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The first and only podcast dedicated to night vision/thermal hog and predator hunting, night optic reviews and hunting talk from two East Texans that practice what they preach.

The first and only podcast dedicated to night vision/thermal hog and predator hunting, night optic reviews and hunting talk from two East Texans that practice what they preach.


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The first and only podcast dedicated to night vision/thermal hog and predator hunting, night optic reviews and hunting talk from two East Texans that practice what they preach.






Ep. 118 - AGM Asp TM35-640 Thermal Monocular Review

2020 has been the year of thermal monoculars. This is our 8th monocular review for the year and it’s another really good one. This week we talk about the AGM Asp TM35-640. This is the first high resolution 640x512 resolution monocular from AGM and it’s a good one. Besides being a 2.4x base magnification with a great image, the most exciting part is the price. Coming in at $3,245, this is the least expensive high resolution thermal monocular on the market for 2020. Listen as Hans and Jason...


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Ep. 117 - How to Choose a Hog Hunting Outfitter

We’re back this week with another show addressing some very common questions that we get about coming to Texas to hunt hogs. Many people are curious about where to start when it comes to finding a hog hunting outfitter. When driving hours, sometimes across many states and possibly spending a large sum of money, you need to be informed on what to look for and even more importantly what to look out for. While there are many great outfitters in Texas and the South, sadly there are also some...


Ep. 116 - The Show the Listeners Demanded

Sometimes the smallest things can turn into something much larger than anyone could have ever imagined. This week‘s podcast is a perfect example of that. Several weeks ago Hans offhandedly told a story about finding what appeared to be a small fresh grave with a white cross in the middle of the woods on his family’s property, while he was out hunting one night. This turned into several weeks of podcast listeners begging him to find out what was buried there. Hans avoided the issue for as...


Ep. 115 - AGM Asp Micro TM384 Thermal Monocular Review

Hans and Jason are back again this week with another thermal monocular review. This time around they are discussing the AGM Asp Micro TM384 that comes in at the very reasonable price of $1,325. Weighing only 10oz, with a 384x288 resolution, 17 microns and including video recording, the TM384 is a full featured monocular for a great price. On Ep. 111 we reviewed the TM160, which is the little brother to the Micro TM384. Tune in this week to see how we feel these two optics stack up against...


Ep. 114 - Hog Hunting Stories & Shooting Supply Shortages

Long time listeners of the podcast know that it’s become a running joke that the hogs and coyotes disappear every time Hans and Jason plan a hunt together. Recently they got together for another hunt and this time a plan came together better than ever. If you enjoy hearing some hunting stories from a couple good ol’ East Texas boys with some good natured ribbing and joking, this is the episode for you. Jason and Hans retell the story of their recent hunt with only a few minor embellishments...


Ep. 113 - Pulsar Thermion XQ38 Thermal Scope Review

Once again we repeat our common phrase....”this is one of the most anticipated scope reviews of the year”. And honestly, It’s true because we make it our goal to review only the latest and greatest thermal and night vision scopes on the market. This week we review the Pulsar Thermion XQ38. With a 2.5x base magnification, 384x288 thermal core, amazing image quality, a whole host of great features and a price tag of $3,299, this is undoubtedly going to be THE best selling thermal rifle scope...


Ep. 112 - Suppressor Talk

It’s hard to believe that over the course of 111 episodes Hans and Jason haven’t dedicated an entire show to the discussion of suppressors. Now they’ve finally done it and they ran out of time during the show to fishing everything they wanted to talk about! If you’re looking for basic suppressor talk, suggestions on where to look for a NFA trust attorney, what to look for on your first purchase, what suppressors Jason and Hans use and even some quick tips on how to kill more hogs with a...


Ep. 111 - AGM Asp Micro TM160 Review

Welcome back to another week of The Late Night Vision Show podcast. On this episode Hans and Jason review the most anticipated budget thermal optic the market has seen in several years; the AGM Asp Micro TM160. This tiny little thermal monocular retails for just $499 and offers some of the best image quality, features and function we’ve ever seen in the price range. If you are looking for a basic handheld thermal to pair with your digital night vision scope or to use for spotting deer during...


Ep. 110 - Thermal Drones and Helicopter Hunting

A couple questions that Hans and Jason get asked a lot is if they use thermal drones for hog hunting and also if they've ever done any helicopter hunting. They believe most any legal means of effectively exterminating hogs is something we should keep in our tool box of methods. On this week's show they offer their thoughts on the use of both technologies for hog hunting and some of their responses are humorous to say the least. Tune in and see what they have to say and be sure to leave your...


Ep. 109 - Why do Thermal Optics Cost so Much?

Welcome back to The Late Night Vision Show. We discuss all kinds of topics related to night hunting, NV and thermal optics and we offer tons of in depth scope reviews as well. This week we offer up some insight on a couple big questions that we get all the time; “Why are thermal optics so expensive?” and “Will the price of thermal ever come down?”. Listen as Hans and Jason give their insight into the industry and optics and these two questions on this week’s podcast. If you’re looking to...


Ep. 108 - Pulsar Axion XM30S Thermal Monocular Review

This week on The Late Night Vision Show Hans and Jason review the latest model of the very popular Pulsar Axion thermal monocular series, the XM30S. This model is a replacement for the Axion XM30 and XM38 that were discontinued in January of 2020. While the XM30S looks and functions exactly like the earlier models, it has a new display screen and a larger internal video recording capacity. At 4.5x base magnification, a 320x240 12 micron thermal core and weighing less than 10oz, this $1,999...


Ep. 107 - How to Properly Maintain Your NV or Thermal Optic

How do you maintain your thermal or NV scope? Is there anything you need to do keep it in top shape or are there certain things you should avoid? On Episode 107 of The Late Night Vision Show, Hans and Jason answer those questions and offer their tips and advice on cleaning your optic, maintaining the battery life, keeping it updated and more. If you have any tips they might have left out, be sure to leave a comment and let us know. If you’re looking to buy thermal optics or night vision and...


Ep. 106 - iRay MH25 Thermal Monocular Review

On this episode of The Late Night Vision Show Hans and Jason introduce the iRay MH25, a new thermal optic that has recent hit the US market. The MH25 is a tiny 9.25oz handheld and helmet mountable high resolution 640x480 12 micron optic that offers some of the best image quality available for its size. If you’re looking for a high end, extremely small thermal monocular for under $5,000, look no further than the iRay MH25. If you’re looking to buy thermal optics or night vision and need...


Ep. 105 - Pulsar Thermion XQ50 Full Review

This week will be one of our most popular reviews for 2020. The much anticipated Pulsar Thermion XQ50 3.5-14x thermal rifle scope is here and it’s everything we’d hoped for. With FLIR’s exit from the thermal hunting market, taking with them the popular Thermosight PTS536 and Pulsar ending production on the Thermion XM38, coyote hunters and farm country hog hunters were left without a mid-range magnification thermal scope for under $4,000. Cue the entry of the Thermion XQ50. On this podcast...


Ep. 104 - 10 Best Uses for Thermal Other Than Hunting

Do thermal hunting optics have any reasonable uses outside of hunting hogs, coyotes or other predators and nuisance animals? To the surprise of many people thermal scopes and monoculars have a very large amount of every day uses. This week Hans and Jason offer up 10 common but handy alternative uses for thermal optics, some of which might surprise you. Thermal technology is an extremely useful tool that can be utilized in many ways that many hunters have never even thought of. If you have...


Ep. 103 - Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 Thermal Monocular Full Review

On this Episode 103 of podcast Jason and Hans review the new for 2020 Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 thermal monocular. The Helion 2 XP50 has a 2.5x optical base magnification, a new high resolution 40mk 640x480 17 micron thermal core and it offers some of the very best image quality that Pulsar has ever produced in a thermal imager. At $3,999 the Helion 2 XP50 is one of of the very best and one of the most affordable high resolution 640 resolution handheld thermal monoculars on the market. Hans and...


Ep. 102 - Is the Hog Population on the Decline

Is the population of hogs on the decline in the US? Some people will answer yes and the majority will probably say no, especially the landowners whose land is currently being destroyed. Can night vision and thermal hunters combined with other types of hog hunting and trapping really control the hog population? On this episode Hans and Jason offer their own opinions on the subject. They fully admit they can't speak for the whole country or even entire states but they offer their opinions...


Ep. 101 - Pulsar Digex N450 vs Digisight Ultra N450 Comparision

Another head to head match up is in store for our listeners this week on The Late Night Vision Show. On this episode Jason and Hans compare the new for 2020 Pulsar Digex N450/N455 ($1,199) to the Pulsar DigiSight Ultra N450/N455 ($1,299) digital night vision rifle scopes. These two optics look very different in design but they are very similar in specifications and features. We put these two optics side by side and extensively tested both in the field and we're bringing that information...


Ep. 100 - The Late Night Vision Show 100th Episode

This week we celebrate a milestone for The Late Night Vision Show as we publish Episode # 100. And this isn't just the 100th epsisode, it is the 100th week in a row, without ever missing a single Thursday release. On this special episode, Hans and Jason take a week off from all the night vision and thermal topics to look back on the last 100 weeks and joke about the fun they've had but also a few of the more frustrating moments as well. Jason spends a few minutes introducing some of the...