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E77: Robert Pickton

Robert "Willy" Pickton, also known as the "Pig Farmer Killer", is perhaps Canada's most notorious serial killer. Pickton grew up on a pig farm in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, which he would eventually inherit and run with his siblings. In his adult years, Robert allegedly developed a crack cocaine addiction, as well as a penchant for picking up sex trade workers in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside neighbourhood. By 2002, Robert Pickton had brutally murdered up to 49 of the women he had...


E76: Bruce McArthur

For more than forty years, Bruce McArthur lived a completely normal life, raising a mostly functional family and working as a relatively successful salesman. In the early 2010's, his seemingly normal life spiraled into nearly a decade of murder and sadism. Between 2010 and 2017, Bruce McArthur terrorized Toronto's gay community by murdering eight men in the Church and Wellesley area. McArthur, who worked as a landscaper, dismembered the bodies of his victims and hid them in plain sight. In...


E75: Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, the "Ken and Barbie Killers", are without a doubt Canada's most famous serial killers. On the outside, the couple seemed to have it all - good looks, steady jobs, and an undeniable romantic chemistry. Unbeknownst to everybody around them, both Bernardo and Homolka were sexual sadists who pushed each other to the limit. Between December 1990 and April 1992, the pair raped and killed three teenage girls, capturing nearly every moment on video. The details of...


E74: Peter Woodcock

Peter Woodcock, one of Canada's youngest serial killers, shocked the city of Toronto with his brutal crimes. In the mid-1950's, Peter would bike the streets of Toronto in search of his next victim - his preference was children under the age of 10. His crimes would very quickly escalate from sick sexual games to murder, which would eventually land Peter in the Penetanguishene Mental Health Centre. Though he was incarcerated, Woodcock proved to the world that nothing could stop him from living...


E73: William Patrick Fyfe

William Patrick Fyfe, more famously known as the "Killer Handyman", terrorized the city of Montreal over a twenty year period from 1979 to 1999. Fyfe's victims would inadvertently let the killer into their homes for routine maintenance work, allowing him to strike when his victims were at their most vulnerable. In addition to committing up to nine murders, Fyfe also claims to have been responsible for a series of serial rapes in Montreal during the 1980's, committed by a man known only as...


E72: Elizabeth Wettlaufer

Killer nurses, usually nicknamed "Angels of Death" have been documented since the dawn of the profession. Canada's Elizabeth Wettlaufer is one of the world's most famous killer nurses, having preyed on nursing home patients throughout the province of Ontario over a span of nine years. Wettlaufer's weapon of choice was insulin, which allowed her to kill or injure her elderly patients with little to no risk of ever being caught. In the fifth episode of our Killer Canucks series, we take a look...


E71: Gilbert Paul Jordan

Gilbert Paul Jordan, known to many as the "Boozing Barber" or the "Alcohol Murderer", is one of Canada's most unique serial killers. Rather than taking a traditional approach to murder, Jordan would have his victims drink to the point of blacking out, and then would proceed to pour alcohol down their throats. Gilbert Paul Jordan preyed on women in downtown east side Vancouver, paying them to stay the night and continue drinking with him. In the fourth episode of our Killer Canucks series, we...


E70: Wayne Boden

Wayne Clifford Boden moved to Montreal, Quebec in the midst of Expo 67, being initially enamored by the hustle and bustle of city life. Boden would quickly turn his attention to the young women of Montreal, charming them with his quiet, polite nature and his natural good looks. Unbeknownst to these young women, Boden had other intentions. From 1969 until 1971, Boden, known to police as the Vampire Rapist, would strike fear into the heart of Montreal with his vicious crimes. In the third...


E69: Allan Legere

Allan Legere, commonly known as the Monster of the Miramichi, is one of Canada's most notorious serial killers. After being sentenced to life in prison for murdering a shopkeeper in 1986, Legere escaped from a New Brunswick hospital. His escape was followed by over 200 days of unpredictable terror, as Legere looked to wreak as much havoc as possible - it would end with the brutal deaths of four more innocent people, and leave thousands around Miramichi in a state of panic. In the second...


E68: The Highway of Tears

The Highway of Tears is a 724 km stretch of road that runs between the cities of Prince George and Print Rupert, British Columbia. Since 1969, dozens of women and children have been murdered or gone missing on or near the highway, often leaving law enforcement dumbfounded. Many serial killers and opportunists have made their long-lasting mark on the highway, unintentionally aided by government and law enforcement institutions that refuse to take action. On this episode of the podcast, we...


E67: Michael Jackson (Part Two)

On June 25, 2009, pop icon Michael Jackson died suddenly at the age of 50, just weeks away from the launch of his retirement tour. In the months prior to his death, Jackson had become addicted to propofol, a powerful anesthetic which he used as a sleep aid. On the eve of his death, Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, administered it and a number of other drugs in order to help Michael sleep. After a series of events led to Dr. Murray leaving the room and becoming distracted,...


E67: Michael Jackson (Part One: More Thoughts)

Two weeks after recording the first part of our Michael Jackson episode, Matt and Kayla present a new side to the allegations against Michael Jackson. In this special bonus presentation, your hosts cover a wide range of topics including potential inconsistencies and lies told in the critically acclaimed documentary Leaving Neverland, pose tough questions about the allegations, and discuss Evan Chandler and the first accusations leveled at Jackson. Support Big, If True on Ko-fi at...


E67: Michael Jackson (Part One)

Michael Jackson stands as one of history's most legendary musicians. His legacy is one of innovation, style, philanthropy, and the willingness to bridge societal gaps. Though his track record of excellence in the world of music is undeniable, a number of disturbing allegations about Jackson's personal life exist - namely that he has sexually abused up to five young boys. Accusations have been made against Jackson in 1993, 2003, 2013, and 2014, leading to a great deal of public debate about...


E66: The Sodder Children

Christmas 1945 began much like any other holiday for the Sodder family. The boys worked with their father during the day, a number of the children stayed up late on Christmas Eve to play with their new toys, and the rest went to bed in preparation for the busy day ahead. In the middle of the night, the Sodder family home was mysteriously engulfed in flames, with the Sodder parents and four of their children managing to escape. They watched on helplessly as their beloved home burned to the...


E65: The Myrtles Plantation

Built by Whiskey Rebellion figurehead General David Bradford in 1796, the Myrtles Plantation has a very long and interesting history. It has served as a tourist hotspot for much of its existence, and has developed a reputation as being one of the most haunted houses in the United States. Many visitors to the Myrtles Plantation claim to have seen a young turban-wearing woman roaming the corridors of the house, even waking up in the middle of the night to find her tucking them in or watching...


E64: The Amityville Horror

On November 13, 1974, 23-year old Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered his father, mother, and four siblings late in the night as they slept soundly at their home in Amityville, Long Island. 13 months later, George and Kathleen Lutz and their three children moved into the same house, allegedly experiencing 28 straight days of unexplained terror that would spawn an iconic novel and a famous series of horror films. In the third part of our four-part hauntings series, we take a look at the events that...


E63: The Winchester Mystery House

With the untimely death of her husband William in 1881, Sarah Winchester inherited partial ownership in the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, giving her more income than she knew what to do with. After moving to San Jose, California, Sarah would begin the seemingly never-ending construction of her labyrinthine Winchester Mystery House, providing builders with nonsensical instructions that included staircases leading to nowhere, doors that opened to more doors, hidden rooms, and many other...


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E62: The Great Amherst Mystery

The Great Amherst Mystery is one of Canada's most famous hauntings, and has been cited as being one of the most credible examples of explainable paranormal phenomena in history. The events saw 18-year old Esther Cox and her family be tortured by the presence of spirits for nearly a year, before ending almost as soon as it all began. Actor Walter Hubbell famously wrote about the case, gathering a number of eyewitnesses for testimony, and having them sign an affidavit for the release of his...


E61: The Death of Adolf Hitler

By 1945, Nazi Germany had seen two years of increasing losses on the Eastern front, the involvement of the United States in the war, and the arrest of close ally Benito Mussolini - early in the final year of the war, it was clear that the Nazi German empire was crumbling quickly. In early 1945, Adolf Hitler and his long-time lover Eva Braun would take refuge in the Fuhrerbunker, where they would allegedly take their lives at the end of April. In the final part of our "Nazi Conspiracy"...