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While most podcasters "narrow-cast" we "broad-cast" with many topics that interest us and we hope also interest listeners. We're PG13 or cleaner most of the time and we just talk and tell stories about our daily lives and living off the grid in addition to stories of things that are mysterious and an occasional interview with a guest.

While most podcasters "narrow-cast" we "broad-cast" with many topics that interest us and we hope also interest listeners. We're PG13 or cleaner most of the time and we just talk and tell stories about our daily lives and living off the grid in addition to stories of things that are mysterious and an occasional interview with a guest.
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While most podcasters "narrow-cast" we "broad-cast" with many topics that interest us and we hope also interest listeners. We're PG13 or cleaner most of the time and we just talk and tell stories about our daily lives and living off the grid in addition to stories of things that are mysterious and an occasional interview with a guest.




Bunker Boys Show #47

The show opens with Chris giving Jennifer a bit of an adjustment. He also explains to Garth how tape-delay works on the show. Then there's some discussion on Peter, Paul and Mary. Then it's off to do some timbering with Garth. He had just cut a tree down on his property earlier that day. He did his impression of Bulwinkle J Moose to which Chris had to back up with Rocket J Squirrel. They discuss some of the other characters on the show. Garth talks about his love for cooking and good food on...


Bunker Boys Show #46

Chris opens the show talking about his dramatic disappearance from last week's show and the vacation he'd just returned from in Ohio visiting family and friends. One of his adventures during vacation was to take his family up to the West Side Market in Cleveland. Perhaps you've seen it featured on the Food Network (like Chris' wife.) If you get a chance to go there sometime you'll enjoy a host of wonderful ethnic foods. Garth talks about the first time he was force-fed cannolis and what it...


Bunker Boys Show #45

Show #45 has the boys reminiscing -again, about the good ol' days. As Chris asks about Garths' favorite times of his life and they discuss the thought of retirement and what that might look like. Then one of Chris' favorite garage bands, or should he call it a "Cottage Band": "Pomplamoose", is discussed and how this young couple got together doing music for fun and how that changed their lives forever! Have you ever heard of a song done as a "Mash-up", well the boys discuss what that is and...


Bunker Boys Show #44

The Boys kick off this show with the hot topic of the day, The Kavanaugh hearings and how evidence plays a crucial role in determining if someone is telling the truth or not. Chris relates a story of a court case he was on as a juror and how just because someone might accuse you of something doesn't make it true. Nor should it! He also recants a story about something that happened to him personally that left him flabbergasted! Then Garth and Chris talk about the very first time they met and...


Bunker Boys Show #43

In the spirit of Halloween and all things spooky, the boys kick off the show with a discussion on their favorite old scary movies and actors. First up is one of Chris' favorites; Mr. Boris Karloff. We learn all sorts of things about Boris, including his real name and some personal things about him. Then Vincent Price is brought up and some surprising things about him that a lot of people don't know. Chris mentions the time he saw Vincent on the old "To Tell The Truth" show back in black and...


Bunker Boys Show #42

The boys bring all back home to UFOs today when they discuss the new show "Project Bluebook" and give some details on it's original disinformational history and a little about its project leader, Dr. J. Allen Hynek. This leads Garth into starting a discussion on ancient petroglyphs depicting what appear to be extra-terrestrial phenomena. And Chris brings up the other strange stories the Native Americans have passed down to this generation about the "Cloud Eaters" and the "Star People." They...


Bunker Boys Show #41

The show starts of with a little talk on an Arizona treat, Pinion Nuts! Mmmm Mmmm. Good! This leads to a little Squirrel Talk and Chris' experience with Ohio Black Squirrels - Awww! And how his Grandpa tamed a wild squirrel in the backyard. Then Garth talks about his experience with humming birds and how they interact with him. Then it's Dove-Talk with Garth and his best impersonation of a parrot - and it ain't bad. The boys talk more about the Great State of Arizona and a unique cave that...


Bunker Boys Show #40

] The boys talk about the "fool-proof" method of trapping mice and how that's working for Chris' rodent issue. The boys speak fondly of the many nice attributes the state of Arizona has to offer. Chris reminsces about camping in Ohio as young man at some of the great state parks. Garth brings up the differences between "Camping" and "Glamping." Chris brings up one of his favorite stores and it's unprecedented "Return" policy and some of the things people have dared returned after use...you...


Bunker Boys Show #39

Well, you knew it could happen. Smitty tries to take over the show but doesn't quite get 'er done. The boys talk about the politicization of John McCain's funeral and how off-putting that was. Then they discuss, at length, some of the issues of the day from the Arizona perspective. What's the problem with letting just anyone cross our borders? What impacts does it have? Then we discuss some differences between President Trump and the former administration and the things the President...


Bunker Boys Show #38

The boys start off with a fan controversy, since Smitty hasn't fixed the A/C yet the fan in the studio is pointing a little too much one way than the other. Then it's off to the races - or the race issue in South Africa as the boys get into some more detail on the South African farmer's plight. Chris brings up the fact that American's are grilling more steaks these days due to the stronger economy! They discuss some of their plans for the Memorial Holiday weekend. They discuss the passing of...


Bunker Boys Show #37

The boys are back at it again, checking in with the whole crew - Jennifer and Smitty, and the get going right away on how confusing it is to actually speak into a microphone at a stadium while trying to keep your message en pointe. Then it's mouse-talk with the boys and how best to set a rat or mouse trap. That was a great idea to catch rodents Garth! - They discuss the 'goings-on' in South Africa and how the government there is trying to steal land from land-owners who have legally owned it...


Bunker Boys Show #36

The boys start things off by going immediately to their sensitive side by discussing two heart-warming stories; One about a romance between and Dolphin and a Killer Whale, and another concerning butterflies and turtles. They reminisce about school spankings and how different today's punishments are than they went to school. Then they discuss one of the most amazing discoveries ever made when a man attempts to rennovate his home by punching a hole in the wall and what he encounters on the...


Bunker Boys Show #35

News of a 2nd large, Egyptian Sphinx gets things underway with the boys which launches them right into a discussion on the precision with how ancient pyramids, obelisks, and stone walls were built all over the world - Have you seen the guy on Youtube that has his own flying platform with a jet engine turbine underneath it? Is this the future? Chris' little dog may be going blind - it happened all of a sudden and Garth's dog Rockford appears to be getting better after he bruised his toe -...


Bunker Boys Show #34

There's Bigfoot talk as the boys begin today's show. There's discussion on covering up Bigfoot evidence and analyzing new evidence by researcher Dr. Jeff Meldrum. Then something spooky happens in space to the Chinese astronaut that returned from his lunar orbit. He was up there all by himself...and you'll never guess what he hears. - Garth discusses his series of "unfortunate events" in the month of July. Chris talks about Justin Beaver, the real beaver that a lady on Youtube is...


Bunker Boys Show #33

Garth kicks things off with all the stuff that went wrong this month. He shares a string of unfortunate events that we hope are now over - The boys start off with a discussion of music and the very popular topic of "Misheard Lyrics" - Then it's off to unforgettable country songs where the real lyrics are so bad you'll swear Tiny Tim's "Tip Toe Through the Tulips" is masterful! You'll hear some shocking stuff about who helped write one of the Beach Boys songs, and how professional football...


Bunker Boys Show #32

Egypt's Sphynx - Shot by our guest, Paul The show starts off with Garth missing in Action-We think he went to rescue a small calf from a life of drudgery or something, but he joins us soon after! Then the show gets right underway with an interview of our friend Paul. Trust us, you've never met anyone like Pauly. After having saved up all his earnings for several years as a young man - he was determined to see the world for at least a year before returning home to the United States. He...


Bunker Boys Show #31

The boys are suffering a bit from the weak air conditioning after Smitty "fixed" the unit…so they had to drag a fan out of storage. But the show gets underway with a story about the latest archaeological find in Egypt; A treasure trove of artifacts concerning an embalmer's station where the mummys got their start! During their Egypt discussion something strange for Arizona happens: A rainstorm! WooHoo! We've been in a draught so long we get excited when you hear rain coming down. Have you...


Bunker Boys Show #30

Garth talks about the test a lot of people dread, the ever-exciting: Colonoscopy! Chris talks about travelling to Williams, Az on old route 66 and listening to some good guitar music like a tourist. Rockford, Garth's dog visits.Since Garth wasn't part of the Ghost show, SHOW #28, Chris recaps a little of it for him and talks about attending Bluegrass festivals where he plays guitar with other players. The boys talk about using phone apps to buy used items and the possible dangers therein...


Bunker Boys Show #29

The Boys kick off the show with their friend Bill, who is always creating new things or should we say, new-old things to fix antiques or create new versions of antiques that he loves. He talks about how your dog knows when its time to eat or when its time for you to come home from work and how day light savings time can mess up your canine friend's schedule for a while - and what to do to fix it. How's that for a run-on sentence? Bill talks about things you can 3-D print right at...


Bunker Boys Show #28

v Email us at Bunkerboysunderground@gmail.com Garth is off visiting with family this week but will be back next week, but I have an interview with a gentleman like none you've ever heard before. Mike from Glendale, Arizona tells us his unbelievably fantastic story of how his house was haunted and how he first discovered it... then, how it intensified when his roommates made the brazen mistake of bringing a ouija board into the house. And how that board opened a doorway he'd wished was kept...