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We are a show dedicated to all things hunting and conservation in the Southeastern US! Hunting, fishing, and anything else outdoors is our focus. Follow along week to week as we have discussions on how to become a better all around outdoorsman.

We are a show dedicated to all things hunting and conservation in the Southeastern US! Hunting, fishing, and anything else outdoors is our focus. Follow along week to week as we have discussions on how to become a better all around outdoorsman.
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We are a show dedicated to all things hunting and conservation in the Southeastern US! Hunting, fishing, and anything else outdoors is our focus. Follow along week to week as we have discussions on how to become a better all around outdoorsman.






EP. 131 - A Deep Dive into Hunting Thickets

Today we dive deep on the topic of hunting thickets as we dissect some of our own recent hunts putting our recent podcast topics to the test. Tune in to hear how we have been identifying thickets that will likely hold deer, how to determine where/how to hunt the thicket, how Jacob screwed up an opportunity at his biggest buck to date and much more!


EP. 130 - Feed Trees, Thickets & Woodsmanship with Robert Carter

Today we interview another true woodsman, Robert Carter. Robert was actually referred to us by Glen Solomon just before Glen passed away, and he did not disappoint. Like Glen, Robert is a true woodsman and his knowledge of the game we hunt shows in his tactics and success. We talked locating feed trees, how to locate and hunt thickets, finding a spot in a spot, how to predict thermals, what kind of deer sign to set up on, hunting your way into areas and more! Let us know what you think and...


EP. 129 - DIY'ing for Public Land GIANTS with Greg Staggs

Greg Staggs has a great track record when it comes to DIY, public land whitetail hunting. We talk about hunting overlooked spots, finding hard to access areas, and hunting in adverse conditions such as hot weather like we are experiencing now!


EP. 128 - BIG Mississippi Delta Buck Hunting with Cody Smith

Big swamps, big bucks! The Mississippi delta must be one of the most unique places you can hunt in the South and Corey Smith has taken several nice bucks off those swamps. We got him on the show to talk about predicting where hunting pressure will come from based off maps, what funnels deer in a swamp, finding the "spot in the spot", using water access, hunting mid-day around duck hunters and more! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE and if you like what you've been hearing please leave a review and...


EP. 127 - Southern MOUNTAIN BUCK Hunting with Tyler Black

How to hunt big woods mountain bucks - Today we hit topics on bowhunting and rifle hunting the mountains of the Southeastern US. Tyler Black has killed lots of bucks in what some consider to be some of Alabamas most rugged terrain, and he gives his take on where he is finding these bucks, what cover is good cover, good sources, pinch points, how to locate bedding and how to thoroughly learn your area!


EP. 126 - Early Season Strategy Roundtable

Today we talk early season deer hunting tactics with Matt Reaves of Southern Pursuit! Many places across the country have already opened up, and the Southeast is getting geared up! With Georgia opening this weekend, we talk our tactics for hunting agricultural lands, timber with food plots, and straight timber with no openings!


EP. 125 - Hunting Thickets with Adrian Farley

Today on the show we talk with Adrian Farley who was been hunting Alabama public lands since the early 1980s! We discuss finding and hunting thickets, rattling in the south, hunting around pressure, how to get close to bedding quietly, and more! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for weekly public land deer hunting tactics relevant to the SOUTHERN DEER HUNTER!


EP. 124 - Executing a Mobile Hunting Strategy, VELVET BUCK DOWN!

We have another whitetail hunting tactic podcast for you this week as we break down Jacob Myers' and Jacob Emery's successful velvet buck hunt on Tennessee public land this weekend! We hit topics such as how they chose their parcel of public they hunted, how they narrowed it down to specific spots, how did they know when to abandon their first spot and how they ended up with a big buck on the ground!


EP. 123 - Chuck Sykes, Director of Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries in Alabama

WFF Director Chuck Sykes sat down with us for a second time to talk public land issues in Alabama, SOA hunts, Sandhill crane seasons, as well as hunting regs and how state agencies work!


EP. 122 - Backtracking Bucks with Jeff Homan, Deer Hunting Strategy

Jeff Homan's trail camera strategy goes against the grain of most of the advice that we typically hear in hunting media today. By checking his cameras every few days and backtracking deer to their exact bedding locations he has had incredible success on killing mature bucks on one of Alabama's highest pressured pieces of public land.


GEAR TALK - Broadside Camo

Scott Shearer stopped by our booth at the world deer expo to talk about his company, Broadside Camo! Scott is passionate about his work and his theories behind camo are both interesting and practical. We dive into how to conceal yourself in the whitetail woods, how his patten works, how he got started and more!


EP. 120 - Public Land Tactics with Catman and Adrian Wilson

Today we talk with two public land killers, Johnathan Boheme and Adrian Wilson of Tennessee. Both of these guys have had a lot of success on public land over the last few years, and at the 2019 World Deer Expo they stopped by our booth to talk southern based public land deer hunting!


GEAR TALK - Aerohunter’s new Saddle, the Flex

Today we talk Aerohunter saddles! We sat down with Jon from aerohunter at the World Deer Expo to talk about their brand new “flex” saddle, along with all the other things aerohunter has going on! Subjects discussed include new features of the saddle, what makes saddles very different from one another, some company history, and of corse what the future holds for aerohunter! Tune in, let us know what you think, and thanks for listening!


EP. 118 - CREATING Success with Richard Fought

Woodsmanship & Confidence. Thats the best way to describe Richard Fought's deer hunting mentality. Richard is a die hard public land hunter who has found incredible success in the swamps of Arkansas. Richard consistently kills mature bucks (including 3 160+ inch deer) on public land by hunting feed trees, and hunting with huge levels of confidence. Today we dive deep on what kind of deer sign to look for, how to know if you should hunt it, what feed trees are, how hunting with confidence can...


GEAR TALK - Wild Edge’s New Saddle

Today Wild Edge is announcing their brand new saddle, the Yarak! We sat down with Drew and Greg from WE to talk about the new product and all of its unique features. Another subject discussed is what makes saddles different, and how the makeup of a saddle effects its functionality and comfort.


EP. 116 - Extreme Southern Deer Hunting Tactics with Glen Solomon

We had the privilege of talking to Mr. Glen Solomon, who is undoubtedly one of the best hunters & woodsmen that we have had the privilege of talking to on the show. Glen takes a deep dive into some hardcore public land deer hunting tactics that he uses in Georgia. Glens tactics are extremely similar to Dan Infalts methods, and Glen has been practicing these tactics for 35 years on public lands across Georgia and Alabama. Grab a notepad for this episode, you'll be glad you took notes!


EP. 115 - Breaking Down Big Public Properties & Getting into the Weeds

Today we talk tactics for breaking down large areas of public land into hunt able chunks. We also talk general public land bowhunting tips, hunting subtle terrain features within the thickets that deer spend a lot fo time in and of corse gear talk. After gear talk we get out into the weeds and start telling our creepiest, and funniest hunting stories!


EP. 114 - Killer Funnel & Pinch Point Tactics

Today on the show we do a deep dive into all things on whitetail deer bowhunting tactics. We talk about how to find funnels, pinch points, edges, finding overlooked terrain features, understanding deer bedding, why bedding is important, and thermals. This is the perfect episode to kick your mind back into deer hunting gear as we creep closer to bow season!


EP. 113 - Southern Velvet Hunt Prep

Today we go over early season bowhunting strategies for velvet whitetails in Southern states! Some specific subjects discussed include how to plan where you will hunt now, securing permission to hunt private property now for the upcoming season, pre-acorn drop food sources, and how bedding in the extreme early season is very different from bedding throughout the rest of the season.


EP. 112 - Self Filming - What you need to know

Ever been interested in self filming your hunts? Today on the show we talk about how to self film hunts, the gear you need, how to determine your goals, our recommendations on gear and more.