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All things paranormal With your host Jennifer Shortridge & Joe Shortridge Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.

All things paranormal With your host Jennifer Shortridge & Joe Shortridge Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.


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All things paranormal With your host Jennifer Shortridge & Joe Shortridge Brother and Sister duo Joe and Jen have been interested in all things paranormal since their childhood. We bring to you our personal experiences, news from the paranormal world and special guests.






Witches and the Witching Hour Eps. 247

For centuries, the word Witch struck a negative connoation, but in this episode we talk about what it means to be a witch, some of the most imfamous witches. From England to the Americas, we bring you tales of women and men acccused of being and some admitted witches. Listen in to the 247th episode of the 222 Paranormal...


Most Haunted American Catholic Locations Eps. 246

Do old church always have hauntings? The answer may surprise you. Most do. Today's episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast explores ten of the most haunted Catholic Churches and sites here in the United States. Nuns and Priests roam the halls and parishoners who felt comfort and solice in their favorite chapels still reside well beyond their motal life. Listen in to the 246th episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast. Share the show with your...


LaLaurie Mansion New Orleans most haunted Eps. 245

Never has a woman been so evil...so unrepenting...so unconscienable...so this is Delphine LaLaurie. The mistress of the infamous New Orleans LaLaurie Mansion. America's first female serial killer. An unimaginable torturess who circled in high society and wealth, who had an insatiable need to mame, mutliate and kill her servants. Listen in to the 245th episode of the 22 paranormal Podcast as we tell the tale of Madame LaLaurie and the ghosts of LaLaurie mansion .


A Haunted St. Patrick Day Esp.244

Green beer and ghosts anyone? For most of us, St. Patty's Day is a an excuse to get out and celebrate, but do you know who St. Patrick really was? Who was this man who became a Saint? Why is he tied to Ireland and what ghosts are haunting the Emerald Isle? All this and more will be answered in this the 244th episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast. https://www.222paranormal.com/ https://www.facebook.com/222paranormal


Ghost Brides and Ghost Marriage Esp. 243

Many people dream of finding their life partrner and hope to one day be married. What if you were obligated to marry, even if your finance died? In this episode, we explore the cultural practice of marrying the dead. This customer is ancient, but still being practiced in today's modern world. Listen in as we bring you another exciting episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast! https://www.222paranormal.com/ https://www.222paranormal.com/


Sara from Paranormal XL Podcast Eps. 242

Special Guest: Sara from Paranormal XL joins us today to talk about all realms of spooky spectrums, podcasting her store and more! We are honored to have a fellow paranormal podcaster on today's espisode to share experiences and give the listeners her paranormal back story. check out her podcast PARNORMAL XL at the link below! Listen in to the 242nd episode of the 222 Paranormal...


Wendigo Will eat your flesh Esp. 241

Imagine a terrifying beast worse than a skinwalker, more savage than a sasquatch. It will eat your flesh and more...the Wendigo. An ancient Algonquinn legend is terrorizing the Great lakes and Plains regions with its cold deadly stare and its lust for flesh. Listen in if you dare to episode 241...All about the Wedingo. https://www.222paranormal.com/ https://www.facebook.com/222paranormal


Tree Burials Cemeteries and Naked Bikers Esp. 240

Here we go! this episode we go deep down the rabbit hole to talk about more strange and unusual topics of course involving cemeteries and our crazy adventures! If you love graveyarda as much as we do this show is for you, if you don't listen anyways we talk about naked bikers.... LOL! https://www.222paranormal.com/ https://www.facebook.com/222paranormal


Self Mummifications, Honey and Rainbows Eps. 239

Killing me soft....slowly? One of the strangest practices know to man has to be the art of self-mummifacation. Can you imaging spending years turning yourself into a perfectly mummified corpse on purpose? In this the 239th episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast, we bring the true accounts of monks who have self mummified and how they did it....please do not try this at home...or anywhere else. And what do honey and rainbows have to do with it? Listen in to find...


Legends of The Heartland With Haunted Toledo Eps. 238

Nestled in small town Sylvania, Ohio is a tiny downtown area with small shops, small cafes...and one big secret. This was the site of a most a gruesome event, a terrifying murder, haunted locations and the former home of Return Ward, Ohio's first serial killer. Bringing us this facinating real story is Haunted Toledo's Sarah Chelten and Christopher Tillman and we talk about their newly released documentary Legends of the Heartland, Vol.1. Listen in to the 238th episode of the 222 Paranormal...


Calumet and Victoria Hall Disasters Eps. 237

Did you every feel overhwhelmed in a crowded space maybe a at rock concert or a rally or perhaps at a theatre? One of the worst fears for people is to be trampled. Your heart races just thinking about it. For many sad souls this terror became reality. In this the 237th episode of the 222 Paranornal Podcast, we bring you hauntinly true events of two tragic days, the Calumet Itailian Hall and the Victoria Hall disasters.


Betty and Barney Hill Abduction With Steve Ward Eps. 236

The Betty and Barney Hill case in 1961 is stange as it is complex. And who better to explain it than Steve Ward. Steve brings decades of depthful knowledge of UFO's, alien and cryptids to the show. He shared in this espisode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast the encounter of an American Couple who were abducted, experimented on and returned to earth and the aftermath of this terrifying experience. Steve Ward is an author, researcher and public speaker.


Real Life Gnome Encounters Esp. 235

"Trust not in Sprites nor the motovation of Gnomes" ~Jefferson Smith. Gnomes. Cute garden statues or real life creatures? Tales of little men in red pointy hats have for centuries been told; Beware of the night gnomes as they want to steal your breath. These elusive nocturnal gardeners have been gaining in sightings lately. This episode we have a first hand account of a gnome encounter in Northwest Ohio. Listen in as we talk what are gnomes, what do they do and why are they showing...


Lemp Mansion Haunted Lives Esp. 234

Who doesn't love an old haunted mansion? Tales of family and history, triumph and heartbreak, success and failure, rich lives and poor behavior. In this episode of the 222 Paranormal Podcast, we bring you one such manison...the Lemp Mansion. Let's go back 151 years to tell the paranormal and freightening history of what is now known as one of America's most infamous and haunted estates and brewery, the Lemp...


Near Death Experience with Razor Ray Eps. 233

Nothing brings you to life like some good ol Detroit Rock and Roll, you may feel like you died and gone to heaven but for one man this was a reality. In this episode we talk to Razor Ray Reyes, a staple in the Detroit rock scene who had a near death experience and comes on the show to tell our listeners his amazing story of dying, meeting God and coming back to life. Tragically Ray lost his girlfriend Dania, who we dedicate this episode to. Listen in to the 233rd episode of the 222...


Monoliths, Mars and Mel's Hole Esp. 232

Shrouded in mystery the Monoliths appearing around the globe are bring about deep conversations of what is really going on with our relationship with the outer realm and how it affects our planet. The strange structures are reported to be found on Mars and the moon. We will bring forth some interesting information on the phenomemon currently happening then we share the story of one of the most mysterious occurences called Mel's Hole. Was this a natural bore hole or made by an alien...


Chad and David From The Lost Cryptids Conservatory Eps. 231

Think you know all about bigfoot and other cryptids? Well think again...David and Chad from The Lost Cryptids Conservatory bring a new and fresh approach to seeking answers about the elusive creatures we are so facinated with. David, a retired former special agent with the government, uses his training and method to research bigfoot after he had his own personal encounter in Southeastern Michigan just a few years ago. Chad also still encounters these majestic beings in Michigan. Listen in...


Cursed Cars and Haunted Planes Esp. 230

You might want to think twice when salvaging some parts for your car or plane...Could they come from a cursed machine? Haunted objects aren't always dolls and mirrors, sometimes they come in much larger packages. Imagine using a part from a car that killed 13 people, what do you think your fate would be? In this episode we tell tales of cars and airplanes that might just be some of the most haunted planes and cars in the...


Thanksgiving 2020 Esp. 229

Gobble Gobble Ghostsies! Joe and Jen are kicking it old school, like 1600's for this episode. We are taking it back to the beginning, when pilgrims landed and Natives demanded. Seriously, we are talking turkey today, the orgins of Thanksgiving, the ghosts of Plymouth, the strange and unusual places in New England that the spirits still roam. Listen in while you recover from your holiday food comas! LOL https://www.222paranormal.com/ https://www.facebook.com/222paranormal


Missing 411 Chat Eps. 228

You may hear of a case of a missing persons once or twice a year but can you imagine hundreds of thousands of people vanishing every year? This is happen folks, it's real and this is just in the states only. Some missing never recoved or heard from again, some found deceased and some found in some of the most bizzare case scenerios. Bodies found in the exact spot searchers covered multiple times, some placed restfully, some with unexplained conditions. In this episode we delve into the...