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#0020 Davis Bennett - Filmmaking For A New Generation

Davis Bennett is a young filmmaker who has burst onto the scene. Having only fished and shot video for only a couple of years, Davis’ work would never show his relative inexperience. Through Tom’s son Hayden, he began following Davis on Instagram and has been interested in his work ever since. Tom Rowland caught Davis between projects he is working on with BlacktipH and discussed his story, how he has been able to achieve the success he has and what he can attribute that success towards. A...


#0019 - Brad Mcleod - Former Navy Seal Brad McLeod-Improve 1% Daily, Gratitude and Bringing Warrior Culture To Your Life For Success

Brad McLeod is a former Navy SEAL who now runs SealgrinderPT. Through his online platform, Brad is able to help athletes of all levels to achieve their goals whether that is completing BUDs and becoming an active duty Navy SEAL or completing their first 5k. Brad has a unique perspective to share as his path to becoming a Navy SEAL included attending BUDs, completing Hell Week but failing a Math test and being rolled back out into the fleet. Finding himself disgusted with chipping paint...


#0018 - EVERGLADES UPDATE - Captains For Clean Water Gives Action Items To Make A Huge Difference In The Future Of The Everglades

In this bonus episode we check back in with Capt. Daniel Andrews of Captains For Clean Water to learn about the recent freshwater discharges around Sanibel and to hear about how the trip to Washington, DC went. Daniel Andrews is the Co- Founder of Captains For Clean Water and has dedicated his past few years to addressing the problems in the Everglades. The organization has grown quickly and have made a major impact towards protecting the Everglades. Specifically, they are concerned...


#0017 - BlacktipH - Joshua Jorgensen - YouTube Fishing Sensation Without Ever Owning A Boat

Joshua Jorgensen goes by the handle BlacktipH on social media and YouTube. His videos began with shark fishing from the beach and have grown to include all types of fishing both fresh and saltwater. BlacktipH has over 900,000 Subscribers. Two of his videos have over 40 million views and many more have reached 8-10 million. Josh is a legit YouTube sensation and continues to raise the bar with his quality production. Tom Rowland managed to find a time when Josh was not shooting, editing...


#00016 - Robert Arrington - Deer Meat For Dinner

Robert Arrington is a Youtube personality that goes by DeerMeatForDinner. He currently has over 850,000 subscribers and puts out weekly videos of him catching/killing, cleaning and then cooking. Today, Robert has a giant following on digital platforms, but at one point he was telling his story on conventional television. When the economy shifted and things got tough on television, Robert and his wife decided to go a different direction but were not exactly sure what that was. They were...


#0015 - Live Q&A Podcast - Tom Answers Questions About Fishing, Fitness, Rigging And More

Tom Rowland takes time to do a LIVE question and answer podcast for the first time. Using Facebook Live, Instagram Live, emailed questions and tweets, Tom answers questions for 2 hours on virtually every subject. From Goliath Grouper regulations, to how to become a fishing guide, Capt. License questions to how to stay in shape on the road, the questions keep flooding in and Tom does his best to answer every one. Thank you to all the fans and friends who participated in this live event.


#0014 - Ryan Nitz - Turning His Passion Into His Profession - Hunting, Fishing, Outdoor Film Making

Ryan Nitz is a 27 year old with a passion for the outdoors that is contagious and immediately obvious to anyone who is fortunate enough to be around him even for a few minutes. For the past few years he has been funding his outdoor addiction with a well paying job in Florida pest control. However, with his growing Instagram profile, he has had many opportunities to turn his passion into his profession. Recently Ryan quit his job, bought a boat, took a job as a turkey hunting guide and...


#0013 – Derek DeYoung - Artist And Angler Living In Montana, Florida Keys And Northern Michigan

Derek DeYoung is a renowned fish artist who travels between Montana, Florida Keys (Big Pine) and Northern Michigan to pursue fish and get inspiration to reproduce them on canvas. I caught up with Derek through Instagram and asked him if he would like to be a guest on Saltwater Experience. He said he would like to do it but his schedule was very tight. We found a day and made it happen. Derek was one of my favorite guests and we became fast friends. I knew I wanted to do a podcast with him,...


#0012 – Capt. Daniel Andrews - Captains For Clean Water - Leading The Charge To Save The Everglades

Fishing has a major economic impact on Florida, 10 BILLION DOLLARS a year to be more specific. Combine other industries that fishing impacts directly and the financial number is stagering. This has a major economic impact on the United States. This issue doesn't just impact fishing guides and Captains in South Florida, it impacts Real Estate values, Tourism not associated with fishing (who wants to go to a stinky beach and watch brown waves crash on the sand?) Fishing, Bird Watching, Jet...


#00011 - Matt Lawson - How SealFit Kokoro and 20x Supercharged His Life

The birth of his second child left Matt Lawson searching for a way to take better care of himself for his family. He wanted something more holistic than the typical workout regimen, something more along the lines of both mind AND body training. He started with the Unbeatable Mind Program and corresponding workouts. The Unbeatable Mind process focuses on being present and aware as as you train your body, and the four pillars of the program are controlling your breath, positive self-talk,...


America's Favorite Angler- From Shooting And Editing 208 Shows A Year By Himself To Becoming A Fishing Icon

Bill Dance is the fishing legend. The first time I met Bill Dance he was unbelievably nice and helpful. Every time I see him he rushes over and gives me a giant bear hug and asks about everything, "Where's the Toot?" (Asking about my partner). He is a shining example of a high quality individual and it is no wonder why he has been so successful. I love this guy and aspire to help as many people as he has and be as excited about fishing and life as he is when I am his age. Thank you Bill...


#0009 - Tim Crockett - Rowing 3000 Miles Across The Atlantic Alone In A 20 Foot Boat

Tim Crockett has a strong Military background. As a UK Soldier who served in the Special Boat Service (SBS), he has spent most of his life on, under or near the water. He is going to draw heavily on this experience when he takes on his next challenge, the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. This race is a 3000+ mile crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat. Tim will not only take this challenge on, but he will do it alone in his 20 foot boat called, Tame The Kraken. Tom Rowland met up...


#0008 - Jason Stemple "Homeless" To Living His Dream As A Professional Fishing Photographer

Jason Stemple grew up in a small farming town in Massachusetts, and his early fishing experiences were fly fishing with his dad. He earned an associate’s degree in graphic design and photography at a local community college then headed out to Western State College of Colorado to earn a business degree, do a lot of great skiing, and continue to dabble in photography. He got back into fly fishing around the age of 24. After becoming a rafting guide and eventually a fishing guide in...


#0007 - Frank Smethurst, Running Down The Man, TU TV, Dubai And Fishing Adventure Comedies

Frank Smethurst is a revered fly fisherman and guide whose passion for the sport began at a very early age. He began tying his own flies at age eight, starting working at The Fish Hawk by age 12, and eventually moved to Colorado to launch his career as a guide. Aside from guiding, winning tournaments, and hosting television shows (and running a mothership operation in the Sea of Cortez somewhere in there), Smethurst is also well known for his role in a number of award-winning films that...


#0006 - Miles Burghoff - Pro Bass Fishing, Sponsorship and What To Do On Those Long Drives

When Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor were tasked with finding potential hosts for a freshwater fishing show, Miles Burghoff’s name quickly came up. Since starting Sweetwater Fishing TV, Rowland and Burghoff have become good fishing buddies and even better friends. Today’s talk really focuses on what the world of sponsorship looks like, since that is one of the main subjects people ask both of these pros about. They discuss how they both got started in the industry, things they have done to...


#0005 - Dr. Joe Martin - Rags to Riches to Ruin to Redemption

“Rags to riches to ruin to redemption.” That is the quick and dirty explanation behind the story of accomplished speaker, author, and educator, Dr. Joe Martin. Dr. Martin was raised in Liberty City, one of the roughest neighborhoods in the Miami, Florida area. Martin didn’t meet a white child until he was 12, struggled under the guidance of a depressed young mother that was a functioning alcoholic, was sexually abused by a family member as a young teen, and buried six of his friends by the...


#0004 - Clay Watson - Fishing In Cuba, Torn Labrums And What Makes A Good Guide

Having met years ago while guiding on the Snake River, Tom Rowland and Clay Watson have shared their fair share of fishing stories and experiences all over the world. Intrigued by Watson’s latest experience fishing the waters of Cuba, Rowland invited him on the Tom Rowland Podcast to talk about the adventure. Watson took a 120-foot mothership under the guidance of an Argentinian outfit to fish the islands off the southern side of Cuba. There were nine total anglers on the week-long...


#0003 - Patrick St. Charles - GoRuck Selection, SealFit Kokoro And Application To Life

Tom Rowland and Patrick St. Charles met about a decade ago, bonding through a local workout group and an affinity for extreme fitness events like Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, and Ragnar Relays. Participating in these events led them to even more extreme events like the SEALFit Kokoro and GoRuck Selection. Modeled after the US Navy Seals crucible “Hell Week”, SEALFit Kokoro is a 50+ hour training event with an approximate 30% pass rate. As SEALFit Kokoro finisher, Rowland learned the true...


#0002- Will Taylor- Massive Trout In Georgia and Social Media Impact on Fishing

I found Will Taylor on Instagram. His photography had a different look and feel to it and I was very interested in his North Georgia waters. Blue Ridge, Georgia was only down the road about an hour drive from where I grew up in Chattanooga, TN, yet I had no idea that trout the size of my leg lived there. I made contact with Will and found him to be a great guy who would make for an interesting guest on Saltwater Experience. We scheduled it and then met at Hawks Cay a few weeks later. I...


#0001 – Chasten Whitfield-Helping Others Through Fishing

Chasten Whitfield is a young lady who has devoted her time to helping others...through fishing. She was introduced to me through my friend, Capt. Paul Fisicaro, who saw a news story on her and thought I might be interested in having her as a guest. After watching the story myself, I called her immediately and scheduled her to be on Saltwater Experience. Her story was told well through the show, but the 30 minute format left alot of details out simply due to time restrictions. I sat down...