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Episode 37: Robert the Doll

At the turn of the 20th century, a young boy named Robert Eugene Otto was gifted a peculiar doll by a family member. The boy and his doll became the best of friends, with the doll adopting the name "Robert", holding conversations with the boy, and according to servants of the Otto family, even walking around the home. Soon, Robert the Doll began terrorizing the Otto family and their employees, bringing with him a path of destruction and terror that made him one of the most famous haunted...


Episode 36: The Hinterkaifeck Murders

In 1922, a family of five and their new maid were savagely murdered in their German farmhouse during the midst of a crippling recession that directly led to the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Nazi Germany. The killer is shown to have stayed in the attic of the Gruber family home for some time before committing the murders, coming and going completely undetected, and even taking items belonging to the family. Were the Gruber's murdered by a spurned ex-lover, or did a husband...


Episode 35: The Monster of the Andes

Spooktober is finally here as the Big, If True podcast takes on one of the scariest serial killers in modern history - Pedro Lopez, the "Monster of the Andes". Matt and Kayla discuss Lopez's upbringing and the events that would elevate him from a simple street kid to one of the most prolific killers in history, as well as dive into the many times he was captured and subsequently released because of a fatally flawed justice system. Subscribe to Big, If True on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever...


Episode 34: Osama bin Laden

In the final part of our brief series on the September 11th attacks and their aftermath, Big, If True explores the life and death of the supposed mastermind of the terrorist plot - Osama bin Laden. Matt and Kayla talk about Osama's upbringing in one of Saudi Arabia's richest non-royal families, the leadup to the creation of Al-Qaeda, and bin Laden's whereabouts after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Did Osama bin Laden die quietly in the years following 9/11, or was the now famous SEAL Team Six...


Episode 33: 9/11 (Part Two)

In the second part of our very special two part episode, Matt and Kayla take on the many (many) 9/11 conspiracy theories. We talk about a variety of theories, including the idea that the events of September 11th were part of a massive government conspiracy, that the towers were brought down through a covert controlled demolition, and that there's more than meets the eye with the collapse of World Trade Center 7, the crash at the Pentagon, and United 93's unfortunate end. Subscribe to Big, If...


Episode 33: 9/11 (Part One)

The Big, If True Podcast takes on one of the most consequential events in modern American history - the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. In the first part in our very special two part episode, we take a look at the "official story" behind the tragic events. Matt and Kayla also talk about the lead up to the events and set the precedent that would be required for the attacks to take place, share their own personal 9/11 stories, and break down the events of the day as they...


Episode 32: Operation Mongoose

Matt and Kayla wrap up the Summer of Truth series with one final trip to Cold War-era Cuba, discussing Operation Mongoose - the CIA plot to assassinate Fidel Castro and other high ranking Cuban officials through a series of extremely ridiculous means. Along the way, we talk about the lead up to the creation of the Cuban Project, Robert Kennedy's involvement in overseeing Operation Mongoose, the CIA's many (many) failed attempts to kill Castro, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and much more....


Episode 31: Texarkana Moonlight Murders

The Big, If True Podcast takes on the Texarkana Moonlight Murders in the penultimate episode in our Summer of Truth Series. Matt and Kayla cover the entire timeline of the murders and attacks by the Phantom Killer, talk about the victims, suspects, and the mass hysteria that overtook the town of Texarkana. Also covered are two brief cases that may have connections to the Moonlight Murders, as well as both versions of the film The Town That Dreaded Sundown. Subscribe to Big, If True on...


Episode 30: Operation Northwoods

The hosts of Big, If True take an in-depth look at one of the most disturbing proposed false flag operations in the history of the United States - Operation Northwoods. The plan called for the staging of various attacks on American soil by the Castro-led Cuban government in order to give the US a legitimate reason to wage war with Cuba, and proposes sinking ships, attacking unchartered flights, sinking refugee boats, and holding mock funerals for non-existent victims. Matt and Kayla also...


Episode 29: Watergate

Big, If True's Summer of Truth continues as your hosts take on one of the most significant events in US political history - the Watergate scandal. They talk about the rise to power of President Richard Nixon, the lead up to the events in question, the break in at the Watergate complex, and the subsequent cover up by the Nixon administration. Also covered is the groundbreaking investigative journalism of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the Nixon tapes, Deep Throat, the Rose Mary Stretch, and...


Episode 28: Bay of Pigs Invasion

The Big, If True Podcast takes on the Bay of Pigs Invasion in the latest installment of the Summer of Truth series. Matt and Kayla take on the rise to power by Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution, the United States' subsequent reactions, and the plans drafted by the CIA to overthrow the Castro regime. They break down the failed Invasion in painstaking detail, talk about Dwight D. Eisenhower and JFK's thoughts towards the new Cuban government, and touch on the CIA's penchant for...


Episode 27: Azaria Chamberlain

The Summer of Truth continues as Matt and Kayla talk about the dingo-related disappearance of 10-week old Azaria Chamberlain at Australia's Ayers Rock, and the subsequent trial by media of her parents, Lindy and Michael. They break down the details of the case, from the initial coroner's inquest all the way to the sentencing of Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, along the way talking about media crusades, the validity of scientific evidence, and dingoes. Subscribe to Big, If True on iTunes,...


Episode 26: Unit 731

The Big If True Podcast's Summer of Truth rolls on as we discuss the horrific events that took place within Unit 731 - a biological and chemical warfare testing unit that conducted live tests on human beings during World War II. We cover the strained relationship between Japan and China during the period, the buildup to Unit 731's establishment, Surgeon General Shiro Ishii, the crimes committed within the Unit, and even talk about the exploitation movie Men Behind the Sun. Subscribe to Big,...


Episode 25: Jimmy Savile

The Big, If True Podcast continues its Summer of Truth series as your hosts take on the true story of Britain's Jimmy Savile - a superstar DJ, television host, and philanthropist turned serial sexual predator. We discuss Savile's level of fame in the UK, his connections to the Royal Family and former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, as well as the major scandal that broke soon after his death involving the BBC and Savile's many sex crimes. Subscribe to Big, If True on iTunes, Google Play,...


Episode 24: Goldwater

The Summer of Truth continues on the Big, If True Podcast as your hosts take on the nefarious events that took place by President Lyndon B. Johnson and the CIA during the 1964 U.S. presidential election. We discuss the history of Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, the political landscape in 1964, and LBJ's illegal use of the CIA and FBI to spy on his opponents campaign throughout the summer of '64. Subscribe to Big, If True on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you listen to...


Episode 23: Purple Aki

The Big, If True Podcast delves into the world of urban legends as they discuss the bizarre legend of Purple Aki. We talk about the horrific and absurd nature of the story, as well as dive deep into the life and times of the alleged subject of the legend - Akinwale Arobieke. Subscribe to Big, If True on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you listen to podcasts - while you're at it, leave us a five star rating or review on iTunes to help grow the show! Email us at:


Episode 22: Bermuda Triangle

The Big, If True Podcast takes on the legend of the Bermuda Triangle, a triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean with points in Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. We discuss the idea of the Bermuda Triangle and where exactly it originated, dive deep into the long history of tragic and unexplained incidents within the Triangle, and talk about the many theories revolving around disappearances and deaths within it. Subscribe to Big, If True on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you listen to...


Episode 21: D.B. Cooper

The Big, If True Podcast takes on the immortal legend of D.B. Cooper, the mysterious fugitive who hijacked a plane in 1971 on Thanksgiving Eve for $200,000 in ransom - only to never be seen again. Your hosts talk about the timeline of events from the hijacking to the exhaustive search for Cooper, discussing a variety of key suspects, theories about Cooper's current whereabouts, and even talk about a convoluted conspiracy theory or two. Subscribe to Big, If True on iTunes, Google Play, or...


Episode 20: Area 51 (Part Two)

In the second part of our very special two-part episode, your hosts travel back to Area 51 and closely examine some of the many conspiracy theories surrounding the alleged United States Air Force base. We cover more history of Area 51, and dive into bizarre stories like J-Rod, the famous Bob Lazar whistleblower story, and cover Art Bell's most famous Coast to Coast AM call. Subscribe to Big, If True on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you listen to podcasts - while you're at it, leave us a...


Episode 20: Area 51 (Part One)

In part one of our first ever two part episode, the Big, If True Podcast takes on the immortal Area 51 conspiracy theory. Your hosts talk about the enduring nature of the Area 51 conspiracy, the true history of the top secret US Air Force base - including the testing of high-tech spy planes like the Lockheed U-2, A-12, and D-21, as well as the scope of the security measures taken by the government in order to protect Area 51's privacy. Tune in next week for part two, where we discuss the...