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We are a show dedicated to all things hunting and conservation in the Southeastern US! Hunting, fishing, and anything else outdoors is our focus. Follow along week to week as we have discussions on how to become a better all around outdoorsman.

We are a show dedicated to all things hunting and conservation in the Southeastern US! Hunting, fishing, and anything else outdoors is our focus. Follow along week to week as we have discussions on how to become a better all around outdoorsman.
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We are a show dedicated to all things hunting and conservation in the Southeastern US! Hunting, fishing, and anything else outdoors is our focus. Follow along week to week as we have discussions on how to become a better all around outdoorsman.






EP. 38- Cuz Strickland on Hunter Recruitment and Southern Hunting

Ronnie Cuz Strickland of Mossy Oak came on the show for a second time for this weeks episode! Its always a pleasure to have Cuz on, and today we talk hunter recruitment, getting kids into hunting, Southern Hunting culture, Cuz's property, and much more. Bow season is getting close across much of the South so be sure you keep an eye out for our buck report starting soon!


EP. 37- The Next Generation with Gabe Tandy, Southern Hunter

We have all heard of the ominous cliff that us hunters are approaching which is a large part of our demographic getting to old to stay afield. Today we take that issue front and center by talking with Gabe Tandy, a 16 year old hunter and Youtuber. We grill Gabe on how he got into hunting, what hunting is to him, how to produce content that is more appealing to people his age, how he got into filming and more. Gabe is a remarkable dude and we cant wait to see where he goes in his youtube...


EP. 36- Hunting Traditional with Steve Angell

Ever considered hunting with traditional archery equipment? If so then your going to want to tune in to this episode! Our friend and fellow podcaster Steve Angell from Traditional Outdoors stopped by to discuss everything from transitioning to trad equipment, lethality, arrow setups, and more! The challenge of hunting with traditional archery is something that has interested us for a long time, so talking to someone like Steve who has been doing it for over 15 years was a real treat!


EP. 35- A Southern Legacy: Adam Kieth and Matt Dye on hunting and land managing in the South

Adam Keith and Matt Dye from Land and Legacy chatted with us about a lot of hot topics in the world of Southern Hunting and Land management! Subjects discussed include TSI, old field management, why you shouldn't put a food plot on every open area of your property, dealing with kudzu, fire management, and new policies dealing with CWD. This was a fun one and we cant wait to keep up with Adam and Matt throughout the fall!


EP. 34- Velvet Bucks and Almost Drowning

People really like Jordan Barnes of Close Proximity TV, so we had him on the show...again! This is a great episode slammed full of information on how Jordan goes about finding success on public land and small private parcels in GA. We cover everything from food plots, rut stands, property layout, habitat managment, how we all 3 plan on getting a crack at a velvet buck, and how Jordan got himself into a bad situation while bowhunting turkeys!



It that time of year again! Its almost time to break ground on new food plots and habitat management never has an off season! Tune in to hear our friend Chad Rischar, a soil scientist and land manager discuss how to get the most out pf your land. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we liked recording it! If you haven't already, please leave us a rating or review, and stay tuned for some awesome giveaways for the near future!


EP 32- How to find bucks, bedding, and listener questions

We have BIG news about a new program we are starting this fall! Last week we gave a brief overview of our past season, favorite tactics, and future plans. This week we are expanding on the topics of buck bedding, thermals, being diligent in your hunts, deer studies by Penn State, Scrapes, and more!


Ep. 31- Summertime Buck Scouting

This episode is unique in the fact that you'll be able to hear frogs, crickets and various other sounds of the woods at night! We recorded on the Banks of the Cahaba River in central Alabama while cat fishing. We covered a lot of ground in this Episode with whitetails. Subjects discussed range from using scrapes in the summer, getting pictures of bucks without using bait or minerals, whether or not its OK to pee in your hunting spots (or scrapes), understanding thermals, blind sits,...


Ep. 30- Elk Hunting with Josh Watts

This week we conclude our western series with what many people believe is the "pinnacle" of western hunting, Elk. We spoke with our good friend Josh Watts from Mississippi on a wide range of subjects ranging from finding tags to physical preperation. A big road block for many people when it comes to Elk hunting is the aspect of money, a issue which Josh and Jacob tackle head on! These hunts are so much more attainable than you may realize! Let us know what you think and as always thank you...


Ep. 29- Damon Bungard on Hunting Mule Deer

Damon Bungard of Orion Coolers hopped on the phone with us to talk Muleys! The western series is rolling ahead full steam with this episode. We discuss which states are best for Mule Deer, what to pack on the hunt, Mule deer behaveior, guided vs. DIY hunts, and MUCH more! Thanks again for listening and if you havent already please give us a rating or review on Itunes or Stitcher!


Ep 28- Antelope Hunting with Travis Simmons

Pronghorn Antelope, a truly American game species. Our friend Randy Newberg describes Antelope as the "gateway drug" to western hunting! Our guest, Travis Simmons certainly agrees. Today we walk through Travis' past experiences with Antelope hunting, including stories, tips and tactics. We also detail a process for finding, applying, and buying over the counter tags. Thanks for tuning in week after week, and if you haven't already please leave us a 5 star rating or review!


EP. 27- Randy Newberg on Western Whitetails

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with one of our hunting heroes, Randy Newberg! Randy was a big part of our Mule deer hunt we have discussed in the last two episodes, as he was one of the figures who inspired us to go west. On this episode we dive deep into how Randy goes about hunting big western whitetails in the rut. Subjects discussed include gear, scouting, hunting tactics and why you are missing out if you don't travel to hunt!


EP. 26- Wyoming Muleys part 2

Today we have part 2 of our Wyoming mule deer hunt! Last week you heard the first half of our hunt where we talked about driving 30 hours to Wyoming, freezing to death on a mountain, having to change plans and much more! Today we dive into the last few days of our hunt and discuss what led us to failure, and what led us to success!


EP. 25- Wyoming Muleys part 1

Today we start a 2 part episode going into detail about our Wyoming Mule Deer hunt from last October! In part 1 we heavily discuss our gear and the hard lessons we learned from our first trip out west. We also announce a special 4 part series on making your dream hunt come to life!


EP. 24- Cooking Wild Food

On today's episode we briefly discuss our turkey seasons before diving into a series of discussions about all things wild game meat. Subjects discussed include the texture of gar meat, how to cook a tongue, how Steve Rinella convinced us to try unusual parts of animals, ultralight fishing, and much much more!


EP. 23- Strut Report #10, May 3

The most up to date report on turkey activity around the US, with reports given by real world working class hunters!


EP. 22- Hunting with Jordan Barnes of Close Proximity TV

On this episode Jacob and Andrew go in depth on their latest turkey hunts. We discuss Jacobs double on public land and Andrews cousin getting his very first turkey before an interview with Jordan Barnes of Close Proximity TV. We also announce the winner of the big giveaway with Apex Ammo and Indian Creek Choke Tubes!


EP. 21- Strut Report #9, April 26

Tune in to hear the most up to date reports on turkey activity! Today we cover Mississippi, Arkansas, Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri! Also, tune in for details on our big giveaway with Apex Ammunition and Indian Creek Shooting Systems!


EP. 20- Scott Ellis on all things Turkey

This is a dandy! This week we had the pleasure of taking with Scott Ellis of Hunt Quest. Scott is big in the turkey hunting world, and he has been a role model for both Andrew and Jacob. In this episode Andrew has Scott break down his opinion of a wide range of turkey topics ranging from turkey sounds to how to best set up on a gobbler, with some listener questions thrown in at the end! If you like what you hear, please leave us a 5 star rating on Itunes and Facebook, if you don't like it,...


EP. 19- Strut report #8, April 19th

The most consistent and up to date reports on turkey activity in the nation!