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We are a show dedicated to all things hunting and conservation in the Southeastern US! Hunting, fishing, and anything else outdoors is our focus. Follow along week to week as we have discussions on how to become a better all around outdoorsman.

We are a show dedicated to all things hunting and conservation in the Southeastern US! Hunting, fishing, and anything else outdoors is our focus. Follow along week to week as we have discussions on how to become a better all around outdoorsman.
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We are a show dedicated to all things hunting and conservation in the Southeastern US! Hunting, fishing, and anything else outdoors is our focus. Follow along week to week as we have discussions on how to become a better all around outdoorsman.






EP. 61- Becoming the 10% with Jeff Homan

A few weeks ago we did an episode with Richard Fought on being part of the ten percent of guys who kill 90% of mature public land bucks. Today, we continue that discussion with Jeff Homan of Alabama. Jeff has had consistent success on some of the most pressured public land in Alabama and today he shares his tactics on locating, scouting, hunting and killing big deer on public!


EP. 60- BUCK REPORT 10, November 9 2018

Today on the Buck Report its just Andrew and Jacob! They discuss the major cold front hitting the South this weekend, as well as the rut begging to heat up in Tennessee and isolated pockets across Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. Other things discussed include the video of Jacobs buck kill, Andrew possibly throwing Jacob out of a tree, and their plans to canoe deep into a landlocked piece of public this Saturday.


EP. 59- Pinch Point Tactics Pay off!

Today on the show we talk about Jacobs most recent hunt where he arrowed a nice Tennessee Buck on November second! An observation sit turned into a kill spot on a very windy day. The reason for success? a good old fashioned pinch point! Tune in to hear about the hunt, tactics, and an interesting track job!


EP. 58- BUCK REPORT 9, Nov 2 2018

Today on the buck report we cover Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia! The rut is heating up across some southern states, while others are are still over two months out. Tune in today to hear the most up to date info we could get our hands on! Also, make sure to check out our youtube channel and subscribe!


EP. 57- high pressure hunting with Parker Mcdonald of Southern Ground hunting podcast

This past weekend we took the time to go hunt some Northern Alabama Public land with our buddies from Southern Ground! It was a great weekend, with lots of big bucks seen and some arrows flung, and its what this podcast is about! We stopped by Tylers camper and chatted with Parker, Tyler and Mike for a while about the struggles and triumphs of hunting places like where we were.


EP. 56- BUCK REOPORT 8, Oct 26

Today on the buck report we cover Tennessee, South Carolina and Alabama!


EP. 55- Blood Trailing with the Experts, part 1

As hunters, we put an enormous amount of time into figuring out how to kill a deer, but oftentimes we lack an equal amount of knowledge on how to find them after a bad shot. If you have been bowhunting long enough, odds are you have lost a deer you hit. Today we speak with Charles Miller, a tracker from Tennessee who helped Jacob recover a doe earlier this season. We talk about weird hits, knowing what to do after the shot, and the effectiveness of a good dog. We also announce our newest...


EP. 54- BUCK REPORT 7, Oct 19, 2018

This week on the buck report we cover the major cold front that will be hitting the Majority of the Southeast this weekend!


EP. 53- Chuck Sykes, Director of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries in Alabama and former host of the Management Advantage

It was a pleasure being able to head down to Montgomery Alabama to speak with Mr. Chuck Sykes, Alabamas Wildlife and Freswhwater Fisheries director and former host of The Management Advantage on the Outdoor Channel. In this episode we ask Chuck about a variety of hot issues in the Southeast from Elk reintroductions, CWD, game check laws, the Southeasts Collective decline in turkey populations, Alabamas goal to start poisoning feral pigs and more!


EP. 52- BUCK REPORT 6, Oct. 12, 2018

This week on the buck report we cover Virginia, Georgia and Alabama


EP. 51- GIANT Tennessee Elk taken by Hunter Munck

This one was a real pleasure to record! We got to speak with Hunter Munck about his recent successful hunt for Elk in the mountains of Tennessee. The bull could possibly be a state record, and the story around it is nothing short of awesome! Hunting Elk in the Eastern US is a dream for many of us, and Hunter lived that dream!


EP. 50- BUCK REPORT 5, Oct. 5, 2018

Today on the show we do a buck report for North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. We also cover some reports on Bear activity in Northern Georgia!


EP. 49- Gear Extravaganza & Shooting Does in Self Defense

Jacob has drawn blood while sitting on the ground with a bow! After recounting Jacobs success story, we dive into our gear list for this upcoming hunting season. Subjects discussed range from backpacks to scopes, game bags to knives, hunting boots, tree stands vs. saddles and much more! Let us know what you think of this episode and whether or not you'd like to hear more gear related shows!


EP. 48- BUCK REPORT 4, Sept. 28, 2018

Another buck report is live! Today we cover the states of Tennessee, Arkansas, and Georgia!


EP. 47- Ground Hunting with a bow, trials and errors

Today we talk success and failure, launching arrows and missing chances while ground hunting! With Jacob taking a shot, and Andrew stalking to within 20 yards of a bedded buck, we have a lot to talk about! We discuss the pros and cons of hunting off the ground, lessons learned from ground hunting, and what we think are the most important aspects of hunting off the ground with a bow on public land!


EP. 46- BUCK REPORT 3, Sept. 21 2018

Another episode of the buck report is live! Today we cover Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi!


EP. 45- Off the Beaten Path in Kentucky

Scouting whitetails in Missouri, Hunting whitetails in Kentucky, and the announcement of one lucky winner of a brand new Lone Wolf Treestand! Earlier this month Jacob visited our buddy Jordan Barnes while he was chasing a giant velvet buck on public land in Kentucky! He discusses hunting early season in Kentucky, accessing his spots by Kayak, and running into the guys from The Hunting Public, while Jacob talks about finding some good spots on Northern Missouri public land!


EP. 44- Buck report Sept. 14, 2018

Today is shorter than we planned! We cover Kentucky and Georgia! The reason this episode is shorter is because 2 BUCKS HAVE HIT THE GROUND TONIGHT! Be sure to listen in Monday to hear the tactics that killed those bucks and watch our youtube channel to see how the hunts went down!


EP. 43- The 10%

There is a saying that says 10% of the hunters kill 90% of the game. If there was ever an example of that, it is Richard Fought from Team Nocked Up! Richard has a wall full of Pope and Young bucks, all killed on Public land! Richards bare bones, common sense tactics are both imformative and exciting. He dives into scouting with a stand on your back, identifying the most recent sign and how to set up on it, and a variety of other topics that any Southern Hunter could put to good use!


EP. 42- BUCK REPORT Sept. 7 2018

We are excited to be kicking off the 2018 hunting season with the first Buck Report of the year! These weekly, short episodes will consist of interviews with real, die hard hunters from across the South, always recored no more than 48 hours before publishing to give you the most up to date info on deer activity! Today we cover Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee!