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Cursed is a podcast that explores the paranormal and unknown through the lens of modern witchcraft.

Cursed is a podcast that explores the paranormal and unknown through the lens of modern witchcraft.


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Cursed is a podcast that explores the paranormal and unknown through the lens of modern witchcraft.






13. All's Fair In Love & Glamour

For Valentine's Day we've made our lucky 13th episode all about love and glamour magick! We talk associations, spells, manipulations...umm...we mean influences, and even how to treat yo self to get everything you want this Valentine's Day. Turn us on and let us bewitch you! Theme by Sun and Moon Dance If you'd like to support us and learn about some sexy cookies check out our Patreon


12. Hounds of Hell

On this episode we dig into some lore and stories of demon dogs, Hellhounds, church Grims, and other black doggos. We even visited the church of a well known demon dog near us in Valle Crucis, NC. So sit, stay, and maybe play dead? Theme by Sun and Moon Dance To support the show and hear about some creepy doggos that walk upright on two legs check out our Patreon


11. Foresight Is 2020

In our first episode of 2020 (the long awaited sequel to 2019) we talk about several forms of divination! Learn how you can use tarot, tea, pendulums, ouija boards, books, and even mirrors to see how your future looks. Hope it looks better than your past, amirite? Here are links to the tarot decks mentioned: Threads of Fate Wanderer's Tarot The Marigold Tarot Pixel Occult The Wild Unknown For the shop Bones and Ava got their pendulum from and where you can snag an awesome scrying...


10. O Unholy Night

It's Yule time Witches! Join us for our tenth episode as we discuss lore and stories from this time of year. We talk about Frau Perchta, La Befana, touch on Krampus, the Yule Lads, Gryla, and more...there's even a Yule cat! The Wassail was flowing and so were the laughs. So light a fire, throw a yule log on, pour a hot cup of mulled cider and finish the darkest part of the year with us! What else do you have to lose? Theme by Sun and Moon Dance To support the show and hear more of our...


Bonus episode - She Scotia | Ritual Music

On this very special episode we sit down with She Scotia to talk about their ritual music and upcoming show on 12/21/19 in Portland, Oregon. They create and channel beautiful music but don't just take our word for it, we've including their song Crafting the Wyrd at the end of the episode so you too can fall in love like we have. Find She Scotia here: or on facebook or instagram @SheScotia To buy tickets to their first ritual show and event go here -...


9. In Search Of Spirits

On our ninth episode we welcome our friend and co-host of The Ghost Finders, Megan Deputy. Megan is not only a fellow witch but also a long time paranormal investigator. Hear how she approaches spirit communication and conducts her investigations through the use of witchcraft, ritual, and of course really cool tech. If you liked our first episode, and all the ways to work with spirits, then you'll love this episode! You can watch The Ghost Finders on Amazon Prime, Roku, Vidi Space, and also...


8. A Fae Rave & Goblin Gala

On our eighth episode, our group went to see the Brown Mountain lights and they share their experiences! They discuss the incredible events that they witnessed that night. Was it just lights or was it a fairy & goblin party? The conclusion may shock you!...pretty sure it was goblins and fairies though. There are cameras that are always on in the valley and you can see those videos, and the one recorded the night we were there, here- Brown Mountain Lights Sept 28th To see our pictures and...


7. Ghosts Lights of the Gorge

On our seventh episode, Cricket & Bones discuss the lore surrounding the Brown Mountain Lights. Legends of the lights date back as far as 1200 and ever since then, debates have raged as to what they may be. We talk about some of the more popular theories as well as some personal stories from trips we've taken. They may seem unbelievable but when you see them in person, in the dead of night, you may change your mind. Theme by Sun and Moon Dance To support the show and hear even more of our...


6. Rites of Chthonia

On our sixth episode, and part 2 of our Hekate series, Cricket & Bones are joined once again by their friend Hedera Bindwood. This time they discuss Hekate's Night (Nov 16th) and Hedera's taking of her vows for this year's Hekatesia. They also delve into what this night means for each of them and what it could mean for you. We hope you'll continue the journey with us as we descend deeper into the underworld, and as we prepare to honor Hekate on Her night, the only offering you'll need to...


5. Lady of the Underworld - Aidônaia

On our fifth episode, Cricket & Bones are joined by their friend, and fellow Hekatean, Hedera Bindwood. They discuss their combined decades of devotion to the goddess Hekate, how they met, how they were called to Her service, and a lot more. This is an extra long episode and it's only part 1! So grab a torch and follow us...into the Underworld. To help support our local witch shop, Laughingbrook Spellcrafting, find a new home you can go to gofundme - Laughingbrook Spellcrafting. Every...


4. Possessed Possessions

On our fourth episode, the spookiest one yet, Cricket and Bones talk about haunted objects. But be warned, they're not alone! They've summoned up Rachel the Pickety Witch to tell the story of her haunted Ouija board! You'll also hear about haunted paintings, demonic dolls, and oh yes...terrifying quartz (not even joking). Follow Rachel The Pickety Witch on Instagram @thepicketywitch or check out her Etsy shop The Pickety Witch Shop Support us at Theme by...


3. The Fair Folk of Appalachia

On our third episode, Cricket and Bones discuss the Moon Eyed People and the Little People of Cherokee lore, fairy rings, fairy crosses, goblins, and...fairies?(Kind'll see.) The book that is mentioned in this episode is Backwoods Witchcraft (conjure and folk magic from Appalachia) by Jake Richards The documentary mentioned is Hellier (Bones mistakenly said Hellier was in Tennessee but it's actually in Kentucky...oops) Theme by Sun and Moon Dance Support us at...


2. Sticks and Stones (and Kudzu)

On our second episode, Cricket and Bones talk about how to do witchery with what's around you! They discuss everything from using the plants and stones nearby to working within your community to support and help those around you. Sometimes it pays to stay local. Theme by Sun and Moon Dance Support us at Article mentioned is by Mat Auryn and can be found here -The Real Witchcraft in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


1. Bumps in the Night

On our first episode Cricket and Bones talk all things spirits! With tips on how to speak and work with spirits to how we can honor lost loved ones, it's never been easier to learn how to live...with the dead. Theme by Sun and Moon Dance Support us at