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Ep. 24 - Guessing Hog Weights and Realistic Shooting Distances

In Episode 24 Jason and Hans talk about the common problem of over estimating hog weights. Having both used scales extensively to weigh dead hogs they know that hogs rarely weigh as much as people think they do. They discuss this in a serious but light-hearted conversation. In the second segment of the podcast they discuss realistic shooting distances when night hunting. Many hunters who are new to night hunting are often under the impression that shooting 300-500 yards at night is not...


Ep. 23 - Listener Feedback, Questions and Answers and Giveaway

It’s listener feedback time again! On Episode 23 of the podcast we have some great listener feedback from last week’s show on how hog hunting pressure affects deer movement. We hear what some of our listeners have to say and we even reference a scientific study of deer using GPS tracking collars. The link to that article is below and if you are a deer hunter, it’s well worth your time to read it. We listen to a couple voicemails with questions from our listeners and answer those, as well...


Ep. 22 - Does Hog Hunting Scare Off Deer?

Many states, especially in the South have large hog and deer populations. Every Fall on deer leases and managed clubs many night time hog hunters are asked to stop hunting hogs so that they don’t scare off the deer. On this week’s episode of The Late Night Vision Show Hans and Jason debate the question of whether night time hog hunting scares off deer and if hog hunters should hang up the NV scopes until deer season is over. If you have thoughts on this subject (or another topic), Hans and...


Ep. 21 - Industry News - Pulsar XP50 vs FLIR PTS536

Hans and Jason discuss a mix of wide-ranging topics including updates in night vision and thermal industry news, they answer questions about comparisons between the Pulsar Trail XP50 and the FLIR ThermoSight Pro PTS536 and they also talk about an item from each of their gear bags. Hans discusses his latest YouTube video release where he uses all 14 reticles in the Pulsar Trail thermal scope to kill a hog. It’s an excellent video and the first of its kind. The link to the video is below…....


Ep. 20 - Suppressor Gun Trust Interview with Attorney Jim Willi

It’s interview time again and this is week our special guest is Jim Willi of the Willi Law Firm and in Austin, TX. Jim is a legal expert and an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things related to purchasing and owning a suppressor or other NFA regulated items. Hans and Jason ask Jim a laundry list of questions and he had extremely informative answers to all of them. No matter if you already own a suppressor, you are in the process of getting one or you just...


Ep. 19 - FLIR PTS233 vs Pulsar RXQ30V - Head to Head Comparision

You’ve been asking for it and we're delivering. Hans and Jason do a head to head comparison of the two most affordable quality thermal rifle scopes on the market, the FLIR ThermoSight Pro PTS233 and the Pulsar Core RXQ30V. Retailing for $2,199 and $1,899 respectively these two scopes a have made very large waves in the thermal industry. These two thermal optics are extremely similar but there are still a few features that separate them. Which one does Hans prefer? Which one does Jason...


Ep. 18 - Pulsar Helion XQ28 Thermal Monocular Review

This week Jason and Hans give a full review of the new Pulsar Helion XQ28 handheld thermal monocular. Jason gives a brief overview of all the Pulsar thermal monoculars and then Jason and Hans offer up their 2 cents on the real-world usability and value of this monocular after both having used it extensively in the field. The Helion XQ28 was released during the summer of 2018 and has a 384x288, 17 micron thermal core, 2.3x optical magnification, OLED display, internal video recording with...


Ep. 17 - Thermal Targets and Pig Rigs

Listen in as Hans and Jason discuss a range of different topics including Hans getting the green light from his better half to buy a “pig rig” to hunt from. The guys then discuss the often-asked question "How do you zero a thermal scope?". They explain the methods they each use and talk about the different targets they use to help them to quickly zero their scopes. If you’d like to ask a question, offer a show suggestions or give your feedback, please call and leave a voicemail at...


Ep. 16 - FLIR ThermoSight Pro PTS536 Thermal Scope Review

The FLIR ThermoSight Pro PTS536 is finally here! On this episode Hans and Jason offer up their full in-depth review of this great new thermal optic. Boasting a 4x base magnification, this thermal rifle scope is already extremely popular with coyote and hog hunters who aren't quite satisfied with lower magnification of the other thermal scopes in this same price range, currently $3,795. The 320x256 12 micron Boson thermal core coupled with the 536’s 50mm focusable objective lens gives this...


Ep. 15 - "Do I Really Need a Handheld Monocular?"

A question that often gets asked is "Do I really need a handheld monocular for night hunting?" or "Will a monocular help me kill more hogs or coyotes at night?" In this episode Hans and Jason discuss this topic and cover a wide range of information, including the different types of handhelds, the benefits, the alternatives and their personal experiences from their years of night hunting experience. Be sure to subscribe to The Late Night Vision Show so you'll never miss an episode! We'd...


Ep. 14 - Night Vision Coyote Hunting | James O'Neill w O'Neill Ops - Special Guest

Legendary coyote hunter James O'Neill and founder of O'Neil Ops takes the time to sit down with the guys this week for an awesome interview. James is one of the premier thermal coyote hunters in the US and he discusses a wide range of topics including his involvement in helping to change the night hunting laws in South Dakota, his YouTube channel with over 40,000 subscribers, what gear he uses and he even throws in a quick tip for coyote and predator hunters. Don't miss this awesome...


Ep. 13 - What Do You With All The Dead Hogs

A question that repeatedly comes up, not just to Hans and Jason but to a lot of serious hog hunters, is "what do you do with all the dead hogs?". This week the guys weigh in on this controversial subject and talk about the challenges and reality of killing hogs week after week and year after year.


Ep. 12 - FLIR ThermoSight Pro PTS233 Scope Review

Hans and Jason give their review of the FLIR ThermoSight Pro PTS233 thermal rifle scope. This is one of the most affordable thermal riflescopes on the market and it’s extremely popular because it’s quality, features (like internal video recording) and excellent price point. Listen as they offer up their expert opinions, both having used this scope extensively in the field. You can find the FLIR ThermoSight Pro PTS233 here...


Ep. 11 - Listener Questions and Feedback

Hans and Jason answer questions submitted by listeners of the podcast and review some feedback they've received. There is even a surprise voicemail from a female listener who has some very interesting comments. If you'd like to ask the guys a question or leave feedback, call and leave a voicemail at (903) 833-4461 or send an email to As always you can connect with the show on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


Ep. 10 - Interview with Tyler from Ultimate Night Vision

Hans and Jason catch up with Tyler, owner of Ultimate Night Vision, for a great interview. The guys quiz Tyler on a variety of subjects pertaining to NV and thermal optics, hog hunting and Tyler's personal thoughts on caliber and bullet selection.


Ep. 9 - Sightmark Photon RT Rifle Scope Review

Jason and Hans offer up their review of the new for 2018 Sightmark Photon RT digital night vision rifle scope. For over 5 years Sightmark has revolutionized the night vision industry with the Photon by allowing more and more hunters to get into night hunting by offering a high quality and affordable digital night vision scope. Listen as the guys offer up their thoughts on the latest feature packed Photon to hit the market. There is also a new way to connect with The Late Night Vision Show....


Ep. 8 - Hog Hunting Calibers and Ammo

Jason and Hans talk about what caliber rifles they use for hog hunting and what their favorite ammo choices are. They also discuss the never ending debate of which caliber is best for hog hunting and why you shouldn't be bullied into thinking your rifle caliber isn't large enough.


Ep. 7 - Anti-Hunters and Online Censorship

Hans and Jason talk about the growing censorship problem of the anti-hunters and anti-gunners who control social media and their march to block content and ban users who don't fit their worldview. From Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Google, many hunters are finding their posts and pictures blocked, restriced or removed. This problem doesn't just affect businesses in the outdoor industry but also content creators and consumers alike and most importantly it can greatly affect future...


Ep. 6 - Pulsar Core RXQ30V Thermal Scope Review

Jason talks about a really big hog he killed with the Pulsar Trail XP50LRF demo scope. Hans and Jason offer their hands on review of the Pulsar Core RXQ30V thermal riflescope. The RXQ30V is a very affordable entry level thermal riflescope that is an excellent bargain for hunters looking to get into thermal hunting without breaking the bank.


Ep. 5 - Hans and Jason's Hunting Trip - NTX Crop Protection Interview

Hans and Jason share stories from their recent hog hunt. Jason brought along his Pulsar Trail XP50 LRF demo scope to test and the guys discuss more about Hans' baiting methods. Rob from North Texas Crop Protection stops by for a visit and talks about the new Boar Collect liquid hog attractant dispenser that they've recently brought to the US from Norway.