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This is a family-friendly audio podcast all about 4wheeling, offroading and exploring the outdoors.

This is a family-friendly audio podcast all about 4wheeling, offroading and exploring the outdoors.
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This is a family-friendly audio podcast all about 4wheeling, offroading and exploring the outdoors.




Episode 130 – Treadwright Tires

Episode #130 – TreadWright Tires This episode is sponsored by: Amazon and listeners like you that shop at Just head to before you start shopping and then shop like you normally would. In the garage Dan – Lately I’ve been using 4wd to get the snowmobiles around alaska to … Continue reading »


Episode 129 – Christmas Gift Guide 2017

From the Listeners: Matt Frick from Camp4Lo wants another 4×4 Podcast t-shirt Kids Classic 4×4 Podcast Premium T-Shirt 12… by The 4×4 Podcast for $19.99 Mens Classic 4×4 Podcast T-Shirt 2XL Kelly … by The 4×4 Podcast for $19.99 Mens Explore Your World Jeep Shirt 2XL Roya… by The 4×4 Podcast for $19.99 … Continue reading »


Episode 128 – Trail Therapy Off-road

Dan and Kevin from Trail Therapy Offroad chat together on this special Veteran’s Day Weekend Episode. Trail Therapy Off-Road’s mission is to empower Military Veterans and their spouses through off-roading adventures Join the Trail Therapy Off-Road team at the Ocotillo Wells offroad area on Nov 18th. Come out and meet the Trail Therapy Off-Road team and their supporters. … Continue reading »


Episode 127 – Baja Designs

***Update 24 Aug 17**** We got a couple reports of issues with the audio. We owe you the very best quality audio possible so we took down the old version and replaced it. Thanks to those that let us know so quickly! Cheers! – Dan Dan Interviews Chris from Baja Designs. Baja Designs are the scientists … Continue reading »

Episode 126 – Treaty Oak Offroad

On this episode Dan interviews Kyle Fogle, the CEO from Treaty Oak Offroad (or TOO as you might sometimes see it), based in Texas. Treaty Oak Overland specializes in recovery equipment and its all manufactured in the United States. It all started with some recovery points for the Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus GX470. Since … Continue reading »

Episode 125 – BOLT Locks

On this episode we have an interview with BOLT Locks. BOLT Locks are made to accept your key from your vehicle and will program itself to match all the other locks on your vehicle with a single turn of the key. That means that you can secure your spare tire, gas cans, trailer hitch, even … Continue reading »


Episode 124 – Chevy Colorado ZR2

On this show we discuss the guys talk about the upcoming Chevy Colorado ZR2. The ZR2 is an improved offroad package for the Chevy Colorado over the Z71 package. It includes all kinds of improvements that make the Colorado ZR2 even more competitive (possibly even better) than the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. In the garage … Continue reading »


Episode 123 – Easter Jeep Safari 2017

On this show we discuss the 2017 batch of concept Jeeps announced by Jeep. This collection left us a little bit uninspired. Rich is still busy with school for a while longer. Craig is about $500 worth of parts away from his YJ being back on the road. So maybe my last post about … Continue reading »


Episode 122 – Taylor Adney and Overland Textile Co

On this episode, we bring you an interview with Taylor Adney. Taylor is the CEO of Overland Textile Co (, a company that specializes in bringing quality clothing, leather goods, and other high quality gear to the overlander, offroader, and outdoor enthusiasts. Taylor is also involved in a group called, The Overland Adventures ( that … Continue reading »


Episode 121 – KOH 2017

On the 121st episode of The 4×4 Podcast, Dan, Craig, and Rich catch up since its been so long since the last episode. The guys also talk about the 2017 King of the Hammers. The King of the Hammers is an annual off road racing event that takes place in Johnson Valley, California. It is … Continue reading »


Episode 120 – Dan Grec and The Road Chose Me

On this episode of The 4×4 Podcast, Dan interviews another Dan! This episode brings you an interview with Dan Grec. Dan Grec has set off on an solo overland adventure around Africa. The interview was actually recorded a couple months ago and since then Dan has made some serious progress on the trip. Head over to … Continue reading »


Episode 119 – Christmas Gift Guide 2016

On this episode of The 4×4 Podcast, Dan, Craig, and Rich talk about all the things that they would love to find underneath the Christmas tree. Pronghorn Traction thing – How about a little traction for your Thursday…. • #pronghorngear #LifeUnpaved #linktrac #getunstuck #traction #mud #texas #offroad #4×4 #purposebuilt #toyotatacoma #offroadtrucks #getoutside … Continue reading »


Episode 118 – Raptor vs RAM TRX

On this episode of The 4×4 Podcast, Craig re-joins Rich and Dan to talk about some interesting bits of news. In the news: Helwig build diesel overland truck – Hellcat RAM – Or Raptor numbers confirmed The Bronco returns –...


Episode 117 – Just Catching Up

On this episode Dan and Rich just catch up on the many weeks since they lost got together. Rich has been out exploring on his KLR dual sport bike but also bought a new Toyota Tacoma pickup truck! Dan has been out fishing, camping, hunting, and generally just exploring all over Alaska. Craig was unable to … Continue reading »


Episode 116 – Oregon Trail Offroad hits the road

On this episode Dan flies solo an interviews the team from Oregon Trail Offroad one last time before they depart on their big adventure. Sorry about the huge delay between episodes. Starting a new position and going into a big work trip pulled me away from the show for a bit. But I’m back and … Continue reading »


Episode 114 – Fuel Economy

On this episode Dan, Craig, and Rich focus in on how to improve fuel economy. While we admit that none of us buy offroad rigs for fuel economy, its good to know what will give you the most bang for your buck when trying to improve your own fuel economy in your rig. Everything from … Continue reading »


Episode 115 – Travel The World Overland with A2A Expedition

On this episode Daninterviews Graeme and Luisa Bell about their new book, Travel The World Overland. The Bell family has been staying at a dream location on the Mexican Baja peninsula for a few months hiding from the snow and working on their latest book,Travel The World Overland. The book is currently available on Kickstarter … Continue reading »


Episode 113 – Steven Lutz from Rugged Rocks

On this episode we interview Steven Lutz from Rugged Rocks and Rugged Routes. Rugged Rocks is a leader in pushing development of Nissan off road aftermarket performance parts through industry partnerships and original product design. If you’ve blown your Nissan Titan rear axle and need new gears, Rugged Rocksoffers all of the OEM gear ratios, … Continue reading »


Episode 112 – A2A Expedition with Graeme and Luisa Bell

This episode we present to you an interview with one of the most famous families in the overland traveling world: Graeme and Luisa Bell. Graeme and Luisa decided to exit the rat race of South Africa to explore. Their trip was named A2A alluding to their goal of traveling from Argentina to Alaska. Graeme has … Continue reading »


Episode 111 – The Pioneering Spirit

This episode of The 4×4 Podcast features an interview with Jared and Jen from The Pioneering Spirit. Jared and Jen have shared a life of adventure from the beginning. Now, they are striking out on a completely new adventure together. The short version of the story is that they are having their Jeep JKU Wrangler … Continue reading »