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Cursed is a podcast that explores the paranormal and unknown through the lens and use of modern witchcraft.

Cursed is a podcast that explores the paranormal and unknown through the lens and use of modern witchcraft.


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Cursed is a podcast that explores the paranormal and unknown through the lens and use of modern witchcraft.






27. Yule Spectacular Live

Celebrate Yule and the holidays with Cursed and special guests! We share some ghost stories, mixology magick, drinks, and laughs with some of our favorite witches, podcasters, and paranormal investigators. For more info on guests and where to find them click on the links below: Witchy Woman Podcast Witchcraft Cocktails by Julia Halina Hadas The Crypto Chats Podcast Find @cherisewilliams.xo on Instagram or check out her YouTube channel. and of course, check out Hex-Files Podcast To...


26. Getting Familiar With Familiars Pt. 3

This is the third part in the familiar series and the second part of my conversation with Clayton about our familiars. We describe them in more detail as well as some day to day ways we work and interact with them. Support the show and hear bonus episodes on our Patreon. Theme by Sun and Moon Dance


25. Getting Familiar With Familiars Pt. 2

The long awaited Familiars part 2 has been summoned! I'm joined by my brother to discuss how we met and came to know our familiars. It's been a long and interesting journey to get to where we are today but our lives and practices have been so enriched by them. And who knows, yours might just be waiting for you to say hello. This episode got a little long, so if you want to know how to work with them day by day, there may just be a part 3 coming soon... Support the show and hear bonus...


Hex-Files 9. Vanished

**This is a special episode crossover with Hex-Files. The other part, Cursed ep 24-Abducted, can only be found on Hex-Files.** In this episode we discuss chilling cases of missing people in national parks across North America. These cases are strange, unexplainable, and unsettling to say the least. Why do these people vanish? Why are some found without any memory of what happened? Why aren't remains or possessions found in most of the cases? We have no answers only more questions. All of...


23. Cory & Corpses

For this episode, I welcome special guest Cory Hutcheson of New World Witchery podcast to talk about his upcoming book and corpse magick. So grab your shovels as we dig into how to incorporate corpses into your witchcraft and magick...just don't get caught. Pre-order Cory's upcoming book here- New World Witchery: A Trove of North American Folk Magic And click here to find New World Witchery To see me and Hex-Files' presentation at Gather the Witches on 10/24-25 get your free and full...


22. Keeping Keys & Synchronicities with Cyndi Brannen

Cursed returns with special guest Cyndi Brannen! She is the author of Keeping Her Keys and the upcoming Entering Hekate's Garden: The Magick, Medicine & Mystery of Plant Spirit Witchcraft. We discuss quite a bit including synchronicities and signs, baneful plant magick, Hekate(of course), familiars, curses, and even shark coochie boards! You can find Cyndi at Keeping Her Keys Theme by Sun and Moon Dance To support the show and see the full live recording of this episode with a special Q&A...


Where is the new Hex-Files?

Hey there explorer, are you looking for more Hex-Files? There’s a new episode and its only Hex-Files! Click here or find us where ever you listen to podcasts! And a new Cursed is coming this Friday where Bones talks to Cyndi Brannen of Keeping Her Keys about Hekate, synchronicities, curses, familiars, poison plants and more! But until then, why not go make a drink and subscribe to Hex-Files. This is what you’re missing- Hex-Files 7. Zombie Goblins & Escape Goats: On this exploration we...


Hex-Files 6. Rando-Noping

If you didn't know, Hex-Files has scurried out from under Cursed into the dark unknown and has become it's very own podcast! As a bonus, you can hear the latest episode here too! Do you know what Randonauting is? We may be late to the game on talking about it but we went on our own randonauting adventure this summer and have been dying to talk about it. We also discuss the story that was in the news about the tiktokers that found a suitcase of body parts when they tried randonauting. We...


21. Getting Familiar With Familiars

Yes, that is the title we went for because it explains this episode so well! This is part 1 of our familiar series and we talk about some history of familiars, what they are, what they do, the different types, and even how to summon and meet your own! From cats to demons, a witch is never alone! Theme by Sun and Moon Dance To get bonus content, support the show, and feed our familiars check out our Patreon.


Hex-Files 5. Unhappy Valley & the Chapel of Unrest

We're back from COVID-19 and we went to church! But not a real church where people are spreading shit like viruses and lies. No, a church that is very old and very mysterious. It's called the Chapel of Rest and it has a haunting story. Hear what we found in our quest for answers. Something ain't right... Theme by Sun and Moon Dance To support the show, get bonus content, swag, and contribute to our lack of "salvation" check out our Patreon.


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Hex-Files 4. May We Come In, We Have Cheese?

This Hex-File involves the Black Eyed Children! They're creepy, probably not human, and just want to come inside(and we might let them). We also recount some odd signs we saw in the mountains that we're pretty sure were the Fae trying to get us. Sound like a lot? Well it is...this mini episode is actually a full episode! That's because during recording we heard a growling/rumbling from the closet that you can actually hear on the episode! Theme by Sun and Moon Dance. To support the show,...


20. Mat Auryn & the Psychic Arts

We may have been a little late to class, but this year's Psychic Arts teacher is none other than Mat Auryn! We sit down with Mat and discuss his book 'Psychic Witch', some of his exercises, our personal psychic experiences, and even talk about how we think paranormal investigations should be conducted with respect (crazy we know). You can purchase your own copy of Psychic Witch here. Or visit Mat's site to get a personalized signed copy, as well as links to all his other work, at...


Hex-Files 3. I Want To Leave

On this Hex-Files we talk about the 2004 USS Nimitz 'tic tac' ufo videos that the Pentagon just released. Yes, the footage has been around for awhile (thanks Blink-182) but now its official! So what? Well, we want to believe and we also want to leave. Does anyone know of a good place to get abducted? Asking for some friends. The footage can be seen here. Theme by Sun and Moon Dance To support the show (and our drinking habits), hear bonus stories, and maybe help us get off this...


19. A Burning Sensation

In honor of Beltane, we're talking fire magick! We discuss our favorite spells and practices, how fire was viewed in history, and also new ways of seeing fire in...everything? This episode is lit af fam! Theme by Sun and Moon Dance To support the show and stoke our fires, check out our Patreon


Hex-Files 2. Life, Uh, Finds A Way

Just when you thought dinosaurs were extinct, we go and make you question everything! Our state of North Carolina is not only home to a lake monster, (that's basically in our backyard) but is also a hot spot for pterosaur sightings. With the help of alcohol, we read some recent sightings and share our own. Hold on to your butts. Theme by Sun and Moon Dance You can hear bonus stories and support the show(and our completely normal drinking habits) on our Patreon


18. Flesheater of the Forest

On this episode, we explore the Wendigo and it's original lore as well as some modern interpretations. Is it really a cryptid or more a cautionary tale? Does the Wendigo even have antlers? Can it possess and drive a person to desire human flesh? It certainly seemed that way for one man and his entire family. So join us as we serve up one of our favorite legends...we hope you brought your appetite. Theme by Sun and Moon Dance For more to gnaw on, like bonus stories and other treats, check...


Hex-Files 1. Bog Bigfoots & Political Pygmies

Tired of not hearing any Cursed for a week between episodes? Well, you're in luck...maybe. This is Hex-Files, mini episodes between the regular shows where we share the weird and strange articles we find all whilst drinking! Crytpids? Aliens? Macabre?....Yes! Do you want to do a belief? Well we already did! The truth is somewhere... Theme by Sun and Moon Dance You can hear bonus stories and support the show(and our completely normal drinking habits) at our Patreon.


Live Stream - Livesolation Quaranstream

Miss the live stream as it happened? Well Jesus isn't alive but the recording is! We spent isolation with our friends and listeners to share stories and try not to get cabin fever. Guest callers include Cyndi Brannen of Keeping Her Keys, Megan Deputy of The Ghost Finders, Rachel the Pickety Witch, Brett Manning, Keeley of SheScotia, Bones' brother Clayton, Rebekah of I Have A Strange Story Podcast, and of course everyone in the text chat! We're planning on doing more of these soon so get...


17. The Dread Goddess

We explore the spellbinding power and resilience of Circe, the Enchantress of Aeaea. Exiled for her magick, Circe used isolation to her advantage. Sound familiar? Well there just may be something we can learn from her during our own isolations. You can find the book Circe by Madeline Miller here Two great related articles by Cyndi Brannen are: Circe Is A Goddess We Need Right Now: Her Story, Powers And Ways To Connect With The Eternal Witch Goddess The Power of Resilience: Wisdom From...