 – The Gear Purge

On this episode Remi and I are talking about some of the specific types of gear that we use while hunting. Not necessarily anything brand specific but we try to keep an honest and open opinion of what has worked best for us. We tried to go over as many as we could of the […]


Ep 017 The Texas Rush – Aoudad Sheep, Scimitar Oryx and Javelina hunts with Riley Worwood of The Bow Shop

On this episode of the podcast I am on location in deep West Texas with my good friend Riley Worwood and his daughter Hallie. We have just spent the last week chasing Free Range aoudad Sheep, Scimitar Oryx and Stink Pigs. This week was a blast. Riley and I have a lot in common. So […]


Ep 016 – Mexico Coues Hunt, Warning Shots, Mouth Mimicry, Mexican Police and trash talking with Remi and his Gang

On this episode of the podcast we are on a DIY Coues Deer hunt in Mexico on one of Jay Scott’s ranch leases. We have myself, Remi, Jason Warren, Joe Dibble, Mike Marchese and John Lesperance. These guys have been running in a pack for a long time and 7 years ago decided to start […]


Ep 015 – A New Hunters Perspective, Does Camo Work, Liver Burps and Earning Your Hunt with Jason Niedzielski

In this episode I sit down with my new neighbor Jason and get to know more about his very recent journey to get into hunting. Most people start hunting when they’re young and have an adult teacher to help guide them along the way. But Jason is different. He’s only recently taken up hunting after […]


Ep 014 – Hunting for Heads, Taxidermy Trade and Elephant Stories with Wayne Comstock

On this episode I’m in the shop of Nevada Taxidermy with my good friend Wayne Comstock. Taxidermy shops are like the bow shop. Often the local hangout and always full of stories, horns and racks. Wayne gets to meet and spend time with loads of hunters from all over the world and loves to discuss […]


Ep 013 – Gritty Brands, Whats in a Name and Give Give Marketing with Brian Call of the Gritty Podcast

In this episode of the Podcast I sit down with other Podcast host Brian Call from his Gritty Bowmen Podcast. This is the FIRST of FOUR episodes we recorded during a week long hunt together in Oklahoma. We talk about branding, marketing and business. But that’s not all. My conversations seem to always turn to […]


Ep 012 – Bighorn Sheep, Feral Horses and Habitat Issues with Remi Warren

On this episode Remi and I sit down and discus Bighorn Sheep. The conversation quickly turns to Wild or Feral Horses and the problems that they are causing top the recover and management efforts of the Bighorn Sheep in the West and Habitat management. Remi is very passionate about Bighorn Sheep. And that is why […]


Ep 011 – Tracking Giants, Never Quit and the Hunt Learning Curve with Remi Warren

On this episode of the podcast I sit down once again with Remi Warren. We talk about a giant buck he shot in Montana and discuss some of his tricks for tracking game. Remi is fresh off his guiding season in Montana and is sharing stories from some of his hunts with clients and he […]


Ep 009 – SOLO Nation, All Access and Helpful tips when traveling with meat on the airlines with Remi Warren

On this podcast Remi and I close out our discussions on the new All Access Membership and Video Platform, Supporting the SOLO Nation that shows their support to us, Yeti’s new 5 gallon bucket and sweet talking the airlines when traveling with your wild game meat.


Ep 008 – Using Maps, Hunting with Bait and Anti Hunter Sentiment with Remi Warren

On this Podcast Episode Remi and Isit down and discuss using OnX Hunting maps to hunt anywhere in the West, the hunting over bait and trail camera debate, hunters hurting other hunters by social media bashing and adding fuel to the anti hunters fire with stupid irrelevant content. This was part two of a 3 […]


Ep 007 – Playing the Tag Game, Draw Odds and Hunting Caribou in Alaska with Remi Warren

On this podcast Remi and I have some time to sit down in Remi’s man space to talk about tag strategy and draw odds as well as Remi’s most recent trip to Alaska, hunting Caribou with the Under Armour film crew.


Ep 006 – Going for Gold, Hunt to Train and Train to Hunt with Olympic Gold Medalist David Wise

On this podcast episode I get to sit down with Olympic Gold Medal Winner David Wise. Dave has become a fast friend of SOLO HNTR and has taken the challenge to self film his solo adventures. On this episode we talk about his recent ski/hunt trip to Chile.


Ep 005 – Building a Brand, Logos are Good and Trophy Mtn Art with Joel Pilcher

On this episode I break from my deer hunt in Utah to have a sit down with my brand manager Joel Pilcher. We discuss the evolution of the SOLO HNTR brand, his own Trophy Mtn Art business and background, and dive into overall brand creation and marketing. Joel is a smart dude. The guy has […]


Ep 004 – Hunting Early Season Mule Deer, Constant Success and Healthy Hunting with Ryan Lampers

On this podcast I met Ryan Lampers in a hotel parking lot in Elko Nevada to talk about his recent success on an early season bow hunt for Mule Deer. Ryan slammed a giant and I want to pick his brain and get a few tips on the area he hunted for myself. Ryan has […]


Ep 003 – The Hunt or Film Debacle, Hardest hunts to Film and Using Drones with Remi Warren

On this episode I sit down with Remi and discuss the insanity that ensues during the filming of our solo hunt expeditions. We talk about my Nevada Antelope hunt, filming with drones and what it takes to produce a good solid film and TV episode.


Ep 001 – The Explanation of the Podcast Blah Blah Blah with Tim Burnett

Intro to the SOLO HNTR Podcast – On this episode I outline some of the basic plans for the podcast, explain some things about All Access membership and how you can see and hear exclusive full episodes and content. And tee up some of the new things we have rolling with SOLO HNTR and the upcoming […]