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Trail Runner Nation is devoted to sharing knowledge and advice to the trail running community - from beginners to the pros! We offer tips and discussion regarding race nutrition, pacing strategy, mental focus and much more.

Trail Runner Nation is devoted to sharing knowledge and advice to the trail running community - from beginners to the pros! We offer tips and discussion regarding race nutrition, pacing strategy, mental focus and much more.
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Trail Runner Nation is devoted to sharing knowledge and advice to the trail running community - from beginners to the pros! We offer tips and discussion regarding race nutrition, pacing strategy, mental focus and much more.






EP 433: What Can We Learn - Running in Europe vs. USA?

Sally McRae and Billy Yang just returned from Europe where Sally ran UTMB for the fifth time. We talk to Sally and Billy about what things Americans need to know when going to Europe to run and visa versa. Check out Sally at her web site, instagram, and twitter Check out Billy Yang a his web site, instagram, and his podcast And just in case you were interested in the tiny phone:


EP 432: Run and Become - The Next Level

What does it take to run 3100 miles within 52 days around a city block in Queens, NY? The Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race is an annual pilgrimage that began back in 1997. It is the longest certified race in the world. Runner and Filmmaker, Sanjay Rawal, explores this race and three other cultures from around the world to understand the primal necessity of running and how these cultures connect with nature and are changed / transcending to a new level of being. It is an...


EP 431: Chasing the Triple Crown of 200s with Michael McKnight

In 2017, Michael McKnight won the fastest cumulated time for the triple crown of 200-milers, Bigfoot 200, Tahoe 200, & Moab 240. Last week he set a new Bigfoot 200 record by over 4 ours finishing in 51:33 - 18 hours faster than his first attempt in 2017. We sit down with Michael and talk about how his training and strategies have changed since 2017.


Ep 430: It's Easier to Keep Up Than it is to Catch Up - with Tosh

Ultra Adventurer and leadership coach, Brian Chontosh, aka Tosh, join The Nation to discuss this simple but complex topic. Check out these links: Crooked Butterfly PodcastCrooked Butterfly websiteTosh's Instagram


EP 429: Can Failure Make us More Successful? with Coach Ian Sharman

Based on a BBC article by Ian Leslie, "Why Suffering Setbacks Could Make You More Successful",we discuss how this can be true in your training, racing, personal and professional life. Leslie argues that trauma of losing can actually do you more GOOD than harm; "turning pain into rocket fuel". Coach Ian Sharmanjoins The Nation to discuss how this trauma or setbacks can help you become a better athlete, learn how to achieve more, and become happier. check out Sharman Ultrascoaching...


EP 428: Brothers Born in the Furnace of Adversity with Chadd Wright

Former Navy Seal, endurance athlete, and bearded king, Chadd Wright rejoins The Nation to discuss a mission-mantra that he learned on the Seal Team: Rules for Chadd's "last man standing" training mission with Jesse Itzler and Mark Brown recently: Check out Jesse Itzler's 29O29 Challenge Sponsor: Native Deodorant use promo code TRN for 20% off first purchase


EP 427: Giddyup with Jeff Browning

Jeff Browning shows patience and maturity as he continually places in the top 10 at some of the most competitive races. He recently finished in the top 10 for the 4th time in a row at Western States 100 in June. We talk to Jeff about Check out Jeff's coaching web site:


EP 426: Brittany Peterson Runs FAST!

The women's field at Western Statesis always very deep and exciting to watch. This year was no exception. With record low temps and a stacked women's field, the race had many surprises and nail-biting battles. Brittany Peterson battled with Clare Gallagher at this year's Western States 100 to finish a close second place. Brittany slows down just long enough to recount her epic finish at the race. Check out her technical running camp that Brittany and Cody Lind are hosting HERE Learn more...


EP 435: That's a Wrap - Western States 100 - 2019 Post-Race Review

This year's Western States 100 did not disappoint. The course, the competition, the runners, the volunteers, the crew and pacers showed up in spades. Join AJW as we review the big stories, review AJW pre-race picks, and relive the electricity from this past weekend. Look for weekly articles from AJW in the Taproomat irunfar.


EP 434: 2019 Western States Preview

369 runners will toe the line Saturday. Each of them with a story. AJWmeets up with us at The Aid Station in Auburn, CA to preview some of those stories of note and give us his prognostications on the podiums. Join us for the first-ever 20-hour video streamcast HERE Look for weekly articles from AJW in the Taproom at irunfar.


EP 434 - Join in and Interact with the 20-Hour Stream-Cast of Western States 100

Join us next week (June 29-30) for the first ever 20-hour video stream-castof the iconic Western States 100. We will be streaming live video from The Aid Station in Auburn. Come by and say, "Hi". We will have aid station snacks and beverages there too. We discuss the details of the stream cast and where you can join in to follow the race, your favorite runners and learn more about WSER and trail running.


EP 432: Training the Uphill Athlete - Steve House

A few weeks ago we interviewed Coach Scott Johnstonabout the book he co-authored with Steve House and Kilian Jornet. We now sit down with Steve to understand his contribution to this amazing book. Check out their website, Uphill Athlete, is a great resource of knowledge with over 240 articles, coaching, training plans, etc.


EP 431: Our First Live Stream Podcast - 18 Hours Long?!?!?!

We unveil our new project that we are attempting the WSER18 hour podcast. Join AJW and Bob Crowley, our event producer, as we discuss what we will be attempting, what you should expect and where you can either tune in OR come by and visit while we broadcast. We will begin streaming at 5:00pm PT on race day and will continue until the last finisher crosses the line. Click HERE to watch the live video stream-cast The Auburn Aid Station Trail Animals Club UltraLive


EP 430: Going Mental with Chadd Wright

Chadd rejoins The Nation to discuss a recent race: Bob's Big Timber Backyard Ultra -a Last Man Standing race. He describes what this type of race is and the mental challenges that come with a loop course with no finish line. Chadd discusses how his training as an elite Navy Seal helps him prepare and run grueling races. He explains how these techniques can help you through difficult times in a race and in life. Follow Chadd on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM


EP 429: Mike Wardian Has an Apocalypse Bag

Iron Mike Wardian is like the sunshine: he seems to be everywhere. Mike has been successful in every race distance. He has won the US Championships in 50K, 50M, and 100K distances. He has qualified multiple times for the US Olympic trials, and still loves running 5Ks. He has set world records as the fastest stroller marathon, 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. Last year he ran 10 marathons in 10 days (on 7 continents) - average time was sub 3 hour. So far he has RACED over 1100 miles in...


EP 428: How to Set Big Goals with Cat Bradley

Cat Bradley continues to be a rising star and we found out why when we sat down with her at Fleet Feet Sacramento for a live-audience recording. She discusses how she developed a love for the outdoors and running, how she sets audacious goals, and how she deals with set backs. Cat is a true ambassador of the trail and you will find out as you get sucked into her amazing story and personality.


EP 427: HOKA's 100K World Record Challenge Announcement!!

Hoka One One may have kept the worlds best running secret for the world record attempt May 4th 2019. When a company like Hoka looks for the perfect race venue and finds calendar doesn't meet the criteria, they build their own event. Join us as we talk with the Senior Sports Marketing Manager, Mike McMannis and Head Product Designer Matt Head about the details behind the event and the new CARBON X shoe. You can join the event LIVE by logging into the Hoka One One FaceBook page and watch...


EP 426: Training the Uphill Athlete - Scott Johnston

How does Killian Jornet train? Scott Johnston, a world class athlete and experienced coach teams up with two of the world's most experienced mountain athletes to help teach us the keys to training. Training the Uphill Athlete is the new book by Scott, Steve House and Killian Jornet. Scott discusses the keys to training for endurance and mountain performance. Check out their website, Uphill Athlete, is a great resource of knowledge with over 240 articles, coaching, training plans, etc.


EP 424: Tim Twietmeyer & Hal Hall Legends

Tim Twietmeyer has finished Western States 25 times under 24 hours and 5 first place finishes. Hal Hall has finished 30 Tevis Cup finishes (Western States trail horse endurance ride) with multiple 1st place finishes. Tim and Hal received a "Tile" in downtown Auburn California recognizing their contributions. We sit down and chat about the history of WS trail, training horses vs training a human. Craig Thornley RD of WS 100 helps host this podcast that was recorded live at Auburn Running...