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All things paranormal With your host Jennifer Shortridge & Joe Shortridge Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.

All things paranormal With your host Jennifer Shortridge & Joe Shortridge Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.


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All things paranormal With your host Jennifer Shortridge & Joe Shortridge Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.






Giant Skeletons, Mounds and Hauntings Eps. 335

For centuries the lore and legend of giant skeletons swirled around the archeological and paranormal communities. Tales of mound builders and mound destroyers finding enormous skeletal remains hidden deep with the small to massive structures have popped up in over 1,500 newspaper articles in the late 1800's to early 1900's and even into modern times. Who were these ancient ones who roamed North America and beyond? How did they get here? Why did the Native Americans fear and revere them? Why...


Murder Violence Ghost Tommyknockers in the Appalachians Eps. 334

On today's Episode #334: Join us for haunted tales of Brushy Mountain, haunted caves and Appalachian weirdness, we cover it all! Please remember to hit Subscribe/Follow Please Help Support the show with a donation. Click here to donate ======================================= Links From this episode 222 Paranormal Website Jen's Poshmark Closet Joe's Book =================================== During Miranda's overnight, she captured class A EVP’s Ghost Biker Explorations: End of the...


UFO's over Michigan and space news Eps.333

Are they here? What do they want? Is Joe a Reptilian? We'll we try to answer all of that and more in this week's episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast. What has been spotted in Michigan? What is happening in space? Who can tell you all about it? We can of course! in this the 333rd episode, we cover interesting info on space, aliens and visits to Michigan. click here to go to joe's Book Click here to go to Jen's sales closet Click here to go to Michigan UFO Contact Convention Click here...


Occult Detective Bob Freeman Eps. 332

Joining us today is the one and only Bob Freeman, Occult Detective. What is an occult detective you ask? We find out that they are persons who investigate study and immerse themselves in the occult phenomena, ghostly happenings and theroies of the strange and unusual. bob brings us all the interesting knowledge on this subject and shares it with you our listeners. Check out his website below: Click here to go to the Occult Detective website Click here to go to Jen's sale page Click here...


Haunted Randolph Asylum Update with Tim Murphy Eps. 331

Deep in the Indiana countryside rests a quiet old red brick building, nothing to assuming as you drive by, but what lies within will send shivers from head to toe. The Randolph County Infirmary, also known as The Haunted Randolph Asylum, is filled with the restless spirits of the former patients, poor, orphaned and widowed who never want to leave. They are in good hands though, as their caretaker is among the living. The 222 Paranormal Podcast catches up with Tim Murphy, who has a deep...


ParaUnity 2022 with Linda the Para Historian and Brian from Tinfoil Tales Podcast Eps. 330

Would you like the know the history of the paranormal? Well, we had the person who is researching it all. Linda, the para historian stops by the podcast to give us some cool background and her history of being a medium. We also chat with Brian from Tin Foil Tales Podcast, who brings us his adventures in paranormal podcasting and his spooky background all from the great state of Indiana. Please if you like what you hear click the links below to support the show. We bring you fresh content...


Most Haunted Locations in Indiana Esp. 329

As the show travels to the great State of Indiana, we bring you some of the most spookiest, haunted and down right scary locations. From ghosts that roam in your home, to places that would frighten the most seasoned investigator. These locales are sure to make the hair on the back of your neck rise! Listen in as we give you some great haunted placed to visit when you go to Indiana! And as always you can support the show by checking out the links below or sending a gift to Cash App...


100 Monkey Experiment psychics and your consciousness Eps. 328

Episode 328 Hundreth Monkey Experiment-Psychics and your consciousness Welcome back listeners and new listeners! On today's episode we discuss the strange and unusual 100 Monkey Experiement and how we think it works. Does the mind project thoughts? How does consciousness effect ourselves and others? Can our thoughts influence others? Tune in and find out on the 328th episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast! Click here to save on clothing Click here for this week's equipment deal Click...


Shadow Seekers Paranormal Host Paraunity: The Paranormal Convention Eps. 327

On today's episode we talk with Shadow Seekers Paranormal. This Indiana team is going to be hosting ParaUnity Paranormal Convention in Peru, IN on October 22, 2022 from 10-6PM. They bring us some their spooky tales, the history of their team and all about the ParaUnity Event. Stop by and see us at our booth! Click here for Jens Poshmark Page Click here for Joes book Click here for Paraunity: The Paranormal Convention Paraunity: The Paranormal Convention Come join us on Oct 22 at the...


Janet Amid: Astrologer Intuitive/Life Philosopher Eps. 326

Welcome Janet Amid to the 222 Paranormal Podcast! Janet is a world reknown Astrologer, Intuitive, TV and Radio personality. Her journey started at just five years old and has helped over 41,000 people with her keen sense and deep knowledge of Astrology and Metaphysics. She has helped many celebrities, businesss and local Toledoans understand their life journey, answered questions and guided them onto a better pathway. Janet is also a Certifed Life Coach and wedding officient and all around...


John Zaffis, The Godfather of the Paranormal Eps.325

CLICK HERE FOR JON ZAFFIS'S WEB PAGE CLICK HERE FOR JOES BOOK CLICK HERE TO GO TO YEAR OF PROFIT FACEBOOK PAGE Please Remember to Subscribe and Share the show. Best known for his collection of the most recoginzable haunted objects in the world, as well as being one of the most reknown paranormal investigators, we welcome to the show the one and only John Zaffis. His research and work in the field of the paranormal has been documented internationally on many top paranormal television...


Tim Weisberg Host of Spooky Southcoast Radio Eps. 324

CLICK HERE TO GOTO TIM'S WEBSITE CLICK HERE TO GOTO JENS CLOSET CLICK HERE TO FOR JOE'S BOOK PLEASE REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE, AND SHARE THE SHOW. Spooky Southcoast has been on the AM airwaves since 2006 and a podcast not long after that. Since then we’ve had podcasts ranging from Ghosts and Hauntings to UFOs and Cryptids. WBSM radio has somehow let us keep coming back to do the show every Saturday night here in New Bedford, MA for over ten years. In it’s genesis, SSC began with Tim...


“Ghost Bait” Courtney Buckley Star of Scared and Alone Eps. 323

Click here to go to Jens Closet Click here for Joe's Book Click here to go to the Scared and Alone's web page On today's episode we talk with Courtney Buckely from Scare & Alone. Scared & Alone Scared & AloneDeanHaglund The-X-FilesThe Lone Gunmen, Courtney Buckley, David L. Sloan Robert the Doll, Miss Haley Michelle, Richard-Lael Lillard, Todd Bonner , Tammie Merheb-Chavez Hollyweird , Patti Negri Ghost AdventuresTFIL Overnight Hosted by Dean Haglund (The-X-Files, The Lone Gunmen),...


MiParacon 2022 Show 1 with Richard Estep and GG>ps.322

Back again from MIParacon 2022, we bring you some amazing interviews with TV Personality Richard Estep, with 25 years plus experience in the paranormal field, Richard has authored multiple books, including titles such as In Search of the Paranormal and The Great American Ghost Trip. He has appeared on some of our favorite shows, Haunted Hospitals and Paranormal 911. We also have back our dear friend, G.G. Psychic Medium from the internationally renowned Podcast, Paranormal XL, who's...


The Most Haunted Town in Michigan

Click here for Joe's new book Click here to save on high-end clothing in Jens's closet Click here for the book of the week In this episode Jen and Joe talk about some legendary haunted locations in their favorite haunted town in Michigan, St Ignace. This little town, just north of the famous Mackinac Bridge. This little seaside town is packed with tails of the paranormal, from ghostly figures that walk the streets to Native Americans in the shops. No one really knows the number of spirits...


Cryptids of the Corn and other weird things Eps. 320

Today's episode we bring you tales from other podcasts, The Crypitds of The Corn podcast and the 222 Paranormal Podcast join forces to bring you all things paranormal, and you need to stay tuned cause something REALLY paranormal happens during the episode. Click here for Joe's book Click here to save on high-end clothing Click here for The Cryptids of the corn Facebook page


They Vanished without a trace Esp. 319

Click here for the 222 website Click here to go to Joes Podcast Click here to save on High-End Clothing Click here to get Joe's Book In this episode, your hosts Jennifer Shortridge and Joe Shortridge talk about that person that just vanished right In front of others. Is it Alien Abduction? Parallel Universe? The Large Hadron Collider at CERN? Or just a game of Fortnite? One of the mysterious disappearances we talk about is the disappearance of old Owen Parfitt from his sister’s front...


Philadelphia Experiment, 222 is on the case! Eps. 318

In 1943 strange developments were underway as the US Government, allegedly began an experiment known now as the Philadelphia Experiment. What was this undercover operation? Why are the conspiracist still debating this? What really happened? Stay tuned to find out we discovered! Click here to go to Joe's Year of Profit page Click here to go to the 222 Paranormal web page Click here to save on High-End Clothing in Jens Closet If you like what you hear, please support the show! Like,...


Lucid Dreaming are you really in control or astral projection Eps. 317

Have you ever wanted to control your dreams? Maybe contact a loved one or travel to a far-off land? Live out your dream? It may be possible with what is called Lucid dreaming. In this episode, we tell you what lucid dreaming is and how you can try it! Tune in, get comfy, let's try some lucid dreaming. Please not while you are driving or operating machinery or performing in the circus. Click here to save on high-end clothing Click here to go to joes podcast Year of Profit Click here for...


Cemeteries in the basement and the Tombstone house Eps. 316

Can you imagine living in a house built with 2,000 tombstones? Could you predict that house would be, say, maybe, haunted? Well it's a real thing and we got this story to share with you. But, that is not the only one, there are more, more strange and unusal homes that have tombstones, bones and other oddly odd buliding materials. In this espiside #315, of the 222 Paranormal Podcast, we have unearthed some bizarre placed people live that will keep you upat night wondering, is my place of...