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Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.

Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.
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Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.






Corpses on Display Eps. 184

One persons macabre is another persons fascination. What one culture thinks is perfectly acceptable maybe be horrifying to another. One such example is how the deceased are displayed. Since humans have been roaming the planet upright, we have found that preserving the dead is as much a part of being human as eating and breathing. Whether it is the mummies of Egypt, the monks in Capuchin catacombs or propping Uncle Charlie up in the corner at his wake, we as humans find comfort in displaying...


Real Life Zombies Eps. 183

For centuries thoughts of the dead arising to become the "undead" plagued our nightmares. Can the deceased be brought back to life? Can these mindless corpses be controlled? How does voodoo take part? Is this a real phenomena or urban legend? In this episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast, we bring you real life cases of zombies and the science behind real life...


Chimera, Are they walking among us? Esp.182

For Centuries, the Chimera was a feared and revered entity. Half man, half beast? Half man, half woman? Half human, half alien? Is a blending of two species possible? Are they walking among us? Can this even be possible? Is is moral? Listen in to the episode 182 of the 222 Paranormal Podcast to find out! http://222paranormal.libsyn.com/ https://www.222paranormal.com/


Lilith, mysterious goddess or cast out demon? Esp.181

Lilith, the mysterious first wife of Adam? Fallen Angel? Mother Goddess? IA demon in disguise? In this episode, we delve into the ancient texts and biblical passages to find out who she was and where her origins began. From Babylonian to the Garden of Eden tales of her seduction and succubus ways elude to her revenge from being banished. Is she a sinner or saint? Reported to be the protector of infants and women, Lilith is as mystical as she is revered. Listen in as we bring you episode...


Strange and Bizarre Christmas Show 2019

There is no place like for home for our Merry-Paray Christmas show! Hoping everyone is enjoying the holiday season and listening to this show on some of the most strange and bizarre Christmas traditions. From the weird to the macabre, we bring you some holiday traditions that will make you want to run and hide under the covers. Grab your hot chocolate, grab your ghost meters and get ready to listen to our 2019 Christmas Spootakluar Merry Paray Show! https://www.222paranormal.com 222...


The Mysterious Myrtles Plantation Eps. 179

Shrouded in mystery, the Myrtles Plantation with its majestic trees and historic buildings holds secrets from the harrowing past that has made itself know in the present. Ghost and spirits roam the sprawling acres and structures. Are they trying to warn us of the evil that haunts the land or are they trapped in time reliving the horrid treatment on an endless loop. Could they be curious entities that peek out to see who is there to remember them? Many ghosts are said to inhabit the current...


The Stanley Hotel Esp. 178

Thanks to Stephen King we all have set in the back of our minds to look behind us as we walk the halls of any hotel we stay in. His book and movie the Shining was famously inspired by his stay at the now world renown Stanley Hotel in Estes, Co. Tales of haunted rooms and spirits roaming the historic building give life to this podcast. In this the 178th episode, we bring you spine shilling stories of the ghostly events that make the Stanley one of America's most haunted...


The Haunted MD, Dr. Don Molnar Esp.176

Dr. Don Molnar, the Haunted MD, brings a fresh look on the paranormal from the medical perspective. In this interview we talk about what happened in Don's life and career in regards to the paranormal. He shares some incredible stories of spirits that roam the halls of the hospitals and gives us a view into death from a doctors but also an investigators aspect. Listen in to the 222 Paranormal Podcast's 176th episode with Dr. Don Molnar. Check out Dr. Don's facebook page...


Within the Chaos Host Rodney Shortridge Eps. 175

Is he a ghost? Is he an alien? Is he our cousin? We have the distinct pleasure of talking with the host of the paranormal show, Within the Chaos's Rodney Shortridge. Rodney has been investigating and experiences since he was a young kid growing up in the rolling hills of Virginia and is the Director and creator of the yearly Phantom Fest convention and founder of the Black Diamond Paranormal Society. He has been featured on A & E's "My Ghost Story". Rodney sits down and tells the 222...


Ghost Biker Explorations, Miranda Young Eps. 174

Get your ghost meters running and head out on the highway as we bring you a one on one interview with Miranda Young aka The Ghost Biker. Miranda cruises America on her motorcycle in search of lost legends, off the beaten path haunted locations. Her YouTube channel is off the chain with amazing video and some of the most compelling evidence of the paranormal. Listen in as we talk to the founder of Ghost Biker...


True Life ghost stories with Scott Runion Eps. 173

It's fun running in to listeners of the show and even funner when they have ghost stories to tell. Hearing true life account of paranormal activity always makes for a good time. Scott Runion shares his ghostly encounters in this the 173rd episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast. https://www.222paranormal.com


Don Danger Collins Eps.172

In this he 172nd episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast, we go back to class with Don "Danger" Collins of the Haunted South Main School, of Bowling Green, Ohio. Don's team, Fringe Paranormal have been hosting ghost hunts and he has come back to the show to talk about new evidence and new activity going on in the classrooms and halls of this historic...


Frightening Tales from Black Swamp Paranormal Eps. 171

From Paranormal Toledo 2019, we get a chance to bring back one of our favorite paranormal paramours, Nadine Bush-Smith. Nadine brings us some of the scariest real life encounters she and her husband John have encounters with their group Black Swamp Paranormal of NWO. With 30+ years of celestial chasing under their belt, Nadine and John have has many terrifying encounters with ghosts, dogman and other unexplainable entities. Listen to the 171th episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast for...


Conversations with Harold St. John Esp. 170

With over 30 years of investigations under his belt, Harold St. John founder of Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunters Society comes back to share more spooky and haunting real life ghost encounters. TOGHS has helped people understand unexplained happenings that have presented in their homes and business. Listen in to this the 160th episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast. https://www.222paranormal.com/


UFO Researcher Cheryl Costa Esp.169

International speaker Cheryl Costa joins the 222 Paranormal Podcast for a deep conversation about UFO's, Alien lifeforms, and unexplained phenomena. A native and resident of upstate New York who saw her first UFO at age 12. A military veteran, she’s a retired information security professional from the aerospace Industry. Speaking at the International UFO Congress and at the MUFON Symposium has Cheryl traveling the globe. She writes the UFO column “New York Skies” for SyracuseNewTimes.com....


Paranormal Pop Culture's Aaron Sager Esp. 168

222 welcomes Aaron Sagers to episode 168. We caught up with Aaron at Michigan Paracon X. He is a television presenter/personality, entertainment journalist, founder of ParanormalPopCulture.com, a website which covers paranormal topics in popular culture. Aaron has hosted shows for the Travel Channel and Paranormal Lockdown and Paranormal Paparazzi. Listen as we catch up with Aaron as he shares stories of the business of the paranormal and his paranormal...


Stranger Bridgerland Series Author John E. Olsen Eps. 167

Born and raised in Cache, Utah John E Olsen has had strange paranormal experiences since he was a child. Growing up in old farm homestead once owned by the railroad, his encounters sparked him to gather stories for many years. Encouraged by his wife to pursue writing a book, he delved into publishing his first book, Stranger Bridgerland. After the first book came out so many stories were told and given to him about this unique area he came forth with books 2,3,& 4 in the series. John shares...


The Talking Board Historical Society Esp.166

On this the 166th Episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast, we talk with Robert and Karen, whose mission is to preserve and research the history of talking board. The TBHGS Talking Board Historical Society was founded to preserve the culture and antiquity of the spirit communication devices. Bring their collection to the Michigan Paracon, the team tells us about the history of the board, the founding of the group an their mission to conserve some of the old boards and dispel some of the myth...


Haunted Antique Dealer Kimberly Poeppey Esp. 165

Back again returning guest Kimberly Poeppy shares more haunted tales from being a third generation antique dealer. So many items she had had contact with are haunted or have attachments which tend to end up in her home and begin reeking havoc. Listen as this amazing lady shares some of the spookiest tales of dealing with haunted antiques! https://www.222paranormal.com/ https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4305629


Rev. Tim Shaw, Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker, Reiki master Esp. 164

Rev. Tim Shaw is a ordained minster, radio host, spiritual healer, psychic medium, urban explorer, leatherworker, historical re-enactor, Reiki Master teacher and all around cool dude. Meeting up with Tim at the Michigan Paracon X show, we talk to him about his becoming he healer he is and his abilities. Tim brings his years of experience as a Psychic Medium across as we ask the tough questions. Tim has been featured in many paranormal Television shows on Discovery and Sy-Fy channels and has...