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Ep #43 - Planet Airsoft

Welcome to Episode #43 of The Chairsofter Show, and I am excited this week to bring you an Airsoft channel on YouTube with a huge difference to the norm. While most Airsoft content on the YouTube platform tends to be focused towards Gameplay, Killstreaks, Headshots etc, my guest this week tries to break the norm. Allow me to introduce Isaac, the man behind Planet Airsoft. This channel offers truly unbiased reviews of Airsoft kit. I find this rather unique take on the YouTube Airsoft channel...


Ep #42 - Coming Up on The Chairsofter Show

Welcome to Episode #42 of The Chairsofter Show. This week I have only done a short episode for you, and I am once again flying solo. I decided to take this opportunity to let you know what's coming up on the show, guests I have lined up, events I will be attending and to give you a heads up for what looks to be an epic episode on the 17th of December (this will be in collaboration with a couple of other personalities in the Airsoft community). Also, a bit of a PSA regarding the use of Bio...


Ep #41 - Review: Op. Shoguns Fall

Welcome to Episode #41 of The Chairsofter Show. Please join me in welcoming Dan Brocklebank and Mark Whetton to the show as we sit down and review the Callsign Senshi Social Skirmish weekender Operation: Shoguns Fall (aka The Battle for Barry). We run you through the games over the weekend, discuss how the gameplay went, the social side of the event and of course the food (good lord, Chomps make a decent burger). While this may seem to be a glowing review, there was genuinely very very...


Ep #40 - University Airsoft

Welcome to Episode #40 of The Chairsofter Show. Joining me this week is Ryan, the Chairman of Hertfordshire University Skirmish Society. We sit down and discuss where Ryan wants Airsoft at Universities to go, how he got into Airsoft, and how he got involved with the Society in the first place. We also carry out The Chairsofter Show's own version of University Challenge (it's nothing like the show, just quick fire random questions) and carry out our own short "random reviews" of kit that we...


Ep #39 - Amped Airsoft

Welcome to Episode #39 of The Chairsofter Show. This week I am joined by Chris of Amped Airsoft, a US based retailer which stocks some of the best HPA kit out there. Chris is a member of the Media team as well as the Amped Airsoft Outreach Coordinator. This means he specialises in Event Planning, Sponsorship and Player Outreach for the company. Join us as we discuss all things Amped, how Chris got into Airsoft and came to work at the company, our favourite US Fast Food restaurants and a...


Ep #38 - RandomGuyKev Returns!

Welcome to Episode #38 of The Chairsofter Show. Once again I welcome back RandomGuyKev to the show for what was supposed to be a Takeover episode. However, we get rather sidetracked and end up questioning eachother throughout the Episode. Expect Airsoft discussion with a lot of other topics thrown in this week! In this episode we talk about sponsors, the struggles of keeping relevant content flowing on media channels within Airsoft, our favourite American food chains, I mention the two...


Ep #37 - The Joker Of SoCal/AMS

Welcome to Episode #37 of The Chairsofter Show. It's back to the States this week, as I sit down and chat to Joey AKA The Joker Of SoCal. We sit down and discuss his Airsoft journey, the ridiculous (in my opinion) gun laws in the state of California (it's ALMOST as bad as the UK from the sounds of it), as well as the recent AMS Copperhead 4 event that he attending back in early September. Joey has been a great supporter of the show from Day 1, and it was a pleasure to finally get him on the...


Ep #36 - Names_Nicco

Welcome to Episode #36 of The Chairsofter Show. This week I am joined by the YouTuber Names_Nicco. This is a guy who produces some amazing videos but doesn't stick to only the Gameplay videos. Having only started playing Airsoft within the last few months, this guy has an amazing energy and there is no way on Earth I would be able to keep up. Join us as we discuss Nicco's past and how he transitioned into Airsoft, and in a trial for The Chairsofter Show the first 35 minutes of the show were...


Ep #35 - Op Shogun's Fall

Welcome to Episode #35 of The Chairsofter Show. This week I am once again joined by Kieran (Callsign Senshi) and Brad who also forms part of the team behind these events. Join us as we sit down and discuss their upcoming weekend event at Gunman Airsoft's Tuddenham site in October. If you wanted more information on this event, and this is why you hadn't signed up yet, then this episode should give you more of an idea of what this weekend will be about. Expect a much more chilled out event...


Ep #34 - Panel Show 2

Welcome to Episode #34 of The Chairsofter Show. This week I am joined by Chris Carmon and Mark Akehurst (Airsoft Dad) as we discuss a few topics that were raised by you, the listeners, that you wanted us to talk about. This includes travelling with Airsoft equipment, both in country and travelling abroad, Joule Creep and Sites not acknowledging it, balancing family life and airsoft among other things. Also the controversial 40 Mike gets discussed once again (we may actually get through an...


Ep #33 - Airsofting With Friends

Welcome to another Episode of The Chairsofter Show. This week, for Episode 33, I welcome RandomGuyKev back onto the show. Kev has been organising some events over the last year aimed at improving the Airsoft community in his local area, and having seen the videos and photos from these events they seem to be a massive hit. Join us as we discuss what Airsofting with Friends is, how Kev had the idea to do it, what the future of the event holds among other things which come up throughout our...


Ep #32 - Georaga Airsoft

Welcome to Episode #32 of The Chairsofter Show. This week I am joined by George aka Georaga Airsoft. I first came across George during the early days of the Podcast, and his knowledge of Media certainly has helped me in improving the sound from the very first episodes. This knowledge of the media from his day job is also reflected by the fact that he not only has a YouTube channel (check it out at but is also a very talented writer as a part of the Airsoft Action...


Ep #31 - Project Airsoft

Welcome to Episode 31 of The Chairsofter Show. A short episode this week, I speak to Robin aka Callsign Ladyhawk about an exciting new project she has started within the Airsoft Community. The episode is short and sweet as it is still early days for this Project, and not wanting to give too much away this website and team have some big plans coming onto the Airsoft Scene very soon. Tune in to find out more about what's coming up, and stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram for more updates in...


Ep #30 - Kydex Customs

Welcome to this weeks Episode of The Chairsofter Show. Have you ever brought a pistol that you can't find a holster for? Have you ever wanted a different way of carrying that stubby little sawn off? Then look no further. This week I speak to Taig, the man behind Kydex Customs, about his business ventures into the world of Kydex and new ways of holding all the different things you can't find holsters for anywhere else. We discuss the processes as well as how he got started. I am even going to...


Ep #29 - Review: Frontier Apocalypse

Welcome to another week of The Chairsofter Show. This week, for Episode 29, I have invited Graham McKinlay a.k.a. Callsign_Gravy onto the show. Graham was a part of the group of us which attended the Post Apocalypse themed game at Frontier Airsoft in July, and as it was both of our first times playing at this site and this type of themed game we felt we would come and review the game. I'm not going to give too much away in the description, but all in all it was a fantastic game day and well...


Ep #28 - Unfinished Business

Welcome to another episode of The Chairsofter Show. This week, for Episode 28, Carlo from the Floperator Podcast returns to the show. He threw down a gauntlet and felt that there wasn't enough information during my Interview back in Episode 10, and felt that he could do a better job. So here it is, I get grilled again. Tune in to find out a bit more about my time in Airsoft as we discuss a number of topics during this episode. Hopefully you guys enjoy it, Carlo always manages to effortlessly...


Ep #27 - Callsign Senshi

Welcome to another episode of The Chairsofter Show. This week, for Episode number 27, I am pleased to welcome Kieran from Callsign Senshi onto the show. A newcomer to the Airsoft Events world, I recently attended the first game Kieran and his team ran and had an absolute blast. I have invited him onto the show not just to promote his events, but to also tell you about some really exciting things he has planned that fall outside of the norm of Airsoft. I don't want to give too much away, and...


Ep #26 - Operation Invasion II

Welcome to another week of The Chairsofter Show. This week I am joined by Emma & Stuart a.k.a. Foxy & Patriot from the 1 Legion UK team as we sit down and discuss the upcoming Operation Invasion II, where members of the 1 Legion team from the USA fly over in August for what looks to be one hell of an event. We discuss the plans for the two day event, with the Sunday game being run as a Charity event with two great charities being supported - Pilgrim Bandits for the UK & Veterans for Airsoft...


Ep #25 - Hype Airsoft

This week I am joined by The Man, The Meme, The Legend Mr Will Greenwood, the man behind Hype Airsoft. We begin by discussing how Will first came to Airsoft and got involved with it, and how Hype Airsoft came to be. Due to the overwhelming response from both Facebook and Instagram, the questions are then handed over to you guys for all those valuable messages from everybody who took the time to respond to the posts. Unfortunately we didn't have time to discuss all of them, but it was...


Ep #24 - Skirmshop & Sneaky Blinder

This week I catch up with Kenny Allison, and boy oh boy where do I begin with this guy? A man of many talents he is one of the guys behind Skirmshop UK, Airsoft Sniper Sneaky Blinder, as well as starting a journey in Clay Pigeon Shooting and documenting his progress and development in this discipline. In the next 55 minutes, I try and cover all of this material and more, bringing the podcast briefly out of Airsoft and into the "Real Steel" shooting world. Personally I am also looking to take...