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#0050 - Matt Lawson & Kyle Haren - New Years Resolutions And The Power Of Your Inner Circle

Matt and Kyle are avid goal setters at the beginning of the year. Matt describes that on New Year’s Eve, he and his family sit at the table together, and write down their goals for the year ahead. As a family, they talk about the resolutions they have for themselves, and for everyone else. We all thought creating a Dream Board is a good idea, especially for families. To make a Dream Board, have a poster board, and a bunch of magazines. Think of places you want to go, or any goals you have...


HOW 2 TUESDAY #26 - How To Learn To Navigate A New Area

If you listened to the last podcast you heard me talk about how to pick out a boat. Right after the podcast I got some emails about how to learn how to navigate. So that was what I picked to talk about today. If you are learning a new area for fishing or a tournament there are some tricks that you can use, as well as some new tools. Check out todays podcast on How To Navigate A New Area. Products referenced: Florida Marine Tracks - A detailed marine cartography chip that you can run in...


#0049 - Josh Cash - The Green Card

Today, this podcast is a little different than most of the ones we have done. Today we feature Josh Cash who is from Ireland, and has gone through the process of getting his green card. He and I workout together and I seem him a lot. He started to tell me about the process of getting his green card and I found it incredibly fascinating. I'm not doing this podcast for any sort of political reason. It is just something that I found interesting and was honestly a process that I knew nothing...


HOW 2 TUESDAY #25 - How To Choose A Boat

In this episode of How 2 Tuesday I'm going to help you pick a boat for what you want to do. The question of "how do I pick a boat" comes up quite a bit. First of all, there are a lot of activities that people love to do on the water, and every boat you choose is a compromise. If you pick a skiff type boat you are not going to be able to go off shore very well. A frequent issue that I hear is someone in the Florida Keys who loves to go flats fishing. In this case I ask someone what type of...


#0048 - Ben Paige- Fowl Front- The Balance Between Promotion And Exploitation Of Public Lands

Todays episode is due to a call from Ben Paige who runs a podcast called Fowl Front. His podcast is a water fowl/duck hunting podcast. He had some ideas about what we could talk about. We shared challenges in how we promote something and when there may be too much promotion of a secret spot that it may ruin it. There are cases that you may be fishing with only two other boats and have a great day. Later you go and share the coordinates and the next day there are 14 boats. What is your duty...


HOW 2 TUESDAY #24 - How To Manage Expectations

In this How 2 Tuesday episode, I discuss managing expectations for fishing and hunting. As a guide, it is important to set the expectations to my client and letting them know the realistic outcomes for when they’re out on the water. Because there are so many factors that are out of your control, like the weather, it’s best to have little to no expectations. The strategic thing to do when planning your hunting/fishing trip is to do as much research as you can. Search for the best guide in...


#0047 - Brandon Clift - The Path Of A Warrior

Brandon Clift is the son of Bill Clift who has been a lifelong family friend. Bill was influential in my life to show me that you can take alternative paths or even make your own path in life. Bill was the only person I knew who was living differently than most. He was racing sailboats, living as a ski instructor and traveling the World. In hindsight, his influence was profound and is definitely a reason that I chose to do the things I have done thus far in this life. His son Brandon and...


#0046 - Hunter Jackson - Making His Dreams A Reality

My son Hayden Rowland is friends with Hunter Jackson. Hayden told me to look into the stuff he is doing and I later met Hunter’s dad and saw how supportive his dad was of his passion. I met Hunter and saw how passionate he was about guiding and recently connected with him and got to catch up with him on what he is up to. Got some bad news however - just a few days after this podcast I learned that Hunter was in an accident where he was hunting and a gun went off and struck him in the neck....


HOW 2 TUESDAY #23 - How To Call In An Elk Ft. Turner Rowland

Turner Rowland is a professional Elk Hunting guide in Bozeman, Montana. Today, he sits down with us on How2Tuesday to discuss the best ways to call in an Elk. From Turner’s experience there are basically 2 strategies and possibly a hybrid between the two. First is the Cow call where you sound like a cow in an attempt to lure the big Bull Elk to you. Second is the bugle which sounds like a Bull Elk that is threatening to pull other cows away from the dominant Bull. Both are effective...


#0045 - Elliot Sudal @acksharks - Viral Video Fame Used For Conservation

Elliot Sudal is also known as @acksharks on Instagram. After a video of him catching, handling and releasing a shark on Nantucket went super viral on social media and then to conventional TV, Eliot found himself on over 80 TV shows and other interviews. Eliott has used his attention for good to tag sharks for the purposes of scientific research and conservation. Along the way, Elliot has also been on reality TV surviving 8 days on a life raft, catching sharks in Louisiana and more. Today...


HOW 2 TUESDAY #22 - How To Cook Snapper On A Half Shell

1. one stick butter 2. one large onion, chopped 3. two cups Italian salad dressing 4. one tsp. garlic powder 5. three tsp. worchestershire 6. one tsp. Tabasco or Tiger Sauce 7. one tsp. Tony’s Cajun seasoning 8. six pieces filleted redfish with skin on one side 9. one cup bread crumbs containing imported romano cheese (any seasoned bread crumbs will work if you can’t find this type) To see a complete list of episodes visit


#0044 - Taylor Somerville - Breathing Into A New Life

I came across a method of breathing 4 years ago. It is called the Wim Hof method, and if you ever get to hear Wim Hof talk about breathing he kind of sounds like a crazy person. But the more you look into it you find that everything he does is backed by scientific research. He has learned a way to effect his autonomic immune system and one time was injected with E.coli and was able to prevent being ill by his breathing. I have been doing this breathing method for about 4 years, my wife and...


HOW 2 TUESDAY #21 - The Ring Game

While my kids were growing up, we had a canal in our backyard and would play the Ring Game. As a fisherman, this is a great activity to reinforce my kids’ interest in fishing, but also I get to share one of my favorite hobbies with them. Though we had a canal, this game can be played in a pool, lake, or anywhere with water access. The Ring Game not only teaches kids how to cast their line, but is also a way to progress their skills, so they’re able to start catching fish on the flats. For...


#0043 - Brendan Smith & Turner Rowland - The Men In The Arena

I had the honor of recording this podcast in Bozeman, Montana with my son, Turner Rowland, and his roommate, Brendan Smith. Turner and Brendan both moved to Bozeman after graduating High School in pursuit of their love for hunting and fishing. Recently, Turner just finished his first season as an elk hunting guide. For training, Turner started in September this year, and over the course of a month, spent two weeks bow hunting, and then two weeks of rifle hunting. Turner is out at camp base...


HOW 2 TUESDAY #20 - How To Choose A Bonefish Fly

When choosing a bonefish fly, it is important to keep in mind the shape, size, and sink rates. Depending where you are fishing, you will need to have a heavier or lighter weight bonefish fly. For instance, if you are fishing in shallow water, you don’t want to throw a heavier weight bonefish fly in, as it will scare the fish away. Instead, you will want to have a lighter fly that will sink towards the bottom without having a strong, heavy impact. You can also choose a bonefish fly that has a...


#0042 - Questions And Answers From Instagram Ft. Will Taylor

I’ve had the chance to hang out with Will Taylor and learn how deep his knowledge is in the fishing industry. As a Blue Ridge native and a professional fly-fishing guide, Will does trout fishing mostly in the Northern Georgia area. When Will isn’t a guide or out fishing, he loves being with his 16-month old daughter and watching her grow. I had a chance to do a Q&A with my followers and podcast listeners as they ask questions for the both of us to answer. In this podcast, Will and I...


HOW 2 TUESDAY #19 - How To Stay In Shape With No Equipment

This week I revisited a popular podcast I did, “How to Stay in Shape on the Road”. Although last time I spoke strictly about the Deck of Cards workout, this week I am going to give you insight to even more options to have while on the road. We have three different workouts you can do: Jelly Legs, 3 miles and 300 pushups, and then Parking Lot. Check out more details about each of these workouts below: Jelly Legs - 20/1 - 19/2… 1/20 Jelly Legs consists of two types of movements: a burpee and...


#0041 - Gregor Gillespie - #bestfishermaninmma

Gregor Gillespie is a former Division 1 National Champion wrestler, 4x All American and 2x High School State Champion. He has made the transition to the UFC and sits 12-0 currently. As a fan of wrestling, I am always for the wrestler in the Octagon. Gregor caught my attention with his wrestling pedigree but in his post fight interview I heard him say…what???? “I’m the best fisherman in MMA” he said. Did he really just say that? “I’m going fishing all day tomorrow and all week. If you want...


HOW 2 TUESDAY #18 - How To Start Your Own Podcast, Podcast

I am not a podcast expert by any means, however I was able to get mine off the ground and have maintained it for 57 episodes so far. I learned how to do a podcast the hard way like most other things in my life. So, when I received multiple questions asking how I started or what equipment I use, I thought I would address this on the How2Tuesday episode. The first thing I did was check out the podcasts that had the best sound and shows that had very detailed notes, but it was still difficult...


#0040 - Graham Tayloe - A Brother From Another Mother

After two full How 2 Tuesday episodes featuring Graham Tayloe, I had the joy of sitting down with him. If you ever get to hunt with Graham you will see how incredibly passionate he is about what he does. He is one of my favorite people all around and I love to go hunting with him as well. I’m sure you will enjoy this podcast as much as I enjoyed sitting down with Graham and talking about his plethora of knowledge about the outdoors and fishing. Check out the podcast and check out the new...